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General News

  • EA FC 24: 5 Crossing Tips To Help Us Win The Game Easily!

    Posted: Nov 27, 2023

    As you can see in the title, this is a new crossing guide. In this guide, I will explain to you which type of cross you must use in which situations. So let’s get started right away.

    L1 Cross

    So the first technology we’re going to discuss is L1 Cross. The purpose of L1 Cross is to allow the ball to pass longer at the back post. Therefore, this allows you to re-angle yourself to win headers. Either head the ball directly towards the goal, or pass the ball to a teammate in a better position. Next, I will give a few examples to demonstrate these situations.

    In the first example, you can see that we cross it over to H in the later post. Here, Cristiano Ronaldo is in a better position. We passed the ball to Ronaldo, he won the header, passed it backwards and finished.

    It is worth noting that we first pass the ball to the box, this time it may not be passed to the back post. But it allowed us to win headers where he couldn’t control any other defender because it locked him in.

    If we play it out, we immediately create an exceptional situation for ourselves. This also means that you need to invest a certain amount of EA Sports FC 24 Coins to improve the player’s comprehensive data to increase the chance of successful passing.

    In the next example, you can see the same Cristiano firing in an easy shot at the back post. This is an excellent technique for getting the ball to tall people. Because it allows him to re-angle himself in preparation for the header.

    For the last example of L1 Cross, it will pass to Cristiano Ronaldo’s back post. He brought it back with Hansen’s Fake Shot, which you can easily implement into your game.

    German Cross

    Because recognizing matchups is so important, the next cross is German Cross. Basically, have the midfielder or defender run close to the back line and then go full force past the back line.

    Let’s take another look at Achraf Hakimi’s running cross, an easy one-way pass that you can even do for the first time. You can see it running from midfield. It will cause some confusion once it gets there.

    Normal Cross

    Our next cross is just a Normal Cross. It depends on your FC 24 Players. Let’s look at the first example.

    We passed the ball to Hirving Lozano, and he crossed the line like a chip ball. This gives him a header in a good way. Then he uses Normal Cross again.

    When Ronaldo runs forward, you need to send the cross to the back post. Because when someone on your team takes a small step forward, there’s always a lock on it. As you can see, if we have some luck with the header, this will again be a guaranteed goal. Now it’s like German Cross and Normal Cross rolled into one.

    Low Cross

    There is always the best time to use Low Cross when attacking during a match. With a cross from the touchline or the six-yard box, the chances of a teammate making contact with the ball and sending it past the goalkeeper are high.

    To play Low Cross, you simply double-click the square on PlayStation or the X on Xbox. To ensure the ball reaches the target, make sure you have enough power to pass the ball before clicking the button a second time, otherwise it will be difficult for the goalkeeper to collect it.

    Timing a volley or controlling a low cross can be tricky in a busy box, so be decisive when you have a scoring opportunity.

    L1 R1 Cross

    The final crossbow trick is L1 R1 Cross. This cross is when you are completely free, you can fly directly over. When it reaches the air, you can touch it or volley it.

    We have a lot of room to complete L1 R1 Cross. The last clip is of us with Cristiano Ronaldo on the left. You can see Emil Hansson running there, running through it. This is the most important place for you to use L1 R1 Cross.

    That’s all there is to know about how to cross in EA Sports FC 24. Hopefully, these tips will help make it easier for you to win in the game!

  • EA FC 24: My 4-2-3-1 Formation, Tactics & Instructions

    Posted: Nov 17, 2023

    Recently, I changed my formation recently to 4-2-3-1 Wide in EA FC 24 and it massively improved my game both defense and offense wise. In order to defeat more overpowered squads, while using modified tactics, I also invested a large amount of EA FC 24 Coins into the players in my team to help them improve quickly.

    In EA FC 24, we have two 4-2-3-1 formation styles: 

    1. The Wide, which consists of Wingers and CDMs 
    2. The Narrow, which features with 3 CAMs and 2 CMs 

    4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 are the easiest formations to use on the game, but the 4-2-3-1 is so balanced in the Midfield than the 4-4-2. Let’s quickly see the tactics.


    For the Defense Style, I go for ‘Balanced’ because I can manually press if necessary and also drop back sometimes. 

    My Width is 47. Even in FC 24, the wing play is overpowered and it should at least be at 50 or 60. But still, you have to force your opponent to build up through wings instead of attacking through the middle easily.

    The biggest issue is Depth. Personal preference, I go for 71 Depth because it’s the meta in the game. This way, your players automatically mark the opponent’s players and force you to play an aggressive defensive style. If you can’t press aggressively, you need to go below 45 (something like 40 to 44). For me, I can press aggressively, so I always go for 71 Depth. But it has some downside, like counterattacks.

    For the Build Up Play, I go for ‘Balanced’. In FC 24, everything is overpowered. Counterattacks are overpowered. Speed attacking is also possible. But when you face some good opponents, it’s hard to rush forward, so you need to take things slowly. That’s also why you need Balanced.

    For the Chance Creation, I go for ‘Direct Passing’. You need your FC 24 Players available for direct passes inside or around the Box. 

    Here, my Width is 48. But you can go with 50 or 60 because of the wing play style. But for me, I go with 48. Players in the Box go with 5 or 6. Cutbacks are overpowered, so you need more players inside the Box and here you will have plenty of options. 

    For Corners, you can set it to 4 bars. And for Free Kicks, you can set it to 1 bar


    On the side of instructions, I leave both Fullbacks on ‘Balanced’ and ‘Overlap’. In FC 24, you need your Fullbacks to automatically join attack sometimes as you know wing play is so effective, so you need that extra player to empower your attack and give you more options.

    I set both CDMs on ‘Cover Center’ and the rest on ‘Balanced’. If you really struggle with defending, you can set them on ‘Stay Back While Attacking’. But if you’re good, it’s fine to go with ‘Balanced’.

    I set 1 Wide Midfielder (with either Triola or Finesse playstyle) on Cut Inside. This way, your Wide Midfielder can always get into those positions to pull out the Finesse Shot. Not only that, he will also enter the Box to give you that extra Striker. I also set him on ‘Come Back On Defense’ to support the Fullback.

    Then, I set the other Winger on ‘Come Back On Defense’ and for everything else, I leave them on Default. I leave the CAM everything on Default. Then, I set the Striker on ‘Drift Wide’, ‘Get In Behind’, and ‘Stay Forward’. 

  • EA FC 24: The Best Strategies To Complete Triple Threat Chase Objectives Quickly!

    Posted: Nov 16, 2023

    The new Triple Threat Chase Objectives in EA FC 24 are a great way for players to earn fresh packs in Ultimate Team.

    Developer released the latest set of these on November 10th, along with promo cards. There are so many exciting items in the pack and now is the perfect time to open them. That said, completing Triple Threat Chase Objectives set will present some challenges.

    While it’s available to all players, it revolves around three special cards. What makes it tricky is that not all three items are available for free, and two of them require you to get SBC Fodder. However, you can avoid most of FC 24 Coins cost with some simple planning.

    Three Special Cards

    As mentioned before, completing Triple Threat Chase Objectives set requires you to get three promotional cards, which are:

    • James Maddison Triple Threat
    • Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat
    • Ledley King Triple Threat Hero

    Among them, Ledley King Triple Threat Hero card is the most troublesome because his SBC is very expensive. Thankfully, there’s a great alternative. You only need three bronze cards per day to apply for a Ledley King Triple Threat loan SBC. In return, you’ll receive a three-match loan item from English defender.

    If you complete all Triple Threat Chase Objective missions, you will need to play all three cards in EA FC 24 for at least ten games. You will have enough rental game duration to complete the ultimate mission. There is no free alternative to getting Ashleigh Nevill Triple Threat item.

    However, if you buy all SBC Fodder from the market, you will need to spend approximately 20,000 FUT 24 coins. In addition to an 85-rated item, you also need an 83-rated squad. This can be easily obtained by grinding through the different EA FC 24 modes.

    Your priority should be to complete your Ledley King Triple Threat Loan SBC on a daily basis. It’s available for 7 days, so you can rent up to 21 games.

    Note that the fastest card you can get is Ashleigh Nevill Triple Threat, as it is available in SBC form. James Maddison Triple Threat requires you to complete at least 10 -12 games, which takes some time.

    You can complete James Maddison’s objectives in three different modes: Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and Weekend League. The easiest option is to complete missions in Squad Battles, as you can control the difficulty level of the match and play against AI-controlled opponents in EA FC 24.

    How To Complete Triple Threat Chase Objectives?

    Defensive Wall: You must concede less than 2 goals in 3 separate games in Squad Battles. You need Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat in your starting lineup.

    West Bromwich Star: Scored the fewest points in 5 separate games in Squad Battles. Have Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat in your starting lineup.

    Midfield Masterclass: Score 10 goals in Squad Battles using James Maddison Triple Threat. Also have Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat and James Maddison Triple Threat in your starting lineup.

    Score in 8: Score in 8 separate games in Squad Battles with Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat and James Maddison Triple Threat in your starting lineup.

    Assist 5: Assist at least 5 goals in Squad Battles while starting with James Maddison Triple Threat, Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat, and Ledley King Triple Threat Hero.

    Hotspur Trio: Score the fewest points in 10 separate matches in Squad Battles. Also in your starting lineup are James Maddison Triple Threat, Ashleigh Neville Triple Threat, and Ledley King Triple Threat Hero.

    Overall, by following this guide you will be able to successfully complete Triple Threat Chase challenge and win exciting loot. Good luck!

  • EA FC 24: How To Play The 4-2-3-1 Meta Formation? - Best Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

    Posted: Nov 11, 2023

    This 4-2-3-1 formation is definitely a broken formation in every FIFA version. Today we will show you the best tactics and instructions for this 4-2-3-1 formation in EA FC 24 to help you get as many wins as possible.

    The defense of 4-2-3-1 formation is incredible, and the offense is also very good. Leaving no gaps in defense, it’s a nightmare for your opponent. Therefore, your gaming experience will also be greatly improved.

    How Does 4-2-3-1 Formation Work?

    In a 4-2-3-1 formation, the team usually consists of 4 defenders, 2 holding midfielders, 3 attacking midfielders and 1 striker. Our major goal is to build a complete defense and a strong midfield and provide continuous support for striker’s offense.

    The two holding midfielders, often referred to as the double pivot, are responsible for providing stability and protection to the defence. They are primarily responsible for protecting the back line and acting as a link between defense and offense. They also need to start playmaking and break up their opponents’ attacks.

    The three attacking midfielders in front of the double pivot form an advanced midfield line. CAM operates centrally, acting as a playmaker and often the link between midfield and attack. The wide attacking midfielders spread out on both sides, extending the width and providing crosses into the box to create scoring opportunities.

    The solo striker is the offensive striker and is usually the focus on completing passes and finishing. FC 24 player selection for striker will vary depending on the team’s style. Some strikers act as target players, while others focus on tracking back or running in behind the defence.

    Pros & Cons

    For advantages, it features three types of offensive players, increasing the range of offensive possibilities. Meanwhile, the two CDMs provide ample cover to the rear.

    However, the shortcomings of 4-2-3-1 formation are also something we have to pay attention to. Typically, CAM functions on the wing, but he may not have the required attributes. And CDM may become tired from being forced to defend and fill gaps in the midfield. Therefore, if you have enough EA Sports FC Coins budget, it is very important to improve the overall attributes of your players.

    Best Custom Tactics

    For this Custom Tactics setup, we mainly run in a balanced defensive style with a width of 55 and a depth of 45. In attack, a balanced direct pass will do, with a width of 60. With five players in the box, that’s actually a lot less than we’ve used before.

    Player Instructions

    • Striker: Balance width, Get in Behind, Intercept Normally, Stay Forward.
    • Attacking Midfielder: Maintaining Forward Position, Balanced Crossing and Running, Holding Position, Normal Interception.
    • Center Back: Stay in Backcourt when attacking, Intercept Normally, and Stick to your Position.
    • Full Back: Stay in Backfield during Offense, Intercept Normally, Mix Offense, Hold your Position.
    • Defensive Midfielder: Balanced Defense, Balanced Offense, Normal Interception, Covering Center, Holding Position.

    For Striker, we just hope he can balance the width and make normal interceptions at the back. This is a very basic job for Striker.

    We stay forward on CAM, so even when counterattacking, we always have Striker and CAM together. That way, they can play one-on-one and run the ball that way.

    For RAM and LAM, we will both come back to defense. This means we can defend with two flat lines of four, which will be very useful. And we’ll have extra broad support in defense so we don’t have to have their wingers one-on-one with your defenders.

    Also Read: How To Instantly Improve Your Finishing In EA FC 24? - 7 Tips

    We have one CDM stay behind and then the other balances out. Defensively you always get him back there, but you also want your other creative midfielder to provide some help in attack as well.

    Finally, we leave Full Back behind. Because we already have RAM and LAM and don’t need our Full Back to move forward.

    Since this year’s version depends a lot on your play style. This 4-2-3-1 tactics can provide you with different tactical variations and give you a different gaming experience. While we can’t call it the best single tactic, it’s definitely one of the meta formations worth trying out in EA Sports FC 24.

  • EA FC 24: Two Useful Tricks Against Goalkeepers

    Posted: Nov 09, 2023

    In this guide, I have two cheat code tricks that work best against Goalkeepers in EA FC 24. Hopefully, after learning these two tricks, you can score more goals and win more games. You will earn more EA FC 24 Coins for doing so!

    Trick One: Shot Cancel

    The first trick is the Shot Cancel against the Goalkeeper.

    This trick works perfectly whereby the Goalkeeper dies and leaves the open goal for you to finish.

    Sometimes you get into that angle where it’s difficult to get the ball past the Goalkeeper. Due to that tightness of angle, it’s easy for the Goalkeeper to save your shot.

    So, using this trick will increase your chances of scoring and even impress your friends with this cool technique.

    How To Perform?

    To pull up this move, you need to be close to the Goalkeeper like three to four yards.

    Then, press “Circle” or “B”, which is the shooting button on your controller.

    Then, you immediately press both the L2 and R2 or LT and RT to cancel that shot.

    Then, your FC 24 Player will stop that shooting animation and remain in a dribbling motion. The opponent’s Goalkeeper will automatically dive and leave the empty net for you.

    So, go on and start making fun of the opponent’s Goalkeeper and score many goals from some weird situations.

    But remember to sometimes keep it simple, you will be tempted to overuse it even in obvious situations where you have to just shoot normally. Therefore, just experience it, then you will know when to use it and when not to.

    Trick 2: Skill Move Cancel

    Another trick is the Power Shot Cancel into a Skill Move, any skill move that can leave the opponent’s Goalkeeper in the dust.

    In EA Sports FC 24, they introduced a new system of canceling shots with a skill move. You can power up the shot instead of canceling it normally using L2 and R2. This time, you can immediately initiate any skill move.

    For me, personally, I think it’s a little bit hard to cancel a normal shot with a still move because the shot animation is somehow fast. This gives no time to perform a skill move. And since the same finger that press the shot button, it’s the same finger that performs the skill move.

    So, that’s why I think the Power Shot is the good option because the animation takes some time.

    How To Perform?

    You hold both the L1 and R1 or the LB and RB to perform the Power Shot.

    Then, you cancel it by performing any skill move. And, personally, the best is the Ball Roll, where you hold the right stick analog 90 degrees away from your player or Heel to Ball Roll.

    This trick you need to also be near the opponent’s Goalkeeper like three to four yards and it works best against the opponents who pull their Goalkeepers out of the goal. And sometimes, instead of a skill move, you can pass if you spot your free player.

  • EA FC 24: How To Defend Wing Play & Stop Cutbacks? - 6 Effective Steps

    Posted: Nov 08, 2023

    FC 24 meta playstyle is wing play, and it’s so difficult to defend because of many overpowered attacking mechanics in the game. Here are six steps you can use to defend wing play and concede fewer goals

    Of course, if you have enough EA FC 24 Coins, I still recommend buying some excellent players to add to your team. This way, your team will be stronger.

    1. Your Defense Structure

    To defend wing play, first of all, you need to defend the buildup, meaning you have to stop the plan before it progresses any further forward.

    And our first step is to maintain the team shape solid. You should avoid dragging players out of positions, especially Center Backs and mainly when defending wing play. 

    You need to keep your Fullbacks in their positions. This fullback plays a big role in defending the wing play.

    The moment you drag him out of his position and by any chance, the opponent manages to drive into that open space, then it’s hard to stop it.

    So, if you struggle to keep your fullback in position, here is a simple basic way you can do it:

    1. First of all, you need to read the opponent’s play style. 
    2. If he’s a type of player who likes to sprint a lot and attacks with speed, here you need to make a passive approach with your Fullback. What do I mean by this is you don’t rush to approach the ball holder with your Fullback, maintain his position and wait for the opponent’s move.
    3. If he sprints or tries to pull out any trick to beat your Fullback, then you’re in a good position to defend that attempt. 
    4. If you don’t rush to move out, the opponent who tends to just sprint forward will have difficulties to deal with your Fullback since a lot of layers, and normally the majority, tend to always sprint on the wing.

    2. Center Backs In Fullback’s Role

    Our next step is to use the Center Back in a Fullback’s role since it’s hard to always maintain that Fullback’s position. 

    You need to have plan B and that’s your Center back. This is the least alternative you need when defending. Don’t always defend with a Center Back in a Fullbacks role. You only do it in that scenario when you dragged out that Fullback out of position.

    For example, here the opponent manages to perform a pass and move and leave my Fullback behind.

    Now, this pass is open and dangerous because of this open way to my goal. So here, I give up sticking with this Fullback and run backwards just because I want to maintain my team shape. This Fullback is not in a position to defend this scenario.

    So, I switch to my Center Back because he’s in a good position to stop this player from moving towards my goal. I controlled this Center Back and was able to deal with this attack smartly.

    3. Block Passes Inside The Box

    The next step is to cut any open passing lane inside your box. This is so crucial while dealing with wing play. 

    Don’t allow your opponent to pass into your box because that’s what a lot of players look for. When attacking through the wing, these open passes are more dangerous because your defense line at this moment moves too deep, leaving a big space for open shooting angles, like finesse shots, extra passes, and trivolis.

    So, make sure you learn how to cut passing lanes.

    The next step is to cut the passing lane and after you press the ball holder. This is somehow advanced. But it’s very crucial in these moments. 

    Don’t cut the passing lane and remain passive in these positions. So, after cutting the passing lane, pressure the player in challenge for the ball. 

    For example, here, as the opponent passes to his player in this position, I spot this pass and I immediately close that lane. But I know the opponent’s skill level. He will remain patient and try to exploit this space. That’s why I cut the pass and I immediately approach this player and I win the ball. 

    5. Block The Byline Move

    The next step is to block the byline move.

    Some opponents are too smart. They will always pretend like they want a pass just to bait you in an attempt to drive to the byline and look for a driven pass to any open Striker

    Your main aim is to cut any open passing lane to the opponent’s FC 24 Players in the box. But also, you need to observe the opponent’s movements with this player with the ball.

    If he tries to drive to the byline, move your Defender diagonally in this format. Here, you’re applying pressure to that player and at the same time cutting passing lanes to his Strikers. You need to match the speed of that player with the ball the moment you get closer, activate the speed jockey, and tackle if you see the opportunity.

    For example, here the opponent manages to break through and he’s now sprinting. That’s why I also sprint in this scenario to match that speed. When he stops and I also stop. I’m close to this ball holder. I activate the speed jockey, cutting off this passing lane. 

    But I’m also observing the movements of this player. I move diagonally and the opponent tries to pass, but he was unable to find his player because I was positioning my player very well in the passing lane and also applying pressure to his player. 

    6. Partial Team Press

    Our next step is to use the Partial Team Press. This came last because you had to first learn the basics first. 

    To perform the Partial Team Press, you press the R1 or RB first. Then, you press and hold it for the second time. Two white icons will appear on two of your nearest Defenders and these Defenders will mark the opponent’s free players near the ball.

    We use this in the moments when we overcommit to close the byline because by any chance, if the opponent manages to break and pass the ball, it’s easy to defend those moments. Your players will mark the opponent’s free players and give the opponent a hard time to get that ball to his Strikers and score.

    For example, here as I’m rushing to close up this byline, I activate the Partial Team Press and my players mark the opponent’s players. 

    I tackle the ball before the opponent attempts to pass, though at this moment I am a little unlucky in opponent gets the rebound and gains control of the ball again. He attempts to force this pass and my player blocks it. He still gets that rebound, but I remain composed and no panicking.

    As he turns to look for any of his open Striker, I activate the Partial Team Press and I run to block the byline he passed to this player. But my Defender was marking him and I was able to get this ball.

    Partial Team Press is so overpowered when defending wing play, so you should start using this tool and deal with cutbacks. But as you know this game, you can sometimes do all the right stuffs to defend.

    But when luck is not on your side, you will concede sometimes. So, don’t get annoyed and get frustrated. 

    One advice for you is to play the game when you’re silent. Don’t get frustrated when things are not going on your side because you will lose focus. Don’t overt talk or complain.

  • EA Sports FC 24: All Meta Shooting Mechanics Explained

    Posted: Nov 01, 2023

    We often see teams that dominate their opponents the entire game but lose due to a lack of proper shooting ability. This is especially true for EA FC 24, where a perfect shooting can often help you completely turn the tide of the game.

    However, the situation in the field is changeable, and we need to use different shooting techniques in different finishing situations. Offense doesn’t do much for your team if you can’t capitalize on your chances.

    We’ll take a look at the different shooting options you can use and the best environment to perform them. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

    Trivela Shot

    The first thing we want to talk about is Trivela Shot, which is the best type of shooting outside of the box this year. But what many people don’t know is that it is also very easy to use in the box. You simply hold L2 and press the circle button to perform Trivela Shot.

    Trivela Shot is powerful, but what makes it so great is its curve. Trivela technique involves hitting the ball with the outside of the foot, creating a turning effect. So this is unsalvageable for the goalie.

    And for me, the most special thing about Trivela Shot is that it is even very useful for players who are not good at shooting. For example, your defender can shoot from outside the box. But if you take a normal shot with one of your defenders inside the box, the chance of it going in is very low. That’s why I think Trivela Shot is really special.

    Regular Shot

    The next thing we want to talk about is Regular Shot. You just press the round button to execute it. This is probably the most common shooting technique over the years. Even sometimes you don’t know whether you should take Finesse Shot or Trivela Shot, I can suggest you go straight to Regular Shot.

    In addition, mastering Timed Finishing can often bring certain improvements to Regular Shot. If done well, this will increase the power and accuracy of the shot and will almost always get the ball past the goalkeeper. However, if done slightly wrong, the ball may just find its way to the corner flag. Therefore, it will be very important to spend FC 24 Coins to improve the overall statistics of the players.

    Power Shot

    So the type of shooting we are going to talk about next has been very interesting since this year. It is a Power Shot. Because this year they introduced Power Shot Playstyle, which makes Power Shot better than ever.

    You can perform a Power Shot by holding down L1 and R1 simultaneously and pressing the shooting button. This will play an animation and your player will begin charging up a powerful shot. Of course, the obvious drawbacks are that accuracy is greatly reduced, and it takes time to charge up the shot, so your opponent can easily steal the ball from you by sliding in.

    Due to the above drawbacks, using Power Shot in the box in EA FC 24 has almost no effect. Therefore, you need to hit the ball from the edge of the box so that you may have more time and space.

    Finesse Shot

    If you want beautiful curling shots from the edge of the box into the far post, then Finesse Shot is your best choice. You can release this Finesse Shot by pressing R1/RB + O/B. They’re also very effective at close range, allowing you to deflect the ball around the charging goalkeeper and into the back of the net rather than shooting it directly at him. It’s really about getting the timing of execution right.

    Chip Shot

    Next up is Chip Shot. This is one of the most difficult shooting techniques to perform in FC 24, as it requires the player to have near-perfect strength and timing. Of course, you can also choose to purchase the appropriate FC 24 players directly.

    Chip Shot is best used in one-on-one opportunities with charging goalies. At this point, you must press L1/LB + O/B in the fraction of a second before the goalkeeper is about to touch the ball. It’s crucial to stay calm and not hold down the shot button for too long, as this will not only send the ball past the goalkeeper, but also the goal posts.

    Low-Driven Shot

    The last type of Shooting is last year’s Low-driven Shot. Like most techniques in EA Sports FC 24, executing a Low-driven Shot is an extremely simple process.

    First, run towards the goal with the ball, then tap to shoot to activate Low-driven Shot. When the shot energy bar appears, try turning it to a quarter. If you can do this, whichever player you control will take a Low-driven Shot.

    But executing Low-driven Shot consistently can be tricky. If there is not enough power behind the ball, the goalkeeper will most likely save the ball. If the force is too great, the ball will lift off the ground and fall directly into their glove.

    However, once you master Low-driven Shot, it’s one of the most effective ways to score points.

    Well, that’s all there is to know about the shooting type in EA Sports FC 24. Hopefully, these tips will help you win the game beautifully. Good luck!

  • EA FC 24: How To Defend Against The 3 Most Meta Attacking Strategies? - Cutbacks, Finesse And Trivela Shots & Controlled Sprint

    Posted: Oct 31, 2023

    Defending in FC 24 has been challenging so far. But trust me, that’s over now. Because in this guide, I’m going to teach you how to effectively defend against the three most common attacking strategies. Let’s get your defense to the next level. 

    Of course, if you have enough FC 24 Coins, I still recommend you to improve your players. This way, your team will become stronger.


    Let’s address the elephant in the room right away - Cutbacks

    The first step against players who try to abuse running down the wing is simple. Don’t let them run down the wing.

    In previous years, it was always beneficial to push the Attacker towards the wing and then close him down there. This year, however, that’s the danger zone. And therefore, you want to keep your Fullbacks in position all the time.

    Don’t pull them out too far to press and don’t get baited to cover the inside with them, just for the opponent to turn back and run down the wing. Locking up the outside is your priority and if you’re consequent with it, you will win position back a lot of the time.

    Of course, you can’t stop a good opponent from breaking through every now and then. Once you’re in a position where you need to defend against a Cutback, there is one key to success: you need to put pressure on the ball as early as possible.

    At first you want to defend the obvious pass to the middle. But once you accomplish that, don’t just stay passive covering the pass. You need to approach the passer and try to tackle the ball away. Otherwise, you let the opponent get closer and closer to your goal and at some point he will find the open opening.

    It’s better to surprise them with your aggression and clear the ball out while he is still looking for that passing option.

    Finally, I have a tip for you that not many players know about or use yet. While you go for the ball, you can use partial team press to cover the inside. Simply tap R1/RB twice and hold it on the second tap. This will cause two of your Defenders to tightly mark Attackers inside the box.

    And if the opponent is able to avoid your tackle on the wing, he will have a much harder time finishing his attack successfully.

    Finesse & Trivela Shots

    The second common attacking strategies are those Finesse and Trivela Shots from distance.

    Step 1: in order to defend these is being aware

    Look at your opponent’s team and note playstyles. If you see Benzema, Griezmann, Salah (and those types of FC 24 Players), you already know Finesse Shots are going to come. 

    So, when the opponent enters the critical areas around your box, then you need to grab the closest Defender and cover the inside. If you’re early enough, then there won’t be time for your opponent to get the proper angle and get the shot off.

    Defending step two becomes necessary if you realize that you’re going to be too late either because you got surprised or there just isn’t a Defender close enough to stop the shot.

    In this case, you want to move the keeper towards the far post by pressing in the right stick and pointing it towards the far corner. This will put your keeper in a better position to save the shot since he has quite a lot of time until the ball arrives.

    Controlled Sprint

    Moving on to the third meta attacking strategy, we have defending against Controlled Sprint.

    This can be quite a tough one since the combination of speed and ball control is naturally very strong. But there’s two key tips that should already help you out a lot.

    Tip number one is to switch ahead instead of chasing from behind. Against Controlled Sprint, you can’t fall back to the typical defending strategy of selecting an Attacker or Midfielder and trying to pressure the opponent from behind. Because he is going to penetrate the space in front too quickly and then you can’t rely on your AI to defend properly.

    Switch after switch, you’re going to be too late and then the opponent is through on goal. Instead, switch back early enough and get control of a Defender that can actually do something and get into the way of the Attacker.

    Now, once you have that Defender, tip number two comes into play - position carefully. Don’t anticipate and move in aggressively too early. This will only cause you to lose control of the situation when the opponent Controlled Sprints past you.

    Instead, soak up the pressure like a sponge for a short moment and let the opponent come to you. Once he is in a situation where he doesn’t have anywhere to go, you can close in to win the ball with a tackle. 

    If he has space all the way through, then you need to find the timing when he takes a touch and you’re in reach to tackle before he gets another touch.

    This comes down to practice and is not as easy against Controlled Sprint, but your opponent is still losing some control and can change direction as rapidly. 

    So, take advantage of that.

  • EA FC 24: Top 5 Advanced Skill Moves To Help You Beat Any Defender

    Posted: Oct 28, 2023

    We all talk about left stick Dribbling being too strong and Control Sprint being OP. We have almost forgotten about the skill moves, which have a huge impact in tight situations.

    How many skill moves do you currently use in FC 24? Here, in this guide, I’m going to be giving you our top five Advanced Skill Moves so that you realize what kind of an impact you can create with them before you completely forget about them.

    Since defending is relatively harder this year, advanced skill moves can completely bust your opponent. If your team is full of good players, you will win more games. However, this requires you to invest a large amount of EA FC 24 Coins.

    1. Heel To Ball Roll

    Let’s start with the Heel To Ball Roll.

    Heel To Ball Roll is a 4-star skill move that allows you to protect the ball and change its direction at the same time. It also gives you a little push once you execute it and it’s a very dangerous tool if you use in a correct spot.

    To be able to perform a Heel To Ball Roll, simply hold the L1 or LB button and push the right analog stick once towards your player’s front side and right afterwards towards his back. 

    Compared to the normal Heel to Heel, this skill most slightly changes the angle while pushing the ball forward. That could help you dodge a Defender who is directly coming from your frontal side. This slight angle change also creates new ways to pass or shoot. That is why I tend to use it while either going vertical or horizontal to the goal.

    One very important thing to add here is that you can select if you’re either going to exit the move from your left or right side. Make sure to point out the direction with your left analog stick right after you give the original input of the move.

    Identifying the defensive threat directly from the front side of my player, I also see the free space towards the side. That is where I execute the Heel To Ball Roll, dodge a Defender’s challenge, and get myself into the open space.

    2. Three Touch Roulette

    Moving on to the next one, which is probably my most beloved skill throughout all time titles is the Three Touch Roulette.

    As the name of this 4-star skill move declares, your player touches the ball three times to change the ball’s direction. And while doing so, he shields the ball away from the Defender while putting his body in between.

    Holding on to the L2 & LT button and pushing the right end lock stick first towards your player’s back and then either towards your players’s left or right will allow you to execute this move.

    This move becomes really efficient whenever the opponent tries to make a physical contact while overcommitting towards one direction. Executing the move will allow you to dodge this contact while changing the ball’s direction exactly towards the other side.

    Here, in a tight spot, I see that the opponent has to switch to his other Defender to cover the space ahead of me, knowing that I want to turn the direction around.

    And with the Three Touch Roulette, I put my body in between, blocking any kind of a defensive move that the opponent can go for, change direction, and get a clear angle to shoot. 

    3. Elastico

    Our next move will be a bit more complicated and has two variations. I’m talking about the Elastico, which is a 5-star skill move. 

    This move allows you to change the ball’s direction 90° by pushing it twice with the same foot.

    Normal Elastica is the move where your player pushes the ball initially towards forward and then towards the side.

    You can perform this move by pushing the right end lock stick first towards your player’s right and then rotating at 90° clockwise.

    Elastico is really strong whenever a Defender tries to tackle the ball end. Reverse Elastico is exactly the opposite. Your player pushes the bolt initially towards forward, followed by a little touch with the outside of his foot, which will change the direction of the ball. The input is also reversed, so that means you push the right end lock stick first towards your player’s left and then rotated 90° counterclockwise.

    I use the reverse Elastico whenever I want to make a sharp turn around the Defender, who is trying to safely contain the current situation, or make the direct move towards me.

    A short but clear example here. I receive the ball inside the box. See that the opponent is making a direct move towards me and I see the clear path with this light angle that I can use to dodge him. Perfect situation for a Reverse Elastico.

    As I do debt, the opponent also gambles and gets away from me, and the sharp turn of the Elastico creates a direct goal scoring opportunity for me, which ends up with a goal. 

    Another valuable information for the input is that it depends on the strong foot of the player. The default input gets reversed if the player is left footed, so watch out for that.

    With these skill moves, the game gets more fun. But don’t think we’re done yet. FC 24 gets even juicier with the new skill moves.

    4. Flair Nutmeg

    In fact, the Flair Nutmeg is one of them and you can completely destroy your opponent with its variations.

    To be able to execute a Flair Nutmeg, you need players with 4-star skill moves. If not, don’t worry, you can directly purchase FC 24 Players that meet the requirements. Hold on to your L1 & R1 or LB & RB button together and push the right analog stick towards the exit direction you desire. Depending on that exit direction, you can perform this move towards the side, backwards, or forward.

    However, my favorite one is the one, which you execute directly towards the side. Because with the animation, you pull the ball back towards you and then push it towards your sideway. That can achieve multiple things, such as creating new running or passing lengths. 

    I mostly use this variation whenever I have an obvious option to play to. That could be a pass or dribble. If the opponent overcommits towards that option and doesn’t come too close to you, you can execute this variation and change the ball’s direction rapidly.

    As seen in the example, make the opponent believe that you’re about to go in a certain direction. He will overcommit to it. And using the Flair Nutmeg, you can create other options in which you can get really dangerous.

    5. Drag To Heel

    Last but definitely not the least is one of my favorite moves this year, the Drag To Heel, which is again another 4-star skill move. 

    In the previous years, I found it really hard to work with and it was kind of a useless skill move for me. But this year, it is very powerful since it allows you to make a very sharp turn. And if the Defender overcommits beforehand, you have a very decent chance of getting past him.

    To be able to execute this move, hold on to your L1& LB button and push the right end lock stick first towards your player’s back and then either towards his left or right.

    I mainly use this move on the wing where I have the speed and the luxury of running forward. This way, I force the Defender to think okay this guy’s going to run forward. And because of this, he will overcommit to that running lane.

    The Drag To Heel allows me to change the ball’s direction rapidly. And at the end of the move, I can both dodge Defender and gain a good acceleration.

    The move can also be used inside the box to create chances. Let’s see an example. I get the ball with my Striker outside the box and have a clear running lane ahead of me.

    As I dribble forward, the opponent has to overcommit my running lane to catch me. And I use this against him, execute the Drag To Heel to the direction he’s coming from, and easily dodge him with it, which creates a perfect angle to shoot and I scored the goal. 

  • EA FC 24: Best Trading Tips To Earn Massive Coins Fast

    Posted: Oct 12, 2023

    EA FC 24 brings a ton of new features and some noteworthy improvements. These include female players, Evolutions, Play Styles and more. Meanwhile, players can still enjoy their favorite game modes such as Ultimate Team and Career.

    Among them, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of EA Sports FC 24 Coins in Ultimate Team progression. To purchase a pack containing the best players in the game, you will need a large amount of EA FC 24 coins.

    Ultimate Team players in EA FC 24 are all looking to earn as much gold as possible to unlock their favorite players and build a strong team. And Trading is the best way to earn coins quickly in Ultimate Team. Here are some tips to help you become an efficient trader in EA FC 24 and maximize your profits.

    Don’t Forget Tax

    Veteran players know that every sale in EA FC 24 is subject to a 5% tax. This means that for every item you list on the transfer market, the game charges a small tax of FC 24 Coins.

    With this in mind, you need to consider taxes whenever you sell players, club items or consumables. Because the profits may be slightly lower than what initially appeared.

    Mass Bidding Substitution Buy Now

    The market can be a little confusing in the early days of an Ultimate Team campaign, and EA FC 24 is no exception. Fortunately, this also opens the door for players to make money quickly by buying and selling cards, helping them build their own dream squads.

    When buying players from EA FC 24 Transfer Market, fans can choose to bid or use “Buy Now” option. While buying now can save a lot of time and effort, making an offer at the right time is the secret to getting a good deal.

    If a valuable player reaches the last minute of their listing and the bid is still well below its usual value, make your own bid. Then you can easily find yourself getting a highly rated card for a fraction of the price.

    You can then sell on the card at the usual cost to earn quick FUT 24 coins. Of course, there’s always a chance you’ll be outbid, so this method requires a little patience, but it’s well worth it.

    Bronze Pack Method

    Bronze Pack Method is the main trading method for FIFA and it is also useful in EA FC 24. This trading method works by purchasing Bronze Packs worth 750 coins each from the store and using their contents to make a small but easy profit.

    Most players will immediately sell the items inside on the market for 200 coins. But anything important to SBC is likely to cost well over 1,000 FIFA FUT 24 coins. There are also plenty of gear and club items that may have a higher market value.

    So there’s a good chance you’ll get most of the rewards from each Bronze Pack, with a lot of profit potential. This makes Bronze Pack a low-risk but potentially high-reward trading method.

    Keep An Eye On SBCs

    EA FC 24 market is always changing, and SBC has a significant impact on prices for players. If there are challenges that require cards from a certain club or country to unlock valuable packs, you’ll see the cost skyrocket for these players.

    With that in mind, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest SBC and invest in the types of players other fans want. We can even predict some of them in advance, like Marquee Matchups. These are the most important games based on the upcoming game week.

    If you can’t predict the next batch of EA FC 24 SBCs, check out the in-game page at 6pm UK time and be quick to buy the big players before the market reacts. Once the price increases, you can sell these cards to earn lucrative FIFA 24 FUT Coins.

    Check Your Consumables

    Selling cards isn’t the only valuable trade in EA FC 24. We can also sell consumable items like Chemistry Styles for a quick gold profit. Especially those consumables that enhance key stats like shooting and speed. If you’re happy with your team and Chemistry Styles you’re equipped with, don’t be afraid to list any spare parts.

    These are our EA FC 24 trading tips to help you earn coins quickly and build your own dream squads in Ultimate Team.

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