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EA FC 24: You Can’t Miss These 7 Frauen Bundesliga TOTS Players

Posted: Jun 03, 2024

Posted: Jun 03, 2024

Source:  IGGM

When you think of football, you probably think of men’s football, but there are also many talented female players in Frauen Bundesliga this season. Those who stand out in EA Sports FC 24 will be included in the season’s best team. The men’s team is already determined, so let’s take a look at the female Frauen Bundesliga TOTS list!

The players in this guide have performed very well this season, and their TOTS cards have increased accordingly. Or these player cards will greatly enhance your Ultimate Team, allowing you to form the best team with the least FC 24 Coins!

EA FC 24: You Can’t Miss These 7 Frauen Bundesliga TOTS Players

Katharina Naschenweng Plays For FC Bayern Munich

  • Overall Rating: 83
  • TOTS Rating: 94
  • Position: LB (Left Back)

Players who have played EA Sports FC 24 will definitely be familiar with Katharina Naschenweng, as she is one of FC Bayern Munich’s top defenders. Before signing with this club, she played for SK Sturm Graz and Hoffenheim. These top clubs show how strong Katharina Naschenweng is.

Katharina Naschenweng is best at long ball passes, jockey, block, flair, whipped crosses, and first touch on the court, which can help you perform well this season. Her defensive score is 93 points and her physical fitness is 89, which can well prevent the opponent’s attack on the left.

Georgia Stanway Plays For FC Bayern Munich

  • Overall Rating: 84
  • TOTS Rating: 94
  • Position: CDM (Central Defending Midfielder)

Georgia Stanway, a midfielder from England, is one of the top players for her club and England national team. Once she is on the court, she can control the midline and provide assists for the team, which shows that she is very efficient. She started her career in 2015 with Blackburn Rovers, moved to Manchester City in 2017, and finally moved to her current club in 2022.

Her playing style includes incisive passes, pinged passes, long ball passes, tiki taka, jockey, slide tackle, and flair. She currently has a TOTS card with 93 pace and 96 dribbling, which allows you to enhance your midfield control in Ultimate Team.

Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir Plays For FC Bayern Munich

  • Overall Rating: 84
  • TOTS Rating: 93
  • Position: CB (Centre Back)

Already the third player from Bayern Munich in this guide, Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir is a top defender for the club. Her excellent blocking ability can make her more likely to win 1v1 with opponents. This top player from Iceland has proven her ability since her first appearance.

Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir is good at long ball passes, aerial, anticipation, power header, incisive passes, bruiser, and technical. Her excellent interception and ball control skills make her TOTS card have a high score of 87.

Merle Frohms Plays For VFL Wolfsburg

  • Overall Rating: 85
  • TOTS Rating: 90
  • Position: GK (GoalKeeper)

Speaking of elite goalkeepers, we have to talk about Merle Frohms. She played 19 times, kept 9 clean sheets and conceded 14 goals. She performed very well on the goal line, with a save rate of 70.2%, a pass accuracy of 93%, and a long pass accuracy of 60%.

Her excellent far throw, footwork, and rush out, which helped her prevent opponents from scoring, also helped her improve her season team card from 85 points to 90 points.

Lea Schüller Plays For FC Bayern Munich

  • Overall Rating: 86
  • TOTS Rating: 95
  • Position: ST (Striker)

Lea Schüller performed well as a center forward in the Frauen Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season. In 18 games, she scored 11 goals and helped the team get 5 assists. On the court, her passing accuracy was 75.4% and her long pass accuracy was 52.9%.

With her excellent finesse shots, chip shots, power shots, power headers, trivela, and quick step, her attributes on the court have been improved, and her player card value has been greatly improved, and her overall rating is currently 95 points.

Ewa Pajor Plays For VFL Wolfsburg

  • Overall Rating: 87
  • TOTS Rating: 93
  • Position: ST (Striker)

Ewa Pajor from VFL Wolfsburg is also an excellent striker. She made it into the team of the season with her efforts. The striker from Poland has been with VFL Wolfsburg since she started her professional career in 2015. In addition, she has also represented her country in international competitions.

Her long-term experience in the field has proven her press-proven, power shots, finesse shots, first touch, trickster, aerial, and quick step, which has made her season’s best team card soar. If you use this player’s card, you will pose a great threat to the opposing team.

Alexandra Popp Plays For VFL Wolfsburg

  • Overall Rating: 88
  • TOTS Rating: 97
  • Position: ST (Striker)

The last best player is Alexandra Popp from VFL Wolfsburg. She is also one of the highest rated players in TOTS, with a score of 97. Although she is 33 years old, her age is not a hindrance to her excellent performance. In 16 games, she scored 7 goals and assisted the team to score 9 goals.

Her excellent finesse shots, power shots, quick steps, and acrobatics make her a must-have when you build your Ultimate Team.

Have these 7 female players captured your heart? In the rules of this Ultimate Team formation, you can form a mixed team of men and women. Men and women work together, and work is not tiring! I wish you to form a super dream team and achieve excellent results.


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