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News Guide

  • EA FC 24: This 5-4-1 Formation Is Worth A Try! - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

    Posted: Mar 02, 2024

    Hello, gamers! I will discuss 5-4-1 formations that are absolutely game-changing in EA FC 24. If you aim for victories in the Champions Weekend League, employing these tactics and formations is essential. They are incredibly meta, offering a perfect balance and immense strength, ensuring guaranteed wins.

    This formation ensures that your opponents will find it challenging to score goals while you focus on scoring them. It strikes a perfect balance between potent attacking and rock-solid defending. I guarantee you these will get you wins with some FC 24 Coins by using this formation.

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: In terms of Defensive Style, we opt for balance, which is absolutely meta in FC 24. For Width, we maintain a configuration of 40 to avoid being too spread out in defense and depth. We can set at 71 for Depth, which remains effective for maintaining pressure. The constant high pressure is particularly remarkable. Additionally, the automatic offside trap is highly effective.

    Offensive Tactics: In our Build Up Play, we prioritize balance, which is again a meta strategy. When it comes to Chance Creation, we still rely on Direct Passing despite recent updates. Direct Passing has been especially effective for creating opportunities, although Cutbacks have been nerfed significantly. As a result, through balls remains a crucial element in our offensive strategy.

    Regarding offensive Width, we've chosen a balanced approach with a 50 setup. This allows us to maximize the use of our Wingers and Wing Backs, ensuring they contribute effectively to our attacking play by providing support. We go for 6 Player In Box with 1 for both Corner and Free Kick.

    Player Instructions

    Striker: Positioned up front, our designated striker is instructed to Stay Central and Get In Behind. As our primary goal scorer, this player possesses solid dribbling and shooting abilities, making them a key player in our attacking strategy.

    Left Winger: Directed to Come Back On Defense, Cut Inside, and Get Into The Box For Cross, our left winger follows instructions that enable effective collaboration with Jo Canelo, the left wing-back, as well as the striker, facilitating goal-scoring opportunities.

    Right Winger: Similar to the left winger, our right winger is instructed to Come Back On Defense, ensuring cohesive defensive coverage. During the attacking phases, their instructions align with those of the left winger, ensuring consistency in our offensive approach.

    Midfielders: Tasked with maintaining balance and providing cover in the center of the pitch, our holding midfielders emphasize defensive stability while also contributing to build-up play when necessary.

    Wing Backs: We set everything to default and Overlap.

    Central Backs: If you truly want to maximize the effectiveness of this tactic and make the 5-4-1 formation dominate your opponents, consider giving attacking support to one of your Central Backs.

    This player will make forward runs during attacks, congest the midfield and attacking third, and may even contribute goals. However, ensure that the player selected for this role has a high work rate so they can recover defensively.

    Goalkeeper: This player is set to come for crosses and act as a keeper.

    Final Thought

    Given the emphasis on individual play style in this year, the 5-4-1 tactics offer diverse tactical options, providing a unique gaming experience. While it may not be universally hailed as the ultimate tactic, it certainly stands out as one of the meta formations worth exploring in EA Sports FC 24.

  • EA FC 24: Master These Pro Tips For Quick Player Lock

    Posted: Feb 29, 2024

    There are a lot of people confused about the Player Lock in EA FC 24. I'll be showing you how to do quick player locks like a professional. So, let's delve into these techniques. Before we dive in, it's essential to ensure you have a sufficient amount of EA FC 24 Coins which can help you a lot.


    First, we need to focus on the basics about how to hold controller. You can put fingers on the bumpers and the triggers, and then obviously on the right and left thumbsticks. We press in both L3 and R3 to trigger the player locks. Once the player lock has been triggered, that's when we flick the right stick to another player and select the right one.

    Let's discuss the basics first. We click in both L3 and R3 to activate the player lock. Then we flick the right stick towards the player we want to player lock into. This has to be done very quickly.

    When we activate the player lock, the player starts running towards the opponent’s goal, and you can also fake the player lock. You have to cancel the player lock by clicking on both L3 and R3.

    Quick Player Locking

    Now, let's turn our attention to quick player locking. The first requirement is that it should become nature, almost subconscious. You need to be swift with your thumbs, a skill honed through ample practice. You can start by entering a kickoff game and practicing accordingly.

    Often, players mistakenly lift their thumb off the right stick while player locking. However, this isn't necessary. With sufficient practice, you'll execute player locks seamlessly without lifting the thumb. You'll click in both L3 and R3, swiftly and without lifting your thumb from the Right Stick. It's all about speed and precision.

    Player Lock Dribbling

    Let's discuss player lock dribbling. When I activate the player lock, I retain control over sprinting, left stick dribbling, fake shots, and fake passes. While I can't execute traditional skill moves, I can perform a range of maneuvers such as fake passes, tactical fake shots, fake shots, left stick dribbling, and control sprinting.

    I believe many players are unaware of these capabilities, or they don't fully utilize them during gameplay. This feature allows you to deceive opponents. When they notice the player lock activated, their initial assumption is that the AI is controlling the player, making it easier for them to anticipate and tackle the ball.

    However, you can exploit this by dribbling away when they approach and then using the player lock to make a pass. Player lock dribbling is an extremely effective tactic that can catch opponents off guard. I strongly recommend mastering it. To do so, practice in classic or kickoff games.

    Targeted Practice

    However, master this skill is paramount. I recommend engaging in targeted practice. Targeted practice involves concentrating on one mechanic and temporarily setting aside others. Dedicate your focus solely to the player lock for the next 10 or 15 games.

    As you internalize the player lock and it becomes ingrained in your subconscious, executing it will become nature. This is when your offensive strategy will ascend to the next level. Merely attempting the player lock once or twice won't suffice to master it like a pro in EA FC 24.

    You must practice until it becomes instinctual. Through repetition, you'll develop successful muscle memory, enabling you to execute the player lock effortlessly, ultimately elevating your offensive prowess to new heights.

  • EA FC 24: Boost Your Winning Chances With This Meta 4-2-1-3 Formation

    Posted: Feb 22, 2024

    The 4-2-1-3 formation in EA FC 24 has been well-received by enthusiasts of the 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 formations. The key different between the 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-1-3 lies in the midfield. While the 4-2-3-1 incorporates both a Right Attacking Mid and a Left Attacking Mid, the 4-2-1-3 substitutes them with a Right Wing and a Left Wing respectively. So if you are interested in this new meta formation, let's dive in.

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: Beginning with the defensive approach, I opt for balance. While press after possession loss can be effective with this formation, I suggest using it only when trailing to avoid vulnerability to counterattacks. Always commence with balance at the start of a match.

    Then comes to the Width, I set it at 45, and for Depth, I prefer 65 to maintain a high press, especially with 2 CDMs offering defensive cover. Alternatively, for a more cautious approach or if high pressing isn't your preference, a depth of 60 works well.

    Offensive Tactics: For Build Up Play, I stick with balance, coupled with Direct Passing for Chance Creation, which synergizes excellently with a Center Attacking Mid. The attacking Width is set to 35, providing a balance between aggression and control. 10 for the Players In box, I opt for 6 players during Corners and 3 during Free Kicks.

    Player Instructions

    Now let's turn to the player instructions. Before doing this, don't forget to prepare some EA FC 24 Coins to improve your player abilities.

    Starting with the defensive setup, maintain default settings for the Right Center Back, Left Center Back, and Goalkeeper. Leave them unchanged.

    Left & Right Back: For the Right Back and Left Back, instruct them to Stay Back While Attacking. Since the formation includes both a Right Wing and a Left Wing, engaging Fullbacks in the attack might diminish their defensive effectiveness, especially in high-level competitions like FUT Champs.

    Left CDM: Transitioning to the midfielders, begin with the Left CDM. This position requires a robust center defensive midfielder, adept at both defending and physicality. Their role primarily involves defensive duties such as intercepting, tackling, and thwarting Counter Attacks. Instruct them to Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back While Attacking, and Cover Center.

    Right CDM: Opt for a box-to-box midfielder, capable of contributing to both offense and defense. This player should possess well-rounded attributes and preferably high work rates. Set their instructions to Get forward and Cover Center.

    CDM: Onto the Center Attacking Mid, arguably the most critical player in this formation. They serve as the conduit between defense and attack, requiring adept dribbling skills and vision. Tasked with orchestrating the offense, they should Stay Forward and Get Into Box For Crosses, providing support to the Striker during Counter Attacks.

    Left & Right Wing: Transitioning to the attacking phase, focus on the instructions for the Right Wing and Left Wing. Configure them to Come Back On Defense, Cut Inside, Get In Behind, and Get Into Box For Crosses. Their role shifts from covering the Wings defensively to playing as forwards during attacks, thanks to their ability to cut inside and support the Striker.

    Striker: As for the Striker, prioritize pace and agility, opting for a player with at least 90 pace and a 4-star weak foot. They should be instructed to Get In Behind, Stay Central, and Stay Forward, aiming to exploit defensive vulnerabilities and capitalize on goal-scoring opportunities.

  • EA FC 24: Try This Ultimate 4-3-3(3) Formation - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

    Posted: Feb 20, 2024

    Allow me to introduce you to an unstoppable formation in EA FC 24 - the 4-3-3 (3) formation. I'll delve into this formation to provide you with insights on how to win more games. Before diving into this guide, make sure you have a sufficient amount of EA FC 24 Coins.

    Defensive Tactics

    Defensive Style: You should just be using Balance. Otherwise, your defensive line will be so far back compared to the rest of your team.

    Width: You can put this all the way down to 35. Players sit back in the middle with 3 Midfielders, and the Left Mid and Right Mid or Wings come back and help solidify the midfield. The thing is, it’s a wide formation because they have Wingers, so you’re just making the formation a bit more narrow, but they’re still wide enough to defend the Wing areas.

    Depth: This is below 45. When your depth’s above 45, your team can just start applying a bit of pressure off the ball, positional pressure. So maybe they’ll go a bit more forward, a bit more aggressive. You want to be a bit more passive. That way, when the ball is coming towards you, if you want to move a player and make yourself more aggressive, you can do that.

    Offensive Tactics

    Width: When your opponent has the ball and you’re out of possession, you want to be as wide as possible so you can distribute the ball to either the Wings. You can use hug the sidelines or others. So that is why we need to use offensive width of 70.

    Build Up Play: This is a formation to close the game out, but you’re going to be lacking the attack. Slow Build Up is definitely the way to go when you’re under pressure. When you have the ball and players are running towards you, you feel more pressure on the ball, and you feel you want to play the ball quicker into different areas. Slow Build Up will also help you because more players will come closer to you. You’ll have more passing options. Not everyone’s going to be running forward, and it will give you more time on the ball.

    Chance Creation: Possession is going to make players come towards you. It’s going to give you passing options. You need to use the L1 trigger to push players going forward because you need to have that balance. If you want to create space, you can push a player away from you. If you bring a player close, your opponent is going to come with that player and thus invite more pressure.

    Players In Box: This would go on with 3. We don’t want to commit anyone when trying to close out the game against pressure.

    Corners & Free Kicks:  Both we can set on 2.

    Player Instructions

    Strickers: Both have the same instructions - Stay Central, Come Back On Defense. If you are going to be using chance creation on balance, use False 9. If you have possession, then use Target Player. The reason why I like target player is they’re not going to be going inside the box and going for headers. How target players work is they just effectively stand still.

    Center Mid: For the Center Mid, you can use Stay Back, Cover Center.

    Left Mid & Right Mid: You can set Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back While Attacking, and Cover Center for both of them.

    Left Back & Right Back: We can set them both on Stay Back and Overlap. I would not recommend any conservative interceptions. If you want it, you can use conservative interception on your Left Back and Right Back.

    Goalkeeper: We’d rather go caution, crosses and balance because sometimes Goalkeepers don’t always win their header. And sometimes when they step out, they got a position that the header can come past you and you can concede. So that’s just something to mention and bear in mind. But that would be the ultra-defensive formation.

  • EA FC 24: Which Double PlayStyle+ Combo Is Your Best Choice? - List Of 5 Top Double PlayStyle+

    Posted: Feb 20, 2024

    In the ever-develop FC 24 gaming landscape, mastering the ideal double PlayStyle+ combination is crucial to improving player abilities and gaining an edge on the virtual pitch.

    PlayStyles+ are like players’ unique signature moves, crafted from real-world data to play to their personal strengths in the digital realm. But rare double PlayStyle+ cards can elevate players’ performance to unparalleled levels.

    However, not all double PlayStyle+ card combinations are created equal. Some pairings are more lethal and influential in the game, posing a significant threat to their opponents. In this guide, we take a deep dive into the top 5 double PlayStyle+ duos, breaking down their gaming prowess and in-game dominance.

    5. Rapid & Whipped Pass

    The double PlayStyles+ combination of Rapid and Whipped Pass on player cards creates a deadly threat on the virtual court.

    With Rapid, players gain incredible speed when dribbling, allowing them to outrun defenders and create space to deliver deadly crosses.

    In the meantime, Whipped Pass ensures that all crosses are highly accurate, faster, and have more curves, making it difficult for defenders to intercept and providing ample scoring opportunities for teammates.

    This combination benefits by adding a dynamic dimension to FC 24 players’ attacking strategies. With his excellent pace and precise crossing ability, the player will be a constant threat from the flanks, capable of breaking down defenses and delivering precise crosses into dangerous areas.

    This combination allows players to adapt to different game situations and break down stubborn defenses with ease. Of course, investing more FC 24 Coins to improve the player’s comprehensive data can give you a smoother gaming experience.

    4. Pinged Pass & Long Ball Pass

    The combination of Pinged Pass and Long Ball Pass PlayStyles+ takes passing capabilities to extraordinary levels, allowing players to excel on the ground and in the air.

    With Pinged Pass, players can deliver ground passes quickly and accurately, retain possession and initiate attacks with speed and precision. Meanwhile, Long Ball Pass allows them to execute pinpoint lobbed long passes, stretching the defense and creating scoring chances from deeper on the field.

    Together, these PlayStyles+ provide versatility and unpredictability, making them difficult for opponents to defend.

    So whether it’s passing the ball to strikers or making long-range conversions, the combination of Pinged Pass and Long Ball Pass can increase a player’s impact on the game, thereby promoting smooth and effective game strategies.

    3. Technical & Finesse Shot

    In EA FC 24, players with the double PlayStyles+ combo of Technical and Finesse Shot can become deadly weapons on the virtual court.

    With Technical, these players can break through defenses with precise dribbling and create space to unleash the deadly Finesse Shot.

    With a high level of football skills and playmaking ability, this PlayStyle+ pair is one of the top double PlayStyle+ pairs in EA FC 24.

    These players can break through defenders and take finesse shots from different angles, making them a constant threat in front of the goal and contributing to their team’s success.

    2. Anticipate & Block

    Players equipped with the double PlayStyles+ combination of Anticipate and Block in EA FC 24 have incredibly powerful defensive skills.

    Anticipate PlayStyle+ allows players to accurately anticipate and intercept passes. Block will enhance their ability to perform Elastico and Overreaching, effectively preventing opponents from scoring opportunities.

    With PlayStyle+ enhancements, their standing tackle success rate is significantly improved, allowing them to tackle opponents more effectively while maintaining a low foul rate.

    This combination benefits FC 24 players by providing unparalleled defensive stability and reliability.

    1. Quick Step & Trivela

    Players equipped with the double PlayStyles+ combination of Quick Step and Trivela in EA FC 24 embody the perfect combination of agility and technical brilliance.

    With Quick Step, players can accelerate both on and off the ball to quickly evade opponents and create space. This agility perfectly complements Trivela, allowing them to execute precise passes, crosses and shots with the outside of their foot in a fluid, dynamic manner.

    PlayStyle+ enhancements further enhance their impact on the course. With Quick Step+, their acceleration during explosive sprints is significantly improved, allowing defenders to fall behind with ease.

    Additionally, Trivela+ reduces errors in out-of-foot passes and shots, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness when executing this unique technique.

    Therefore, Trivela and Quick Step are undoubtedly the undisputed champions in the list of the best double PlayStyle+ combos in EA FC 24.

  • EA FC 24: These 5 Top Attacking Formations Are Unstoppable!

    Posted: Feb 08, 2024

    The choice of attacking formation for EA FC 24 is a key strategy to win the game. These settings provide various options for different PlayStyles and team compositions, affecting match dynamics.

    Effective attacking formations determine how the game unfolds, and they generate sustained offensive pressure that is crucial to overcoming the opposition’s defence. They provide a way to consistently outwit your opponents and secure victory in EA FC 24.

    In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into five of EA FC 24’s top attacking formations, highlighting their custom tactics and advantages. By examining the specifics of each formation, players can optimize their team’s performance and gain a competitive advantage on the virtual pitch.


    As always, 4-3-2-1 Christmas Tree formation remains the top choice among the best attacking formations in EA FC 24. Despite some setbacks in defensive performance compared to previous versions, it still excels offensively.

    When using this formation, it is crucial to spend FC 24 Coins to buy the right players in each position. With the introduction of TOTY Lionel Messi, many players favor this formation in FUT. With two CFs and one ST, it is the most dominant formation in the current meta.

    Of the three offensive players, two players should have the speed to run forward near Zone 17, while one player should have the defensive ability to track back when possession is lost.

    Behind them, three midfielders play key roles. One of these players is tasked with contributing significantly in the attack around Zone 14, supporting the attacking trio.


    The 4-3-1-2 formation ranks second among EA FC’s 24 best attacking formations. It’s ideal for players who like to control the tempo of the game and control possession statistics in the attacking midfield area. This formation has been a fan favorite since its introduction and continues to be highly effective in FC 24.

    In the 4-3-1-2 formation, a central attacking midfielder is positioned in front of the three central midfielders, allowing for excellent control in Zone 14. Moreover, the presence of the two FC 24 players in the frontcourt allowed the opponent’s defense to take a dominant position, creating countless scoring opportunities throughout the game.


    The 3-4-2-1 formation ranks third. This is a popular choice for players who are not only looking for victory but also want to score multiple goals in a game.

    This formation consists of two center forwards and a lone forward, especially with the addition of two wide midfielders. It poses a powerful offensive threat.

    It is a modified version of 3-4-3 formation. Midfield balance is improved as two strong midfielders operate in front of the three centre-backs.

    The 3-4-2-1 makes the defense vulnerable because of the lack of full-backs, so it requires the right midfielder and left midfielder to defend hard to optimize its efficiency.


    The 4-4-2 formation has been seamlessly integrated into the online meta year after year, cementing its place as the best formation in EA FC 24.

    The formation is renowned for its impeccable balance, excelling in attacking diversity in Zones 13 to 16. With two strikers leading the line and four midfielders providing support, the attacking dynamic of this set-up is very adaptable.

    The four midfielders are good at defense and attack, which greatly enhances the team’s strength in all areas of the field. In the meantime, the full midfielders serve as the main creative outlets in the attack and also assume defensive responsibilities to ensure the smooth transition between offense and defense.

    Midfielders play a key role in providing solid defensive cover and controlling the tempo of the game in the center of the pitch.

    Besides, 4-4-2 (2) defensive formation features the two central midfielders modified into defensive midfielders, making it one of the top defensive formations in FC 24.


    In this list of the best attacking formations in EA FC 24, the 4-2-2-2 is the only formation that features two central defenders. While this may seem unconventional, its advantage lies in its ability to accommodate four attackers while maintaining midfield dominance.

    The two central midfielders act as buffers for defensive and attacking players when necessary. This formation consists of two centre-backs, two defensive midfielders, two attacking midfielders and two strikers forming a solid back-line.

    Although the width of the full-backs is obviously narrow, when the team moves forward, the full-backs contribute extra width. The 4-2-2-2 formation excels in possession play in Zones 11 to 14, providing plenty of control to move the ball seamlessly to strikers.


    All in all, we delved into a variety of strategies and playing styles as we explored the best FC 24 attacking formations and complex custom tactics. Each formation has unique strengths and weaknesses, catering to different play styles and tactical preferences. So it’s best to find the perfect balance that suits your play style!

  • EA FC 24: The 5 Best Defensive Formations To Help You Win The Games!

    Posted: Feb 06, 2024

    The defensive formation in EA FC 24 is one of the most strategic formations in Ultimate Team mode. A good defensive formation is particularly conducive to establishing a flexible defensive structure while maintaining the ability to effectively counterattack.

    In order to dominate Zone 1 to Zone 6 on the virtual pitch of EA FC 24, a well-designed defensive formation is crucial. It can be a decisive factor in resisting powerful attacks from opponents and sustaining victory.

    There are a range of options to choose from, but when choosing a formation you should also consider investing FC 24 Coins in the players available and their overall game plan.

    This guide will take an in-depth look at five of the best defensive formations in EA FC 24 and provide insight into their strength and effectiveness.

    4-4-2 (2)

    The 4-4-2 (2) formation is a defensive variation of the timeless 4-4-2 flat formation. In this system, double-pivot CDM replaces the two central midfielders, which enhance the defensive characteristics of FUT lineup.

    In this system, the two defensive midfielders remain positioned to cover the wings or central areas, allowing the full-backs to overlap freely. The centre-backs benefit from a solid layer of support in front of them, especially around Zone 5, creating a powerful defense that is difficult for opponents to break through.

    This classic defensive formation is one of the best in EA FC 24 and has a proven track record of effectiveness in previous FIFA versions. With its balanced structure and tight defensive organization, players can control the game and cause frustration with attacking opponents.

    4-2-3-1 (2)

    The 4-2-3-1 (2) is the defensive iteration of 4-2-3-1 formation. Unlike its two CAM player counterparts, this formation introduces RM and LM, injecting a high level of energy into the gameplay.

    The 4-2-3-1 (2) known for its strong defensive structure, it is one of the best defensive formations available in EA FC 24. Two CDMs sit deep in front of the back-line, while a separate CAM provides extra coverage behind the striker.

    The wide midfielders become key contributors to frequent crosses from the flanks, so aerial attack becomes the recommended strategy. The forwards in this system should ideally possess pace and aerial ability, making the target player the best option.


    The 5-2-1-2 is one of the most defensive formations in FC 24. For starters, it’s a potentially great option for dealing with the game’s challenging defensive mechanics.

    Even seasoned veterans will find themselves struggling with the nuances of FC 24’s new defensive system. This makes the addition of five defenders a strategic solution to the defensive skill gap.

    This formation has similarities to 4-3-1-2, but the major difference is the conversion of a midfielder into a centre-back.

    With three centre-backs and two full-backs, this lineup poses a tremendous challenge to any attacking opponent. The full-backs play a vital role in this formation and they overlap more across the pitch than in 4-3-1-2 formation.

    The 5-2-1-2 is considered a pro-meta setup, ranking among the top three defensive formations in EA FC 24. It proved particularly effective during key moments of the game.


    The new 4-2-1-3 formation was introduced in the latest version of EA FC 24, becoming one of the most effective tactics in Ultimate Team this year. A defensive adaptation of the traditional 4-3-3, this formation features 2 CDM and 1 CAM in front of the back-line.

    While traditional formations are good at controlling possession in central attacking areas, they often leave defensive midfield and wing positions vulnerable. And 4-2-1-3 effectively solves the inherent flaws in 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 systems.

    Adding a defensive midfielder double-pivot, plus two wingers, can solve this problem. This formation is very convenient for those who prefer a wider game while keeping the back-line solid.


    The 5-4-1 formation is the undisputed king of the best defensive formations in EA FC 24, so much so that EA Sports banned the use of five-defender setups in professional matches.

    This formation is known for its compact and tight defensive structure, consisting of three centre-backs and two full-backs, forming an impenetrable wall at the back.

    In this set-up, the two midfielders position themselves in front of the defensive line in an attempt to establish contact with the forward line. Unlike 5-2-1-2, this formation lacked a traditional two-striker prior to CAM. Instead, LM and RM provide support to the full-backs and width to the flanks.

    The attack is centered on counter-attacking, with 5-4-1 formation’s principal objective being to prevent conceding the ball, reinforcing its reputation as a stalwart defensive strategy.

    These are what I consider being the 5 best defensive formations in EA FC 24. Mastering these tactics can help you score goals easily during matches and get you to the next level faster!

  • EA FC 24: Tips & Cheapest Method You Need To Know To Complete High Efficiency SBC

    Posted: Feb 04, 2024

    With Ultimate Team’s Road to the Final promotion in full swing, EA Sports has released EA FC 24 High Efficiency SBC so players can get their hands on some cheap and easy packages. In this guide, we’ll cover all the tasks in High Efficiency SBC, as well as the best tricks and cheapest ways to accomplish them.

    This is the second such Squad Building Challenge to be released during the event, and each completion will help fans progress through an objective set that offers more rewards.

    Puzzle SBC is an incredible addition to Ultimate Team, offering players a range of exciting pack rewards for some low-rated fodder players.

    While the requirements for such an SBC can sometimes be challenging because of complex regulations, the benefits are worthwhile. High Efficiency SBC in EA FC 24 is a perfect example.


    Similar to all other Puzzle SBCs released so far in the game cycle, EA FC 24 High Efficiency SBC requires a single squad with a specific set of restrictions and regulations. These are the specific requirements mentioned in SBC:

    • Players from the same League: At least three of the starting eleven are required.
    • Players from the same Country: At least five in the starting eleven.
    • Gold Players: At least four players in the starting eleven.
    • Player Quality: Lowest silver medal among starting eleven.
    • Total Chemistry: At least 14.

    While the requirements may seem a bit detailed and complicated at first glance, these SBC requirements themselves are very cheap and easy to meet. This is mainly because the overall threshold is low. You only need to spend FC 24 Coins to purchase four Gold Players.

    To make the most of their resources, players should submit four Gold Players and fill the rest of the team with Silver Items.

    Cheapest Method

    Since the requirements for SBC are fairly low, there are plenty of cheap FC 24 players that can be used to get it done. Remember, it’s always better to start with players already in the club. Especially if they are not tradeable, as you can never profit with gold coins. Here are some of the most affordable and cost-effective player options:

    • Graham Burke: 66
    • Wout Faes: 76
    • Aaron Martin: 76
    • Conor Coventry: 67
    • James McGrath: 65
    • Megan Connolly: 77
    • Jonny Hayes: 67
    • Greg Cunningham: 68
    • Mark McGuinness: 68
    • Tonny Vilhena: 75
    • Jack Bonham: 67

    Ideally, the overall estimated cost to complete High Efficiency SBC is approximately 2,900 EA Sports FC Coins. Of course, you can save money by using cards you already have in your club, especially if they’re non-tradeable.

    Is It Worth Completing High Efficiency SBC?

    The group reward for completing the challenge is Small Gold Players Pack. This pack contains six Gold Players, one of which is a rare item.

    While the rewards that come with this Small Gold Players Pack are nothing too exciting in and of themselves, this SBC is part of the complete RTTF Puzzle Completionist objective set. Not only can players earn one pack by completing High Efficiency SBC, but they can also earn another pack when completing part of that objective set.

    Also, they will need to complete all Puzzle SBCs released during RTTF Puzzle Completionist event to unlock the overall group reward, making EA FC 24 High Efficiency SBC even more worth completing.

    The above are some tips you need to pay attention to when completing High Efficiency SBC and the simplest and cheapest solutions. Hope these tips are helpful.

  • EA FC 24: 7 TOTY Best Players Worth Trying In Ultimate Team

    Posted: Feb 02, 2024

    Team Of The Year is a major promotion for EA Sports series, bringing together 11 of the best players in the world. These players are available for limited time purchase in different packs in Ultimate Team Store.

    Knowing and being selective about the players that suit you best can save you a lot of FC 24 Coins. So, in this guide, we will introduce seven of the best TOTY players who are your most worthy options to try out in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

    7. Virgil Van Dijk

    The giant Dutch centre-back’s 96-overall TOTY card is easily the best defensive outfit in the game so far. The card has an impressive 96 Defending, 93 Physical, and 88 Pace with an Anticipate PlayStyle+, making it a unique card in EA FC 24.

    Also, he possesses an impressive 99 Strength and 93 Aggression, allowing him to score multiple corner kicks in a game.

    Virgil van Dijk’s Block PlayStyles+, with 99 Stand Tackle and 97 Slide Tackle, makes him a defensive wall that prevents many from getting past him.

    6. Jude Bellingham

    Jude Bellingham’s 96-overall TOTY card stands out in the current EA FC 24 meta as the undisputed midfield king. It displays an impressive all-88+ attribute set and benefits from Technical PlayStyle+ tweaks, making him a Zone 11 powerhouse.

    EA Sports rewards this card with two highly effective PlayStyle+: Technical and Power Shot. With incredible stats like 96 Dribbling, 91 Physical, 90 Pace, 90 Passing, 90 Defending, and 88 Shooting, this card excels both offensively and defensively.

    5. Caroline Graham Hansen

    Caroline Graham Hansen’s TOTY card can be said to be one of the most powerful attackers in the virtual realm. The 97-rated Norwegian is arguably the best winger in the game with her 97 Dribbling, 96 Pace, and 95 Passing.

    Hansen’s 5 Star Skill Moves makes this card stand out in the current EA FC 24 meta. With 93 Shooting and the exciting double PlayStyle+, Trivela and Whipped Pass, this card becomes a deadly threat outside D-box.

    4. Erling Haaland

    Few players can match Haaland’s impressive performance in 2023, as evidenced by his overall rating on TOTY card.

    Boasting an impressive 98 Shooting, 97 Physical, and 96 Pace, Norwegian’s FIFA 23 rating improved significantly. This also places him in the top four EA FC 24 TOTY best players.

    It is one of the few cards in the game to feature Aerial PlayStyle+. With 99 Jumping and 99 Strength, this card becomes a powerhouse in Zone 17 set piece competition.

    3. Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi easily ranks among the top three on the list. Boasting an impressive 97 overall rating as a CF, this card is one of the premier attacker options in the game. He has impressive statistics like 98 Dribbling, 97 Passing, 96 Shooting, and 91 Pace.

    Many of the weaknesses of the previous version have been addressed in this iteration. While the 84 Sprint Speed may be higher, this card excels in every other offensive aspect. This marks him as one of the strongest cards in the game right now.

    With near-perfect finishing and passing, this TOTY card converts into a potent offensive threat at nearly every position, seamlessly serving as CF, CAM, RW, and ST.

    Besides its powerful features, the card also offers two powerful PlayStyle+: Pinged Pass and Technical.

    2. Cristiano Ronaldo

    One of the most expensive cards in the lineup, the legendary former Real Madrid and Inter Milan striker takes second place.

    Ronaldo led Selecao’s attack to victory in 2002 World Cup. He has since firmly established himself as one of the greatest attackers in the history of the sport.

    5 Star Skill Moves, 5 StarWeak Foot, 95 Pace, 95 Shooting, 95 Dribbling and unique Celebration all justify the high price. With Quick Step Playstyle+, 95 Reaction, and 90 Agility, stealing the ball from Ronaldo is very difficult.

    1. Kylian Mbappé

    Topping the list of the best players in EA FC 24 TOTY is none other than Kylian Mbappé. This card is arguably the best EA Sports franchise has ever produced.

    With a staggering 99 pace and 97 dribbling, Mbappé became an unstoppable force around Zone 17. In the meantime, with 99 Finishing, and an overall 96 Shooting, this card proved to be a threat to the opponent’s D-box.

    While 78 Long Pass and 89 Long Shot may be higher, this card performs well in other offensive positions, whether in ST, LW, RW, or CF positions.

    The above is my list of the best EA FC 24 TOTY players. Buying and using them properly can help your Ultimate Team become stronger!

  • EA FC 24: 3 Tips To Dribble Like A Pro In The Game!

    Posted: Jan 30, 2024

    FC 24 has attracted the attention of its diverse gameplay since its release, and defense has been a key topic in the game so far. Dribbling has always been very important when playing Ultimate Team, and mastering it will make the game much easier.

    So, in this guide, we’ll share a few secret tips to help you dribble like a pro. We’ve got everything ready for you. Let’s take a look!

    Controlled Sprint

    Let’s start with the most important part of dribbling, Controlled Sprint.

    I believe most FC 24 players know that the most OP dribbling mechanism this year is Controlled Sprint, which is very easy to use.

    When running with the ball, all you need to do is press R1/RB button and your player will glide across the pitch. Extremely agile with even the slightest movement, allowing you to get past defenders with ease. Mastering Controlled Sprint will allow you to outperform others with ease!

    Dribbling PlayStyles

    PlayStyles were introduced in FC 24, replacing the previous Traits system we’d seen in FIFA for years.

    This mechanic is designed to give the best players in the world a certain play style boost, making them better than everyone else. And the ability to use PlayStyles in FC 24 is so powerful.

    Technical PlayStyle is best when using controlled dribbling, so players with this style will be very good at dribbling. Especially players like Lionel Messi, Aitana Bonmati, and Jamal Musiala have this PlayStyle+.

    Of course, there are other worthy Dribbling PlayStyles to look out for here including: Rapid, Flair, First Touch, Trickster, and Press Proven.

    Skill Moves

    Your key players for dribbling are your wingers, strikers, and attacking midfielders. These are also the most dominant positions among the five-star skill players in FC 24.

    While players with five-star skills aren’t strictly necessary, it’s beneficial to have at least one or two on your team if your FC 24 Coins budget is sufficient.

    If you’re a player who doesn’t use Skill Moves often, here are some simple moves that can help you dribble past your player with ease.

    Ball Roll

    Ball Roll is very effective and helps to create a yard of space before you can distance yourself from a player or pass the ball elsewhere, catching defenders off guard. Every player in the game can perform this move.

    Lane Change Right/Left

    Lane Change is essentially an advanced version of Ball Roll, but just as effective. When you dribble, your player will dash the ball to the left or right depending on the direction you swing RS, and can allow you to avoid charging defenders.

    Reverse Elastico

    Reverse Elastico is the best dribbling move when stopping the ball. Performing this skill action will keep you at least one yard away from the defender.

    Skill Moves are the most advanced way to dribble like a pro and are the last skill to perfect in this guide.

    These dribbling skills are extremely powerful on FC 24 and may be patched in future updates, so be sure to try them out before it’s too late. Any player can use this. Even if their stats aren’t stellar, their dribbling is still great.

    It’s important to note that not these techniques are easy, and practice will make you better. There’s no better way than practicing on the court. Mix these three tips together and you’ll be dribbling like a pro in no time, consistently winning games!

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