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EA FC 24: The 7 Brazilian Treasure-Type Professional Players With High Potential That You Must Not Miss

Posted: May 23, 2024

Posted: May 23, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Brazil is a big football country. Football was introduced to Brazil in 1863, and its professional football team won third place in World Cup in 1938. Brazil has also sent many football talents to all parts of the world, such as Neymar, Ronaldo, etc. However, there are still some rising stars that have not yet been discovered by the world, and they have huge potential. Whether on the real court or in EA Sports FC 24, you can perform very well.

These rising stars are all under the age of 24. If they are well cultivated under the leadership of the club, they will have great achievements. Although their current overall rating in EA Sports FC 24 is low, as rising stars, their potential ratings are all above 82 points. And they have a lower price in EA Sports FC 24 which can be easily had with fewer FC 24 Coins.

EA FC 24: The 7 Brazilian Treasure-Type Professional Players With High Potential That You Must Not Miss

7. Kaio Jorge Plays For Frosinone

  • Overall Rating: 71
  • Potential Rating: 82
  • Position: ST (Shadow Striker)
  • Value: £4 million

Kaio Jorge Pinto Ramos is a Brazilian talented child who currently plays for Italian team Frosinone. He is on loan at his current club from Santos Futebol Clube in his hometown. The 22-year-old striker has a potential rating of 82 points and is a very capable player. His value and wages are £4 million and £35,000, respectively.

Although he has not yet been selected for the national team, his statistics are quite good. For example, 72 finishing, 74 volley, 77 dribbling, 79 ball control, 71 jumping, 71 sprint speed, 73 agility, and 74 shot power. Because he has just entered the football world, his offensive power is a little worse. Is this data enough to blind you?

6. Talles Magno Plays For New York City FC

  • Overall Rating: 73
  • Potential Rating: 82
  • Position: ST (Shadow Striker), CF (Central Forward), LM (Left Midfielder)
  • Value: £7 million

This talented boy Talles Magno Bacelar Martins entered his football career with a total score of 73 and a potential score of 82. The best part is that Talles Magno can play as a striker, a center forward, or a left midfielder. Rest assured, he will shine in every position.

Talles Magno currently plays for New York City FC, with a net worth of £7 million and a salary of £6k. His outstanding statistics include 86 ball control, 85 acceleration, 81 sprint speed, 79 dribbling, and 81 agility, allowing him to quickly surpass his opponents on the field.

5. Danilo Plays For Nottingham Forest

  • Overall Rating: 76
  • Potential Rating: 82
  • Position: CDM (Center Defensive Midfield), CM (Centre Mid-Fielder)
  • Value: £10 million

If you are looking for a midfielder who is affordable and can give you a competitive advantage, then Danilo dos Santos de Oliveira is your best choice. Danilo has excellent composure, dribbling and passing abilities in the middle of the field, which makes him perform even better under certain pressure.

You can buy him in EA Sports FC 24 for £10 million, with a wage of £44k, and he can play two roles - a central or defensive midfielder. His best numbers are 76 ball control, 74 long passing, 79 short passing, 77 agility, 77 balance, 72 defensive awareness, and 75 standing tackle.

4. Tetê Plays For Galatasaray

  • Overall Rating: 76
  • Potential Rating: 82
  • Position: RM (Right Midfielder)
  • Value: £8 million

Mateus Cardoso Lemos Martins, affectionately known as Tetê to most people, is a winger with a lot of experience who currently plays for Galatasaray in Turkey. The 23-year-old has the ability to successfully penetrate the enemy’s penalty area with his dribbling, body feint, and sweet step overs. His overall rating is a relatively high 76 points, his potential rating is 82 points, and he is currently worth £8 million.

During his career, he has been loaned to big-name clubs such as Shakhtar Donetsk, Lyon, and Leicester City many times, which shows how strong he is. Tetê’s best virtual attributes are 82 agility, 81 acceleration, 80 sprint speed, 79 dribbling, 78 ball control, 74 short passing, 74 balance, 73 reactions, and 72 stamina.

3. João Pedro Plays For Brighton & Hove Albion

  • Overall Rating: 75
  • Potential Rating: 83
  • Position: ST (Shadow Striker), CAM (Centre Attack Mid-Fielder)
  • Value: £12 million

João Pedro Junqueira de Jesus, who has played in Premier League, is a rare Brazilian football talent because his potential rating is as high as 83 points! In 2023, he moved from Watford to Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion as a full-time player and scored 9 goals in 29 games.

When he first entered the professional league, his overall rating was only 75. If you train him well in the game, his overall rating may reach 83. This experienced goalscorer has the ability to sum up the game efficiently. If you are looking for a strong young striker, then this Brazilian youngster is a good choice!

2. Vanderson Plays For AS Monaco

  • Overall Rating: 77
  • Potential Rating: 84
  • Position: RB (Right Back), RM (Right Midfielder), RWB (Right Wing Backfielder)
  • Value: £20 million

Vanderson de Oliveira Campos is one of the most valuable right backs in the professional leagues right now. The current overall rating is 77, with the potential to reach 85 in the near future. The net worth is currently the highest in this guide, at £20 million. This 22-year-old currently plays for France’s AS Monaco team and represents France in international competitions.

Vanderson is an excellent defender. Because of his excellent overlap ability, he can play multiple positions in the right half: a right back, a right wing back, or a right midfielder. His excellent 74 defensive awareness, 74 standing tackle, 74 sliding tackle, 72 interceptions, and 71 aggression make him a solid wall on the right flank on the field.

1. João Gomes Plays For Wolverhampton Wanderers

  • Overall Rating: 76
  • Potential Rating: 84
  • Position: CDM (Center Defensive Midfield), CM (Centre Mid-Fielder)
  • Value: £20 million

When choosing a rookie for EA Sports FC 24, don’t forget about João Victor Gomes da Silva. The youngster has a 76 overall rating, an 84 potential rating. At just 22 years old, he is already a starter for Wolverhampton Wanderers and has made several appearances for his country, Brazil.

Due to his excellent ratings, his net worth has also reached a high £20 million. But don’t worry, his numbers have always been among the best. His 78 short passing, 72 dribbling, 76 long passing, 75 ball control, 73 vision, and 75 defensive awareness will make you feel that it is worth your money.

After seeing so many outstanding players, do you have the urge to open the game? Open EA Sports FC 24 and experience the joy on the green field with them! Happy gaming!


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