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EA FC 24: The 4-5-1(2) Formation Is Absolutely Unstoppble During TOTS

Posted: May 21, 2024

Posted: May 21, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Hi, all gamers! Welcome to this new formation guide of EA FC 24. Get ready to discover the game-changing 4-5-1(2) formation for the Team of the Season event, featuring custom tactics, player instructions, and additional insights. If this interests you, just follow my step and take a look at how it works.

Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactics: When defending, the Defensive Style is still on balanced. Then you can utilize a Width of 42 and a Depth of 71. Despite this defensive depth, this formation still aims for the team to maintain a high press and not retreat too deeply, akin to Atletico Madrid's style. Maintaining pressure prevents opponents from easily penetrating the half and box with quick passes. Balanced tactics serve this purpose well, although a slightly lower width, around 35-40, may also suffice.

Offensive Tactics: For Build Up Play and Chance Creation, you can opt for balanced settings. However, Long Ball Build Up Play could be effective for launching precise passes to the wide Midfielders, particularly the Left Midfielder in this setup. This approach facilitates bypassing the opponent's press effectively. For Player In Box, you can set it on 6. Then assign 1 for Corners and another 1 for Free Kicks to optimize attacking opportunities.

EA FC 24: The 4-5-1(2) Formation Is Absolutely Unstoppble During TOTS

Player Instructions

Next, let's break down the player instructions of this 4-5-1(2) formation.

Goalkeeper: First of all, you can choose Peter Schmeichel as the Goalkeeper, and set him on Sweeper Keeper so that he will try to catch the ball before the opponent touches it.

Backs: For the Right Back, set the instruction on Stay Back While Attacking and Overlap, and it's the same for the Left Back. For Center Backs, I also recommend having Stay Back While Attacking. I think these are the best setting in this formation.

Midfielders: In midfield, I want to maintain a 4-4-2 defensive shape while leading and transition to a 4-5-1 when controlling the game. Thus, I instruct the Left Midfielder to Stay Forward and Stay Wide to act as a Left Forward or Striker in a 4-4-2, while the Right Midfielder stays back while attacking and covers the wing, providing defensive support.

For the center midfielders, you can instruct them to stay back while attacking and cover the center to maintain defensive solidity. The Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM) is instructed to Come Back and Stay Wide, allowing for diverse attacking options.

Striker: Finally, for the Striker, I highly recommend picking Ronaldo who are really famous and powerful. You can instruct him to Drift Wide and Come Back On Defense to maintain pressure without dropping too deep.

Regarding substitutions, I typically bring on Cristiano Ronaldo for Aerial physical presence, William Saliba or Jude Bellingham for defensive reinforcement, and R9 for attacking variation. In terms of potential substitutes, players like Nuno Mendes, Marcus Thuram are notable options. Marcus Thuram, in particular, stands out for his attributes and playStyle.

Final Thought

This formation aim to prevent the opponent from easily penetrating our half and invite pressure. I believe they are effective for TOTS Weekend League matches, especially with a strong team. This tactical strategy enables the formation of dynamic attacking triangles, facilitating easier access to both the wings and the center, thereby increasing the chances of scoring goals.

That wraps my 4-5-1(2) formation settings, and I think they are fantastic. Please use them in the TOTS Weekend League and I'll be very happy if you like them. The players also play an important role in this formation, don't forget to enhance their abilities. Hope you have a wonderful gaming experience!


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