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EA FC 24: How To Quickly Complete Alan Shearer Great Man Mission To Gain A Lot Of Experience?

Posted: Jul 06, 2024

The way to obtain Alan Shearer's goal card is slightly more complicated than the previous goal card, but those who complete Alan Shearer’s mission can get more awards. Players come and try it!

This Alan Shearer card is very useful because his idol status can not only provide him with additional chemistry points, but his British ancestry can be linked to the popular player Jude Bellingham. This card is very worth getting, whether it is a must-have striker or a cannon fodder card.For us players, we can get an excellent goal card just by completing tasks, which can save a lot of FC 24 coins.

EA Sports FC 24: How To Quickly Complete Alan Shearer Great Man Mission To Gain A Lot Of Experience?

Mission Objective

So we need to understand what the purpose of Alan Shearer Best Player mission is?

The goal of Alan Shearer Great Man game is to show his contribution to the game and his legendary status in British football.

It took him a long time to get such a great honor, so this mission has very strict requirements for the minimum number of games. It is worth noting that the lowest difficulty for each game is allowed to be completed at Semi-Pro difficulty, and it can also be completed at Rivals or Champions difficulty.

Challenge Names And Completion Requirements

The requirement for a True Attacker game is to score 8 goals using an English striker.

The requirement for Strikers Touch is to score at least one goal and get at least one assist using English players in three different games.

The completion condition for From Distance is to score three goals outside the penalty area.

Winning Formula requires at least three English players in the starting eleven and win twelve games.

To achieve these goals, you must cultivate a very strong English core team, so at this time you should come to your club and fill your starting lineup with the strong English players you have. So the key to completing the task quickly is to recruit as many English core players as possible, which will make your task easier.

Warm reminder, it is best that the entire team is composed of English players. If this is not possible, it is best that the midfielder and forward should be English players, to ensure that English players complete goals and assist.

It is not difficult to form a football team mainly composed of English players, because we have numerous goals to choose from. For those who have already decided on the team, just remember the conditions for completing the objective. The conditions have been detailed above.

In addition, scoring outside the penalty area is a difficult thing. But if you have a good English midfielder, scoring from the edge of the penalty area is a piece of cake for you. Never try to force the attack with the striker in the penalty area.

Although it will not be completed quickly, please don’t worry, anyway, the twelve games must be played.

So what can we get by completing Alan Shearer mission?

Team Rewards

FC 24 Alan Shearer Great Man Mission

When you complete the mission, you can get a 93-rated “Great Alan Shearer” card, as well as Playstyles Plus, Press Proven, Aerial and Power Shot to help Alan Shearer continue to score goals as a striker. Although players with 90+ points are common at this stage, Great Alan Shearer still has chief value.

Rewards For Completing Challenge

  • Complete True Attacker mission to get two 80+ players and 250 EXP
  • Complete Striker Touch mission to get two 81+ players
  • Complete Long Range mission to get two 81+ players
  • Complete Winning Formula mission to get three 83+ players and 250 EXP

Winning Formula mission is much more difficult than “Play X Game” mission, so the rewards are also more generous. For players who need to accumulate experience to improve their team, this task is very attractive. Hurry and complete it before the task is reset!


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