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FC 24 Boosting

Repeat daily tasks in EA Sports FC 24 every day, just to get a few coins or upgrades. Are you willing to spend your precious time and energy on this boring daily game? Isn’t it time to focus more on the game itself? Only in this way can the players you worked so hard to get show their full strength and bring you real game happiness!

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EA FC 24: This 5-4-1 Formation Is Worth A Try! - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

EA FC 24: This 5-4-1 Formation Is Worth A Try! - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

Hello, gamers! I will discuss 5-4-1 formations that are absolutely game-changing in EA FC 24. If you aim for victories in the Champions Weekend League, employing these tactics and formations is essential. They are incredibly meta, offering a perfect balance and immense strength, ensuring guaranteed wins.

This formation ensures that your opponents will find it challenging to score goals while you focus on scoring them. It strikes a perfect balance between potent attacking and rock-solid defending. I guarantee you these will get you wins with some FC 24 Coins by using this formation.

Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactics: In terms of Defensive Style, we opt for balance, which is absolutely meta in FC 24. For Width, we maintain a configuration of 40 to avoid being too spread out in defense and depth. We can set at 71 for Depth, which remains effective for maintaining pressure. The constant high pressure is particularly remarkable. Additionally, the automatic offside trap is highly effective.

Offensive Tactics: In our Build Up Play, we prioritize balance, which is again a meta strategy. When it comes to Chance Creation, we still rely on Direct Passing despite recent updates. Direct Passing has been especially effective for creating opportunities, although Cutbacks have been nerfed significantly. As a result, through balls remains a crucial element in our offensive strategy.

Regarding offensive Width, we've chosen a balanced approach with a 50 setup. This allows us to maximize the use of our Wingers and Wing Backs, ensuring they contribute effectively to our attacking play by providing support. We go for 6 Player In Box with 1 for both Corner and Free Kick.

Player Instructions

Striker: Positioned up front, our designated striker is instructed to Stay Central and Get In Behind. As our primary goal scorer, this player possesses solid dribbling and shooting abilities, making them a key player in our attacking strategy.

Left Winger: Directed to Come Back On Defense, Cut Inside, and Get Into The Box For Cross, our left winger follows instructions that enable effective collaboration with Jo Canelo, the left wing-back, as well as the striker, facilitating goal-scoring opportunities.

Right Winger: Similar to the left winger, our right winger is instructed to Come Back On Defense, ensuring cohesive defensive coverage. During the attacking phases, their instructions align with those of the left winger, ensuring consistency in our offensive approach.

Midfielders: Tasked with maintaining balance and providing cover in the center of the pitch, our holding midfielders emphasize defensive stability while also contributing to build-up play when necessary.

Wing Backs: We set everything to default and Overlap.

Central Backs: If you truly want to maximize the effectiveness of this tactic and make the 5-4-1 formation dominate your opponents, consider giving attacking support to one of your Central Backs.

This player will make forward runs during attacks, congest the midfield and attacking third, and may even contribute goals. However, ensure that the player selected for this role has a high work rate so they can recover defensively.

Goalkeeper: This player is set to come for crosses and act as a keeper.

Final Thought

Given the emphasis on individual play style in this year, the 5-4-1 tactics offer diverse tactical options, providing a unique gaming experience. While it may not be universally hailed as the ultimate tactic, it certainly stands out as one of the meta formations worth exploring in EA Sports FC 24.

EA FC 24: Master These Pro Tips For Quick Player Lock

EA FC 24: Master These Pro Tips For Quick Player Lock

There are a lot of people confused about the Player Lock in EA FC 24. I'll be showing you how to do quick player locks like a professional. So, let's delve into these techniques. Before we dive in, it's essential to ensure you have a sufficient amount of EA FC 24 Coins which can help you a lot.


First, we need to focus on the basics about how to hold controller. You can put fingers on the bumpers and the triggers, and then obviously on the right and left thumbsticks. We press in both L3 and R3 to trigger the player locks. Once the player lock has been triggered, that's when we flick the right stick to another player and select the right one.

Let's discuss the basics first. We click in both L3 and R3 to activate the player lock. Then we flick the right stick towards the player we want to player lock into. This has to be done very quickly.

When we activate the player lock, the player starts running towards the opponent’s goal, and you can also fake the player lock. You have to cancel the player lock by clicking on both L3 and R3.

Quick Player Locking

Now, let's turn our attention to quick player locking. The first requirement is that it should become nature, almost subconscious. You need to be swift with your thumbs, a skill honed through ample practice. You can start by entering a kickoff game and practicing accordingly.

Often, players mistakenly lift their thumb off the right stick while player locking. However, this isn't necessary. With sufficient practice, you'll execute player locks seamlessly without lifting the thumb. You'll click in both L3 and R3, swiftly and without lifting your thumb from the Right Stick. It's all about speed and precision.

Player Lock Dribbling

Let's discuss player lock dribbling. When I activate the player lock, I retain control over sprinting, left stick dribbling, fake shots, and fake passes. While I can't execute traditional skill moves, I can perform a range of maneuvers such as fake passes, tactical fake shots, fake shots, left stick dribbling, and control sprinting.

I believe many players are unaware of these capabilities, or they don't fully utilize them during gameplay. This feature allows you to deceive opponents. When they notice the player lock activated, their initial assumption is that the AI is controlling the player, making it easier for them to anticipate and tackle the ball.

However, you can exploit this by dribbling away when they approach and then using the player lock to make a pass. Player lock dribbling is an extremely effective tactic that can catch opponents off guard. I strongly recommend mastering it. To do so, practice in classic or kickoff games.

Targeted Practice

However, master this skill is paramount. I recommend engaging in targeted practice. Targeted practice involves concentrating on one mechanic and temporarily setting aside others. Dedicate your focus solely to the player lock for the next 10 or 15 games.

As you internalize the player lock and it becomes ingrained in your subconscious, executing it will become nature. This is when your offensive strategy will ascend to the next level. Merely attempting the player lock once or twice won't suffice to master it like a pro in EA FC 24.

You must practice until it becomes instinctual. Through repetition, you'll develop successful muscle memory, enabling you to execute the player lock effortlessly, ultimately elevating your offensive prowess to new heights.

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