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EA FC 24: Which Players Are The Best Left Backs?

Posted: Jun 12, 2024

Posted: Jun 12, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Selecting the right players in the game is a major factor in winning games. In EA FC 24, the same is true for finding the perfect Left Backs. It can be a game changer.

In modern football, Fullback is one of the most important positions. The world’s top coaches believe that Fullback is an area of ​​the pitch where important advantages can be gained and fatal weaknesses can be exploited. That’s why when players are faster, more cunning and more capable than ever before, it is crucial to have the best EA FC 24 Left or Right Back play their best position.

Left Back position has recently gained prominence, mainly due to the advent of inverting fullbacks in the modern game. Your Left Back must have both overlap and invert abilities.

In this article, we will highlight the best Left Backs in EA FC 24 and why they stand out.

EA FC 24: Which Players Are The Best Left Backs?

1. Andrew Robertson (86 Overall)

Andrew Robertson has both defensive security and attacking prowess, which makes him an All-Around Fullback. Andrew Robertson’s avatar in EA FC 24 is excellent, mainly because he is a force to be reckoned with in the football world.

While his 80 Pace is generally longer than most Wingers, his 82 Passing means he has the ability to get dangerous balls into the box. Andrew Robertson is a great All-Around player as he is able to transition smoothly from defence to attack with his 81 Dribbling and 82 Passing scores.

Andrew Robertson has a 77 Physicality score and 81 Defensive score, which provides a solid shield against the best Strikers and he is a true all-Around player.

If you are interested in this excellent player, FC 24 Coins can help you get his player's card.

2. João Cancelo (86 Overall)

FC 24 João Cancelo (86 Overall)

João Cancelo can fit in multiple positions due to his 86 overall score. He can easily get past defenders with his 81 Pace and 84 Dribbling, and his 85 Passing also makes his playmaking ability from the back stand out. In addition, João Cancelo has a 73 Shot from the back, which means he can also push forward.

João Cancelo has a defensive stat of 80 and a physical stat of 72, which makes him a pretty good defender as well. João Cancelo is able to play in multiple positions, such as right back or in midfield when necessary, which makes him more flexible.

3. Marcos Acuña (85 Overall)

Marcos Acuña’s stats are fairly balanced overall, with an overall score of 85. His 75 Pace may not be the highest compared to other players, but the other stats make up for it. His 83 Dribbling and 83 Passing allow him to hold the ball and create some magic.

His 74 Shooting allows him to play as a Striker when the team needs to attack quickly. His 84 physical stats and 81 defending make it difficult for opponents to break him down and win duels with him.

4. Theo Hernández (85 Overall)

With a Pace of 93, Theo Hernández is one of the fastest Fullbacks in EA FC 24, and he is able to make long runs all over the pitch, both in attack and defense. He can be used as an overlapping Left Back, as he has excellent speed to create goal scoring opportunities for sudden attacks.

With an overall rating of 85, Hernández is also very good with his 81 Dribbling ability, 84 Physicality, and 78 Defensive ability. Hernández’s 71 Shooting is also good, but his 76 Passing is not so satisfactory and can be slightly better.

5. Jordi Alba (83 Overall)

Jordi Alba is very capable of attack, and his overall rating is 83. With Alba’s 84 Pace and 81 Dribbling ability, he is a great choice for an overlapping Fullback. He is able to create chances and deliver dangerous crosses due to his other advantages of 82 Passing.

However, Jordi Alba’s rather average stats of 76 Defending and 70 Physicality prevent him from being the best defender in terms of defense, even if he makes up for it by creating quality chances and sprinting forward.

6. Alphonso Davies (83 Overall)

With a Pace of 95, Alphonso Davies is one of the fastest players in EA FC 24. His 84 Dribbling and 77 Strength allows him to beat defenders in tight spaces while retaining possession.

In addition, Alphonso Davies also has decent stats of 74 Defending and 78 Passing. Even though these defensive attributes are average, Alphonso Davies can still make excellent recovery runs with his amazing speed.

Other excellent left backs worth mentioning include Javi Galán, Gayà, Luke Shaw, Raphaël Guerreiro, Nuno Mendes, and Balde. If you missed the players listed above, these players can also help you get better results in the game.

That’s it for the best Left Backs in EA FC 24. I believe that you have already selected the players that are suitable for your team, so I hope you can lead your team to better results and more victories in the game!


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