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News Tag: FC 24 Coins

  • EA FC 24: The 7 Brazilian Treasure-Type Professional Players With High Potential That You Must Not Miss

    Posted: May 23, 2024

    Brazil is a big football country. Football was introduced to Brazil in 1863, and its professional football team won third place in World Cup in 1938. Brazil has also sent many football talents to all parts of the world, such as Neymar, Ronaldo, etc. However, there are still some rising stars that have not yet been discovered by the world, and they have huge potential. Whether on the real court or in EA Sports FC 24, you can perform very well.

    These rising stars are all under the age of 24. If they are well cultivated under the leadership of the club, they will have great achievements. Although their current overall rating in EA Sports FC 24 is low, as rising stars, their potential ratings are all above 82 points. And they have a lower price in EA Sports FC 24 which can be easily had with fewer FC 24 Coins.

    7. Kaio Jorge Plays For Frosinone

    • Overall Rating: 71
    • Potential Rating: 82
    • Position: ST (Shadow Striker)
    • Value: £4 million

    Kaio Jorge Pinto Ramos is a Brazilian talented child who currently plays for Italian team Frosinone. He is on loan at his current club from Santos Futebol Clube in his hometown. The 22-year-old striker has a potential rating of 82 points and is a very capable player. His value and wages are £4 million and £35,000, respectively.

    Although he has not yet been selected for the national team, his statistics are quite good. For example, 72 finishing, 74 volley, 77 dribbling, 79 ball control, 71 jumping, 71 sprint speed, 73 agility, and 74 shot power. Because he has just entered the football world, his offensive power is a little worse. Is this data enough to blind you?

    6. Talles Magno Plays For New York City FC

    • Overall Rating: 73
    • Potential Rating: 82
    • Position: ST (Shadow Striker), CF (Central Forward), LM (Left Midfielder)
    • Value: £7 million

    This talented boy Talles Magno Bacelar Martins entered his football career with a total score of 73 and a potential score of 82. The best part is that Talles Magno can play as a striker, a center forward, or a left midfielder. Rest assured, he will shine in every position.

    Talles Magno currently plays for New York City FC, with a net worth of £7 million and a salary of £6k. His outstanding statistics include 86 ball control, 85 acceleration, 81 sprint speed, 79 dribbling, and 81 agility, allowing him to quickly surpass his opponents on the field.

    5. Danilo Plays For Nottingham Forest

    • Overall Rating: 76
    • Potential Rating: 82
    • Position: CDM (Center Defensive Midfield), CM (Centre Mid-Fielder)
    • Value: £10 million

    If you are looking for a midfielder who is affordable and can give you a competitive advantage, then Danilo dos Santos de Oliveira is your best choice. Danilo has excellent composure, dribbling and passing abilities in the middle of the field, which makes him perform even better under certain pressure.

    You can buy him in EA Sports FC 24 for £10 million, with a wage of £44k, and he can play two roles - a central or defensive midfielder. His best numbers are 76 ball control, 74 long passing, 79 short passing, 77 agility, 77 balance, 72 defensive awareness, and 75 standing tackle.

    4. Tetê Plays For Galatasaray

    • Overall Rating: 76
    • Potential Rating: 82
    • Position: RM (Right Midfielder)
    • Value: £8 million

    Mateus Cardoso Lemos Martins, affectionately known as Tetê to most people, is a winger with a lot of experience who currently plays for Galatasaray in Turkey. The 23-year-old has the ability to successfully penetrate the enemy’s penalty area with his dribbling, body feint, and sweet step overs. His overall rating is a relatively high 76 points, his potential rating is 82 points, and he is currently worth £8 million.

    During his career, he has been loaned to big-name clubs such as Shakhtar Donetsk, Lyon, and Leicester City many times, which shows how strong he is. Tetê’s best virtual attributes are 82 agility, 81 acceleration, 80 sprint speed, 79 dribbling, 78 ball control, 74 short passing, 74 balance, 73 reactions, and 72 stamina.

    3. João Pedro Plays For Brighton & Hove Albion

    • Overall Rating: 75
    • Potential Rating: 83
    • Position: ST (Shadow Striker), CAM (Centre Attack Mid-Fielder)
    • Value: £12 million

    João Pedro Junqueira de Jesus, who has played in Premier League, is a rare Brazilian football talent because his potential rating is as high as 83 points! In 2023, he moved from Watford to Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion as a full-time player and scored 9 goals in 29 games.

    When he first entered the professional league, his overall rating was only 75. If you train him well in the game, his overall rating may reach 83. This experienced goalscorer has the ability to sum up the game efficiently. If you are looking for a strong young striker, then this Brazilian youngster is a good choice!

    2. Vanderson Plays For AS Monaco

    • Overall Rating: 77
    • Potential Rating: 84
    • Position: RB (Right Back), RM (Right Midfielder), RWB (Right Wing Backfielder)
    • Value: £20 million

    Vanderson de Oliveira Campos is one of the most valuable right backs in the professional leagues right now. The current overall rating is 77, with the potential to reach 85 in the near future. The net worth is currently the highest in this guide, at £20 million. This 22-year-old currently plays for France’s AS Monaco team and represents France in international competitions.

    Vanderson is an excellent defender. Because of his excellent overlap ability, he can play multiple positions in the right half: a right back, a right wing back, or a right midfielder. His excellent 74 defensive awareness, 74 standing tackle, 74 sliding tackle, 72 interceptions, and 71 aggression make him a solid wall on the right flank on the field.

    1. João Gomes Plays For Wolverhampton Wanderers

    • Overall Rating: 76
    • Potential Rating: 84
    • Position: CDM (Center Defensive Midfield), CM (Centre Mid-Fielder)
    • Value: £20 million

    When choosing a rookie for EA Sports FC 24, don’t forget about João Victor Gomes da Silva. The youngster has a 76 overall rating, an 84 potential rating. At just 22 years old, he is already a starter for Wolverhampton Wanderers and has made several appearances for his country, Brazil.

    Due to his excellent ratings, his net worth has also reached a high £20 million. But don’t worry, his numbers have always been among the best. His 78 short passing, 72 dribbling, 76 long passing, 75 ball control, 73 vision, and 75 defensive awareness will make you feel that it is worth your money.

    After seeing so many outstanding players, do you have the urge to open the game? Open EA Sports FC 24 and experience the joy on the green field with them! Happy gaming!

  • EA FC 24: The 4-5-1(2) Formation Is Absolutely Unstoppble During TOTS

    Posted: May 21, 2024

    Hi, all gamers! Welcome to this new formation guide of EA FC 24. Get ready to discover the game-changing 4-5-1(2) formation for the Team of the Season event, featuring custom tactics, player instructions, and additional insights. If this interests you, just follow my step and take a look at how it works.

    Custom Tactics

    Defensive Tactics: When defending, the Defensive Style is still on balanced. Then you can utilize a Width of 42 and a Depth of 71. Despite this defensive depth, this formation still aims for the team to maintain a high press and not retreat too deeply, akin to Atletico Madrid's style. Maintaining pressure prevents opponents from easily penetrating the half and box with quick passes. Balanced tactics serve this purpose well, although a slightly lower width, around 35-40, may also suffice.

    Offensive Tactics: For Build Up Play and Chance Creation, you can opt for balanced settings. However, Long Ball Build Up Play could be effective for launching precise passes to the wide Midfielders, particularly the Left Midfielder in this setup. This approach facilitates bypassing the opponent's press effectively. For Player In Box, you can set it on 6. Then assign 1 for Corners and another 1 for Free Kicks to optimize attacking opportunities.

    Player Instructions

    Next, let's break down the player instructions of this 4-5-1(2) formation.

    Goalkeeper: First of all, you can choose Peter Schmeichel as the Goalkeeper, and set him on Sweeper Keeper so that he will try to catch the ball before the opponent touches it.

    Backs: For the Right Back, set the instruction on Stay Back While Attacking and Overlap, and it's the same for the Left Back. For Center Backs, I also recommend having Stay Back While Attacking. I think these are the best setting in this formation.

    Midfielders: In midfield, I want to maintain a 4-4-2 defensive shape while leading and transition to a 4-5-1 when controlling the game. Thus, I instruct the Left Midfielder to Stay Forward and Stay Wide to act as a Left Forward or Striker in a 4-4-2, while the Right Midfielder stays back while attacking and covers the wing, providing defensive support.

    For the center midfielders, you can instruct them to stay back while attacking and cover the center to maintain defensive solidity. The Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM) is instructed to Come Back and Stay Wide, allowing for diverse attacking options.

    Striker: Finally, for the Striker, I highly recommend picking Ronaldo who are really famous and powerful. You can instruct him to Drift Wide and Come Back On Defense to maintain pressure without dropping too deep.

    Regarding substitutions, I typically bring on Cristiano Ronaldo for Aerial physical presence, William Saliba or Jude Bellingham for defensive reinforcement, and R9 for attacking variation. In terms of potential substitutes, players like Nuno Mendes, Marcus Thuram are notable options. Marcus Thuram, in particular, stands out for his attributes and playStyle.

    Final Thought

    This formation aim to prevent the opponent from easily penetrating our half and invite pressure. I believe they are effective for TOTS Weekend League matches, especially with a strong team. This tactical strategy enables the formation of dynamic attacking triangles, facilitating easier access to both the wings and the center, thereby increasing the chances of scoring goals.

    That wraps my 4-5-1(2) formation settings, and I think they are fantastic. Please use them in the TOTS Weekend League and I'll be very happy if you like them. The players also play an important role in this formation, don't forget to enhance their abilities. Hope you have a wonderful gaming experience!

  • EA FC 24: The 5-2-1-2 Formation Is Worth Trying In TOTS - Custom Tactics & Player Instructions

    Posted: May 16, 2024

    Hi, fellow players! Welcome back to another EA FC 24 formation guide. I'm glad to see you're enjoying the Team of the Season event. Today, I'll be delving into the 5-2-1-2 formation that can be used in the Weekend League. If you're curious about how it works, let's dive in and take a closer look.

    Custom Tactics

    To start off the defensive tactics, the Defensive Style remains balanced, as always. Then The defensive Width is set at 30, allowing for a nice and narrow defensive line of 5. Depth is maintained at 50.

    Move to the offensive tactics, the Build Up Play is balanced, with Direct Passing as the preferred method, a strategy akin to what you've likely encountered in various formations. Offensive Width stands at 50, ensuring adequate width provided by the Wing Backs, a crucial aspect we'll address in the player instructions shortly.

    Then the Players In Box is set at 7, despite the 5-back setup. This formation isn’t defensively minded. In fact, it’s arguably the most attacking among similar formations. The Corner is set at 2, with Free Kicks at 1, but these are both personal preference.

    Player Instructions

    CAM: In this formation, the Central Attacking Midfielder takes center stage. Much like in the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow or 4-3-1-2 formations, everything revolves around the CAM. Whether it's creating assists or scoring goals, the CAM is the key to the team. So, it's crucial to have a standout player in this role.

    For instance, having Jack Grealish in your team, with instructions to Get Into The Box For Cross, greatly enhances his goal-scoring abilities. By making forward runs, he becomes a constant threat in the opponent's box. However, it's essential to remain alert and use your own initiative, as situations can quickly change, requiring swift decision-making.

    We all prefer someone with speed, agility, and trickery in this role because they often receive the ball in tight spaces. When we regain possession, the ball swiftly goes to the Central Attacking Midfielder, creating numerical advantages, especially against opponents with advanced Full Backs.

    It's all about seizing opportunities and understanding the dynamics of EA FC 24. You have to adapt to the situation because the formations and tactics won't adjust automatically. Additionally, the Central Attacking Midfielder is instructed to Get Into The Box For Crosses, adding another dimension to our attacking play.

    Left & Right CM: So, the more attack-minded Central Midfielder in this formation is the Left Center Midfielder, you can have Robert Pires or Aston Villa. You're going to want to have that player on Balanced Attack, Get Into The Box For Cross and Cover Center.

    Then, the more defensive-minded Central Midfielder, the Right Center Midfielder, such as Rodri or the Sergio Busquets, instructing them on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center. They will get the ball and pass it to the more attack-minded players.

    Left & Right Wingers: Then, the most important players of the formation: the Left Wing Back and the Right Wing Back, instructing them both in Join The Attack and Overlap. So they will both be on Make Forward Runs, getting right up next to our Strikers.

    But in terms of using the width, that's where the formation really comes into its own. Because you have the Left Wing Back bombing on, you have the Right Wing Back bombing on, on the overlap, and that gives us the width. Because then we do have our 3 Center Backs, where we don't need our Wing Backs to be on Stay Back While Attacking or anything like that in attack.

    Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper is set on Comes For Crosses and Sweeper Keeper.

    That concludes the 5-2-1-2 custom tactics and player instructions for EA FC 24 Team of the Season. Feel free to try this formation in your own matches if it suits your style of play!

  • EA FC 24: How To Successfully Defend Every Attack In TOTS Weekend League?

    Posted: May 06, 2024

    Today, let me share with you several essential defensive strategies commonly employed by pro players in EA FC 24. It's crucial to incorporate these tips into your TOTS Weekend League gameplay to enhance your defensive prowess and achieve better results in the field.

    Build A Solid Defensive Structure

    Maintaining a solid defensive structure is paramount in any match of EA FC 24. Firstly, avoid excessive switching of players, particularly to your Defenders. It's crucial to delay switching for as long as possible. This allows you to utilize your attackers to track back and apply pressure from behind, thereby disrupting the flow of your opponent's attack.

    Similarly, don't overlook the defensive capabilities of your Midfielders. Whenever feasible, use them to aid in defense. This not only makes it tougher for your opponent, but also simplifies your defensive duties. Defending with Center Backs in 1v1 situations can be extremely challenging. It is necessary to invest some EA FC 24 Coins to upgrade your players.

    Use The Second Man Press

    Then, let's discuss the Second Man Press. It can become ineffective if overused, but ignoring it entirely can also present challenges. Hence, finding the right moments to employ it is crucial.

    Activating the Second Man Press is simple: just hold down the R1 button while defending. This action assigns another player to apply pressure on the ball holder, indicated by a green dot above their head.

    Master The Jockey PlayStyle

    Now, let's delve into the Jockey PlayStyle. Executing the regular Jockey is as simple as holding down the L2 button. This maneuver stands as one of the most effective methods to assert control over your defenders. Neglecting to utilize the Jockey can leave you struggling to tackle your opponent in crucial moments.

    You can use the Jockey when your opponent penetrates the defensive zone. Wait for them to make a move and then you can save some time by letting the regular Jockey stop their progress. The key is not to rush into tackles prematurely. Instead, use the Jockey to assess your opponent's actions and anticipate their next move.

    As for the Sprint Jockey, it functions similarly to the regular Jockey, the Sprint Jockey offers heightened agility for the Defenders. To execute the Sprint Jockey, simultaneously hold down the L2 and R2 buttons. This PlayStyle is incredibly versatile, whether pressing high up the field or tracking back with Midfielders, allowing you to utilize it across various areas of the pitch.

    Goalkeeper Movement

    Moving on, I'll show you the importance of Goalkeeper movement, a critical aspect of defensive strategy. Whether it's dealing with Corners, Free Kicks, or 1v1 situations, knowing when and how to move your Goalkeeper can be game-changing.

    While it's challenging to predict your opponent's next move, Goalkeeper movement can still hinder many scoring attempts. When facing Corners or Free Kicks, moving your Goalkeeper is essential to prevent conceding goals. To move your Goalkeeper, simply press the right stick and adjust their position to the left or right as needed.

    Another useful technique for Goalkeeper movement involves utilizing double tap triangle, especially effective for dealing with crosses or long shots. Simply press triangle, then press it a second time and hold it to trigger a quick movement towards the far post.

    This proves to be extremely valuable for disrupting the opponent's attack, especially when they attack from a wide area or attempt a shot from a distance. However, regardless of your proficiency in the Goalkeeper movement, it's crucial to remember this, particularly during Corners and Free Kicks. So, ensure you're actively moving your Goalkeeper in these situations to enhance your defensive solidity.

    Utilize Offside Traps

    Another valuable tip involves utilizing Offside Traps. Practicing this tactic can significantly enhance your defensive capabilities, making it more challenging for your opponent to penetrate your defensive line. Mastering the Offside Traps can greatly aid in pressing opponents effectively.

    To perform the Offside Traps, simply press the down arrow on your D-Pad twice, causing your defensive line to shift forward, thus disrupting your opponent's attacking build up and restricting their access to scoring opportunities.

  • EA FC 24: Rank 5 Shooting Techniques Available In TOTS Weekend League

    Posted: Apr 28, 2024

    Hi, players! I'll be ranking the top 5 best shots in EA FC 24 TOTS and provide multiple examples of why these shots are worth trying, along with demonstrations on how to execute them. Additionally, I'll advise you on when to utilize each shot. Make sure to stick around till the end because I'll introduce a glitch shot we recently discovered, exclusive to EA FC 24.

    5. Trivela Shot

    We'll begin with number 5, which is the Trivela Shot. Despite being the weakest among these 5 shots, it still performs remarkably well. Initially, it was considered the best shot in the game, possibly even ranking at number 1. However, due to patches, it now sits at number 5.

    Nevertheless, the Trivela remains effective. To execute it, simply hold L2 and press Circle. While it may not be as efficient outside the box anymore, it remains a reliable method for finishing inside the box, especially when aiming for the far post. The Trivela shot is characterized by a specific angle, slightly turned with your face towards the far post.

    When taking a Corner Kick, you won't have the option to aim for the near post, so targeting the far post becomes crucial. This shot works exceptionally well with players who may not excel in shooting. Even if it's green timed, it's unlikely to succeed with any other finish than the Trivela. Therefore, in certain scenarios, it remains your best choice.

    4. Power Shot

    Moving on to number 4, the Power Shot. Many players are familiar with the Power Shot, now performed by pressing L1 and R1 and then Circle. In certain scenarios, it proves to be the most effective shot option. However, there are situations where using it can lead to missed opportunities. I would recommend using it primarily outside of the box because employing it inside the box requires manual control and can be challenging to aim accurately.

    It's particularly effective for players with the Playstyle+, but even those with a neutral play style find it useful. However, it's not very effective with players who lack the Playstyle. In such cases, the shot tends to be slow and time-consuming, allowing opponents to anticipate and counter easily. Despite this, the PO shot remains a potent tool and shouldn't be overlooked.

    3. Finesse Shot

    Moving on to number 3 - the Finesse Shot. It's currently the most effective method for scoring Long Shots, especially with players who possess the Playstyle+ attribute.The combination of Playstyle+, Finesse, and a Green Timed Shot results in consistent goals. It can be nearly impossible for opponents to defend against. Even when attempting to move the Goalkeeper, they often can't react quickly enough because of the shot's speed and accuracy.

    The Putas is the standout player for executing Finesse Shots. With the finesse plus attribute, she's exceptionally proficient with it. However, many players currently boast this Playstyle, enabling them to capitalize on Finesse Shots effectively. Therefore, combining the Finesse Shot with the finesse plus attribute is arguably the most reliable method for scoring long-range goals in the EA FC 24.

    2. Glitch Shot

    Moving on to number 2, we have the Glitch Shot. To perform a glitch shot, simply hold L2 and R2 simultaneously. When executed, the Goalkeeper consistently fails to save these shots. It's as if they leap up above him every time. I suggest using it primarily from outside the box. However, when attempted from a distance and timed correctly, it results in a goal almost every time.

    1. Regular Shot

    Last but not least, we have the best shot by far - the Regular Shot. Ninety percent of the time, this is the shot you need to be used to capitalize on your chances. Just opt for the straightforward, the Regular Shot for the easy opportunities, and watch as it guarantees you goals. You don't need to overthink your finish, just press Circle when it's timed green.

    We could delve into further arguments about why the Regular Shot reigns supreme, but it boils down to simplicity. You don't need to ponder your finish - just shoot with the regular Circle button. I believe many of you often overlook this option. So, if you're struggling to convert your chances, remember to stick to the basics.

  • EA FC 24: You Can’t Miss This Exciting Limited-Time Event! - Live TOTS Gabri Veiga Objectives Guide

    Posted: Apr 28, 2024

    With Team of the Season 2024 now in full swing, the usual objective challenges are not absent either, and you can win great players just by playing EA Sports FC 24.

    I believe most players know that after this year’s TOTS Live John McGinn objectives kicked off, Gabri Veiga is another objective challenge to continue to get free Live TOTS cards.

    Much like its predecessor, Gabri Veiga objectives are only available for a week after launch, so this is a limited-time event you don’t want to miss. Even if Gabri Veiga doesn’t join your team at this stage of the cycle, free fodder cards are very attractive and can earn higher ratings based on real-world results.

    So in this guide, we’ll walk you through this Gabri Veiga objective challenge and cover the tips you’ll need to pay attention to along the way. Without further ado, let’s get started!


    This Live TOTS Gabri Veiga Objectives features 4 items, centered on Gabri Veiga’s Skill Moves in midfield, with further themes paying homage to his Spanish heritage and his current stardom in the top-rated ROSHN Saudi League. These 4 challenges are:

    • Pick A Corner: Score 5 goals with Finesse Shot.
    • Taking Over: Play seven games with at least two of the starting 11 players coming from ROSHN Saudi League.
    • Through Magic: Assist four goals using Through Balls.
    • Spanish Seven: Win seven games while starting at least 5 Spanish players among the 11 players.

    Build A Team

    As always, the first step to completing challenges is building a team that can meet the requirements of those challenges. Therefore, if you have enough FC 24 Coins, buying some top players can help you complete your goals better!

    Head to your club menu and start filling in the slots on the template, or start over and give yourself options.

    Your team composition is simple. You must use five Spanish players and two players from ROSHN Saudi League to complete all challenges in one go.

    If you lack viable options, you can fill the gaps in your squad with Spanish players from ROSHN Saudi League. Although if you don’t have any overlapping options, you might have an easier time finding a total of seven players.

    Since you only need two ROSHN Saudi League players, there is no need for overlap. Because whether you commit 5 players or 7 players to achieve Gabri Veiga Objectives, you still have plenty of open team spots available.

    Tips For Completing Challenges Faster

    Once you’ve assembled your team, you can focus on these three simple goals to quickly complete objective challenges:

    • Take five Finesse Shots with any player.
    • Get four assists using Through Balls with any player.
    • Win seven games.

    These goals are easy to complete. Just remember to use Finesse Shot by holding down RB/R1 when scoring.

    Finally, like I said before, if you don’t have good Spanish or ROSHN players, substitute immediately to get better players into the game.


    The team that completes the objective challenge will receive Live TOTS Gabri Veiga rated 90 overall as a reward. It is worth noting that if you win two games or score eight or more goals in the league games starting on April 19, 2024, you will have the opportunity to be promoted.

    Although Gabri Veiga only has Pinged Pass and Power Shot PlayStyle+ options, this is an excellent bonus for his offensive style.

    If you’ve already built a strong squad, with the extra two OVR points, Gabri Veiga would be an excellent choice to add to your team, but he could easily slot into new squads.

    Also, don’t forget that you’ll always be rewarded with more packs during TOTS, and you never know when you’ll get something cool. So, hurry up and join in!

  • EA FC 24: Why Is Jonas "Jonny" Wirth So Dominant In The Tournament? - Pro Offensive & Defense Tips

    Posted: Apr 27, 2024

    Recently, the news that Jonas "Jonny" Wirth crushed his opponents in EA FC 24 Tournament and became the champion of Virtual Bundesliga 2023-24 attracted the attention of many people. In this guide, we’ll give you a brief overview of his playing style and give you expert advice on both defense and offense.

    Stable Defensive Formation

    Let’s get down to business. There’s nothing flashy about his style of play, especially on defense, which is the foundation of his success.

    In fact, I rarely see someone so disciplined on defense that he doesn’t pull defenders out of position and keeping shape is his norm.

    Since the midfielders still have a long way to go to cover the wings, Jonny knows that if he involves the full-backs too early, it will create an unfavorable situation on the wings. Because the attacker has the player's advantage on this side. Therefore, with patience, he can allow the wingers to step in, or switch to full-backs, which can stabilize the wings and ultimately help him win the ball.

    This composed way of holding a defensive shape is evident in every area of the pitch, and he rarely over-commits with a player even in the trickiest moments of this formation.

    Every FC player knows that it’s the scariest defensive situation when you win the ball and immediately concede it. But Jonny could stay calm, and he immediately performed a Jockey movement with L2/LB to maintain defense. While it’s easy to get busy after conceding a goal in front of your own goal, a rock-solid defense is absolutely key to winning the title.

    What Is On & Off The Ball Defending?

    While he’s unlikely to over-commit his players, he keeps the pressure high with an excellent combination of On and Off The Ball Defending.

    So, what is On and Off The Ball Defending? On The Ball is what you know as directly defending the opponent’s player with the ball, but when Jonny switches to anticipating the next ball and uses Second Man Press, that’s Off The Ball Defending.

    The best players in the world can fluidly switch between On and Off The Ball Defending because it puts pressure on the player in possession of the ball. Besides this, it also affects their next passing options, forcing opponents into trouble and making mistakes more likely.

    Offside Trap

    Another tool to put your opponent in trouble is the frequent use of Offside Trap. He likes to use this early in the opponent’s attack, and a pass to his center back is Jonny’s chance to trigger Offside Trap.

    This will greatly affect the pace and momentum of the offensive players. Because they have to reset their position, especially when used for the second time a few minutes later, it makes the area in front of the defense difficult to play.

    Timing is key here in order to limit the opponent’s movements to create some space in the middle. So Jonny only uses Offside Trap when all four defenders are in position. The opponent cannot pass the ball forward the moment the four defenders push up, so many times when the opponent turns around, it is the key time for Offside Trap.

    It’s a very subtle thing, and it rarely results in a direct win of possession, but overall, it changes the dynamics on the pitch and breaks up the opponent’s typical attacking pattern.

    Deceptive Long Balls

    Now let’s look at Jonny’s offense. One characteristic of his Deceptive Long Balls is that he has a calm playmaking ability and does not rush by changing sides a lot to get players in the right position.

    He will often deceptively initiate runs from wingers or full-backs. Then, when a player performs a Deep Run, he will make an extra pass or two to get the ball to a player with good Long Ball Pass ability. What I want to remind you is that buying the right FC 24 Player can help you implement this strategy better.

    Jonny chose Bastian Schweinsteiger and Kimmich in the central midfield position. They are the best passers. He scored 13 goals in the semi-finals and final, six of which were initiated by long balls from these two men or the centre-backs.

    What’s more, even if opponents adapt and try to start covering these runs, it’s still difficult to defend. Opponents have to recognize the run and mark it, but this gives Jonny more space and freedom to operate in the midfield and he can always deliver excellent passes to Strikers.

    In short, Jonny always knows exactly what he needs to do in front of the goal. No matter how tight the angle is or how far away from the goal, he can score easily. Master and use these skills and you can win the game! Good luck!

  • EA FC 24: Some Key Points On How To Prepare For The Premier League TOTS

    Posted: Apr 25, 2024

    Hi, players! In this guide, I'll give you some key information for EA FC 24. With the Team of the Season (TOTS) Live is already on PS, it's time to get ready for the Premier League Team of the Season this Friday. So, let's get started!

    Dynamic Upgrades In TOTS Live

    Team of the Season Live is a new concept introduced this year. Unlike the traditional Team of the Season releases, where players receive static ratings, Team of the Season Live cards have the potential for dynamic upgrades based on their squad's performance in upcoming Premier League TOTS.

    For example, let's consider Kai Havertz's card, which boasts impressive stats, including 91 Defending and a 5-star weak foot. If his squad, Arsenal, meets the criteria for upgrades, his card could become even more formidable. This dynamic aspect adds an exciting element to the promo, as players' performances directly affect their in-game ratings.

    However, it's worth noting that the Team of the Season Live cards are exclusive to this promo and won't be available during the Premier League Team of the Season releases. Therefore, it remains to be seen how the stats of players featured in those releases will compare.

    Rivals & FUT Champions

    If you're skilled enough to qualify for FUT Champions, it's essential to participate. With only 20 games required, it's manageable to complete and offers significant rewards. Skilled players can earn 3 Team of the Season Live player picks, with 5 choices each, totaling 15 options. These picks can yield high-rated players like 85x5 or 87x2, along with valuable packs such as 50k packs and 125k packs.

    Aim to reach higher ranks at FUT Champions to unlock better rewards. Achieving 60 points, or rank 4, ensures you receive 3 Team of the Season Live players pack. Therefore, it's crucial to perform your best and strive for higher ranks to maximize your rewards. It’s also important to invest in some EA FC 24 Coins to enhance your players’ abilities.

    Squad Building Challenges

    The last thing that is very important is to do some SBCs. The 86+ Double Upgrade is repeatable twice, and it gives you 2 86+ players. You have to submit an 83 team and an 84 team as well. And I think most of you will have some Fodder in your team, and otherwise it's very easy to obtain Fodder while doing those objectives.

    But then there's another one called the 82+ x11 Major Leagues Upgrade. It contains 11 rare gold players, all 82 or above, from the Premier League, League 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, or La Liga. So, well, please do this SBC as it is an insane pack.

    If you have the patience to wait a few weeks, I would highly recommend it, because when the Premier League Teams of the Season comes in packs, you will be looking to get some of those cards because they will add most of the great players, most of the best players in the Premier League TOTS.

    Pro Tips

    Completing objectives is the easiest way to earn substantial rewards. For example, in Season Progress, you can unlock lucrative packs like a 100K pack or an 83x20 pack by grinding through the objectives. Look out for specific objectives like the Ultimate Birthday Champions Bonus, where scoring 200 goals in Rivals or FUT Champions can yield rewards like an 87x4 pack.

    Take advantage of limited-time objectives like the Team of the Season Warm Up. By winning games in Squad Battles, Rivals, or FUT Champions, you can earn rewards such as Premier League packs and high-rated players like John McGinn. Completing the objectives requires meeting certain criteria, such as including specific players in your starting lineup or achieving specific gameplay milestones.

    Keep an eye on upcoming objectives and events to ensure you don't miss out on valuable rewards. By staying active in EA FC 24 and completing objectives regularly, you can maximize your chances of obtaining desirable rewards and improving your squad.

  • EA FC 24: Conquer The TOTS Champs With This Unbeatable 4-2-2-2 Formation

    Posted: Apr 22, 2024

    Today, I'm excited to share with you the ultimate meta 4-2-2-2 formation to dominate the Weekend League in EA FC 24 Team of the Season. These tactics will give you the edge you need to crush your opponents and climb the ranks like never before. So get ready to elevate your game to the next level!

    Custom Tactics

    Today, let's explore the tactics setting of the 4-2-2-2 formation. We'll start by delving into the tactics: opt for a balanced Defensive Style, set the Width to 42, and maintain a Depth of 55. While employing a press after position loss strategy is viable, you have the flexibility to tweak the depth to approximately 62-65 if desired.

    Regarding the Build Up Play, aim for balance, with a focus on Direct Passing for Chance Creation, and an attacking width of 27. It's essential to ensure that the attacking width remains below 30 for this setup. While the specific number isn't overly crucial, keeping it below 30 optimizes performance, as you'll soon discover. Customize your preferences for Corners and Free Kicks accordingly.

    Player Instructions

    Strikers: Set both of your Strikers to Drift Wide, Get In Behind, and Come Back On Defense. In this formation, your 2 CAM players fulfilling the roles of the Strikers, with the actual 2 Strikers operating in the CAM positions. This strategic setup relies on keeping the attacking width below 30, allowing the 2 Strikers to Drift Wide and function as CAMs, while the Wingers Cut Inside and play as Strikers. These tactics effectively disrupt the opponent's defense, leaving them unsure of whom to mark.

    Adjusting to this setup might take some practice. If it doesn't suit your style, simply instruct your Strikers to Stay Central. In this formation, the wide CAMs function as Strikers, tasked with staying forward and positioning themselves in the box for crosses.

    The Strikers drop back to defend as Midfielders, while the Wingers Stay Forward, setting the stage for effective counter attacks. If this formation doesn't resonate with you, consider having your CAMs drop back on defense and your Strikers stay central. While casual players may find it challenging at first, those in Division 1 or higher should try it out for a rewarding gameplay experience.

    CDM: Next up is the most defensive CDM. This player is on Cut Passing Lanes, Stay Back While Attacking, and Cover Center. You can put Deep Lying Playmaker on this CDM if they have the Long Ball Playstyle on them. The other CDM is going to be on Cut Passing Lanes, balance, and Cover Center.

    I recommend playing Goncalo Ramos and Joao Felix as the Striker who’s going to Drift Wide. These 2 are going to link up when we’re going forward, and both of them have the Finesse Shot+ Playstyle, so whenever I’m on that left side of the field, I know finesse shot is an option.

    Fullbacks: Following the same pattern, our Fullbacks will be assigned their roles. The defensive Fullback, ideally on the same side as the advancing CDM, will stay back while attacking and default. Conversely, the attacking Fullback will adopt a balanced approach with the Overlap instructions. Having an attacking Fullback with the Playstyle+ is advantageous.

    Goalkeeper: The Goalkeeper will maintain the standard settings of coming for crosses and default positioning.

  • EA FC 24: How To Make Full Use Of The L1 Button To Trigger Runs?

    Posted: Apr 19, 2024

    The L1 trigger is a mechanism that can be used to control players without the ball, instructing them to manually advance when attacking an opponent. It is one of the most effective mechanics in EA FC 24. So, we are going to look at 3 main effective scenarios where you can use the L1 trigger and create a lot of opportunities.

    How To Perform?

    Before that, let's see how you can perform the L1 trigger. First of all, you have to choose a player you want to send forward. To do so, you point the Left Analog Stick towards that player. Then, you simply tap the L1 or LB, and at then the player will run forward in a straight line.

    But you have to move quickly, especially when pointing the analog towards that player you want to send forward. This is to avoid the game registering a dribbling movement of the ball holder. So, point the analog quickly and tap the L1. But the most important thing is to put in your time and practice first.


    When during the Cutback, sometimes, you dribble down the byline and find yourself with no passing options because these AI players are inactive sometimes. And that's why sometimes we can use the L1 trigger to send one player forward, and this player will run towards the opponent's goal, creating that dangerous passing option, resulting in a goal-scoring opportunity.

    This trick works because a lot of opponents are unaware of it, and normally, they focus on open passing options. The main reason is that many players put their focus on square passes normally because, by default, Strikers tend to distance themselves away from the goal. But you catch your opponent off guard and send that one player towards the byline and outsmart the opponent.

    German Cross

    The second way to use the L1 trigger is to create a German Cross opportunity. We all understand how effective the German Cross is in EA FC 24. It's a long cross from the wing, but almost near the center. But to perform the German Cross effectively, you have to use the L1 trigger and send the ball receiver forward.

    And most of the time, we send that Midfielder. He will move forward without the opponent noticing. This player will be available for that cross, breaking the opponent with just one simple trick - the L1 trigger.

    Create Lob Passes

    Another way to use the L1 trigger is to create a lob through the pass opportunity. There's no easy way to attack in EA FC 24 than using lob through passes. They are so overpowered and difficult to defend. To use the lob through the pass effectively, you have to consider these 2 important tips. One is to choose the ball receiver.

    Here are the recommended FC 24 Players for an effective lob through the pass:

    Strikers: They are good options when trying to use the lob through the pass because you can directly get in behind the opponent's defense and score. If you struggle to understand the best moment to send your Strikers forward for a lob through the pass, this tip is for you. The best scenario is when the opponent is having 3 Defenders.

    Commonly, players tend to use formations with 4 Backs. But if you get that opportunity when the opponent has dragged out one of the back 4 Defenders and is defending with 3 Backs, that's a perfect time to send your Striker forward for a lob through the pass and there's space to utilize. This gives a big challenge to the opponent to defend the lob through the pass.

    Wingers: Getting your Wingers forward is one of the powerful ways to break an organized defense in FC 24. Even if the defense is well-shaped with the back 4, you can break it down and create chances. But to be successful with this, consider this second major tip.

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