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EA FC 24: How To Successfully Defend Every Attack In TOTS Weekend League?

Posted: May 06, 2024

Posted: May 06, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Today, let me share with you several essential defensive strategies commonly employed by pro players in EA FC 24. It's crucial to incorporate these tips into your TOTS Weekend League gameplay to enhance your defensive prowess and achieve better results in the field.

EA FC 24: How To Successfully Defend Every Attack In TOTS Weekend League?

Build A Solid Defensive Structure

Maintaining a solid defensive structure is paramount in any match of EA FC 24. Firstly, avoid excessive switching of players, particularly to your Defenders. It's crucial to delay switching for as long as possible. This allows you to utilize your attackers to track back and apply pressure from behind, thereby disrupting the flow of your opponent's attack.

Similarly, don't overlook the defensive capabilities of your Midfielders. Whenever feasible, use them to aid in defense. This not only makes it tougher for your opponent, but also simplifies your defensive duties. Defending with Center Backs in 1v1 situations can be extremely challenging. It is necessary to invest some EA FC 24 Coins to upgrade your players.

Use The Second Man Press

Then, let's discuss the Second Man Press. It can become ineffective if overused, but ignoring it entirely can also present challenges. Hence, finding the right moments to employ it is crucial.

Activating the Second Man Press is simple: just hold down the R1 button while defending. This action assigns another player to apply pressure on the ball holder, indicated by a green dot above their head.

Master The Jockey PlayStyle

Now, let's delve into the Jockey PlayStyle. Executing the regular Jockey is as simple as holding down the L2 button. This maneuver stands as one of the most effective methods to assert control over your defenders. Neglecting to utilize the Jockey can leave you struggling to tackle your opponent in crucial moments.

You can use the Jockey when your opponent penetrates the defensive zone. Wait for them to make a move and then you can save some time by letting the regular Jockey stop their progress. The key is not to rush into tackles prematurely. Instead, use the Jockey to assess your opponent's actions and anticipate their next move.

EA FC 24 Jockey Playstyle

As for the Sprint Jockey, it functions similarly to the regular Jockey, the Sprint Jockey offers heightened agility for the Defenders. To execute the Sprint Jockey, simultaneously hold down the L2 and R2 buttons. This PlayStyle is incredibly versatile, whether pressing high up the field or tracking back with Midfielders, allowing you to utilize it across various areas of the pitch.

Goalkeeper Movement

Moving on, I'll show you the importance of Goalkeeper movement, a critical aspect of defensive strategy. Whether it's dealing with Corners, Free Kicks, or 1v1 situations, knowing when and how to move your Goalkeeper can be game-changing.

While it's challenging to predict your opponent's next move, Goalkeeper movement can still hinder many scoring attempts. When facing Corners or Free Kicks, moving your Goalkeeper is essential to prevent conceding goals. To move your Goalkeeper, simply press the right stick and adjust their position to the left or right as needed.

Another useful technique for Goalkeeper movement involves utilizing double tap triangle, especially effective for dealing with crosses or long shots. Simply press triangle, then press it a second time and hold it to trigger a quick movement towards the far post.

This proves to be extremely valuable for disrupting the opponent's attack, especially when they attack from a wide area or attempt a shot from a distance. However, regardless of your proficiency in the Goalkeeper movement, it's crucial to remember this, particularly during Corners and Free Kicks. So, ensure you're actively moving your Goalkeeper in these situations to enhance your defensive solidity.

Utilize Offside Traps

Another valuable tip involves utilizing Offside Traps. Practicing this tactic can significantly enhance your defensive capabilities, making it more challenging for your opponent to penetrate your defensive line. Mastering the Offside Traps can greatly aid in pressing opponents effectively.

To perform the Offside Traps, simply press the down arrow on your D-Pad twice, causing your defensive line to shift forward, thus disrupting your opponent's attacking build up and restricting their access to scoring opportunities.


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