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EA FC 24: Rank 5 Shooting Techniques Available In TOTS Weekend League

Posted: Apr 28, 2024

Posted: Apr 28, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Hi, players! I'll be ranking the top 5 best shots in EA FC 24 TOTS and provide multiple examples of why these shots are worth trying, along with demonstrations on how to execute them. Additionally, I'll advise you on when to utilize each shot. Make sure to stick around till the end because I'll introduce a glitch shot we recently discovered, exclusive to EA FC 24.

EA FC 24: Rank 5 Shooting Techniques Available In TOTS Weekend League

5. Trivela Shot

We'll begin with number 5, which is the Trivela Shot. Despite being the weakest among these 5 shots, it still performs remarkably well. Initially, it was considered the best shot in the game, possibly even ranking at number 1. However, due to patches, it now sits at number 5.

Nevertheless, the Trivela remains effective. To execute it, simply hold L2 and press Circle. While it may not be as efficient outside the box anymore, it remains a reliable method for finishing inside the box, especially when aiming for the far post. The Trivela shot is characterized by a specific angle, slightly turned with your face towards the far post.

When taking a Corner Kick, you won't have the option to aim for the near post, so targeting the far post becomes crucial. This shot works exceptionally well with players who may not excel in shooting. Even if it's green timed, it's unlikely to succeed with any other finish than the Trivela. Therefore, in certain scenarios, it remains your best choice.

4. Power Shot

Moving on to number 4, the Power Shot. Many players are familiar with the Power Shot, now performed by pressing L1 and R1 and then Circle. In certain scenarios, it proves to be the most effective shot option. However, there are situations where using it can lead to missed opportunities. I would recommend using it primarily outside of the box because employing it inside the box requires manual control and can be challenging to aim accurately.

It's particularly effective for players with the Playstyle+, but even those with a neutral play style find it useful. However, it's not very effective with players who lack the Playstyle. In such cases, the shot tends to be slow and time-consuming, allowing opponents to anticipate and counter easily. Despite this, the PO shot remains a potent tool and shouldn't be overlooked.

EA FC 24 Power Shot

3. Finesse Shot

Moving on to number 3 - the Finesse Shot. It's currently the most effective method for scoring Long Shots, especially with players who possess the Playstyle+ attribute.The combination of Playstyle+, Finesse, and a Green Timed Shot results in consistent goals. It can be nearly impossible for opponents to defend against. Even when attempting to move the Goalkeeper, they often can't react quickly enough because of the shot's speed and accuracy.

The Putas is the standout player for executing Finesse Shots. With the finesse plus attribute, she's exceptionally proficient with it. However, many players currently boast this Playstyle, enabling them to capitalize on Finesse Shots effectively. Therefore, combining the Finesse Shot with the finesse plus attribute is arguably the most reliable method for scoring long-range goals in the EA FC 24.

2. Glitch Shot

Moving on to number 2, we have the Glitch Shot. To perform a glitch shot, simply hold L2 and R2 simultaneously. When executed, the Goalkeeper consistently fails to save these shots. It's as if they leap up above him every time. I suggest using it primarily from outside the box. However, when attempted from a distance and timed correctly, it results in a goal almost every time.

1. Regular Shot

Last but not least, we have the best shot by far - the Regular Shot. Ninety percent of the time, this is the shot you need to be used to capitalize on your chances. Just opt for the straightforward, the Regular Shot for the easy opportunities, and watch as it guarantees you goals. You don't need to overthink your finish, just press Circle when it's timed green.

We could delve into further arguments about why the Regular Shot reigns supreme, but it boils down to simplicity. You don't need to ponder your finish - just shoot with the regular Circle button. I believe many of you often overlook this option. So, if you're struggling to convert your chances, remember to stick to the basics.


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