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EA FC 24: You Can’t Miss This Exciting Limited-Time Event! - Live TOTS Gabri Veiga Objectives Guide

Posted: Apr 28, 2024

With Team of the Season 2024 now in full swing, the usual objective challenges are not absent either, and you can win great players just by playing EA Sports FC 24.

I believe most players know that after this year’s TOTS Live John McGinn objectives kicked off, Gabri Veiga is another objective challenge to continue to get free Live TOTS cards.

Much like its predecessor, Gabri Veiga objectives are only available for a week after launch, so this is a limited-time event you don’t want to miss. Even if Gabri Veiga doesn’t join your team at this stage of the cycle, free fodder cards are very attractive and can earn higher ratings based on real-world results.

So in this guide, we’ll walk you through this Gabri Veiga objective challenge and cover the tips you’ll need to pay attention to along the way. Without further ado, let’s get started!

EA FC 24: You Can’t Miss This Exciting Limited-Time Event! - Live TOTS Gabri Veiga Objectives Guide


This Live TOTS Gabri Veiga Objectives features 4 items, centered on Gabri Veiga’s Skill Moves in midfield, with further themes paying homage to his Spanish heritage and his current stardom in the top-rated ROSHN Saudi League. These 4 challenges are:

  • Pick A Corner: Score 5 goals with Finesse Shot.
  • Taking Over: Play seven games with at least two of the starting 11 players coming from ROSHN Saudi League.
  • Through Magic: Assist four goals using Through Balls.
  • Spanish Seven: Win seven games while starting at least 5 Spanish players among the 11 players.

FC 24: What Are The Live TOTS Gabri Veiga Objectives?

Build A Team

As always, the first step to completing challenges is building a team that can meet the requirements of those challenges. Therefore, if you have enough FC 24 Coins, buying some top players can help you complete your goals better!

Head to your club menu and start filling in the slots on the template, or start over and give yourself options.

Your team composition is simple. You must use five Spanish players and two players from ROSHN Saudi League to complete all challenges in one go.

If you lack viable options, you can fill the gaps in your squad with Spanish players from ROSHN Saudi League. Although if you don’t have any overlapping options, you might have an easier time finding a total of seven players.

Since you only need two ROSHN Saudi League players, there is no need for overlap. Because whether you commit 5 players or 7 players to achieve Gabri Veiga Objectives, you still have plenty of open team spots available.

Tips For Completing Challenges Faster

Once you’ve assembled your team, you can focus on these three simple goals to quickly complete objective challenges:

  • Take five Finesse Shots with any player.
  • Get four assists using Through Balls with any player.
  • Win seven games.

These goals are easy to complete. Just remember to use Finesse Shot by holding down RB/R1 when scoring.

Finally, like I said before, if you don’t have good Spanish or ROSHN players, substitute immediately to get better players into the game.


The team that completes the objective challenge will receive Live TOTS Gabri Veiga rated 90 overall as a reward. It is worth noting that if you win two games or score eight or more goals in the league games starting on April 19, 2024, you will have the opportunity to be promoted.

Although Gabri Veiga only has Pinged Pass and Power Shot PlayStyle+ options, this is an excellent bonus for his offensive style.

If you’ve already built a strong squad, with the extra two OVR points, Gabri Veiga would be an excellent choice to add to your team, but he could easily slot into new squads.

Also, don’t forget that you’ll always be rewarded with more packs during TOTS, and you never know when you’ll get something cool. So, hurry up and join in!


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