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EA FC 24: Some Key Points On How To Prepare For The Premier League TOTS

Posted: Apr 25, 2024

Posted: Apr 25, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Hi, players! In this guide, I'll give you some key information for EA FC 24. With the Team of the Season (TOTS) Live is already on PS, it's time to get ready for the Premier League Team of the Season this Friday. So, let's get started!

EA FC 24: Some Key Points On How To Prepare For The Premier League TOTS

Dynamic Upgrades In TOTS Live

Team of the Season Live is a new concept introduced this year. Unlike the traditional Team of the Season releases, where players receive static ratings, Team of the Season Live cards have the potential for dynamic upgrades based on their squad's performance in upcoming Premier League TOTS.

For example, let's consider Kai Havertz's card, which boasts impressive stats, including 91 Defending and a 5-star weak foot. If his squad, Arsenal, meets the criteria for upgrades, his card could become even more formidable. This dynamic aspect adds an exciting element to the promo, as players' performances directly affect their in-game ratings.

However, it's worth noting that the Team of the Season Live cards are exclusive to this promo and won't be available during the Premier League Team of the Season releases. Therefore, it remains to be seen how the stats of players featured in those releases will compare.

Rivals & FUT Champions

If you're skilled enough to qualify for FUT Champions, it's essential to participate. With only 20 games required, it's manageable to complete and offers significant rewards. Skilled players can earn 3 Team of the Season Live player picks, with 5 choices each, totaling 15 options. These picks can yield high-rated players like 85x5 or 87x2, along with valuable packs such as 50k packs and 125k packs.

Aim to reach higher ranks at FUT Champions to unlock better rewards. Achieving 60 points, or rank 4, ensures you receive 3 Team of the Season Live players pack. Therefore, it's crucial to perform your best and strive for higher ranks to maximize your rewards. It’s also important to invest in some EA FC 24 Coins to enhance your players’ abilities.

EA FC 24 FUT Champions

Squad Building Challenges

The last thing that is very important is to do some SBCs. The 86+ Double Upgrade is repeatable twice, and it gives you 2 86+ players. You have to submit an 83 team and an 84 team as well. And I think most of you will have some Fodder in your team, and otherwise it's very easy to obtain Fodder while doing those objectives.

But then there's another one called the 82+ x11 Major Leagues Upgrade. It contains 11 rare gold players, all 82 or above, from the Premier League, League 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, or La Liga. So, well, please do this SBC as it is an insane pack.

If you have the patience to wait a few weeks, I would highly recommend it, because when the Premier League Teams of the Season comes in packs, you will be looking to get some of those cards because they will add most of the great players, most of the best players in the Premier League TOTS.

Pro Tips

Completing objectives is the easiest way to earn substantial rewards. For example, in Season Progress, you can unlock lucrative packs like a 100K pack or an 83x20 pack by grinding through the objectives. Look out for specific objectives like the Ultimate Birthday Champions Bonus, where scoring 200 goals in Rivals or FUT Champions can yield rewards like an 87x4 pack.

Take advantage of limited-time objectives like the Team of the Season Warm Up. By winning games in Squad Battles, Rivals, or FUT Champions, you can earn rewards such as Premier League packs and high-rated players like John McGinn. Completing the objectives requires meeting certain criteria, such as including specific players in your starting lineup or achieving specific gameplay milestones.

Keep an eye on upcoming objectives and events to ensure you don't miss out on valuable rewards. By staying active in EA FC 24 and completing objectives regularly, you can maximize your chances of obtaining desirable rewards and improving your squad.


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