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General News

  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To Endless Archive Portals To The Unknown! - Puzzles, Quests & Upgrades

    Posted: Dec 05, 2023

    This guide will explain the puzzle found in Portals to the Unknown at the end of the trash mob stages in Endless Archive.

    Not only will you get some tips and tricks for defeating them, but we’ll highlight the archive upgrades you can earn by completing their achievements! Whether you’re looking for extra clues or are confused about what to do in Filer’s Wing, you’ll find it all here!

    What/Where Are Portals To The Unknown?

    After completing the trash mob stages in Endless Archive, smaller Portals to the Unknown will sometimes open next to the main portal you used to enter the next round. This additional portal will open up some kind of mini-game, where you usually have to complete tasks while avoiding danger.

    You only have one chance to win, but completing them will give you an extra reward chest and a second Verse buff for the next stage.

    Currently, you can encounter 5 different puzzles, each with 5 different variations. Each time you beat the previous version, the difficulty gradually increases.

    What Do You Get For Winning?

    When you complete all 5 variations of puzzles, you will unlock an achievement and permanent upgrade. You can also buy it from Filer Tezurs for ESO Gold. So what do you need to do to advance them?

    Treacherous Crossing

    The first game is Treacherous Crossing. In this game, you need to press switches to clear the corridors of those pesky ink puddles, then run across the room to press the last switch. It’s important to note that stepping into a puddle won’t kill you, but it will send you back to the beginning of the room.

    This puzzle will be easier for 2 people. Because one person can move across the room and another person can hit the switch, but you have less time to move across the room than a single player. You can figure out the correct sequence of switches to make traversing easier.

    As a solo player, I found that I also had enough time to hit all the switches as quickly as possible and move through the room at an efficient pace. Completing this puzzle’s achievement unlocks a permanent movement speed upgrade.

    Haefal’s Butchery

    To complete the next challenge, you need to collect 3 Sweetrolls around the map while Butcher will chase you and try to kill you.

    If you are in a duo, there will be 2 butchers, but this does not apply to companions. Each Sweetroll increases your ultimate skill. Once charged, you can use it to defeat them instantly.

    The first three difficulties of this game are the same, but in the fourth and fifth stages, it reduced your maximum stamina by 100 each time.

    While doing this, don’t forget to use the environment to keep your distance from Butcher. You can do this by jumping off ledges or taking long routes. Completing this puzzle will unlock the ability to choose from 3 Verses permanently.

    Filer’s Wing

    Next up is Filer’s Wing. After entering this game, Filer Kor will turn you into a Watchling. You will need to navigate a maze filled with Booknado and Abyssal Tendril to find and kill Tomeshell.

    Once you transform, your skill bar will change. You can use your second skill to see Tomeshell through walls. When you find one, press your first skill to attack it.

    You have limited health and cannot heal if you take damage. Initially, you only need 1 Tomeshell, but this increases to 4 in the final stages, so take advantage of these skills!

    Not only do you have to avoid traps, but there will also be enemies running around in later turns that will kill you quickly. If you lose all your health points, the challenge fails. There is no time limit, so don’t rush!

    If you are playing this game with a friend, you need to travel around the room together. You can resurrect each other through synergy. So solo players are at a disadvantage in this game, but duos need to get double the number of Tomeshells to win. Completing Filer’s Wing will give you a permanent 3rd Vision option.

    Echoing Den

    Now let’s look at Echoing Den. In this game, you need to bring all the glowing souls into the center of the room before the timer runs out. If you move too fast, they will stop following you, but if you move too slowly, you may run out of time.

    In the first phase you only need to return 1 ghost light, but in later phases you need to return 6.

    This seems less challenging on a controller. With the joystick, you can move slightly around the room to get all the ghost lights and move them to the middle. But on PC, it’s recommended that you walk backwards or block walk to keep your speed slow enough.

    This is the only mini-game that is constant between solo and duo groups. Permanent upgrades to this challenge will increase the strength of your chosen Verses!

    Theater Of War

    Finally, Theater of War requires you to fight Arcanist.

    In the early stages, combat is straightforward. But as you level up the fight, she adds more mechanics to the fight. It is very similar to Arcanist world boss in Necrom. Interrupt her when you need to, and avoid Tentacle and AOE that spawn at your feet.

    In later stages, you’ll see a crystal or two in the room. When they glow, they will actively fire projectiles at you, dealing with increasing damage.

    Watch for the small green light that shoots from her hands and awakens Crystal. When this happens, focus on destroying Crystal.

    If there are 2 players, you will get double the amount of Tentacle spawns. This game can permanently increase your Vision strength.

    What If You Lose?

    If you fail any of these mini-games, you’ll be moved to the next stage, but you won’t lose a life for failing, so it’s worth a try!

    What Puzzles Do You See In The Group?

    When you complete the ultimate level of all puzzles, from that point on you will only encounter level 5 puzzles when playing solo. But when you’re in a team, the level of the puzzle is determined by the player with the lowest level of completion.

    Archive Quests

    In addition to 5 different puzzles, you can also randomly pick up 2 quests in the portal. Completing them will unlock permanent onetime upgrades that increase your thread count.

    Destozuno’s Safety Net

    Like the other upgrades, it can be found in Filer Tezurs and is called Destozuno’s Safety Net. It costs a lot, but is well worth the purchase as you get extra lives with each run.

    A Bookbinder’s Bind

    A Bookbinder’s Bind task is to collect 5 bundles of paper. Once you have collected all the pages and are responsible for returning to Destozuno, Portals to the Unknown will open at the end of the stage and take you back to meet her.

    Restoring The Resurrected

    After you help her find the pages of the book, she will need further help to find and open 7 lockboxes in the quest of Restoring the Resurrected.

    Like the first mission, these lockboxes are randomly generated in trash mob stages, and RNG affects how quickly you find them. When you grab the last one, Portals to the Unknown will open and you can talk to Destozuno to unlock Word Waltzer Achievement. Once completed, you are free to purchase Safety Net!

    Restorer Of Theories Daily

    Destozuno’s Library also has a daily quest called Restorer of Theories. Completing it for the first time each day will give you 500 Archival Fortunes, but only 100 for any additional characters.

    I hope this guide helps you collect all the puzzle achievements and archive upgrades. Good luck!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To Endless Archive Dungeon - Info & Rewards

    Posted: Oct 31, 2023

    Get ready to venture into Endless Archive, an all-new PVE activity that challenges you with waves of randomly generated monsters and boss encounters. 

    How To Access Endless Archive?

    Available to solo players, duos, and those with a Companion, Endless Archive ensures that no two expeditions are alike, with its dynamic encounters and unique rewards encouraging repeated play throughs. 

    Found in Apocrypha, Endless Archive is a sacred library that a powerful Daedra has corrupted, and now Archive’s custodian needs your help. 

    As part of Update 40 Patch, Endless Archive is completely free for anybody that owns ESO, which means you don’t need any specific chapter or DLC to dive right in. You can teleport to Archive via the world map, or if you’re a Necrom chapter owner, just head to Apocrypha.

    Stages, Cycles, and Arcs

    When you enter Endless Archive, you must contend with randomly generated waves of enemies and stages. After you’ve completed two Stages, you can then take on a boss to complete a Cycle. Complete five Cycles to confront the ultimate boss. Defeat her, and you’ve completed a single Arc.

    But you’re just getting started. Keep clearing Arcs to climb the leaderboards and increase your rewards. But if you fall to Archive’s dangers too many times, your run is over. 

    Each Cycle and Arc you complete increases the difficulty, ensuring that the deeper you go, the more perilous it becomes. Not only do the monsters become deadlier and more numerous, but you may discover brand-new dangers to overcome. 

    Verses & Visions

    To help you survive Archive’s many threats, you can acquire two different perks or buffs, known as Verses and Visions

    Verses appear at the end of each stage and provide a short-term buff for the next stage only. Visions appear when you beat the boss at the end of a cycle and provide a buff that lasts for your entire run. It can even stack Visions as you complete cycles. 

    Some buffs offer defensive or offensive bonuses, while others provide unique utilities. Regardless of their differences, though, Verses and Visions have a major impact on your run, so choose wisely. 

    New Rewards

    As you delve deeper into the ever-changing arenas of Endless Archive, you can discover new rewards not found anywhere else in Elder Scrolls Online. This includes special collectibles such as a mount, a pet, cosmetics, and more. You can earn tons of ESO Gold by farming this loot in Endless Archive Dungeon.

    But most notably, Endless Archive is the only place you can acquire all-new Class Set items, either via loot drops or from local vendors. 

    Class Sets focus on buffing specific Class Skill Lines. With seven unique sets available at launch, these items synergize with the abilities of some of the game’s individual Class Skill Lines. 

    New Currency - Archival Fortunes

    In addition to the items and collectibles, Endless Archive also introduces a new currency, Archival Fortunes. You can trade these within the index starting area for Class Set items, Style Pages, Furnishings, special items and unique account unlocks

    These account unlock can permanently increase the power of your Verses and Visions, allow additional Verse or Vision choices, and much more. 

    The more Archival Fortunes you earn, the more you can empower your future Archive runs, helping you delve further and further. 

    Venture into a myriad of randomized arenas, either solo or with an ally. Contend with waves of monsters and challenging boss encounters. Climb the leaderboards to earn powerful and unique rewards. Endless Archive is a brand-new PVE activity for all of Tamriel’s adventurers. Good Luck!

  • Elder Scrolls Online 2024: Whitestrake’s Mayhem Event Is Back! - A Comprehensive Guide

    Posted: Oct 23, 2023

    Whitestrake’s Mayhem returns to Cyrodiil and Imperial City. I believe all fans of PVP events will enjoy this event. Because this is a PVP focused event, you will need to create a PVP build for your character in order to get the best experience during the event.

    We also recommend that you play in a group, especially if you are inexperienced in PVP, otherwise you may have difficulties in ESO.

    The event will take place in early 2024, but the exact date is not yet known. So stay tuned for gaming news.

    In this guide, I’ll show you how to get rewards and Event Tickets, what the reward boxes contain, and what goodies await us in the event store. Let me remind you that all materials are taken from test servers. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Introductory Quest

    You can get the introductory quest for free in the crown store. Find Predicant Maera in any Gladiator’s Quarters or Cyrodiil Bases.

    We will receive a 100% PVP boost during the event. This year, we no longer need to use Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity during the event to receive the buff. All bonuses are passive while the event is ongoing.

    How To Get Event Tickets?

    During the event, we can get three Event Tickets every day.

    The first two come from completing any daily quest in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. You can find Cyrodiil quests in Cyrodiil town, or get quests from the alliance base’s board. Battlegrounds quest can be obtained from Battlemaster Rivyn in any Gladiator’s Quarters.

    The third ticket can be obtained by completing Imperial City District daily quest. Therefore, you need to go to all areas and complete the daily tasks in them. You can accept the mission and go to the base, then go to another area to pick up the mission there. This way you can receive daily tasks from all areas.

    Please note that Event Tickets timer resets at 4 am CET every day. Please note that if you get new Event Tickets that exceed the 12-person limit, you will lose them.

    How To Get Event Boxes?

    You need to complete Cyrodiil or Imperial City District Daily Quest to receive Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Boxes as a reward. The contents of these boxes include:

    • Tel Var Stones
    • Cyrodiil Repair Kits
    • Soul Gems
    • Cyrodiil Style Pages
    • Daedric Siege Weapons
    • Transmute Geodes
    • Tradeable Style Page for new Dovah’s Du’ul Outfit Style

    We should note that each account can only get one set of Dovah’s Du’ul Outfit Style per day, after which you will get Sancre Tor Sentry Outfit instead. Of course, you can also choose to sell duplicate Style Pages to get corresponding ESO Gold benefits.

    Returning Style Pages

    Also, in Whitestrake’s Mayhem, we will also have the chance to find the returning Sancre Tor Sentry Outfit and Gloamsedge Outfit Style from Imperial City Bosses and Sweepers.


    Here is a list of areas where you can find Impresario. Items you can find at Impresario vendors during the event include:

    • All fragments for Molag Bal Illusion Imp
    • All fragments of Passion Dancer Blossom
    • The first two fragments of Planemeld’s Master Body Art and Face Art
    • Bound Dovah’s Du’ul style pages
    • Group Repair Kits
    • Bag of Veteran’s Glory
    • Companion Guild Commendations

    Legion Zero Armor Style

    This season’s Bag of Veteran’s Glory includes any collectibles you don’t currently own from previous years’ Whitestrake’s Mayhem events. Some, but not all, of the items can be seen below.

    • Legion Zero Armor Style Pages
    • Alliance Banner Emotes
    • Second Legion Armor Style Pages
    • Banner-Bearer Shields and Staves Pages
    • Legion Zero Vigiles Armor Style Pages
    • Black Drake’s Body/Face Warpaint
    • Ebonsteel Knight Armor Style Pages
    • Black Drake Clanwrap Style Pages
    • Battle-Scared Body/Face Markings
    • House Dufort Banneret Armor Style Pages
    • Tools of Domination Weapon Style Pages

    Impresario’s Assistant

    You can find Philius Dormier near any Impresario’s Tent. Items he sells include:

    • All fragments for House
    • Instructions for Pets
    • Hide Shoulders
    • Alliance Banner Bearers Certificate and Endorsement
    • Alliance Standard-Bearer’s License

    Indrik Vendor

    You can find her near Belkarth in Craglorn. In this iteration of Whitestrake’s Mayhem, Indrik Vendor Nenuluare will have the following collectibles for sale:

    • Dawnwood Berries for Dawnwood Indrik mount
    • Feathers for Nascent Indrik mount
    • Spectral Berries for Spectral Indrik mount
    • Springtide Indrik pet
    • Haunting Indrik pet

    That’s all for this Whitestrake’s Mayhem event. Have fun and win all the cool rewards!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount For Free?

    Posted: Oct 09, 2023

    Today we’re going to talk about the new Event Collectible coming to Elder Scrolls Online, Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount.

    Event Collectibles

    Over the past few years, we’ve been able to earn a variety of unique collectibles in ESO through in-game activities during events.

    During 2019 and 2020, we could collect up to nine Indrik Mount variants. As of June 2022, Indrik Vendor opens its doors and offers past Indrik Mounts and Pets. In 2021, we can collect Deadlands Scorcher Skin, Deadlands Firewalker Personality, Dagonic Quasigriff Mount, and Doomchar Plateau House.

    Starting in June 2023, Impresario’s Assistant, Philius Dormier will begin offering various 2021 Event Collectibles to players each quarter. Players can earn generous ESO Gold with these collectibles.

    In 2022, the collectibles we can collect include Scales of Akatosh skin, Aurelic Quasigriff Mount, Daggerfall Paladin Costume, and Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh furnishing.

    • In the first quarter of 2023, we can get Passion’s Muse Personality.
    • In the second quarter of 2023, we can win Meadowbreeze Memories Skin from it.
    • In the third quarter of 2023, we can unlock Passion Dancer Garment Costume.
    • In the fourth quarter of 2023, we can get Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount from it.

    How To Unlock Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount?

    To unlock Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount, we first need to get this year’s new base collectible, Passion Dancer Blossom Pet.

    In order to get Passion Dancer Blossom, you must take part in the in-game event and purchase three magical fragments using Event Tickets. They introduced all three fragments during the 2023 Season of Dragon Celebration event.

    After obtaining Passion Dancer Blossom Pet, you must collect all Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount fragments. They are this Blessed Honeycomb fragment, Gilded and Dyed Saddle Fragment, and Sorcerous Golden Ink Fragment.

    You can purchase all Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount fragments from an Impresario Event Merchant. Each fragment requires 10 Event Tickets. You then need to pet the 3 upgrade fragments with Passion Dancer Blossom to unlock Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount successfully.

    Therefore, you need at least 45 Event Tickets to get Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount.

    To unlock Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount, go to your Collections -> Fragments -> Hoardhunter Ursauk -> right click on any of the fragments -> click combine.

    In the process, you’ll lose Passion Dancer Blossom Pet, and you’ll have to collect it again. ESO does not provide all upgrade fragments immediately. But you can find new fragments for each event of a specific quarter in Impresario inventory.

    Keep in mind that each unique collectible is only available for a specific time frame. Items will change each season. Therefore, if you are interested in collecting Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount, you must get its 3 fragments in Q4 2023.

    Upcoming Events In Q4 2023

    Now we talk about upcoming events in Q4 2023.

    The first event is Witches Festival. The event returns each year at the end of October. During this event, you can get the first upgrade fragment for Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount.

    The second event is Gates of Oblivion Celebration event. The campaign will be active in November. During this event, you can get Mount’s first and second upgrade fragments.

    The third event is this New Life Festival. It held again the event every year in mid-December. During this event, you can get all three upgrade fragments for this Mount.

    The above is all the information about the new Event Collectible in ESO, Hoardhunter Ursauk Mount. Hopefully, this guide will help you have a better plan to collect all the rewards during the event successfully! Have a great day!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: The Mechanics Of Each Necrom World Boss

    Posted: Oct 08, 2023

    After years of some players asking for harder Overland content, Necrom released with some tougher world bosses to scratch that itch. There are usually one or two in each zone that stand above the rest when you’re looking for a challenge, but the majority of them in Necrom are pretty tough.

    If you’re struggling to find a group, the mechanics can be an additional issue to face. Of course, if you have enough ESO Gold, you’d better equip your character with some good equipment first.

    So, let’s take a look at what’s involved for each of them in order of difficulty.

    Corlys The Chainmaker, Clamorclap Bowl 

    The first one is Corlys the Chainmaker.

    This world boss starts with two waves of smaller enemies that must be defeated before the boss will even show up. And when he does show up, he spawns with an Argonian Behemoth that attacks with heavy hits and fiery breath. Corlys himself, who hits pretty hard, has chains that can pull you into him and creates a path like AOE where he will roll into you.

    In this fight, you should focus on the Behemoth first, while avoiding attacks from Corlys. With the Behemoth gone, you can easily defeat him. I find this to be the easiest and most soloable of the Necrom world bosses.

    Valkynaz Dek, Chthon Plaza

    Valkynaz Dek is a Dremora who summons enemies to aid him in battle, the most damaging of them being the bow wielders.

    When he calls in his ads, there is a momentary delay before he becomes invulnerable to attacks. When this happens, you should focus on the ads until they are gone. Then, he will unshield and you can rinse and repeat. He also occasionally summons lightning cloud AOEs. Avoid them when you can.

    This boss is similar to the last one in terms of difficulty. But the rest of the world bosses in Necrom kick up the difficulty quite a bit.

    The Prime Cataloger, Libram Cathedral 

    Next up is The Prime Cataloger fight, which can be a little chaotic with tons of ads being summoned to a him in battle and damaging whirlwinds of books that circle the room.

    You should try to keep his ads to a minimum and avoid the AOEs when you can. At about 75% and 35% Health, he will split into four shaded versions of himself. During these unskippable phases, you want to attack the unshielded copies. You have limited time to do damage before the shield comes back and then another of his copies will drop its shield. When all of his copies are dead, the boss returns and you can focus your damage back on him.

    This fight takes much more time to complete because of these phases. And since they can’t be skipped, it guarantees to be a marathon, not a sprint type of fight.

    Also Read: Major Changes Coming To Diablo 4 Season 2 - In Depth Community Discussion

    Vro-Kuul-Sha, Deepreave Quag

    This next one is also very chaotic, leaving little room for error.

    Vro-Kuul-Sha is a large Lurker who spits poison, summons Tendrils that deal some fast acting AOE damage, and summons smaller Lurkers to help him in battle.

    The best advice here is to keep moving to avoid as many of the AOE as you can and keep the number of ads in the fight to a minimum. There can be a lot going on at one time, but the most important thing is awareness of where not to stand.

    Runemaster Xiomara, Runemasters Acropolis

    Runemaster Xiomara uses Arcanist abilities, launching runes and teleporting around the room. This boss also creates poison AOEs and has a couple of white worthy mechanics.

    Keep in mind that the outside edges of the room will do damage if you venture off the platform. So, when you’re avoiding AOEs, do not leave the ring.

    The Runemaster also summons Abyssal Tendrils at your feet and a Shard of Chaos. The Shard of Chaos will shoot projectiles at everyone until it is destroyed. And it deals some hard-hitting damage that seemingly increases the longer the shard is up.

    The boss is also completely invulnerable to attack while the shard is up. So, you should focus all of your attention on the two smaller shards to unshield the big one and then focus that center shard to destroy it before you return your attention back to the Runemaster.

    If he starts channeling, interrupt him with a shield bash. This can happen even when he is shielded. You’ll see the red lines coming off of him and a green book over his head. 

    The phases in this fight can be skippable when there are a ton of people, but I have seen so many groups wipe here from these two mechanics. If you’re watching for both, this fight shouldn’t be too terrible.

    The Walking Nightmare, The Nightmare Den

    And that leaves us with the most difficult world boss in Necrom.

    The Walking Nightmare takes the top spot. This boss is very unforgiving if you’re not paying attention. He summons enemies to aid him in battle and has a tongue attack that pulls you to him. Also, he periodically runs across the room, leaving shock and poison AOEs in his path that you should definitely avoid. 

    During battle, some of the ads will channel a shield around the boss that can't be interrupted. As soon as you spot the channeling enemies, turn your attention on them. 

    Throughout this fight, you should take out the ads to keep the room chaos down. Keep moving to avoid the AOEs and watch for blocks and interrupts if you're being targeted.


    As time goes on and more content comes out, it can get even harder to find a group to complete the bosses. So, I hope that knowing the mechanics helps you to feel better equipped to fight them, especially when you don't have a big group.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: The Full Series Of Events In The Crown Gifting Saga

    Posted: Sep 28, 2023

    Though most players are already aware of the crown gifting issues, for those who may be unaware, a lot of players were using their ESO Gold to buy crown store items, and since March, the ability to do so has gradually disappeared. Let’s look at the full timeline of events with the disabling of crown gifting.


    This all started on March 3rd, when PC players started seeing the gift option was greyed out on specifically Crown Crates

    Originally, ZOS said it was a technical issue that they were investigating, but the investigation is complicated due to platform differences. It’s interesting to note that at this point, console crate gifting was still enabled. 

    At the end of March, ZOS assures us that crate gifting will not be eliminated. And for the time being, they would be adding a 3 minute timer when swapping megaservers, which was seemingly related. 


    And then another month went by, they claimed to have identified the issue, but we still saw no progress while they worked to identify and test their fix. 

    On April 27th, crate gifting was temporarily, and unintentionally, enabled, but it was short-lived.  


    And then on May 3rd, they again asked for patience while they tested the fix. They also mentioned that the timer between swapping servers would be lowered with the fix. 

    On May 10th, they confirm that a fix has been pushed, and results are being evaluated. 

    But, on May 22nd, they let us know the fix they implemented was working as intended. 

    However, they have identified another issue, and it will be a few more weeks. 

    At this point, they plan to create a temporary solution while they work on it. 


    On June 16th, ZOS was finally transparent with us, and they tell us they discovered some fraudulent behavior related to Crown Crate gifting, primarily on the PC platform, and that they were continuing to work on a long-term resolution for that issue, which meant PC Crown Crate gifting would remain unavailable. 

    At this point, it was nice to get an actual explanation. We went from a “bug” to “fraudulent behavior”, but the saga continues. 

    Through the end of June, they assure us that a temporary fix was coming. 


    But, on July 6th, Crown Crate gifting was removed from consoles. 

    From March until July, console platforms were still able to gift crates. They continue to assure us that a temporary solution would be coming on July 13th. And it did. 

    But, what a headache of an option it was. Put in a ticket and wait 48+ hours. I didn’t try it myself, but saw tons of complaint comments on the forums. 

    They also made sure to specify that you can only gift Crown Crates that are currently available in the Crown Store at the time of the request, and that it was intended for Crown Crates only. 

    By mid-July, users began getting replies to their tickets stating their request was against the terms of service, and the program was not intended for crown to gold exchanges


    However, this temporary fix was very temporary. 

    On September 1st, they killed all crown gifting. This ended the temporary solution as well. And when they ended it without warning, players had gifts stuck in limbo that they could no longer claim. 

    On September 18th, they dug into the fraudulent behavior a little more with us. Some bad actors were using fraudulently obtained crowns to sell crown items on websites for cash. 

    The Latest As Of Posting 

    And on September 22nd, Gina said that they were actively developing a solution for crown gifting, and that part of the initial testing would take place on the PTS

    And this is where we currently are. There is no crown gifting on any platform at this time. 

    Potential Issues Happening 

    So, let’s dig into what could be going on here as far as I can tell. There are a few issues at play. 

    Issue 1: Crowns are overly expensive. Why would someone buy crown items at full price from ZOS when they can buy them for much less on a third-party site, such as

    Issue 2: Different countries have different prices and they’re not created equal. So, the bad actors were buying in the lesser cost currency and selling the Crowns online to players in the US for less than the US Crown store. This could also cause issues if players in countries where loot boxes are banned are able to obtain them from other players. 

    Issue 3: Crown purchasers were using stolen credit cards or initiating chargebacks after they’ve completed their trades, using alternate accounts that weren’t tied to them.

    Issue 4: The seller was then taking the gold from the crown sale and re-selling it for more money. I speculate that this could also be where some of the stolen credit cards came from. 

    Issue 5: There have been a bunch of free play events or free game offers. This is great for getting new players, but it also gives the bad actors a means to create new accounts for free. 

    Issue 6: In my perusing of the forums, I saw a post that crown gifters can have 500 gifts in their outbox at one time. It is worth mentioning that on Xbox, there is a purchase limit of 1,000$ per day, and I believe PlayStation allows even less. So, I really wonder if this is why it wasn’t flagged as an issue as early on consoles, as it would take many days of unopened gifts to hit the limit. 

    Impact To Players 

    So, how is this impacting players? 

    A lot of long-time players don’t have anything left to spend their gold on, so they were using it to buy crown store items instead. This can have a negative impact on active player base — why earn gold if you don’t have anything to buy with it? 

    A lot of players wanted to buy specific crates, or crate bundles with polymorphs and because of the rotation missed items that they wanted and ZOS hasn’t said if they will be purchasable when the issue is resolved. 

    A lot of long-time players just like to gift their friends in the game, whether for an anniversary, or a birthday. And a lot of guilds hold raffles or contests with crown store items as the prize. It also raises some red flags for the player base that we went from just crates being fraudulently purchased to now all crown store items. 

    Impact To ZOS 

    But this is also hurting ZOS!

    I have no doubt that they want to turn gifting back on. Gifts are money, but they can’t chance losing money either. They are a business, and making money is the end goal for them! 

    I know a lot of players say “but if you’re buying with gold, you’re not spending money and they want you to spend money.” And that’s true.   

    But a legitimate crown seller is making them money because they are still buying the crowns. It becomes an issue for them when credit card companies are fighting for stolen funds, or when people are using third parties to spend their money instead of in the crown store. 


    The long timeline to the fix has been disheartening.

    I know, but I don’t believe there is any happy party in this scenario, aside from those who were cheating the system. I really hope they have determined a solution soon. 

    It would have been better if ZOS was transparent from the beginning. They lost a lot of faith from their player base. But the longer this goes on, the bigger the impact to the game as a whole. 

  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To Secrets Of The Telvanni Event

    Posted: Sep 26, 2023

    Today we take a look at Elder Scrolls Online’s Secrets of the Telvanni Event. Secrets of the Telvanni Event is a celebration of Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Chapter. To take part in Secrets of the Telvanni Event, you need to have your own Necrom Chapter. Secrets of the Telvanni will run from September 28 to October 10, 2023.

    Secrets Of The Telvanni Event Community Challenge

    ESO announced on Twitch’s Update 40 Stream that Secrets of the Telvanni Event will once again bring challenges to the community like in past years.

    When the mission progress reaches 33,3%, we can unlock Ebony Scarab Pet. At 66,6% we can unlock Nightmare’s Nest Marking, and at 100% we can unlock Kelesan’ruhn player house.

    To help increase the community meter, you must complete the daily repeatable activity task, Turn the Page. During the event, you can complete quests in Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha to earn double rewards. These tasks include:

    • Defeat World Boss and Delve Boss enemies
    • Complete Necrom Daily Repeatable Missions
    • Kill the boss in Sanity’s Edge Trial
    • Gain double yield from Harvesting Nodes on Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha


    Completing the first daily repeatable quest, or daily event quest “Turn the Page” in Necrom, will reward Sublime Secret Telvanni Coffers. It contains valuable loot and an abundance of ESO Gold. Rewards you have a chance to find include:

    • Unique Motif Pages
    • Furnishings
    • Furnishings Recipes
    • Companion Gear
    • Kwama Miner’s Kit Outfit Style
    • Ashen Militia Weapon Style
    • New Apoycrypha Expedition Armor Style Pages

    Also, you can find rare Secret Telvanni Coffers by participating in events within Necrom. But these Coffers have a lower chance of providing rare rewards.

    How To Take Part In Secrets Of The Telvanni Event?

    To take part in Secrets of the Telvanni Event, you can travel directly to Necrom and begin your adventure. Alternatively, you can get the event quest: Secrets of the Telvanni for free in Crown Store.

    You need to talk to Master Faras of Necrom Outskirts and complete his request. You will then receive an event coffer as a thank you for your help and work. And you’ll unlock the daily repeatable campaign mission, Turn the Page.

    In Necrom, you can find a variety of daily repeatable missions. Ordinator Tilena in Necrom will give you one of six daily repeatable exploration missions. Ordinator Nelyn in Necrom will give you one of six group boss daily repeatable quests.

    Each character can only pick up one explorer and one group leader per day. However, if you team up with other players and ask them to share missions, you can complete all 6 Daily Missions and all 6 Group Boss Daily Missions.

    Also, Ordinator Tandasea will provide you with Bastion Nymic daily repeatable missions. This mission can only be completed once per day and cannot be shared with other players. Keep in mind that it designed Bastion Nymic for 4 players, so maybe you can ask other players for help.

    You can also complete 1-week repeatable trial missions in Necrom. Telvanni Master Wizard offers you the quest for Sanity’s Edge Trial, War Within. When you enter Trials, you’ll find the weekly quest giver at the entrance.

    Event Tickets

    During Secrets of the Telvanni Event, each account can receive 2 Event Tickets per day. Also, you will receive 2 Event Tickets when you complete a Daily Repeatable Mission or Sanity’s Edge Weekly Mission for the first time in Necrom.

    Event Merchant

    As always, this Impresario Event Merchant will have unique items available during the event. You can purchase new Apoycrypha Expedition Style Pages with 5 Event Tickets per page. In addition, Impresario also offers Passion Dancer Blossom fragments, all three fragments of Passion Dancer Garment Costume, and more.

    Indrik Vendor will also open her store during the event. She offers Nascent Indrik Feathers, Onyx Indrik Berries, and Mossheart Indrik Berries in Q3 2023. You can also buy Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet and Sapling Indrik Pet.

    Finally, Impresario’s Assistant Philius Dormier will also be opening his shop during Secrets of the Telvanni Event. He offers Unstable Morpholith pet fragments and Deadlands Firewalker Personality fragments in the third quarter of 2023.

    Anyway, that concludes this Secrets of the Telvanni Event guide. I hope this event will bring surprises for us. Have a nice day.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Is Hunters Glade Worth Buying? - A Full Review

    Posted: Sep 25, 2023

    Hunter's Glade is back again! From now until October 3rd, you can pick it up in the Crown Store for 8,000 crowns unfurnished, and 10,000 crowns for the furnished version. 

    For those who don’t know it, Hunter's Glade is a player manor and also a portal to the Hircine’s Hunting Grounds that can be found northeast of Riften. If you have lycanthropy, you can remain in werewolf form in this place indefinitely.

    Hircine Statue & Is The Furnished Version Worth It? 

    The Hircine Statue (Statue of Hircine’s Bitter Mercy) is the most notable furnishing item, costing 2,500 crowns on its own, so if you want this statue it’ll save you a little bit of crowns.

    But if not, it isn’t, in my opinion, worth the upgrade to the furnished version. 

    Size, Location & Furniture Limit 

    This is a notable home, located not far from the werewolf shrine in the Rift, with a furniture limit of 700 with ESO +, and 350 without.  


    When you initially enter the home, you’re in a foyer that has a portal to the glade and a small room down the stairs. 

    Noteworthy Features Of The Glade 

    There are no structures inside of the glade. It is only an open area, so there are tons of room to build. 

    The unfurnished version includes the glowing mushrooms. Everyone loves a good piece of glowing furniture. The sky is awesome, and there are beautiful waterfall views for miles all around the glade.  

    Infinite Werewolf Form! 

    Naturally, since this glade is dedicated to the lord of the hunt himself, if you’re a werewolf, you can transform to your beast form and indefinitely stay in it. 

    There isn’t anything to hunt here. But it is a neat feature you won’t find in any other house and makes for a quick way to run around when you’re decorating. 

    Overall Review 

    This is one house that is hard to beat. The fact that it doesn’t have structures could make you love it for its freedom or hate it for its lack of interior space.

    But the furnishing limit for the price tag is a big positive. And even though this house is years old, it is still really visually stunning. 

    When this house initially released, players speculated it would cost 12-14K crowns or more. The 8K crown price tag is great by comparison. 

    Similar Cheaper Alternatives 

    However, if you want an open area to build in and the visuals don’t sell you, or you don’t like the Crown Store in general, your cheapest similar option is the Coldharbour Surreal Estate, which you can buy for 1 million ESO Gold instead. 

    Or, you could look at Moonsugar Meadow for 6,400 crowns, but it pails in comparison to this one when you’re still spending crowns. 


    If you’re looking to snag the Hunter’s Glade, or have been waiting for it to come back, remember to pick it up before it leaves the Crown Store on Oct 3rd. Or, you could be waiting another year or 2 before it cycles back again!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Thoughts On The New Group Finder In Update 40

    Posted: Sep 22, 2023

    Today I want to talk about the new New Group Finder in Elder Scrolls Online Update 40. Update 40 is ESO’s last content update this year. With it, the developers bring the series into a rich multiplayer environment.

    And the upcoming Update 40 will simplify some of the biggest balance hurdles and introduce some much-needed quality of life changes. One of them is the new Group Finder.

    New Group Finder

    If you regularly team up with other adventurers. The new Group Finder allows you to create parties for almost any group activity in ESO. This includes Dungeons, Arenas, and the upcoming Endless Archive Trials PVP and more. We will finally be able to get the new Group Finder tool in Trials.

    I know more people have been wanting Group Finder to be available in Trials for a long time. So this new Group Finder tool seems to be very helpful for the development of Endless Archive.

    Group Finder Advantages

    The new Group Finder lets you organize raid parties, or easily farm for ESO Gold without being restricted by your guild members. You can queue up to join a public group to add other players to your party who are looking for a specific target of your choice. Or you can create your own and hand-pick your team.

    You can make a list to find players to fill out your existing team. Even starting as a single player, you can create a group and set the parameters for what you want to find. Or you can search for a group that already exists and wants to do the same thing as you.

    The new tool also allows you to adjust the criteria for group membership and the conditions they must meet. It explains things like a player’s Champion Points level, whether they use in-game voice chat, their play style and desired team character composition. So this will give you the option to really build your team based on whether you’re a Hardcore player or not.

    Also Read: New Features & Changes In Elder Scrolls Online Update 40!

    Whether you're someone who likes to hang out and have a delightful conversation with people, or you want to do some harder content and you want some excellent players with a higher CP. You can set parameter criteria for this new Group Finder tool in many ways.

    Plus, teaming up with other adventurers should be easier than ever using the new Group Finder. I think many people saw this and were really excited about it. Because Group Finder in the game has needed to be updated for a long time.

    Group Finder Disadvantages

    However, this new Group Finder will also bring some problems. Now, if you were to split, you would know the drawbacks of these different groups.

    Let’s say if you start Endless Archive Trials PVP between Dungeons and Arenas and create a custom group. You can further split it into different groups such as player CP level, in-game voice chat, game style, group composition. This shrinks the pool further, causing the game to take longer to search for players.

    Considering each one might have a different parameter set, you’re now spending more time queuing for tank heals or DPS. This takes a long time, especially as a DPS.

    But if you want to meet a specific group, you can add another layer to filter out certain content you know the parameters for. Hopefully, this doesn’t really slow down the process.

    Final Thoughts

    However, I'm guessing there may be other uses for Group Finder. Because if more people are using it in Dungeons and Trials, they will probably use it in PVP and Endless Archive. But whether it will fill up a certain player pool more than other mechanics remains to be seen.

    But I think overall this is definitely a significant upgrade compared to Group Finder we’ve had over the past few years. Just hope it doesn’t slow down our queue time. Anyway, let’s look forward to its arrival!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Handful Of Interesting Rewards In Update 40 Endless Archive - What & How To Get

    Posted: Sep 21, 2023

    The PTS for ESO's Update 40 patch is up and running. There are so many things that I'd like to check out, but one of the first things that I absolutely had to see for myself was the new rewards that can be earned from the upcoming endless PVE arena, the Endless Archive.

    Do recall that this arena will be accessible to everyone in Update 40, as it will be part of the base game.


    The update 40 patch notes state that "the further you progress in the Endless Archive, the greater the rewards scale up as well as the chance of receiving them". This was shown in the recent developer stream as the developers received more of the Endless Archives unique currency called Archival Fortunes, the further they delved into the arena.

    The developers also suggested that you'd be more likely to run into tougher enemies. The further you descend into the arena, such as Marauders or bosses in the portals to the unknown and these tougher enemies or encounters have a chance to drop really sweet loot, like class set pieces or collectible Endless Archive fragments.

    You also have a chance to receive fragments for the new Hermaeus Mora Tales of Tribute deck and even leads for new Furnishing Antiquities.

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    Merchant Rewards

    The new Archival Fortune currency can be used to purchase goods from The Watcher Merchants that are located in the index of the Endless Archive.

    Do note that ESO + members will receive a 10% bonus to all of their Archival Fortunes. Tezurs' inventory is permanent. They offer a variety of wares, such as:

    • Consumables that can be used to receive an additional verse while in the Endless Aarchive
    • Permanent upgrades that provide support to players in the Endless Archive
    • Curated and uncurated gearboxes that contain items from class sets boxes and sacks of profession related crafting materials
    • Unique Furnishings that correspond with the aesthetic of the Endless Archive
    • A lockbox that contains some ESO Gold

    All of these items are bound on pickup except for the crafting materials that are received from their respective boxes.

    Ool on the other hand, is going to have a continually rotating set of wears every week these wares can include items, such as Treasure Maps, Antiquity Leads, Monster Set Style Pages, Companion Gear Boxes, Lorebook Furnishings and assorted Achievement & Public Dungeon Fragments.

    It's important to note that these items all appear to be ones that are bound on pickup on the PTS, so you won't be able to utilize your Archival Fortunes to purchase items from ool to then sell to other players.

    Achievement Rewards

    There's an assortment of rewards that can be obtained after completing achievements related to the Endless Archive.

    Butcher Haefal's Accursed Knife is a memento that can be obtained after completing the 'Leading The Charge' achievement. This achievement is unlocked once you complete four other achievements that all have to do with defeating a number of cycle bosses:

    1. Running The Gauntlet: Defeat 100 Cycle 1 Bosses
    2. Watch Them Fall: Defeat 50 Cycle 2 Bosses
    3. Outstanding Onslaught: Defeat 30 Cycle 3 Bosses
    4. Slaying The Hoards: Defeat 20 Cycle 4 Bosses

    Malkahest's Accursed Mirror is another memento that can be obtained after completing the 'I Got Some Mora' achievement. This achievement is unlocked upon completing three other achievements that relate to the acquisition of all of the different Offensive, Defensive, and Utility Visions:

    1. Visions Of Violence: Acquire 16 Specific and Unique Offensive Visions
    2. Endless Defender: Acquire 16 Specific and Unique Defensive Visions
    3. Seeing The Big Picture: Acquire 15 Specific and Unique Utility Visions

    A Summoned Booknado is a memento that can be obtained upon completing the 'Give Me Some Mora' achievement. This achievement is earned after the player completes three achievements that all have to do with acquiring all of the different Offensive, Defensive, and Utility Verses:

    1. I Crave Violence: Acquire 17 Specific and Unique Offensive Verses
    2. You Can't Touch Me: Acquire 17 Specific and Unique Defensive Verses
    3. Not Averse: Acquire 12 Specific and Unique Utility Verses

    The Maligraphic Mount can be earned by completing the 'Ichor Most Malevolent' achievement, which requires you to acquire and use 50 Maligraphic Ichors.

    Maligraphic Skeever is a non-combat pet that can be earned by completing the 'Scheming Skeevers' achievement, which requires you to acquire and use 25 Disgusting Spoils.

    The Mirrorscribe Body Markings can be earned upon completing the 'Endless Archive Challenger' achievement. This achievement is earned after the player completes a variety of achievements related to the Endless Archive:

    • Give Me Some Mora
    • I Got Some Mora
    • Leading The Charge
    • Arcing Onwards
    • Endless Archive Conqueror
    • No Book Left Unread

    Some of which have already been discussed. You also earn the title 'The Unending' upon attaining this achievement.

    The Mirrorscribe Face Markings can be earned upon completing the 'That's Enough Of Though At' achievement, which requires you to defeat though at Replicanum 50 times.

    The Shattered Mirror Maze Body Markings can be earned from completing the 'Walk Through The Mirror Maze' achievement, which requires you to acquire and use 20 Erroneous Archive Maps.

    And the corresponding Shattered Mirror Maze Face Markings can be acquired by completing the 'Pier Into The Mirror Maze' achievement, which requires you to acquire and use 20 Unreliable Archive Maps.

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