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  • Elder Scrolls Online: Magicka Templar PVP Build Guide

    Mar 23, 2023

    Today is mainly to introduce players to how to create Magicka Templar PVP builds in the latest Scribes of Fate DLC in Elder Scrolls Online.

    First, I want to show you my Buffs on the front bar, and some stats on the back bar. I get into Magicka at level 48 and have 16 health remaining. My race is Dark Elf and can use Citrus Filet Buffalo to reach Arjuna Fernandez and Vampire stage 3. I now use Aligned Spell to check the remaining potions in front of the potion bar.

    I’m running a summonable Lightning staff that sharpens my Weapons Spell Enchantment, damage output instantly as well. Wilmington will give us a key opportunity to make Magicka Weapons Spell damage output and add 600 Weapons Spell damage to our Magic Damage abilities.

    We only get Magic Damage abilities on the front bump of the rear bomb. Players can also use the rest of Staff of Pariah for Magic Absorb Enchantment defenses.

    Parai will give us twice the armor of Max Health and increase our physical and spell resistance based on our missing health. I got the rest of Steph’s power as a passive to get the main fix for me.

    Then, as Monster said, I’m running Blood Spawn. I got this medium head Tricep Enchantment impact Blood Spawn to give us Stem recovery. The complete process will last for 5 seconds, but the cooling time is only 5 seconds, which is really perfect.

    Then we’ll get one heavy item, Chest of Pariah trying to Enchantment, but the rest of the items are light. So there are five light items, one heavy, and one medium, just to get the full Undaunted Buff.

    Then there’s the necklace and ring I got from Pariah. Both come with Weapons Spell Damage Enchantment, infused with mana regeneration. I get the same magic on Mythic item, Majestic Mark ring is great to have. If you need these Mythic items, you can also try to get them with enough ESO Gold. We can use these Mythic items to get 200 Weapons Spell Damage and 2314 Armor, which is great.

    After the fundamental skill, I use Solar Barrage to get passive 10 more spell damage. This is the perfect dump charge piercing sweep. And I’d do a careful scan on backup time, use guard repentance to lower enemy vigor again, channel focus and extend rituals.

    As Champions Point, in Green One, only Break Fall and Steed’s Blessing are very important for PVP, and players need to pay attention to getting them. In the blue zone, I get four large Ruffled Strikes to increase our weapon spell damage, while also adding crit resistance to our damage ability resiliency.

    Then Feral Invasion increases our weapon spell damage and Arcane Supremacy increases our max mana. In the red zone, I added an extra death rate, and Max Health also increased by 45 points, including increased armor. Rejuvenation increases Rejuvenation and Last Survival Instinct, while core combat skills affected by the status cost 25 less.

    That’s it, this is Magicka Templar PVP Build I used for Scribes of Fate DLC. Hope this will help you build. If you have any ideas, welcome to communicate in the community. Hope you have a good life.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide On The Scrying Skill Line

    Mar 21, 2023

    If you want to learn scrying in the Elder Scrolls Online, you’ve likely seen the random leads that drop all over the place and want to learn how to start getting the artifacts and unique Furnishings that can be acquired from scrying. It takes a while, but it’s well worth it. I’m going to be showing you where to acquire the skill line the fastest way to level up your Scrying and a couple of tips for Scrying. 

    Required DLC

    It should also be stated that you will need the Greymore DLC, as it is the prerequisite for scrying in ESO. 

    Acquiring Scrying & Excavation Skill Lines

    To acquire the skill line, travel to Western Skyrim, then travel to Solitude once you’re there. 

    Once in Solitude, travel to this location of the town and talk to Verita Numida. She will provide you with the skill line in the tutorial quest to show you how Scrying works. You will simply strive for an object and then go through the Excavation stage and receive the Excavation skill line. Complete the quest and there you have it. You’re able to scry.

    Fastest Way To Level Scrying

    The best way to level up Scrying is to play through the main quest of Summerset until you arrive at our town. You can skip the main quests of Summerset if you can get a friend or guild member to let you travel to them while they’re there.

    Upon reaching our town, the boring and long grind begins. Make sure to stick around until the tips and tricks because there are some that are quite useful here. You can grind your Scrying level here until you reach epic grade items in Scrying.

    Once you are able to unearth epic leads at scrolling level 5, check your scryable items that are epic grade. The reason you do this is because they provide more experience than the lower grade items, as shown in this chart.

    Once you’ve acquired all the epic grade items you can, head back to our town and continue the grind. It’s a very slow process, but it’s worth it overall.

    Once you’re able to strive for master items at scrying level 7, there’s really no reason to keep leveling because you will get to the max level by Scrying for the items that you want.

    Now, on to the tips and tricks, I will start with the most important one first.

    Tip 1

    Make sure to equip the Antiquarian’s Eye to your quick slot and use it when you’re searching for this growing zone. This will point you to the Dig Site.

    Tip 2

    All leads carry across your characters and what this means is you only have to level up one character Scrying. If you level up more than one character, you’re wasting your time and your skill points.

    Tip 3

    ESO-HUB.COM is an excellent resource for finding the leads that you’re searching for. Take advantage of it when you’re looking for a certain item.

    Tip 4

    Using movement speed gear will save you a lot of time when leveling up your Scrying. So, if you have a set or a full medium gear character, take advantage of it.

    Tip 5

    Many of the best builds in ESO require an Artifact, such as Exemplary Swift Ring, which is worth 500 ESO Gold. Once you reach level 7, I recommend trying to get as many of them as you can, so you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: My Favorite Method For Farming Gold

    Mar 20, 2023

    I’m going to teach you my favorite method for farming gold in the Elder Scrolls Online. But I wanted to take a deeper dive into it and leave you all with a very clear understanding of how it works I call the method professions.


    But, it’s really just purchasing materials to craft items, which can then sell at a greater price than the total cost of the materials this has been my main source of gold for a long time and I believe it to be the most entertaining way to make gold in the game.

    I think you should give it a try if you enjoy the economy aspect of the game. I also recommend selling the materials that you don’t normally use because it helps other players with their professions and it makes it easier for everyone to find the materials they need.

    I’ll start by showing you how I go about preparing my sales and show you some of the things I like to craft and sell.

    Step 1: Picking An Item To Sell

    The first step in this method is picking an item that you’d like to sell. I am a big fan of provisioning. So, that’s where I like to start.

    My two favorite provisioning items to craft are Bewitched Sugar Skulls and Jewels of Misrule. For this article’s purpose, I will use the Jewels of Misrule to break down how this method works.

    All you need to get started is a decent bit of ESO Gold, the recipe to craft the item and the skills to craft it. For provisioning, you can maximize your gold profits by maxing the chef and Brewer passives.

    Step 2: Materials

    The second step is materials. This is the most tedious part of this method. But, I also have a bit of fun while doing it. You need to purchase the materials to make the item you plan for crafting.

    For the Jewels of Misrule, I need to get one Rose, one Mint, one Lotus, one Columbine and one Bervez Juice. This is where the journey begins. You travel all around Tamriel, visiting Guild Traders and purchasing the materials that you’re looking for.

    Once you have a good idea of what the materials cost, you can set a maximum buy price for yourself. This will be your indicator of how much you can profit and you never want to purchase anything over what you set it at. Otherwise, you’re losing your profits.

    Jewels Of Misrule Example Max Buy Prices

    For the Jewels of Misrule materials, I set their prices at Rose for 25 gold per, Lotus for 20 gold per, Mint for 15 gold per, Bervez juice for 180 gold per, and Columbine for 1800 gold per.

    This totals out at 2040 ESO Gold per craft. But since it makes four (4 per craft), it’s 510 gold per item. So, now we know what it’s costing us per item crafted. I tend to set my maximum buy price at a low value to maximize my profits, but this does in turn make it more difficult to purchase the materials I need so fair warning there.

    Step 3: Setting A Sell Price

    The third step of this method is learning how to price your items and dealing with the cost of listing.

    In total, the Jewels of Misrule will cost me 510 gold per item to craft. Whatever price I set them at, I would lose eight percent of that to the Guild cut and listing fee.

    I usually like to set my joules and Mistral for sale at 925 gold per, but it is always best to check with your guild mates and guilds around yours are selling for and then you can either increase or decrease your price accordingly.

    With 925 gold as my typical sell price, I will lose 74 gold and it’ll be worth 851 gold due to the taxes and listing fee.

    Remove the cost of crafting by subtracting the 510 gold per craft and that brings it to a profit of 341 gold per item or 1364 per craft at a cooking station.

    By doing this process over and over, you will exponentially grow your gold. All it takes is a bit of patience and smart spending.

    Misc Topics

    A couple of miscellaneous topics I’m going to cover are some useful tools for this method and they will save you a lot of time.

    Tamriel Trade Center

    The first tool is Tamriel Trade Center. Sorry console players, but this likely will not work for you as it does require an add-on.

    With the use of Tamriel Trade Center, you can find the materials you are looking for with ease. Use the advanced search option and you can enter in the amount of the item you were looking for and what you’re willing to buy it at.

    This will then provide you with the location of where the item is and you can purchase it there. Sadly, this is not updated in real time, but is instead based on postings, so there’s a chance someone may have beat you to the item.

    It does tell you when the postings were made, though. So, if it was recent, there’s a good chance it may still be there.

    Sale Exposure - More Potential

    The second tip I have for this method is what I call exposure. In Guild Traders, you only have access to listing 30 items at once. By joining a second Guild, you get an extra 30 and so on by joining even more.

    The goal of exposure is to make sure that those guilds you join are at different locations. Rawl’kha Wayshrine, Vivec City Wayshrine and Mournhold Wayshrine are all great locations to be a part of a Guild Trader and by listing items there in all three locations, you maximize your exposure.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Different Morrowind Part 2 Perspective

    Mar 20, 2023

    Morrowind in Elder Scrolls Online is always impressive. But try it again, and you’ll discover a completely different Morrowind.

    Morrowind Style

    Especially the way these NPC characters appear here must be very different from the characters you have encountered in other games. You can try walking in one direction in this Vvardenfell and encounter sights and people very different from what you just saw less than 15 minutes ago on another part of the island.

    While we were working on some new clothing and armor for the game, if I had to sum them up in one word, I think “alien” would be a good word to describe the gear. You know, Morrowind’s style really stands out when players wear them, and it also makes your character unique. It’s really a look you don’t see anywhere else in Tamriel.

    We wanted to capture some of the classic nostalgia some players have for really familiar armor. You know, despite bringing in something familiar, it can definitely still look a little foreign.

    Creatures Of Morrowind

    I think the creatures themselves do a really good job of promoting the world you’re in. You’ll be wandering around the environment, enjoying yourself traveling. You hear the first voice, like where are Cliff Racers? Of course, I also really like Kwama in the script. They are very cute compared to the weird buggy creatures.

    Also in Morrowind Chapter we will find some very cute little animals called Vvardvark. There are also fun games for Vvardenfell and Aardvark. They are small, spiny, scaly animals. Although their appearance may hurt us, they are cute.

    The fact that they’re the result of this Telvanni’s failed experiments also makes them all the more interesting. Then you’ll see what they often used to transport that Silt Striders. If you don’t know what Silt Striders are, think of the most disgusting flea and magnify it by about 8 million times.

    The Secret Of Morrowind

    The continent of Tamriel is rich in spaces, cultures, and lands. In a more traditional sense, they’re kind of like High Fantasy or Traditional Fantasy or Medieval Fantasy. But Morrowind is a game that allows our minds to take a leap occasionally and reveals something unusual and strange.

    And after returning to Apocrypha, we will be given the opportunity to do another mission, and players will be rewarded with ESO Gold after completing the mission, so this has always been something we have been looking forward to.

    The secret is hidden in the heart of every Dark Elf who travels, and players must actively reach out for power, which is also an integral part of Telvanni. We’re heading to Telvanni Peninsula, and we’re also going to see Apocrypha, a super weird and creepy area that I’m really looking forward to discovering there.

    Players find visual cues, metaphors in the visuals that connect the two. But at the same time, find where they differ from each other and stay within their respective boundaries. Knowledge spaces are always fascinating, you know, and always fun.

  • Why OG Elder Scrolls Fans Hate Elder Scrolls Online?

    Mar 18, 2023

    Why do fans of the original Elder Scrolls title, such as Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim don’t like the Elder Scrolls Online?

    First off, ESO isn’t even made by the same studio that made Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. The mainline Elder Scrolls series were made by Bethesda Softworks, but ESO was made by Zenimax Online Studios

    These two are different studios with different strengths. Now, Bethesda Softworks specializes in open world single player RPGs while Zenimax Online specializes in MMO.

    Secondly, ESO is not in the same genre as Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Now, ESO is an MMO game, and it is designed with an entirely different set of principles and it is just focused on keeping you grinding for levels and cosmetics. So, you can participate in raids to show off your funky little skins to other players.

    The Elder Scrolls games in generals are more focused on immersive adventuring, dealing with NPCs and homemaking, which means creating a field of cabbages and swimming around naked. 

    But the Elder Scrolls Lifeline is like gazillions of mods, which add tons of cosmetics, houses, adventures and limitless potential, which all of our illegal and online play. But in the end, the Elder Scrolls by nature are heroic epic adventures where you play a hero and the world ripples around you and your adventure. In ESO, you are quite literally just one nameless grunt among millions and there is nothing special about you and the world just does not revolve around you. Even if you managed to defeat a lot of bosses or you farmed a lot of ESO Gold.

    The experience in both games is absolutely incomparable and frankly are nothing alike the games themselves have nothing to do with each other aside from a nominal similarity. The mechanics are different. The progression is different. The experience is different and the two are like oil and water. They really have nothing in common and really don’t mix. 

    In Morrowind you will just start off as a Nobody. But by the end, you’re a legendary Nerevarine and fabled hero of the Dunmber

    And in Oblivion, you will start out as just a prisoner in a dungeon, but by the end you are the Hero of Kovach, Champion of Cyrodiil and you ultimately become the Daedrick Prince of Sheogorath

    In Skyrim, you will start out as a prisoner again on the way to your own execution. By the end of it, you’re a legendary Dragonborn or potentially the leader of the companions, arcmate to Skyrim listener for the Dark Brotherhood and head of the Thieves Guild. Guards will sometimes look upon you in awe for the fairy tales of your Mighty Deeds

    Now, in all of these games, which are all single players, you are the most important, powerful person of the land even at these stupid abandons insist on suicidally attacking you. 

    But in ESO, you just started out as a nobody. After hundreds of hours, you become nobody to some random adventurer treated no differently than any other random adventurer and it just there is nothing really keeping you in the game.

  • ESO: How To Unlock Arcanist Class?

    Mar 18, 2023

    This year Elder Scrolls Online will introduce a new class, the powerful and mysterious Arcanist class. This class will be the seventh class in ESO. It derived directly its abilities and mechanics from Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Oblivion.

    Players will definitely feel the charm of magical superpowers when using this class. At the same time, players can also unlock more new classes, new characters and new areas of exploration.

    The new classes not only have new character types but also brand new game mechanics. Among them, Crux is a combat mechanism that can activate this Arcanist class. The more Crux you have, the more powerful your character skills become. This has the advantage that players can develop their own gameplay based on their game strategy.

    Along with this combat mechanism, we derive three unique skills. These skills will be applicable to different types of players, whether offensive, to support, and defense, or destructive, restorative, or defensive magic.

    This class will apply to players of all roles, even including DPS, support, and tank. Like many previous skills, the skills of these class are also a mixture of active, passive, and ultimate abilities.

    So, how can players get this new class? It will release arcanist class on PC with the new expansion Necrom on June 5th. Console players will be able to see the new expansion on June 20th.

    Players need to first acquire a Necrom expansion pack with ESO Gold to unlock Arcanist class. You can also get other new classes in the in-game Crown Store after you get the expansion pack. You can find this class under “Upgrades” then “Class”.

    After your upgrade is complete, you can create new Arcanist class characters. If your new class character slot is full, the following will tell you how to unlock more other characters.

    With the arrival of Arcanist class, if you filled all the character slots in ESO, what should you do except for another character? You can, of course, delete a role directly, but this is certainly not the most ideal solution.

    If you own the base game, you can get up to nine other character slots in Crown Store. Of course, if you also have Elsweyr expansion, you even get ten character slots. I believe it is enough to satisfy you to build various types of characters.

    Players can unlock two new characters after using the new Necrom expansion. They are Arcanist Redguard and Warden Argonian Companions. These two new characters will serve as your companions, and you can use their abilities at any time during the battle.

    This new Necrom expansion is an important part of ESO Shadow of Morrowind story. This expansion will look back at the past four years featuring “year long events”, and will introduce a DLC to introduce players to this story. Shadow of Morrowind is much like that, designed to showcase the main content of the campaign with just one DLC and expansion.

    The developer also stated that in the second half of this year, the goal of improving the quality of life will be to return to the storyline of the previous chapters. So Shadow of Morrowind only needs to cover one DLC introduction story. This time, the story will also end with Necrom in June.

    If you’re eager to get started now, you can experience the first part of Shadow of Morrowind with Scribes of Fate DLC, which just released on PC this week. If you happen to have an ESO Plus™ membership, you can unlock DLC through Crown Store.

    Meanwhile, console players will be able to access DLC on March 28. This latest expansion features two brand new dungeons and a rich storyline to discover.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Application Of Arcanist’s Grimoire Mechanic

    Mar 17, 2023

    Arcanist class may become one of the most special classes in Elder Scrolls Online. Arcanists not only have skills that set them apart from other classes, but they also have special powers from Daedric Prince. At the same time, it also has an operating mechanism that can be used in other classes.

    It will release arcanist class for the first time in Elder Scrolls Online’s next expansion, Necrom. There are also some new Grimoire unique mechanics, and it will add some lore points gleaned from Hermaeus Mora in the book. While this is just an interesting way to extend classes, it should be extended to other classes in MMORPGs as well.

    Although it did not well display Exploration and Mobility capabilities of Arcanist class in the initial demonstration stage, it finally stood out from Grimoire Mechanic. This is probably because this Arcanist class wasn’t well represented at first.

    All players know that they can gather lore and add it to their Grimoire, which will improve their abilities. Although the changes are modest, they allow Grimoire to make some changes to this Arcanist class. Therefore, players can use enough ESO Gold, and customize their occupations according to specific builds, and change Elemental damage skills of some abilities.

    For this reason, Elder Scrolls Online should also apply Grimoire Mechanic to other classes. Players can quickly find out from a narrative perspective. For games like Elder Scrolls Online, franchises are very important.

    Such as Warden class. Players can find out from Warden’s description in the game that it is called a master storyteller, and its stories can become reality. If Grimoire Mechanic is applied to this class, maybe Warden class can go around and learn alternative stories to change his skills at any time.

    For classes like Necromancer in Elder Scrolls Online, they will be able to perform Necromantic Experimentation on different enemies to increase their power and unlock Undead Summons. In Elder Scrolls Online, no matter what angle you used to explore the class in depth, it may be a good thing for the class as a whole.

    You can see a similar approach to class handling from Final Fantasy 14. Players will encounter various class-related tasks during the game, and these tasks will help players better build their characters. Players don’t need to view this class from a narrative perspective.

    Elder Scrolls Online can help players further understand the need for these quests in Warden, Dragonknight, or any other class. At the same time, in this way, players can extend the experience of using Arcanist class to other classes in MMORPG.

    Although this mechanism may only appear in a future update of Elder Scrolls Online. But it’s still very interesting for players to think about how this will play out properly in these current classes.

    At the same time, the emergence of this mechanism also provides players with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of Elder Scrolls Online, which is also a bright spot for Elder Scrolls Online to attract new players.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Some Changes Regarding PVE Healer In Scribes of Fate

    Mar 16, 2023

    In this article, I will discuss everything PVE Healers need to know about the Scribes of Fate DLC and the accompanying base game update as always we start with the new content.


    Scribes of Fate brings two new four-player dungeons: Scrivener’s Hall and Bal Sunnar. In my opinion, although this is not the best dungeon DLCs, they are visually amazing and have lots of new and also unique mechanics. 

    Both dungeons certainly can be challenging, but they are not overly difficult to me and certainly not as chaotic and frustrating as some of the previous dungeons, such as Coral Aerie. So, I highly recommend you playing them. In fact, you don't have to worry too much, as long as you know how to equip yourself with ESO Gold, it is still very easy to win the challenges in the dungeons.

    New Sets

    *In terms of new sets, there are three worth talking about: the first one is Apocryphal Inspiration, a medium armor set that permanently gives Major Fortitude, Major Intellect and Major Endurance to the group. So, it has a total of the 30% recovery buffs. 

    The issue with that is basically everyone has these buffs anyway from their potions. However, Apocryphal Inspiration could be very strong were it not be like this. So, currently, it’s not a relevant set, but it might be worth holding on to.

    *Then, we also got Ritemaster’s Bond, a light armor set. I am just going to read to you the tooltip of this set: Healing an ally within 12 meters with a Direct Heal creates a 15 meter tether between you for 10 seconds. This effect can occur every 15 seconds. Based on the higher of your Max Magicka or Stamina, every second you and your allies touching the tether will heal 981 health. If you or an ally are overhealed by the tether, they gain Minor Heroism for 1.5 seconds.

    This might sound interesting, but in reality, it is just pretty damn weak. The effect is not permanently active, extremely position dependent and needs to be constantly overheating to keep the Minor Heroism active. Minor Heroism in and of itself is already weaker than the effects of other alternatives, such as Pillager’s Profit, Drake’s Rush or a Arkasis’s Genius and also has other sources in DCP and potions. So, the set is pretty much complete trash.

    *The final new set is the Monster Set, which is called Ozezan The Inferno. With it equipped, healing someone buffs the Minor Vitality and overhealing grants them 4272 armor, which is about seven percent or so damage mitigation.

    I think this set is not bad. The damage mitigation should be noticeable in certain situations. However, with the one second defect duration, it is absolutely not going to be reliable, and it is similar to how Gossamer works. I primarily see this set is useful in trials for trash and maybe some bosses if the incoming damage to the entire group is really that problematic.

    But especially for bosses, it is a significant damage sacrifice unless the group just does not need Symphony of Blades for some reason. Overall, it is not a bad monster set and certainly worth connecting, though.

    Itemization Changes

    Let us next talk about the changes to existing gear. 

    The Mythic Item Pearls of Ehlnofey was changed quite drastically. The resource threshold was increased from 30 to 50 percent and the ultimate per proc was reduced from 5 to 3. 

    Obviously, this is quite a drastic reduction of power. However, it is still really strong and now it is so much easier to play that it can easily be kept up in pretty much any situation, making it potentially even better.

    This also changes group optimization a little. Previously, the trend, especially in high-end trial groups, was to not use pulse elope on the Nightblade Healer as this resulted in unnecessarily high ultragen on that specific healer and less voltage overall. But with the nerf, Pearls of Ehlnofey on Nightblade will probably become more popular again. 

    Here is another gear change: spell and weapon damage. Jewelry Glyphs now give both spell and weapon damage, so they are the exact same in that regard.

    In addition to that, the former spell damage Glyphs (Physical Harm glyphs) now give 10 Magicka Recovery and the formal weapon damage Glyphs (Spell Harm glyphs) now give 10 Stamina Recovery. This means no more changing enchantments based on group composition, which is certainly nice. And, it’s also a tiny sustain buff. 

    Class Changes

    Now, we move on to the class changes. Necromancer now gets 666 Magicka and Stamina when enemies die up from 200. This is a massive sustain boost in trash and also boss encounters with a lot of adds.

    Sustain is probably the least of Necromancer’s problems, though, but it’s still a nice change, in my opinion. No changes, though, for Dragonight, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Templar or Warden. I think these are the fuse class changes we have ever seen.

    Other Changes

    For the weapon lines, Elemental Susceptibility was slightly nerfed with a reduced take rate. However, the status effect does not get overwritten anymore, which is nice I guess.

    Wall of Frost now debuffs Minor Breach, which also gives us healers, an easy way to apply it and makes tactics less dependent on the tanks being able to apply it.

    For Templar, this means that the power of the light is finally completely pointless, though I really hope we will see significant buffs to Templars in support with the Necrom Chapter.

    Lastly, Vampire’s Mist Form has been reworked completely and is a teleport now and it’s very similar to Sorcerer’s Streak.

  • ESO: A Map Illustrating The Explorable Parts Of Tamriel

    Mar 15, 2023

    Recently, a map appeared in this Elder Scrolls Online community detailing all the areas players can explore in ESO. This map mainly includes most of this Tamriel continent, as well as multiple cities from Elder Scrolls Online DLC.

    Elder Scrolls Online is actually a role-playing game developed by Bethesda Softworks, which has been very popular with players since its release.

    Elder Scrolls Online is based on the fictional Tamriel continent and has attracted numerous players through the unique game mechanism of the open world and the full and interesting main line of missions.

    An Elder uploaded this map on Reddit Scrolls Online player named Bengamey_974. This map mainly introduces all the areas that players can explore in Elder Scrolls Online now. Among them, Bengamey_974 also added a very useful legend to the map.

    This legend categorizes each city according to how it actually appears in the game. Among them, they mark the parts that can continue to be explored in ESO in green. Cities that have appeared in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim are marked yellow. Also, cities that haven’t been seen since Arena, the first part of ESO, are marked in brown.

    Such classification is very helpful for players to quickly understand the current game exploration process, clarify the next goal, and know in a timely manner it will open which areas in future updates or DLC. Most importantly, the appearance of this map will prevent players from repeatedly exploring a certain place, improve task efficiency, save resources and avoid the consumption of ESO Gold.

    This map also includes explorable cities from the upcoming Necrom DLC. In Necrom, this part of the map is the only Telvanni Peninsula. There are giant mushrooms, strange stones and beasts, and unique landscapes in the city of Necrom.

    Necrom is the 30th DLC to be released as Elder Scrolls Online. The latest patch is Scribes of Fate, released on March 13, 2023. Each DLC will be in a different location in this ESO. DLC, like Lost Depths, is a High Isle that spreads out along the coast north of Summerset. Blackwood is on the south side of the city, between this Cyrodilic city of Leyawiin and this Black Marsh city of Gideon.

    Several cities that appeared in Elder Scrolls Online before are basically available for players to explore normally, including Cyrodiil and Morrowind. Other locations, including Summerset, Rift, and Reaper’s March, are also open to players.

    However, some areas remain closed to players, including but not limited to certain cities in Hammerfell, Cyrodiil Skyrim, Morrowind, Elsweyr, and Black Marsh.

    Players can see on the map that a large part of Cyrodiil between the southwest corner of Imperial City and Gold Coast is marked in yellow, indicating that Cyrodiil has appeared in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, and this area is in ESO 3, 4, 5, can be explored.

    There is another area in the center of Elsweyr, which is marked brown, indicating that we can find this area in ESO Arena. There is also the south of Hammerfell and the east side of Black Marsh’s coast that players cannot explore normally.

    Despite the restrictions in the game, there are still many areas that players can explore, and there are still many stories waiting for you to discover.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Update 37 Patch Note

    Mar 14, 2023

    Today, Elder Scrolls Online officially released Update 37 to the base game on PC and Mac. Which mainly includes the new dungeon DLC and Scribes of Fate and other content. This new content also symbolizes that the player’s adventure in Shadow Over Morrowind is about to begin.

    This base game update mainly includes new rewards, new Elder Scrolls Online Items, new decorations, and updates to some character accessibility features.

    This updated Scribes of Fate DLC centers on two new dungeons, Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall. These two dungeons also provide players with some new challenges, knowledge and exploration directions. It even includes providing players with more clues and information about the mysterious mystery behind Morrowind.

    Kevin and the developer of Elder Scrolls Online also saw the new dungeon in Scrivener’s Hall after the experience.

    They will release together this Update 37 with DLC, and it will release this Console patch on March 28. The new dungeon in this update contains rich content and is also inextricably related to Morrowind.

    The arrival of Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall opens up a new adventure for players. Players can explore new content in Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall, and kill monsters to get generous ESO Gold rewards.

    It aimed many of the updates in Update 37 at changing the quality of life for players in the game. The timers for some daily rewards or weekly rewards were changed after the update event started. It has reduced them to daily login rewards. This also means that almost all rewards are activated at the same time, and players don’t have to log in repeatedly to get different rewards.

    There will also be several weekly timers after the update, including some weekly event tickets and timers for some weekly missions, which will reset every Tuesday along with the daily reward reset.

    There are also updates to many items in Update 37, including but not limited to new furniture, New Alliance Emblem Face Markings, and some new prizes. The improvement and addition of these items will greatly improve the player’s quality of life in the game.

    There are also updates to the filters for player placement and retrieval tabs and some new ways players will be able to select unique items.

    Update 37 also made some adjustments to the performance of tanks. Through the improvement of the tank by the developer, it can help it to complete the work better. When the player is swapping bars in the game, no obstacles will hit them. Taunt immunity will take longer to arrive, and the soft Taunt System has been adjusted.

    The most important change in Update 37 this time is the accessibility change during the game. Because ESO is adding on-screen narration to games.

    Players can turn on the accessibility mode independently, select the narration in it, and most of these UI screens will display the full narration. Of course, not all games will have narration. For example, there will be no narration when the player is in battle or animation transition, because there are dubbing instead, and the effect is better.

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