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Elder Scrolls Online: What Can We Expect From Anniversary Jubilee Event 2024?

Posted: Apr 07, 2024

The much-anticipated ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event has finally arrived! We can continue to join this event until April 23rd and receive a 100% XP boost and a lot of cakes. Here, we’ll share how to get boxes, event tickets, and other cosmetics scattered around the world during Anniversary Event.

Start Event

First, to start the event, you need to complete the mission, For Cake’s Sake, and get this year’s Jubilee Cake. You can find chefs near the docks in Auridon, Stonefalls, and Glenumbra, or you can get the starter quest for free in Crown Store, which will take you directly to them.

Elder Scrolls Online: What Can We Expect From Anniversary Jubilee Event 2024?

How To Get An Anniversary Cake?

Then, you also need to collect some ingredients and complete some interactions. These can be found near the quest giver, and upon completing the quest, you’ll receive 2024 Anniversary Cake!

It’s worth noting that XP boost is passively applied to anyone who logs in during the event, so you don’t have to eat cake every few hours to get the bonus. But you still need to use cake every day to get 3 Event Tickets, so don’t forget to grab it and use it!

Gift Boxes

This year, you can get Gift Boxes from a few alternative sources, but as always, any daily quest in the game will net you a Gift Box. This includes Daily Writs, so there’s no better time than now to get them done!

You can also get boxes by killing and looting the last boss or world boss in dungeons, trials, and any incursion event.

Elder Scrolls Online: Anniversary Jubilee Event Gift Boxes

In Rewards for the Worthy mail, you have a chance to win a box from Tales of Tribute rewards. Note, however, that this chance increases based on the number of opponents defeated during Tribute daily and their difficulty.

You’ll get a gold reward box the first day you complete it, but all subsequent drops will be purple boxes. There are 2 new items in this year’s Gift Box, Earthbone Ayleid Style and Jubilee Steed, but both only appear in the daily gold box.

Note that Jubilee Steed requires 25 fragments, and these fragments are bound when picked up.

Obtaining this mount will result in an achievement, but you won’t be able to complete it with what the event offers. This means if you want to complete it, be prepared to spend your ticket.


The drops in purple boxes compare favorably to last year’s boxes, and include drops familiar to long-time players, as well as guaranteed materials, some of which are profitable. You can make a decent amount of ESO Gold just by selling some of your excess materials.

Currently, I’ve opened around 300 boxes to test drops and can tell you that new motifs appear to have been added to the drop pool!

New Cosmetic Replica Rewards

Besides Gift Boxes, you can also earn new cosmetic replica rewards by doing specific things, but these items are bound when picked up.

Also, you have a slight chance of finding Outfit Style Pages for Trueflame Sword Replica at any fishing node during the event. This is a very rare drop that can be obtained while fishing in Stonefalls in 2014!

Elder Scrolls Online: Outfit Style Pages for Trueflame Sword Replica

All Dolmens Loot Chests have a chance to drop Style Pages for Staff of Worms Replica. Any World Boss in Vvardenfell may drop Style Pages of Sunna’rah Replica or Barbas Helmet Replica. Any Geysers in Summerset may drop Style Pages for Ul’vor Staff.

Event Merchant

For this event, Impresario also has a huge inventory, including the return of cake furnishings for all cakes!

Every year you participate in Jubilee, you can buy matching cakes to keep at home. There will also be slices of cake for sale this year, so you can buy whatever you played that year. Earning each slice is associated with an achievement, and each slice is a ticket. So if you are an achievement seeker, keep this in mind!

For those paying close attention, you’ll need around 25 Event Tickets to complete the achievement, depending on how long you play.

Besides her usual stock of items, new Jubilee Steed Mount fragments, Earthbone Style Pages, and the first 2 fragments of Master of Schemes Personality are also on sale.

She will also carry a Jubilee Grab Bag containing old items that are no longer dropped. Note that you will only get items you don’t already have. If you’re new to the game and want to get your hands on some of these items, check out guild traders before picking them up to minimize the potential loot pool.

Additionally, other merchants have also changed their inventories. Philius Dormier will provide Deadlands Scorcher Skin fragments this time, while Indrik Vendor has been replaced with 2 different mounts and non-combat pets.

In short, these are the items you can get during ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event! Hurry up and get involved! Enjoy your anniversary celebration!


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