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Elder Scrolls Online: Follow These Tips To Boost Your Scrying And Excavation Skill Lines To The Level Cap!

Posted: Apr 02, 2024

Here, I’ll show you the best ways to level up your Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines quickly to help you get from level 1 to the highest level as quickly as possible. No matter what class you are in, this guide will help you. Let’s get started!

How To Level Up Your Scrying And Excavation Skill Lines?

When it comes to leveling up your Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines, the only way to truly increase your level is to complete Scrying and Excavation Leads. In order to do this, we need to complete as many leads as possible in a short period.

This requires two things. The first is a build that allows us to quickly move from one excavation site to another. The second was to find places where we could move from one side of the map to the other to reduce downtime.

Elder Scrolls Online: Follow These Tips To Boost Your Scrying And Excavation Skill Lines To The Level Cap!

Use Speed Build

Of course you are welcome to use your own speed build, but I will give my suggestions for your reference.

First, I used my Crafter build since it increases my character’s speed and all sets are easy to obtain. I used 5 pieces of Fiord’s Legacy, 5 pieces of Jailbreaker.

Also, if you have enough ESO Gold, I also recommend going for Dual Wield, since you can use Quick Cloak Skill to get Major Expedition.

When it comes to Champion Points, you want to make sure you’re using Celerity and Hasty. You can find them in Warrior Tree, and these will increase your movement speed by 14% and provide a little extra speed boost. Make sure you have at least 20 points in your Sprinter, as this will reduce the cost of the sprint.

Remember, you can use the same build no matter what class your character is, as it is not specific to any class. In fact, they only require gear, skills, and Champion Points to increase your character’s speed. Now our character is fast.

Elder Scrolls Online: Scrying And Excavation Skill Lines

Head To Artaeum Or Bal Foyen

We then need to head to Artaeum to start upgrading our Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines. Launched as part of 2018 Summerset DLC, Artaeum is the perfect place to level up your Scrying and Excavation skill lines.

Since the map is mostly mountains, this reduces the overall size of the map, which allows us to quickly get from one side of the map to the other. This means we can spend less time running and more time actually booting.

However, if you don’t have access to Summerset DLC, I recommend heading to a place like Bal Foyen. This is another smaller location and is part of the base game.

If you do own Summerset DLC and just need access to Artaeum, you have two options. First, you can ask your friends to take you to Artaeum Wayshrine. This will be the fastest and easiest way to get there.

Elder Scrolls Online: Ultimate Artaeum Zone Guide

However, if you would rather do this quest, you can head to Shimmerene Wayshrine in Summerset. Once you load in, an NPC will appear and give you a quest called Queen’s Decree.

After completing the mission and uncovering a major conspiracy in Summerset, you will need to travel to Artaeum to speak with Ritemaster Lachesis. However, once you pass Artaeum’s portal, you can start working on your Scrying and Excavation skill line, and you don’t need to complete the quest unless you want to.

Complete These Scrying And Excavation Leads

Now that we’ve arrived at Artaeum, with our super fast speed build, all we have to do now is scry and excavate.

So, open your journal, go to Antiquities and select the first green lead. Keep repeating this green lead until you reach level 3. When you reach level 3, you can start doing blue leads. This will get you more XP and level up your skill line faster than just doing green leads.

Keep doing blue and green leads until you reach level 5. At level 5, you will start making purple leads. This is when things get more interesting. At this point, you will start traveling to various areas in ESO to complete purple leads.

Elder Scrolls Online: Scrying and Excavation Leads

To do this, open your journal and go to Antiquities section. From there, go to available leads and select the gray area of the item picture. Once you reach the location, you will need to complete blue and green leads to get purple leads.

After completing the purple leads, move to the next location and continue doing this until you reach level 7. Now, once you reach level 7, you will start doing any gold leads. This is when you’ll want to start looking for specific leads, because you can start getting Mythic items, which will give you a lot of XP. Then, keep scrying these purple and gold leads until you reach level 10.

The above is our fastest way to improve Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines. Follow this guide and you’ll be on your way to your goals as quickly as possible!


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