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  • ESO: Mayhem PvP Event is back

    Jul 22, 2022

    The Elder Scrolls Online brought Update 35's PTR last week, and the most notable is the adjustment to light and heavy attacks and changes to the damage ability, which the development team introduced to close the gap between players. And now we are about to have a more intuitive opportunity to test the adjustment of the combat system, that is, the Mayhem PvP Event that will be launched next week.

    Whitestrake's Mayhem in-game event kicks off on July 28 at 10 AM ET. Players can earn Alliance Points, Tickets and XP while participating in PvP, which can be exchanged for unique event rewards. And can get rich rewards such as clothing, armor packs, PvP jewelry, etc.

    All in all, the Mayhem PvP Event requires players to complete PvP competitions to get all the rewards and to exercise a tacit understanding with the team to carry out adventures together. Participating in the event is a wise choice if you really enjoy the sense of achievement that PvP brings and want to experience the adjusted combat system. The way to join the battle is also very simple:

    1. Players can get the quest - "Details on the Whitestrake's Mayhem" in the Crown Store in the game.

    2. Go to your Alliance War faction's main gate in Cyrodiil.

    3. Find the NPC named "Mara the Prophet" and continue the mission. It's worth noting that players who finished last year don't need to do it again.

    4. Complete the quest to receive your Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity and a Pelinal's Boon Box.

    5. . Use the scroll to enjoy a two-hour, 100% buff in the Alliance War, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds to Alliance Points gained and XP gains for PvP player kill, which means double points can be earned in exchange for More rewards.

    House Dufort Banneret Outfit Styles, Black Drake Clanwrap Armor Pack, and a series of game rewards are waiting for you, if you have no confidence in your strength, IGGM will provide you with real improvement services. You can buy ESO Gold here to improve yourself and win in PvP, I believe you can get what you want in the Mayhem PvP Event.

  • ESO: Update 35 will bring major changes to combat

    Jul 18, 2022

    With The Elder Scrolls Online bringing the brand-new Lost Depths DLC, players can not only enjoy the exciting storyline but also gameplay in it. You can also see the developers' efforts to improve the game experience in the upcoming Update 35.

    Recently, the Lost Depths DLC and Update 35 opened up the announcement test server. Players can download and access the test environment by toggling "Show Public Test Environment." Thus, new content can be evaluated.

    In the original base game, players had to understand the "weaving" mechanic in order to win in battle. This is an act of accumulating multiple actions over a global cooldown window, increasing the damage that players end up unleashing. However, this mechanism will lead to a huge difference in performance, and the gap between players with different interaction effects will gradually widen.

    And Update 35 aims to make balance adjustments to the above situation to shorten the gap. In the test server, we'll see the developers adjust these damage stats to a fixed amount to reduce the impact of light and heavy attacks on the damage. This change will narrow the gap between high-end and high-end performance without compromising the low-end experience.

    It is worth mentioning that the improvement of the buff or debuff effect of various items in the combat system can improve the gameplay experience of PvP and PvE for players.

    All in all, Update 35 brings a big change in basic attack and how it deals damage has been radically changed. Both novice and veteran players will experience more fun in the process of learning and using the "weaving" mechanism.

    Update 35 will be coming to PC/Mac with the Lost Depths DLC on August 22, and players will not only be able to capture the fun in an all-new combat system, but also challenge powerful enemies in new dungeons for even more loot.

    IGGM.com will continue to bring you the latest news about The Elder Scrolls Online. If you don't have time for leveling and strengthening, feel free to contact IGGM and buy ESO Gold here. We will bring you the lowest price and the fastest delivery.

  • ESO: New Dungeon DLC Coming August 22nd

    Jul 07, 2022

    With the opening of the High Island chapter, new areas further unfold the story of Legacy of the Bretons, and players gain a deeper understanding of Bretons society. Just recently, Bethesda announced that they will be releasing a new dungeon DLC game pack: The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths.

    The Lost Depths DLC will hit PC/Mac, Steam, and Stadia on August 22, and Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 6, 2022, and players will be able to continue the adventures in Legacy of Bretons.

    This DLC mainly brings two new dungeons to play, players need to gather friends or form a random team of four to deal with the challenges brought by these invaders:

    1. Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon

    The Earthen Root Enclave is located in the Systres Archipelago, which has been invaded and threatened by the Firesong circle. The task of the players is to protect the druid's spiritual sanctuary from the destruction of the druid sanctuary and its ancient relics.

    2. Graven Deep Dungeon

    Graven Deep is a mysterious area in the Abecean Sea, where sailors have discovered that ships that enter here never return. Therefore, players with a sense of justice need to cooperate with the former pirate to explore this unknown and dangerous area. And help the druids find the legendary Druid King's voyage to the Systres.

    Both dungeons will bring players a lot of awesome rewards, including unique outfits, achievements and collectibles, but the exact catalog has not been announced. But it's worth mentioning that the release of Lost Depths is also accompanied by Update 35, which will also receive a series of balance tweaks, bug fixes, and exciting new features for the base game. At the same time, the DLC is about to land on PTS on July 11, and players can get to know the exciting content of this Lost Depths as soon as possible, and expand the story of the more completed Legacy of the Bretons.

    IGGM will also continue to follow up on the exciting content of The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths and provide you with the first time. We also offer ESO Gold for sale for your game progress, you can always visit IGGM.com for more.

  • The Elder Scroll Online: Update 34 will be released with High Isle

    May 19, 2022

    To promote the release of a new chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, Bethesda has been releasing previews of the upcoming content lately. Shortly after it was announced that Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd would be joining the cast, it was also revealed that Update 34 would be released alongside High Isle.

    Update 34 will mainly focus on the improvement of the base game, and new settings and game functions will be added, which will bring players a better gaming experience in the new chapter.

    First of all, as the production team promised last year, the game has updated the types of language support and Spanish will be the sixth language it supports. Due to the growing number of players in Spain, Bethesda is also targeting this part of the market. Players can enjoy fully translated game text, including menus, character dialogue, and more.

    Second, Update 34 brings an update to the U32 Armory. Mundus Stones will be added to the system, meaning players can save builds with specific Mundus Stones and view them in the preview for each slot. When officially released, this new feature will require re-editing of existing builds.

    Not only that, Update 34 adds a new Quick Select Wheel on PC/Mac, now the game has new main and secondary reels, and players have more space to place items in the quick slot and access them quickly. The scope of this feature includes collectible allies, mementos, emotes and tools.

    It can be seen from the recently released game announcement that Bethesda has put a lot of effort into the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: High Island, and I believe players will definitely get a better gaming experience.

    IGGM will continue to update you with the latest news of The Elder Scroll Online: High Isle. To get a head start before the new chapter opens, you can get ESO Gold for sale here, and we will provide you with high-quality services.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Ember is the best Companion you can get

    Apr 24, 2022

    To build momentum for the new chapter High Isle, The Elder Scrolls Online is running a free event, which is available on every platform which ESO on. New players can start a free journey in Tamriel before April 26. For the new chapter High Isle, which will be released in more than a month, ESO has opened a prologue mission for players to experience. For the content of the new chapter, players have made some expected evaluations based on the current information.

    The Companion system is one of ESO's unique mechanisms. Players can choose a non-player character to assist in tasks and battles, so that players who fight alone will not be easily stuck and can cooperate with complex dungeons and difficult battles.

    There are currently two Companions available in the game: Bastian Hallix and Mirri Elendis. Now, Zenimax Online Studios is expanding on the system introduced in Blackwood, adding two new unlockable companions for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle. They are Ember and Isobel. From the information available, Ember The Khajiit may be the best companion option ever.

    Companion's skill line is unlocked not only by combat upgrades but also by Companion Rapport, so players should pay attention to Companion's preferences. From another point of view, this setting will form certain restrictions on the player's behavior, but Ember's restrictions on the rules are not as strict as other characters, so the freedom of action of the player who chooses her is greatly improved.

    Secondly, Ember's series of settings can also bring real help to players. From her Magicka Damage Dealer (DPS) setup, she will be the best choice for long-range damage output, and will not die easily in battle. From the skill bar, she has a higher frequency to release skills, which further increases the overall damage in battle. Players can freely choose equipment to continuously improve their role in battle.

    Overall, Ember is very suitable for most unfettered, adventure-loving players, and ESO's settings for her may have been born based on players' feedback on too many restrictions. I believe that a character like Ember as a Companion can bring you a new experience in High Isle, so is IGGM, which can provide you with cheap ESO Gold to help you have a better start before High Isle, you can continue to pay attention IGGM for more news, we will keep updating.

  • The Best Outfits for The Elder Scrolls Online and How to Get Them

    Mar 24, 2022

    Players can unlock The Elder Scrolls Online's collectibles in a variety of ways, from skins to outfits, there's always something, no matter their cosmetic preferences. However, some of the benefits are only available in expansion packs, so players can get them by purchasing them individually or by purchasing ESO Plus.

    Outfits give players a new look for their characters. If they unlock an outfit for one character, every character in their account will have that outfit unlocked. Here are the best outfits for The Elder Scrolls Online and instructions on how to unlock them.

    The Dark Seducer outfit provides the player's character with a striking and unique piece of armor, and is easily obtainable once they reach 60 Champion Points. After reaching level 50, they start earning champion points, so even new players shouldn't take too long to get this outfit. So this is the perfect beginner's kit.

    Mannimarco is the main villain of the ESO storyline, so players can unlock his outfit to wear on Tamriel's adventures. The costume itself includes armor for the torso, as well as a shiny crown worn on the character's head. Players can unlock by leveling up. This cosmetic can be unlocked on all of their characters once they reach 100 Champion Points. Know that Mannimarco's outfit is a nice reward for reaching the Champion Point milestone.

    Unlocking Orsimer King's Regalia isn't challenging, but it does require some work. First, players need to own the Orsinium DLC, then head to Wrothgar and start the expansion's main questline. After completing the story of the DLC, they will unlock Orsimer King's Regalia.

    Finally, if you want to know about other costumes from The Elder Scrolls Online, please keep an eye on our website - IGGM.com, and I will post relevant information in a timely manner. We are also a website that sells ESO Gold.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online will be implementing an online fix for some time

    Mar 07, 2022

    With some of the largest player counts on Steam, Elden Ring appears to have lived up to its pre-launch hype. With a content-packed open world, Souls-series gameplay, and incredibly deep lore and story, Elden Ring is the unmistakable Game of the Year candidate in the pipeline.


    IGGM attributes much of the game's success to its fresh take on the Souls game: its open-world nature makes it a more accessible game than previous FromSoftware games. Encounters like Elden Ring's Sleeping Dragon will greatly reward players for exploration, making them incredibly powerful before facing the game's main boss. FromSoftware has a proven track record of crafting extremely challenging boss fights. Specifically, combat in the Elden Ring varies widely, with bosses like the Tree Sentinel and the Crucible Knights of the Elden Ring offering insane challenges early in the new game. Perhaps the biggest challenge many players have faced so far has been the game's first story boss, Margit, Omen of the Fall. This particular boss has been a hot topic on the internet, not only because of its difficulty but also because of the way early players encountered it. All things considered, it's one of the toughest encounters FromSoftware has ever had seen.

    One of the biggest arguments surrounding the game, especially after web testing, is the idea that the game looks too simple. In-network testing, players forged their way through the first area, finding powerful weapons, armor, and spells early on. While the game's final version took away many of the early advantages, it did leave behind the ability to become powerful through exploration. Robot_tron's over leveling is one example, while others exist, such as Elden Ring's Rogier's Rapier weapon. Many people believe that Elden Ring and other games should have difficult settings, but in fact, in-game systems (such as the ability to become powerful early) can be used as a way to change the difficulty, as they allow players to lower the difficulty of the game through their actions. It must be noted that robot_tron's level of 93 is absurd, especially considering they haven't played Margit yet. A character at a much lower level will have a good chance of finishing most of the game, but a character at level 93 might have beaten all the bosses. At this level of commitment, it's safe to say that robot_tron can even hit a 100% win rate in Elden Ring. To guarantee to increase the winning rate, you can also improve yourself by purchasing ESO Gold to win.

  • How to Become a Werewolf in ESO

    Mar 02, 2022

    Becoming a werewolf in The Elder Scrolls Online isn't as difficult as you might think. In-game missions do just that. Werewolves and vampires from The Elder Scrolls series have been seen in almost every mainline entry so far. The Elder Scrolls Online features werewolves in multiple locations and storylines throughout Tamriel and gives players the ability to gain werewolf abilities as well. Becoming a werewolf in The Elder Scrolls Online grants various passive abilities and unlocks new skill lines related to the disease. While Vampirism is associated with Magicka, Lycanthropy is primarily associated with Stamina, although there are some abilities and transformations that change the resources used. Werewolves in The Elder Scrolls Online have gained several new abilities, primarily based on their beast shapeshifting, which is activated by an ultimate included in the new skill tree. Activating this ultimate terrifies nearby enemies and increases total stamina and regeneration as well as overall armor and movement speed. The skill line includes abilities like Raid that quickly bring the target closer, as well as Impaling Howl and Contagion Claw, both of which are very powerful damage-oriented abilities. A downside of being a werewolf is that most of their abilities are considered criminal and reward bounties. Another thing to keep in mind is that conversions are limited to werewolf skills, so be prepared to do a lot of light and heavy attacks as you level up. If you want to improve the werewolf skill line, players must kill in the transformed state, and will not naturally increase with professional skills like vampires. There are three ways to become a werewolf in The Elder Scrolls Online: talk to Thoreki, get infected by a player, or buy Pain from the Crown Store. This requires a certain amount of ESO Gold, and the last method is very simple to infect other players because werewolves can be transferred in the game: send a message to Zone Chat in popular areas (Vvardenfell, Leyawiin, etc.) Go to the ceremony site and bite your person, and consider tipping them something in return.

    Alternatively, players can sign up to become Werewolf from NPCs in Bangkorai, Reaper's March, and The Rift (same area of the Discovery Ritual Site). If you can't find a werewolf to infect you at night, look for an NPC named Thoreki in Evermore, Rawl'kha, or Riften. He can help you start the werewolf questline. The above are all the ways to become a werewolf, I hope it can help everyone.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Preview Update

    Feb 25, 2022

    The Elder Scrolls Online Update 33 will be released on PC on March 14 and on PlayStation and Xbox on March 29. The team has largely revealed our extensive preview of the new characters we expect to be added in this patch. IGGM summarizes the main contents of the following updates for you:

    One of the biggest changes in this update is achievements. Achievements will now be done account-wide, so if you get an achievement on one character, it will show up on all of your characters. But this is the case for most of the achievements available in the game, and is doing this for several reasons. For players, it gives you unlocked achievements and titles available to all of your characters without having to do the same thing over and over again. For game developers, merging achievements also reduces the amount of data the database has to process, so it should improve performance.

    This update will also introduce new PVP rewards. Worthy Coffers will have the opportunity to include items from these armor sets: Rallying Cry (light), Hew and Sunder (medium, and Enervating Aura (heavy). These sets make different types of PVP moves more useful. One example is that Rallying Cry can be used in Increases your teammates' weapon and spell damage and crit resistance after you critically hit yourself or an ally. The update also introduces a new set: Dragon guard Berserker Armor, which you can only get by fighting and swapping styles with Tel var Stones get.

    Another part of the update you can buy for your convenience is Giladil the Ragpicker, the deconstruction assistant. She will break down any item you need, no matter where you are. You can get ESO Gold to help you complete the game better, which will be the next assistant in the Crown Store when the patch is released.

    The final version is tied to the upcoming Ascending Tide DLC. However, these changes will apply to everyone's base game.

  • ESO Guide: Where To Find The Western Skyrim Skyshard?

    Mar 25, 2021

    In ESO, there are a total of 18 Western Skyrim skyshards. If you collect 3, you will get 1 skill point as a reward. You can upgrade by locating as many skyshards as possible.

    Most locations are easy to find, but some are tricky, so this article will introduce the 18 locations of skyshard, which will give you a hand.

    Storm Hawk’s Altar

    After reaching Storm Hawk’s Altar, you will find the skyshard about 100 meters northeast of the Altar. Move to the northeast, and when you see the edge of the cliff, the shard is behind a tree on the northern edge of the cliff.

    Frozen Coast

    After reaching the Frozen Coast, you need to move south from the center of the island and move southwest along the cave system. In the cave, you need to stay the right until you reach the coastline, after which this route will lead you to the shard.


    You need to go south through the tunnel system to the top of the mountain, and the shard is on the right side of the cave entrance.


    You can find the shard next to the cliff altar.

    Dragon’s Belly

    It is located to the east of Lendoran Ruin and you can find the shard on top of the huge rock.

    Circle Of Champions

    You can find the skyshard at the top of it. The shard is located to the southeast of the Mor Khazgur Giant Camp and the Mor Khazgur Shrine.


    You can find the shard on the cliffside to the east of it. But if you walk from the fork, you will find the shard on the hill southwest of the fork.

    Chillwind Depths

    You first enter the Frostvenom Spider’s Nest in it. Once you enter, you should look for the path covered by the spider webs, and it will guide you to the shard.

    Hunter’s House

    There is an altar on the east side of it. Skyshard is located to the south of the altar, on top of a boulder.


    Go south from Morthal and head southwest after reaching the fork. The shard is located in the snowy mountains.


    Shard is located in the mound in the center of the city. Just walk the path leading south.

    Greymoor Keep

    You will find the shard outside its southeast wall.

    Midnight Barrow

    It is located to the southeast of Greymoor Keep, and you can find the shard at the bottom of the stairs in the northeast of the midnight barrow.

    Dusktown Wayshrine

    It is located at Swarf’s Bane Ritual Site, south of Greymoor Keep. Once you reach the site, you approach the south of a small inlet and you will find shard in the purple crystal.

    Lightless Hollow

    You can reach the water directly from the south of Wayshrine and you will find the shard at the top of the waterfall.


    You need to walk on the road to the northeast, there is a broken bridge at the end of the path, and the shard is located in the crescent pool.

    Dark Moon Grotto

    Dwarven Ruins is located to the southwest of it. Once inside, you will see the shard behind the rocks on the west of the ruins.

    The Scraps

    You can find the skyshard in a place that looks like a cell to the east of the dungeon.

    This is where all skyshards are located. If you are struggling with this, then this article is very useful. IGGM will also frequently update ESO's relevant game guides, so that you can complete some challenges more smoothly.

    As for ESO Gold, you can also buy cost-effective Gold on IGGM. The more you buy, the more discount you will get, and you can also get a 5% off ESO Gold coupon at the coupon center, so If you want to buy cheap ESO Gold, come to IGGM!

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