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Elder Scrolls Online: What Surprises Are Worth Looking Forward To In Jester’s Festival 2024?

Posted: Mar 29, 2024

The exciting Jester’s Festival 2024 is finally here! The event, which only lasts for one week, started yesterday, March 28, and will continue until Anniversary Jubilee event starts on April 4. In this guide, we’ll cover everything related to the event, including reward boxes, event tickets, quests, achievements, and more.

For new players, the missions in this campaign can be interesting. Players can celebrate the event by completing some special tasks or interacting with some funny NPCs and receive double XP rewards. So, let’s join in!

Elder Scrolls Online: What Surprises Are Worth Looking Forward To In Jester’s Festival 2024?

Double XP Rewards

As I said before, this event provides a 100% XP boost, which used to require using Pie of Misrule memento, but this buff is now automatically activated throughout the event. Of course, you can still get Pie of Misrule by talking to event jesters for the first time.

You can find jesters in event pavilions in Stonefalls, Glenumbra, and Auridon, and they will also provide you with some daily event tasks.

Introductory Tasks

If you’re still not sure where to go, you can pick up the introductory mission for free in Crown Store. You will receive 3 Event Tickets and a Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box for the first event you complete each day.

Event Items

Unfortunately, the only new item for returning players is Jester’s Seeker Suit Outfit Style Pages, which only appear to drop from gold boxes. There are some event achievements related to Joke Popper and Festive Noise Maker parts, but unfortunately, these achievements are still just drops from the gold box.

The only new ticketed items this week are Style Pages for Seeker Suit, but if you missed out on Jester’s Daedroth Suit last year, it looks like you’ll need to spend ESO Gold to get the cloth fragments.

Elder Scrolls Online: Jester's Seeker Suit Outfit Style Pages

There are 7 daily missions in total, and you can complete as many as you want to get more purple boxes. Each jester has 3 daily quests. Completing them for the first time will net you Crown Hat Collectible.

The best place to receive event quests is Stonefalls, which has a quest not found in other pavilions. The daily quest you pick up from the flyer will take you to Stormhaven, where you can pick up an ultimate quest.

Event Achievements

Most other achievements are achieved using consumables dropped from event boxes.

Princess Rescuer

But Princess Rescuer Achievement is tied to Stonefalls daily. You need to plan a pleasant route that avoids the butcher, and keep an eye on the princess to make sure she doesn’t fall behind.

Smile, In The Name Of The Queen

Players can quickly complete Smile, in the Name of the Queen on event wayshrines while a bunch of people are standing together. To complete this achievement, you will also need to use slottable event drops or Cherry Blossom memento, both of which are important.

Elder Scrolls Online: Jester's Festival 2024 Event Achievements

Dazzling Entertainer

To achieve Dazzling Entertainer, you need to use 50 slottable Illusion Dazzlers. You can use any item from the drops and use them anywhere. This can also be done simultaneously using Dazzlers in each Undaunted Enclave.

Pie Achievements

There are then 5 achievements related to slottable pies, and throwing 10 pies to players in other alliances can be accomplished outside of PVP. But if you want, you can also go to Cyrodiil and complete Messy Business.

Throwing pie at each alliance leader can be difficult if you don’t know where to find them. It’s important to note that these locations are based on each alliance’s story progress. You’ll get a bounty for pie-ing them, and you’ll also get a bounty when you pie 10 guards, so you’ll want to have some gold or a Counterfeit Pardon on hand.

Jester’s Personal Chef

Also, this event drop contains 4 recipes that you need to learn in order to earn another achievement.

Anyway, enjoy Jester’s Festival! Happy gaming!


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