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News Tag: Elder Scrolls Online

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Key Mythic Items Every PvE Healer Should Possess

    Posted: May 08, 2024

    Today, I'm going to take a deep dive into some of the must-have gear for healers and reveal some Mythic items that promise to change your gameplay in Elder Scrolls Online. From increasing team utility to increase survivability, increasing mobility, and even providing valuable experience boosts. Let's get started!

    Pearls Of Ehlnofey

    First up, we have the Pearls of Ehlnofey from the Greymoor DLC. When your dominant resource drops below 50% while trying to cast a healing ability, you instantly gain 3 Ultimate abilities.

    This Mythic item is crucial for any endgame PvE healer as you can generate ultimate very quickly and therefore provide more offensive or defensive ultimates during the fight. It is a significant change when combined with Pillager's Profit, Master Architect, or Saxhleel Champion, as it helps to maximize the effectiveness of those sets.

    Ring Of The Wild Hunt

    We can then pick up the Ring of the Wild Hunt from the Greymoor DLC, which is another fantastic find. This ring boosts your movement speed by 15% in combat and a whopping 45% out of combat. Additionally, you can also invest in some ESO Gold to help you if necessary.

    This is a perfect tool for those of you to scry for leads that will lead you to excavation sites where you can find items or fragments of them and it comes in handy for your daily activities such as raids, surveys, questing, and resource gathering.

    Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet

    Next, we have the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet from the Necrom DLC. The Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet enhances your effectiveness against monsters by 15%, grants you minor force to boost your critical damage by 10%, and adds 1650 offensive penetration.

    However, it severely reduces your light and heavy attack damage by 99%. This set is a very powerful choice for AoE fights, and as supports, we often find ourselves farming yet another set lead or resource and we need a damage setup for farming. Having the amulet allows you to make such a setup and farm with ease.

    Spaulder Of Ruin

    Coming next is the Spaulder of Ruin from the Deadlands DLC. Spear features a unique mechanic that toggles a 12 meter Aura of Pride when you crouch. This aura increases weapon and spell damage by 260 for up to 6 group members, though it also reduces your recoveries by 70 for each affected target.

    It's a potent support choice for healers who can manage their resources well and offer a higher weapon and spell damage boost than some of the 5 pieces. For example, the Pearlescent Ward. Note that you do not have to stay crouched for the Aura of Pride to remain active.

    Mora's Whispers

    The next one is the Mora's Whispers from the High Isle DLC. Gain up to 1528 critical chance and a 10% increased Inspiration, Alliance Rank, Alliance Skill, and 15% monster kill experience based on how many books of Shalidor's Library have been collected.

    The Shalidor's Library books are the books that you collect for your major Guild skill-line. Since healers often find themselves needing both healing damage and even Tank Champion Point slottable, having extra Champion Point comes in handy. With this ring, you will grind Champion Point much quicker and spend valuable time you saved in raiding.

    Oakensoul Ring

    Another Mythic item from the High Isle DLC that I want to cover is the Oakensoul Ring. It restricts you from swapping weapon sets, meaning it forces you into a single bar build and compensates by providing a plethora of major and minor buffs, such as Minor Heroism, Minor Force, Major Resolve, Minor Protection, and more.

    It is a powerful combination of buffs in scenarios where you do not have raid buffs available, making it a perfect option for a simple and effective setup for solo or dungeon farming.


    This wraps up the essential Mythic items for healers in Elder Scrolls Online. These items offer unique benefits that can greatly influence your role and effectiveness as a healer. Unlocking these items involves diving into the rich content provided by the Antiquities system, and obtaining them could be a fun activity in its own right.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Are These Golden Vendor Items Deserve To Be Acquired?

    Posted: Apr 27, 2024

    Today, I’ll guide you through the fantastic items available from the Golden Vendor in the Elder Scrolls Online. We’ll explore whether there are any valuable event ticket items in this guide. Leveraging these vendors can serve as a lucrative gold method, potentially helping you make millions.


    When it comes to locating her, you’ll find her situated in Cyrodiil. If you’re in the Blue Team, you can spot her near The Stables within the confines of Northern High Rock Gate. If you are in the Yellow Team, she’ll be positioned towards the bank in Western Elsweyr Gate. And for those in the Red Team, she’ll be stationed in Southern Morrowind Gate.

    Golden Vendor Items

    Let's take a look at the offerings from the Golden Vendor and pick some of them for gold. As usual, she's selling some monster pieces and jewelry.


    When it comes to the jewelry, the Queen's Elegance set isn't particularly impressive but if you're building a heavy attack-focused character and lack of combs, this set might provide some utility. It grants a power boost upon using a fully charged heavy attack, allowing for repeated use. Still, there are better options available for heavy attack builds, so I'd suggest skipping this one.

    Moving on to the Heirloom Necklace, it's not eye-catching, but it's not completely lackluster either. Positioned somewhere in the middle, it offers some stamina sustain for healers in PvE. It's a viable choice if you're looking to enhance group stamina recovery. I recommend acquiring one and invest ESO Gold in it. This purchase allows for experimentation and fine-tuning on the healer character.

    The next item you have for jewelry is the Unleashed Amulet, part of the Unleashed Terror set. This used to be really good, but it's been nerfed quite a bit now. It's not terrible for a DoT version, and worth getting this if you want to fill up your Sticker Book. But it’s not really worth using unless you go for a super DoT build.

    Monster Pieces

    Let's talk about the Lady Thorn set. The Lady Thorn comes from a DLC dungeon, making it a potential acquisition if you're seeking DLC sets. However, its performance is rather middling. You can grab it solely to fill out the Sticker Book, saving the hassle of revisiting the dungeon.

    Let's then discuss the Slimeclaw. Slimeclaw stands out as an excellent choice, particularly for PvE content. If you frequently play stamina characters, having one piece of Slimeclaw in your setup is quite common. Therefore, I highly recommend acquiring this item. While it's possible to farm it, keep in mind that as a shoulder piece, you'll need to use keys, which introduce an element of chance into the process.

    Nonetheless, given its effectiveness, I suggest purchasing at least one of these. In PvP scenarios, its performance isn't exceptional, as there are superior monster sets available. However, for PvE enthusiasts, Slimeclaw is definitely worth adding to your collection.

    Infinite Archive

    Now, let’s go to the Infinite Archive and see if there are any good leads there. The Infinite Archive can sell leads for certain Mythic Items or antiquities, and some of those antiquities can be quite annoying to farm, especially the ones tied to daily quests. Both leads are really hard to get, so it’s always worth checking it out.

    The trader in Infinite Archive is located in the Far East, and he’s called Filur. Filur sells two leads typically, and then some decoration bits. This week, he has a blue furniture and a gold lead for the Dwarven Hinges. My recommendation would be to save your resources for this week.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: These Tank Sets Coming In Gold Road Deserve Your Attention!

    Posted: Apr 23, 2024

    Welcome, fellow players! This time, I'll be reviewing some of the tank-related changes that appear in the upcoming Gold Road chapter in the patch notes of Elder Scrolls Online. Let me start by telling you that the Necromancer's Restoring Tether ability is receiving a 14% healing boost, aiming to align it more closely with similar healing abilities according to ESO spreadsheets.

    Blood Magic

    The Sorcerer's Blood Magic also receives a significant buff. Previously, this passive restored 10% of max HP whenever you dealt damage with a dark magic ability. From a tank's perspective, this meant you'd only proc Crystal Weapon, and then your next 2 light attacks would heal you for 10% of max HP. Now, it triggers whenever you cast a non-free dark magic ability.

    While it's a slight nerf for Crystal Weapon as it only procs once per cast instead of twice, you'll now also heal for 10% whenever you cast Firebrand, Shout, Dark Deal, and Daedric Refuge, which adds up, especially since Dark Deal and Vibrant Shroud already provide healing.

    Ayleid Refuge

    Let's begin with a discussion on sets, starting with the Ayleid Refuge. This heavy set, obtainable from Overland in West Wield, offers an intriguing perk: an 11% damage reduction for 3 seconds after blocking an attack. It's worth noting that tanks typically shy away from defensive item sets, largely because of the lack of compelling options in this category.

    However, the Ayleid Refuge shows some promise, albeit modest. While additional damage mitigation against blockable attacks may seem redundant, the set's potential lies in its ability to mitigate damage from other sources, such as DoT effects, following a successful block. Therefore, while it may not revolutionize tanking strategies, it could still prove beneficial in certain encounters.

    Lucent Echoes

    The next set I'll introduce is Lucent Echoes, originating from the new trial Lucent Citadel. Above 50% HP, it boosts allies' critical damage and healing by 11%. Below 50% HP, it grants a hefty 20% damage mitigation buff to the wearer. It's also essential to prepare for some ESO Gold in advance before the new chapter.

    This set may replace the Elemental Catalyst in trial compositions. While its crit damage bonus is slightly lower than Elemental Catalyst's potential 15%, it's manageable since some groups only require crit damage from 2 elements.

    With Lucent Echoes, we're at 101% of the crit damage cap of 125%. Arcanists reach 12% from Fated Fortune passive, while Wardens achieve similar values with 3 Animal Companions abilities. Templars and Nightblades gain 10% crit damage from class passives, reaching the cap with 7 medium pieces.

    Xoryn's Masterpiece

    Everything discussed regarding the replacement of the Elemental Catalyst remains valid. Xoryn's Masterpiece, the light healer set from the new trial, is unlikely to be utilized on tanks, but I included it for consideration as fitting support sets in team compositions is a collaborative effort.

    While it may occasionally land on a tank, its primary function is to grant 1,667 max stamina and magicka to all allies within 28 meters, equivalent to 158 weapon and spell damage. This makes it a weaker version of the Perfected Vestment of Olorime.

    Rourken Steamguards

    Next, let's discuss the Rourken Steamguards. While they might initially seem useless, the concept behind them was fascinating, despite their poor execution. These Mythic gloves introduce a Parrying mechanic to blocking, rewarding players for raising their block right before an attack hits.

    Ideally, this mechanic would be an innate part of ESO combat rather than limited to a Mythic item. However, the issue lies because this Mythic only grants increased damage mitigation for a brief period. At that point, it seems more efficient to dodge the attack entirely.

    A successful Parrying mechanic with Mythic should offer additional benefits, such as resource restoration, buffs, or enemy debuffs, rather than just providing a temporary damage reduction. The 10-second cooldown further diminishes its effectiveness, as players would need to refrain from blocking for a significant period.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Brief Guide To Grind XP By Destroying Dark Anchors

    Posted: Apr 17, 2024

    In this guide, I’ll show you an easy way to grind XP in Elder Scrolls Online, which is to destroy Dark Anchors. Dark Anchors are specific locations where Molag Bal’s forces set up “anchors”, each area has 3 anchors.

    Dark Anchors are not always active. They’re World Events in Elder Scrolls Online, so you’ll periodically see a group of fanatics start summoning anchors with spells and making them active. You can hear the spell from afar and when the portal opens, the horn will sound, and it’s time to fight to defend Tamriel!

    Location Of Anchors

    As a quick introduction, I’ll mention that at each location where anchors are present, only one anchor is active at a time. If you discover an anchor, you can observe this on the map. The active anchor has a moving icon, and you’ll also see crossed swords on it.

    The Order Of Anchor Activation

    First, you must pay attention to the order in which anchors are activated. For Glenumbra, the pattern is as follows: all you need to do is walk from anchor to anchor in the correct order.

    One thing to consider, though, is that the time between one anchor activating and the next depends on how quickly the player destroys it. Sometimes the anchor may be active for two minutes, sometimes for ten minutes, or even longer. Therefore, strategies for earning XP may vary depending on how long you play the game.

    Because if there is almost no one on the server, you can try to close the anchors yourself and walk from one anchor to another in the correct order.

    Improving The speed Of Your Mount Is Very Important

    However, oftentimes, especially during peak hours, you may not arrive on time, as many players will close the anchor in a short period. You have to judge for yourself whether you will succeed.

    It also depends on how fast your mount is, and whether you’re willing to spend ESO Gold to teleport to another location instead of using Wayshrines. If your mount’s speed, the number of players on the server, or your finances don’t allow you to complete the mission, you’ll have to travel to Wayshrines in a specific mode.

    Recommended Skip Anchor Two

    Then you only need to skip one anchor, but it doesn’t have to always be the same one. For Glenumbra, the pattern is as follows: If you destroy Anchor One, you need to go to Anchor Three. You will then jump over Anchor Two, which will be destroyed by the player at the time.

    Next, go from Anchor Three to Anchor Two, because Anchor One will be opened at this time and other players will destroy the anchor point. After you destroy Anchor Two, head to Anchor One. Normally, Anchor Three would be turned off at that time.

    As for Anchor Three, there is often no one nearby in Glenumbra because it is difficult to reach if you don’t know the way. So sometimes you have to wait longer for it to close, although this is not a rule.

    I often use Anchor Three’s active time to visit merchants. I’m just here to sell the unwanted items I get when destroying anchors. If you don’t want to run from anchor point to anchor point, you can use one of these.

    As far as Glenumbra goes, the reason I recommend Anchor Two is simple. Because there is a boss nearby that you can defeat alone or with others if you are powerful. Of course, if you are a new player, it is a wise choice to team up with them to start the boss battle.

    Sell Additional Items To Merchant

    In your free time, I recommend looking around for merchants and selling unnecessary items. These merchants are scattered in any corner of the map. But another thing I want to tell you is that it’s worth looking around because you’ll often find chests near anchors.

    The last thing I want to tell you is obvious. I recommend using Experience Scrolls to double XP you earn from farming if you have them. Good luck!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: How Does Scribing System Work In The Upcoming Gold Road Chapter?

    Posted: Apr 13, 2024

    As we all know, the launch of each new chapter of Elder Scrolls Online will bring a series of new exploration areas and tasks, or introduce some new mechanisms or systems to bring players a different gaming experience.

    For example, in High Isle, the developers introduced Tales of Tribute card game, Blackwood chapter brought Companions System, and Summerset provided players with Jewelcrafting system.

    The most important update in the upcoming Gold Road chapter is Scribing System, which changes the game to a great extent by giving more variety to the crafting of builds and bringing a series of complex quest lines.

    In this guide, we will introduce the operating mechanism of Scribing System and its related quest line, and talk about our views on this system.

    Scribing System Explained

    As a typical RPG in ESO, game balance is extremely difficult, and the skill customization system in the game is not as free as Spellcrafting system in Gates of Oblivion, but this does not mean that it lacks depth.

    Players have access to over 4,000 combinations of scripts and grimoires in the game, and the system automatically filters out combinations that are overly powerful or useless. This means that as long as you have enough ESO Gold, you can complete the most powerful build based on your play style.

    The 11 new skills are introduced into the game as grimoires, with one for each weapon, world and guild skill line. These grimoires are the basis of Scribing Skills, and the same grimoire can lead to some completely different results by combining three scripts.

    What Do The Different Types Of Scripts Do?

    These scripts are divided into three levels: Focus Scripts, Signature Scripts, and Affix Scripts.

    Focus Scripts largely define where the ability fits in the build, determining its damage type and resources used, and some abilities can even be transformed into taunts or crowd control abilities.

    Signature Scripts provide synergies such as damage and healing over time or increased movement speed.

    Affix Scripts typically add buffs or debuffs, such as Prophecy, Savagery, or Lifesteal.

    While it’s unlikely that a player’s build will revolve entirely around scribed grimoire abilities, the system is a great way to shore up weaknesses in your build or gain new abilities.

    Often, players struggling with survivability might choose to add something with Lifesteal functionality to their repertoire, or an attention-seeking tank might want to put together an extra taunt that doubles as a defensive buff.

    Signature Scripts can even completely change the appearance of the ability. We tried various elements of Elemental Explosion and then changed it to a red explosion when we modified it with the physical damage script.

    Luminaries Questline

    The quest line that comes with Scribing System is one of the most memorable quests we’ve done in Elder Scrolls Online in years, especially because it introduces new lore about the mysterious and sacred Luminaries.

    Luminaries are important to the overall game loop. There are four Luminaries here, giving players a reason to jump through hoops in any order they choose to follow this storyline.

    Just finding each Luminaries was quite a journey, as we had to determine the location of the key fragments by deciphering clues in the book, leading to a brief search for hidden objects mini-game at the destination.

    Once we finally found a Luminary, they asked players to complete some in-game challenges. These might involve clearing a specific area of Delves or Dark Anchors, killing enough of a specific species, or even participating in a PVP battleground.

    While it offloads some of the mission work onto existing game content, we actually appreciate the way it allows us to explore overlooked areas and create motivation to participate in other content.

    We expect the entire questline to take players about six hours in total, although getting to know Scribing System can take up a lot of time. From what we’ve seen, this massive new system and its engaging questline are the highlights of an already strong chapter.

    That’s everything we know so far about Scribing System in the upcoming Gold Road chapter. Mastering them ahead of time will give you a head start when it comes to new expansions!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Master These 5 Methods To Get More Anniversary Gift Boxes Drops!

    Posted: Apr 12, 2024

    As this year’s ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event is in full swing, many people are wondering where to farm Anniversary Gift Boxes most efficiently. That’s where this guide comes in. Here, we’ll provide you with the 5 best ways to help you get the most drops. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    Complete Crafting Writs

    First and foremost is Crafting Writs. Crafting Writs is a repeatable quest in ESO that any certified crafter who is at least level 6 can perform. Completing Crafting Writs will reward ESO Gold, XP, Gift Box, and profession inspiration. Each profession can complete one Writ per day.

    If you’ve been saving materials, Crafting Writs has to be your fastest way to get Gift Boxes at 7 drops in 3-5 minutes, and you can do these on all characters.

    Grinding Dolmens

    The second best way to farm is grinding Dolmens. Dolmens is not only the first choice for XP farming but also one of the important event item drop locations for these popular events.

    Alik’r Desert Dolmen

    In Alik’r Desert, expect a full circle to take about 5 minutes, and if you deal at least 3% damage, you can get a Gift Box from each boss’s corpse. And you can use area damage skills before the boss appears to increase your chances, but if there are enough people, it will be difficult to consistently get drops.

    Other Dolmens

    If you don’t get drops in this area, head to the closer and quieter area from Dolmens to Wayshrines. In quieter areas, they take a little longer to complete, taking about 7 minutes to complete the circuit. If you’re able to deal enough damage, your drop rate will increase significantly.

    So are there additional benefits to running Dolmens? If your final Dolmen boss is a group of 3 enemies, you can get up to 3 boxes in a Dolmen and encounter these multiple bosses in a row in a circuit. So you might get up to 9 Anniversary Boxes in about 7 minutes. But it has to be said that this situation is rare.

    Kill Dragons

    Also, in this event, you can get boxes by killing a dragon quickly. On average, it only takes a minute or less to defeat each dragon.

    But depending on the number of players, you might have trouble consistently finding them in time, and you’ll spend more time moving from a spot to other and waiting for them to spawn than actually fighting them.

    Harrowstorms & Volcanic Vents

    If you want a change of scenery, or you’re tired of constantly dealing damage to Dolmens and Dragons, try Harrowstorms and Volcanic Vents which will net you 1 Gift Box every 3 minutes.

    What’s more, the drops will appear in the final drop chest, rather than the boss itself. This means that whenever you launch an attack, you will receive Anniversary Box. Note that for Dragons, Harrowstorms, and Volcanic Vents, smaller areas are ideal for shorter travel distances.

    World Bosses

    Finally, since World Bosses have a 5-minute respawn time, you can focus on one boss and get 1 box every 5 minutes. In order to get close to Dolmen rates, you need to go around in a circle as you would do Dolmens.

    You can do this by checking out other bosses while waiting to respawn, or by heading to a quiet area and selecting 3 bosses to cycle through.

    I will remind you that although World Bosses in the base game are easier, Vvardenfell World Bosses offer additional event-specific drops, which also add an extra reason to go there. Drops from World Bosses in the northeastern part of Vvardenfell go into chests, so this makes it the easiest to get drops from.

    Don’t forget, Incursions and World Bosses can also be paired with Daily Quests to earn another Anniversary Box.

    Finally, I would say don’t spend too much time on Dolmens because activity burnout is real. You can mix in other activities to prevent yourself from burning out. Daily quests like Dungeons, Tales of Tribute, Delves, and others all take quite a while to earn drops, but are still an option to change the number of repeats.

    Regardless, I hope this information helps you get more Anniversary Gift Boxes! Please enjoy the rest of the event. See you next time!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: What Can We Expect From Anniversary Jubilee Event 2024?

    Posted: Apr 07, 2024

    The much-anticipated ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event has finally arrived! We can continue to join this event until April 23rd and receive a 100% XP boost and a lot of cakes. Here, we’ll share how to get boxes, event tickets, and other cosmetics scattered around the world during Anniversary Event.

    Start Event

    First, to start the event, you need to complete the mission, For Cake’s Sake, and get this year’s Jubilee Cake. You can find chefs near the docks in Auridon, Stonefalls, and Glenumbra, or you can get the starter quest for free in Crown Store, which will take you directly to them.

    How To Get An Anniversary Cake?

    Then, you also need to collect some ingredients and complete some interactions. These can be found near the quest giver, and upon completing the quest, you’ll receive 2024 Anniversary Cake!

    It’s worth noting that XP boost is passively applied to anyone who logs in during the event, so you don’t have to eat cake every few hours to get the bonus. But you still need to use cake every day to get 3 Event Tickets, so don’t forget to grab it and use it!

    Gift Boxes

    This year, you can get Gift Boxes from a few alternative sources, but as always, any daily quest in the game will net you a Gift Box. This includes Daily Writs, so there’s no better time than now to get them done!

    You can also get boxes by killing and looting the last boss or world boss in dungeons, trials, and any incursion event.

    In Rewards for the Worthy mail, you have a chance to win a box from Tales of Tribute rewards. Note, however, that this chance increases based on the number of opponents defeated during Tribute daily and their difficulty.

    You’ll get a gold reward box the first day you complete it, but all subsequent drops will be purple boxes. There are 2 new items in this year’s Gift Box, Earthbone Ayleid Style and Jubilee Steed, but both only appear in the daily gold box.

    Note that Jubilee Steed requires 25 fragments, and these fragments are bound when picked up.

    Obtaining this mount will result in an achievement, but you won’t be able to complete it with what the event offers. This means if you want to complete it, be prepared to spend your ticket.


    The drops in purple boxes compare favorably to last year’s boxes, and include drops familiar to long-time players, as well as guaranteed materials, some of which are profitable. You can make a decent amount of ESO Gold just by selling some of your excess materials.

    Currently, I’ve opened around 300 boxes to test drops and can tell you that new motifs appear to have been added to the drop pool!

    New Cosmetic Replica Rewards

    Besides Gift Boxes, you can also earn new cosmetic replica rewards by doing specific things, but these items are bound when picked up.

    Also, you have a slight chance of finding Outfit Style Pages for Trueflame Sword Replica at any fishing node during the event. This is a very rare drop that can be obtained while fishing in Stonefalls in 2014!

    All Dolmens Loot Chests have a chance to drop Style Pages for Staff of Worms Replica. Any World Boss in Vvardenfell may drop Style Pages of Sunna’rah Replica or Barbas Helmet Replica. Any Geysers in Summerset may drop Style Pages for Ul’vor Staff.

    Event Merchant

    For this event, Impresario also has a huge inventory, including the return of cake furnishings for all cakes!

    Every year you participate in Jubilee, you can buy matching cakes to keep at home. There will also be slices of cake for sale this year, so you can buy whatever you played that year. Earning each slice is associated with an achievement, and each slice is a ticket. So if you are an achievement seeker, keep this in mind!

    For those paying close attention, you’ll need around 25 Event Tickets to complete the achievement, depending on how long you play.

    Besides her usual stock of items, new Jubilee Steed Mount fragments, Earthbone Style Pages, and the first 2 fragments of Master of Schemes Personality are also on sale.

    She will also carry a Jubilee Grab Bag containing old items that are no longer dropped. Note that you will only get items you don’t already have. If you’re new to the game and want to get your hands on some of these items, check out guild traders before picking them up to minimize the potential loot pool.

    Additionally, other merchants have also changed their inventories. Philius Dormier will provide Deadlands Scorcher Skin fragments this time, while Indrik Vendor has been replaced with 2 different mounts and non-combat pets.

    In short, these are the items you can get during ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event! Hurry up and get involved! Enjoy your anniversary celebration!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Follow These Tips To Boost Your Scrying And Excavation Skill Lines To The Level Cap!

    Posted: Apr 02, 2024

    Here, I’ll show you the best ways to level up your Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines quickly to help you get from level 1 to the highest level as quickly as possible. No matter what class you are in, this guide will help you. Let’s get started!

    How To Level Up Your Scrying And Excavation Skill Lines?

    When it comes to leveling up your Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines, the only way to truly increase your level is to complete Scrying and Excavation Leads. In order to do this, we need to complete as many leads as possible in a short period.

    This requires two things. The first is a build that allows us to quickly move from one excavation site to another. The second was to find places where we could move from one side of the map to the other to reduce downtime.

    Use Speed Build

    Of course you are welcome to use your own speed build, but I will give my suggestions for your reference.

    First, I used my Crafter build since it increases my character’s speed and all sets are easy to obtain. I used 5 pieces of Fiord’s Legacy, 5 pieces of Jailbreaker.

    Also, if you have enough ESO Gold, I also recommend going for Dual Wield, since you can use Quick Cloak Skill to get Major Expedition.

    When it comes to Champion Points, you want to make sure you’re using Celerity and Hasty. You can find them in Warrior Tree, and these will increase your movement speed by 14% and provide a little extra speed boost. Make sure you have at least 20 points in your Sprinter, as this will reduce the cost of the sprint.

    Remember, you can use the same build no matter what class your character is, as it is not specific to any class. In fact, they only require gear, skills, and Champion Points to increase your character’s speed. Now our character is fast.

    Head To Artaeum Or Bal Foyen

    We then need to head to Artaeum to start upgrading our Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines. Launched as part of 2018 Summerset DLC, Artaeum is the perfect place to level up your Scrying and Excavation skill lines.

    Since the map is mostly mountains, this reduces the overall size of the map, which allows us to quickly get from one side of the map to the other. This means we can spend less time running and more time actually booting.

    However, if you don’t have access to Summerset DLC, I recommend heading to a place like Bal Foyen. This is another smaller location and is part of the base game.

    If you do own Summerset DLC and just need access to Artaeum, you have two options. First, you can ask your friends to take you to Artaeum Wayshrine. This will be the fastest and easiest way to get there.

    However, if you would rather do this quest, you can head to Shimmerene Wayshrine in Summerset. Once you load in, an NPC will appear and give you a quest called Queen’s Decree.

    After completing the mission and uncovering a major conspiracy in Summerset, you will need to travel to Artaeum to speak with Ritemaster Lachesis. However, once you pass Artaeum’s portal, you can start working on your Scrying and Excavation skill line, and you don’t need to complete the quest unless you want to.

    Complete These Scrying And Excavation Leads

    Now that we’ve arrived at Artaeum, with our super fast speed build, all we have to do now is scry and excavate.

    So, open your journal, go to Antiquities and select the first green lead. Keep repeating this green lead until you reach level 3. When you reach level 3, you can start doing blue leads. This will get you more XP and level up your skill line faster than just doing green leads.

    Keep doing blue and green leads until you reach level 5. At level 5, you will start making purple leads. This is when things get more interesting. At this point, you will start traveling to various areas in ESO to complete purple leads.

    To do this, open your journal and go to Antiquities section. From there, go to available leads and select the gray area of the item picture. Once you reach the location, you will need to complete blue and green leads to get purple leads.

    After completing the purple leads, move to the next location and continue doing this until you reach level 7. Now, once you reach level 7, you will start doing any gold leads. This is when you’ll want to start looking for specific leads, because you can start getting Mythic items, which will give you a lot of XP. Then, keep scrying these purple and gold leads until you reach level 10.

    The above is our fastest way to improve Scrying and Excavation Skill Lines. Follow this guide and you’ll be on your way to your goals as quickly as possible!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: What Surprises Are Worth Looking Forward To In Jester’s Festival 2024?

    Posted: Mar 29, 2024

    The exciting Jester’s Festival 2024 is finally here! The event, which only lasts for one week, started yesterday, March 28, and will continue until Anniversary Jubilee event starts on April 4. In this guide, we’ll cover everything related to the event, including reward boxes, event tickets, quests, achievements, and more.

    For new players, the missions in this campaign can be interesting. Players can celebrate the event by completing some special tasks or interacting with some funny NPCs and receive double XP rewards. So, let’s join in!

    Double XP Rewards

    As I said before, this event provides a 100% XP boost, which used to require using Pie of Misrule memento, but this buff is now automatically activated throughout the event. Of course, you can still get Pie of Misrule by talking to event jesters for the first time.

    You can find jesters in event pavilions in Stonefalls, Glenumbra, and Auridon, and they will also provide you with some daily event tasks.

    Introductory Tasks

    If you’re still not sure where to go, you can pick up the introductory mission for free in Crown Store. You will receive 3 Event Tickets and a Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box for the first event you complete each day.

    Event Items

    Unfortunately, the only new item for returning players is Jester’s Seeker Suit Outfit Style Pages, which only appear to drop from gold boxes. There are some event achievements related to Joke Popper and Festive Noise Maker parts, but unfortunately, these achievements are still just drops from the gold box.

    The only new ticketed items this week are Style Pages for Seeker Suit, but if you missed out on Jester’s Daedroth Suit last year, it looks like you’ll need to spend ESO Gold to get the cloth fragments.

    There are 7 daily missions in total, and you can complete as many as you want to get more purple boxes. Each jester has 3 daily quests. Completing them for the first time will net you Crown Hat Collectible.

    The best place to receive event quests is Stonefalls, which has a quest not found in other pavilions. The daily quest you pick up from the flyer will take you to Stormhaven, where you can pick up an ultimate quest.

    Event Achievements

    Most other achievements are achieved using consumables dropped from event boxes.

    Princess Rescuer

    But Princess Rescuer Achievement is tied to Stonefalls daily. You need to plan a pleasant route that avoids the butcher, and keep an eye on the princess to make sure she doesn’t fall behind.

    Smile, In The Name Of The Queen

    Players can quickly complete Smile, in the Name of the Queen on event wayshrines while a bunch of people are standing together. To complete this achievement, you will also need to use slottable event drops or Cherry Blossom memento, both of which are important.

    Dazzling Entertainer

    To achieve Dazzling Entertainer, you need to use 50 slottable Illusion Dazzlers. You can use any item from the drops and use them anywhere. This can also be done simultaneously using Dazzlers in each Undaunted Enclave.

    Pie Achievements

    There are then 5 achievements related to slottable pies, and throwing 10 pies to players in other alliances can be accomplished outside of PVP. But if you want, you can also go to Cyrodiil and complete Messy Business.

    Throwing pie at each alliance leader can be difficult if you don’t know where to find them. It’s important to note that these locations are based on each alliance’s story progress. You’ll get a bounty for pie-ing them, and you’ll also get a bounty when you pie 10 guards, so you’ll want to have some gold or a Counterfeit Pardon on hand.

    Jester’s Personal Chef

    Also, this event drop contains 4 recipes that you need to learn in order to earn another achievement.

    Anyway, enjoy Jester’s Festival! Happy gaming!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: The Fastest Method To Help Your Provisioning Reach Level 50!

    Posted: Mar 27, 2024

    Provisioning is a crafting profession in Elder Scrolls Online that is used to transform provisioning ingredients into cooked food and brewed drinks. As an important part of the game, Provisioning will save you a lot of ESO Gold once you upgrade it, as the duration of food, drinks and experience drinks will increase significantly.

    In this guide, I’ll share how to level up your Provisioning as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I will show what you need to pay attention to when purchasing the necessary materials and recipes and how many items you need to craft to reach level 50.

    Don’t miss this guide as I will also cover the best places to farm these provisioning ingredients. Let’s get started now!

    How To Level Up Your Provisioning?

    Provisioning skill line is usually upgraded by obtaining Inspiration, which is crafting experience. Inspiration gain cannot be increased through Aetherial Ambrosia, Crown Experience Scrolls, or other experience-raising methods. The only way to increase your inspiration gain is to actually make food or drinks.

    Make High-Level Recipes

    Keep in mind that the higher the level of a recipe, the more XP or Inspiration you get when crafting it. So it pays to make the highest quality recipes possible.

    When you start upgrading your Provisioning, you will make Improvement 1 and Quality 1 recipes. Therefore, in order to upgrade Provisioning as quickly as possible, you need to find or purchase a level 15 recipe with Improvement 1 and Quality 1, for example, Port Hunding Cheese Fries or Pan-Fried Trout.

    While you’re here, you’ll also want to find or buy a level 35 blue or advanced recipe with Improvement 3 and Quality 2, for example, Silver Lotusberry Tea or Jasminkgo Tonic. These are great recipes that we will use to quickly upgrade your Provisioning.

    You will now be able to go to Provisioning Station, select a level 15 green recipe and craft 160 of your first recipes. This should help you reach level 30 quickly.

    Assign Skill Points

    Once you reach level 30, you can invest three skill points in Recipe Improvement and another in Recipe Quality. This will allow you to craft level 30 blue recipes. Once these skill points are allocated, you can start crafting 200 blue level 30 recipes, which will bring your supply to level 50!

    It’s easy, and even Provisioning from level 1 to level 50 only takes about 10 minutes once you’ve gathered all the necessary materials.

    Two Of The Best Places To Farm Provisioning Ingredients

    Now, as we mentioned before, if you want to get more provisioning ingredients, there are two places I would recommend you farm.

    The first is Ilessan Tower Delve Dungeon in Glenumbra. Ilessan Tower is in a small cave outside Daggerfall. Once you dig deeper, you’ll find that there are tons of crates, barrels, and chests filled with all kinds of different provisioning ingredients.

    The next place I recommend is Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor. Normally, Velyn Harbor is a great place for us to run around and get various craft items.

    Once loaded, head to the small island to the northeast, where you’ll find two large barns. In these barns, you’ll find plenty of crates and barrels to loot, filled with ingredients. Once you’ve looted those crates and barrels, you can also choose to upgrade your Blacksmithing and Clothing skill lines here.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, this guide provides some suggestions for you to upgrade Provisioning. Since you will most likely upgrade more characters in the future, it doesn’t matter if you make too many ingredients or recipes. You can store them on a bank or character, so they are available when you create a new character. See you next time!

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