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Elder Scrolls Online: Key Mythic Items Every PvE Healer Should Possess

Posted: May 08, 2024

Posted: May 08, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Today, I'm going to take a deep dive into some of the must-have gear for healers and reveal some Mythic items that promise to change your gameplay in Elder Scrolls Online. From increasing team utility to increase survivability, increasing mobility, and even providing valuable experience boosts. Let's get started!

Elder Scrolls Online: Key Mythic Items Every PvE Healer Should Possess

Pearls Of Ehlnofey

First up, we have the Pearls of Ehlnofey from the Greymoor DLC. When your dominant resource drops below 50% while trying to cast a healing ability, you instantly gain 3 Ultimate abilities.

This Mythic item is crucial for any endgame PvE healer as you can generate ultimate very quickly and therefore provide more offensive or defensive ultimates during the fight. It is a significant change when combined with Pillager's Profit, Master Architect, or Saxhleel Champion, as it helps to maximize the effectiveness of those sets.

Ring Of The Wild Hunt

We can then pick up the Ring of the Wild Hunt from the Greymoor DLC, which is another fantastic find. This ring boosts your movement speed by 15% in combat and a whopping 45% out of combat. Additionally, you can also invest in some ESO Gold to help you if necessary.

This is a perfect tool for those of you to scry for leads that will lead you to excavation sites where you can find items or fragments of them and it comes in handy for your daily activities such as raids, surveys, questing, and resource gathering.

Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet

Next, we have the Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet from the Necrom DLC. The Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet enhances your effectiveness against monsters by 15%, grants you minor force to boost your critical damage by 10%, and adds 1650 offensive penetration.

Elder Scrolls Online Velothi Ur-Mage's Amulet

However, it severely reduces your light and heavy attack damage by 99%. This set is a very powerful choice for AoE fights, and as supports, we often find ourselves farming yet another set lead or resource and we need a damage setup for farming. Having the amulet allows you to make such a setup and farm with ease.

Spaulder Of Ruin

Coming next is the Spaulder of Ruin from the Deadlands DLC. Spear features a unique mechanic that toggles a 12 meter Aura of Pride when you crouch. This aura increases weapon and spell damage by 260 for up to 6 group members, though it also reduces your recoveries by 70 for each affected target.

It's a potent support choice for healers who can manage their resources well and offer a higher weapon and spell damage boost than some of the 5 pieces. For example, the Pearlescent Ward. Note that you do not have to stay crouched for the Aura of Pride to remain active.

Mora's Whispers

The next one is the Mora's Whispers from the High Isle DLC. Gain up to 1528 critical chance and a 10% increased Inspiration, Alliance Rank, Alliance Skill, and 15% monster kill experience based on how many books of Shalidor's Library have been collected.

Elder Scrolls Online Mora's Whispers

The Shalidor's Library books are the books that you collect for your major Guild skill-line. Since healers often find themselves needing both healing damage and even Tank Champion Point slottable, having extra Champion Point comes in handy. With this ring, you will grind Champion Point much quicker and spend valuable time you saved in raiding.

Oakensoul Ring

Another Mythic item from the High Isle DLC that I want to cover is the Oakensoul Ring. It restricts you from swapping weapon sets, meaning it forces you into a single bar build and compensates by providing a plethora of major and minor buffs, such as Minor Heroism, Minor Force, Major Resolve, Minor Protection, and more.

It is a powerful combination of buffs in scenarios where you do not have raid buffs available, making it a perfect option for a simple and effective setup for solo or dungeon farming.


This wraps up the essential Mythic items for healers in Elder Scrolls Online. These items offer unique benefits that can greatly influence your role and effectiveness as a healer. Unlocking these items involves diving into the rich content provided by the Antiquities system, and obtaining them could be a fun activity in its own right.


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