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Elder Scrolls Online: Are These Golden Vendor Items Deserve To Be Acquired?

Posted: Apr 27, 2024

Today, I’ll guide you through the fantastic items available from the Golden Vendor in the Elder Scrolls Online. We’ll explore whether there are any valuable event ticket items in this guide. Leveraging these vendors can serve as a lucrative gold method, potentially helping you make millions.

Elder Scrolls Online: Are These Golden Vendor Items Deserve To Be Acquired?


When it comes to locating her, you’ll find her situated in Cyrodiil. If you’re in the Blue Team, you can spot her near The Stables within the confines of Northern High Rock Gate. If you are in the Yellow Team, she’ll be positioned towards the bank in Western Elsweyr Gate. And for those in the Red Team, she’ll be stationed in Southern Morrowind Gate.

Golden Vendor Items

Let's take a look at the offerings from the Golden Vendor and pick some of them for gold. As usual, she's selling some monster pieces and jewelry.


When it comes to the jewelry, the Queen's Elegance set isn't particularly impressive but if you're building a heavy attack-focused character and lack of combs, this set might provide some utility. It grants a power boost upon using a fully charged heavy attack, allowing for repeated use. Still, there are better options available for heavy attack builds, so I'd suggest skipping this one.

Moving on to the Heirloom Necklace, it's not eye-catching, but it's not completely lackluster either. Positioned somewhere in the middle, it offers some stamina sustain for healers in PvE. It's a viable choice if you're looking to enhance group stamina recovery. I recommend acquiring one and invest ESO Gold in it. This purchase allows for experimentation and fine-tuning on the healer character.

The next item you have for jewelry is the Unleashed Amulet, part of the Unleashed Terror set. This used to be really good, but it's been nerfed quite a bit now. It's not terrible for a DoT version, and worth getting this if you want to fill up your Sticker Book. But it’s not really worth using unless you go for a super DoT build.

Monster Pieces

Let's talk about the Lady Thorn set. The Lady Thorn comes from a DLC dungeon, making it a potential acquisition if you're seeking DLC sets. However, its performance is rather middling. You can grab it solely to fill out the Sticker Book, saving the hassle of revisiting the dungeon.

Elder Scrolls Online Slimeclaw

Let's then discuss the Slimeclaw. Slimeclaw stands out as an excellent choice, particularly for PvE content. If you frequently play stamina characters, having one piece of Slimeclaw in your setup is quite common. Therefore, I highly recommend acquiring this item. While it's possible to farm it, keep in mind that as a shoulder piece, you'll need to use keys, which introduce an element of chance into the process.

Nonetheless, given its effectiveness, I suggest purchasing at least one of these. In PvP scenarios, its performance isn't exceptional, as there are superior monster sets available. However, for PvE enthusiasts, Slimeclaw is definitely worth adding to your collection.

Infinite Archive

Now, let’s go to the Infinite Archive and see if there are any good leads there. The Infinite Archive can sell leads for certain Mythic Items or antiquities, and some of those antiquities can be quite annoying to farm, especially the ones tied to daily quests. Both leads are really hard to get, so it’s always worth checking it out.

The trader in Infinite Archive is located in the Far East, and he’s called Filur. Filur sells two leads typically, and then some decoration bits. This week, he has a blue furniture and a gold lead for the Dwarven Hinges. My recommendation would be to save your resources for this week.


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