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Elder Scrolls Online: These Tank Sets Coming In Gold Road Deserve Your Attention!

Posted: Apr 23, 2024

Posted: Apr 23, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Welcome, fellow players! This time, I'll be reviewing some of the tank-related changes that appear in the upcoming Gold Road chapter in the patch notes of Elder Scrolls Online. Let me start by telling you that the Necromancer's Restoring Tether ability is receiving a 14% healing boost, aiming to align it more closely with similar healing abilities according to ESO spreadsheets.

Elder Scrolls Online: These Tank Sets Coming In Gold Road Deserve Your Attention!

Blood Magic

The Sorcerer's Blood Magic also receives a significant buff. Previously, this passive restored 10% of max HP whenever you dealt damage with a dark magic ability. From a tank's perspective, this meant you'd only proc Crystal Weapon, and then your next 2 light attacks would heal you for 10% of max HP. Now, it triggers whenever you cast a non-free dark magic ability.

While it's a slight nerf for Crystal Weapon as it only procs once per cast instead of twice, you'll now also heal for 10% whenever you cast Firebrand, Shout, Dark Deal, and Daedric Refuge, which adds up, especially since Dark Deal and Vibrant Shroud already provide healing.

Ayleid Refuge

Let's begin with a discussion on sets, starting with the Ayleid Refuge. This heavy set, obtainable from Overland in West Wield, offers an intriguing perk: an 11% damage reduction for 3 seconds after blocking an attack. It's worth noting that tanks typically shy away from defensive item sets, largely because of the lack of compelling options in this category.

However, the Ayleid Refuge shows some promise, albeit modest. While additional damage mitigation against blockable attacks may seem redundant, the set's potential lies in its ability to mitigate damage from other sources, such as DoT effects, following a successful block. Therefore, while it may not revolutionize tanking strategies, it could still prove beneficial in certain encounters.

Lucent Echoes

The next set I'll introduce is Lucent Echoes, originating from the new trial Lucent Citadel. Above 50% HP, it boosts allies' critical damage and healing by 11%. Below 50% HP, it grants a hefty 20% damage mitigation buff to the wearer. It's also essential to prepare for some ESO Gold in advance before the new chapter.

Elder Scrolls Online Lucent Citadel

This set may replace the Elemental Catalyst in trial compositions. While its crit damage bonus is slightly lower than Elemental Catalyst's potential 15%, it's manageable since some groups only require crit damage from 2 elements.

With Lucent Echoes, we're at 101% of the crit damage cap of 125%. Arcanists reach 12% from Fated Fortune passive, while Wardens achieve similar values with 3 Animal Companions abilities. Templars and Nightblades gain 10% crit damage from class passives, reaching the cap with 7 medium pieces.

Xoryn's Masterpiece

Everything discussed regarding the replacement of the Elemental Catalyst remains valid. Xoryn's Masterpiece, the light healer set from the new trial, is unlikely to be utilized on tanks, but I included it for consideration as fitting support sets in team compositions is a collaborative effort.

While it may occasionally land on a tank, its primary function is to grant 1,667 max stamina and magicka to all allies within 28 meters, equivalent to 158 weapon and spell damage. This makes it a weaker version of the Perfected Vestment of Olorime.

Rourken Steamguards

Next, let's discuss the Rourken Steamguards. While they might initially seem useless, the concept behind them was fascinating, despite their poor execution. These Mythic gloves introduce a Parrying mechanic to blocking, rewarding players for raising their block right before an attack hits.

Ideally, this mechanic would be an innate part of ESO combat rather than limited to a Mythic item. However, the issue lies because this Mythic only grants increased damage mitigation for a brief period. At that point, it seems more efficient to dodge the attack entirely.

A successful Parrying mechanic with Mythic should offer additional benefits, such as resource restoration, buffs, or enemy debuffs, rather than just providing a temporary damage reduction. The 10-second cooldown further diminishes its effectiveness, as players would need to refrain from blocking for a significant period.


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