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Elder Scrolls Online: A Brief Guide To Grind XP By Destroying Dark Anchors

Posted: Apr 17, 2024

Posted: Apr 17, 2024

Source:  IGGM

In this guide, I’ll show you an easy way to grind XP in Elder Scrolls Online, which is to destroy Dark Anchors. Dark Anchors are specific locations where Molag Bal’s forces set up “anchors”, each area has 3 anchors.

Dark Anchors are not always active. They’re World Events in Elder Scrolls Online, so you’ll periodically see a group of fanatics start summoning anchors with spells and making them active. You can hear the spell from afar and when the portal opens, the horn will sound, and it’s time to fight to defend Tamriel!

Location Of Anchors

As a quick introduction, I’ll mention that at each location where anchors are present, only one anchor is active at a time. If you discover an anchor, you can observe this on the map. The active anchor has a moving icon, and you’ll also see crossed swords on it.

Elder Scrolls Online: A Brief Guide To Grind XP By Destroying Dark Anchors

The Order Of Anchor Activation

First, you must pay attention to the order in which anchors are activated. For Glenumbra, the pattern is as follows: all you need to do is walk from anchor to anchor in the correct order.

One thing to consider, though, is that the time between one anchor activating and the next depends on how quickly the player destroys it. Sometimes the anchor may be active for two minutes, sometimes for ten minutes, or even longer. Therefore, strategies for earning XP may vary depending on how long you play the game.

Because if there is almost no one on the server, you can try to close the anchors yourself and walk from one anchor to another in the correct order.

Improving The speed Of Your Mount Is Very Important

However, oftentimes, especially during peak hours, you may not arrive on time, as many players will close the anchor in a short period. You have to judge for yourself whether you will succeed.

It also depends on how fast your mount is, and whether you’re willing to spend ESO Gold to teleport to another location instead of using Wayshrines. If your mount’s speed, the number of players on the server, or your finances don’t allow you to complete the mission, you’ll have to travel to Wayshrines in a specific mode.

Recommended Skip Anchor Two

Then you only need to skip one anchor, but it doesn’t have to always be the same one. For Glenumbra, the pattern is as follows: If you destroy Anchor One, you need to go to Anchor Three. You will then jump over Anchor Two, which will be destroyed by the player at the time.

Next, go from Anchor Three to Anchor Two, because Anchor One will be opened at this time and other players will destroy the anchor point. After you destroy Anchor Two, head to Anchor One. Normally, Anchor Three would be turned off at that time.

As for Anchor Three, there is often no one nearby in Glenumbra because it is difficult to reach if you don’t know the way. So sometimes you have to wait longer for it to close, although this is not a rule.

Elder Scrolls Online: Glenumbra Dark Anchors

I often use Anchor Three’s active time to visit merchants. I’m just here to sell the unwanted items I get when destroying anchors. If you don’t want to run from anchor point to anchor point, you can use one of these.

As far as Glenumbra goes, the reason I recommend Anchor Two is simple. Because there is a boss nearby that you can defeat alone or with others if you are powerful. Of course, if you are a new player, it is a wise choice to team up with them to start the boss battle.

Sell Additional Items To Merchant

In your free time, I recommend looking around for merchants and selling unnecessary items. These merchants are scattered in any corner of the map. But another thing I want to tell you is that it’s worth looking around because you’ll often find chests near anchors.

The last thing I want to tell you is obvious. I recommend using Experience Scrolls to double XP you earn from farming if you have them. Good luck!


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