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Elder Scrolls Online: Master These 5 Methods To Get More Anniversary Gift Boxes Drops!

Posted: Apr 12, 2024

As this year’s ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event is in full swing, many people are wondering where to farm Anniversary Gift Boxes most efficiently. That’s where this guide comes in. Here, we’ll provide you with the 5 best ways to help you get the most drops. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Complete Crafting Writs

First and foremost is Crafting Writs. Crafting Writs is a repeatable quest in ESO that any certified crafter who is at least level 6 can perform. Completing Crafting Writs will reward ESO Gold, XP, Gift Box, and profession inspiration. Each profession can complete one Writ per day.

If you’ve been saving materials, Crafting Writs has to be your fastest way to get Gift Boxes at 7 drops in 3-5 minutes, and you can do these on all characters.

Elder Scrolls Online: Master These 5 Methods To Get More Anniversary Gift Boxes Drops!

Grinding Dolmens

The second best way to farm is grinding Dolmens. Dolmens is not only the first choice for XP farming but also one of the important event item drop locations for these popular events.

Alik’r Desert Dolmen

In Alik’r Desert, expect a full circle to take about 5 minutes, and if you deal at least 3% damage, you can get a Gift Box from each boss’s corpse. And you can use area damage skills before the boss appears to increase your chances, but if there are enough people, it will be difficult to consistently get drops.

Elder Scrolls Online: Alik'r Desert Dolmen Runs

Other Dolmens

If you don’t get drops in this area, head to the closer and quieter area from Dolmens to Wayshrines. In quieter areas, they take a little longer to complete, taking about 7 minutes to complete the circuit. If you’re able to deal enough damage, your drop rate will increase significantly.

So are there additional benefits to running Dolmens? If your final Dolmen boss is a group of 3 enemies, you can get up to 3 boxes in a Dolmen and encounter these multiple bosses in a row in a circuit. So you might get up to 9 Anniversary Boxes in about 7 minutes. But it has to be said that this situation is rare.

Kill Dragons

Also, in this event, you can get boxes by killing a dragon quickly. On average, it only takes a minute or less to defeat each dragon.

But depending on the number of players, you might have trouble consistently finding them in time, and you’ll spend more time moving from a spot to other and waiting for them to spawn than actually fighting them.

Harrowstorms & Volcanic Vents

If you want a change of scenery, or you’re tired of constantly dealing damage to Dolmens and Dragons, try Harrowstorms and Volcanic Vents which will net you 1 Gift Box every 3 minutes.

What’s more, the drops will appear in the final drop chest, rather than the boss itself. This means that whenever you launch an attack, you will receive Anniversary Box. Note that for Dragons, Harrowstorms, and Volcanic Vents, smaller areas are ideal for shorter travel distances.

World Bosses

Finally, since World Bosses have a 5-minute respawn time, you can focus on one boss and get 1 box every 5 minutes. In order to get close to Dolmen rates, you need to go around in a circle as you would do Dolmens.

You can do this by checking out other bosses while waiting to respawn, or by heading to a quiet area and selecting 3 bosses to cycle through.

ESO: Every World Boss In Vvardenfell

I will remind you that although World Bosses in the base game are easier, Vvardenfell World Bosses offer additional event-specific drops, which also add an extra reason to go there. Drops from World Bosses in the northeastern part of Vvardenfell go into chests, so this makes it the easiest to get drops from.

Don’t forget, Incursions and World Bosses can also be paired with Daily Quests to earn another Anniversary Box.

Finally, I would say don’t spend too much time on Dolmens because activity burnout is real. You can mix in other activities to prevent yourself from burning out. Daily quests like Dungeons, Tales of Tribute, Delves, and others all take quite a while to earn drops, but are still an option to change the number of repeats.

Regardless, I hope this information helps you get more Anniversary Gift Boxes! Please enjoy the rest of the event. See you next time!


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