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General News

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: You’ll Need These Best New Recipes As An Illustrious Cook

    Posted: Jun 17, 2024

    Cataclysm expansion has torn Azeroth apart once again, and with the release of the new World of Warcraft expansion comes a new level cap of 85 for characters, as well as professions like Fishing, First Aid, and Cooking.

    Illustrious Grand Master in the latest version starts at level 425, the highest level in Wrath expansion, capping at 525. This also means a whole new set of daily cooking quests and new recipes to use.

    For players who want to have a taste for fine cooking, there are over 30 new recipes to learn in Cataclysm, even if you don’t have the skill and the buffs. However, these Chef’s Awards take a lot of time to accumulate, so you’ll need to prioritize your recipes. This guide will introduce you to some of the most useful Illustrious Grand Master cooks as you explore the new areas.

    Knowing About Recipes

    Each major city, such as Dalaran and Shattrath, a neutral city, will have a Cooking trainer who will teach you Illustrious Cooking Mastery. Once you visit the trainer and gain Illustrious Cooking Mastery skill, you can craft new Cataclysm recipes.

    Each major city will have 5 different Daily Quests for both factions, and completing all of them will earn your Achievements. These are things you can learn from your trainer, or you can earn from vendors using Chef’s Awards. Other rare and magical recipes can be earned by honing your reputation with WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold.

    For those new to these events, it can be a question of which areas are more likely to find what Cooking materials. Hyjal and Vash’jr are the first places players visit, so you’ll want to make sure you have your fishing gear fully stocked before you start exploring.

    The following recipes all cost 3 Chef’s Awards, and while Cooking materials may be item level 80 or higher, the recipes have no level requirements. As long as you don’t mind taking a few risks when gathering materials, they’ll increase Cooking from 425 to 525 without having to go past level 80.

    The good news is that even if you have unlocked no quests or flight paths, you can still explore new areas and go fishing or hunting.

    Illustrious Cooking At 450

    This is probably the easiest recipe for low-level Chefs to get started with, as long as you’re at level 450. You can use the buffs from these foods for grinding, PVE, and non-Heroic dungeons. Don’t forget to invest in some Imported Supplies for those hard-to-find materials.

    Feathered Lure

    This material is quite interesting and doesn’t really deserve to be a recipe, but since Fishing and Cooking are related in some ways, it makes sense to include it here. This item will help level up both classes.

    • Regents: Delicate Wing
    • Buffs: +100 Fishing skill for 10 minutes
    • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

    Broiled Mountain Trout

    This recipe’s enhanced Stamina and Haste is useful for any class, especially Rogues, DPS Warriors, Pally tanks, and Warlocks.

    • Regents: Mountain Trout
    • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Haste rating for 1 hour
    • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

    Whitecrest Gumbo

    Priests, Shamans, and Druids will benefit the most from this recipe, especially those who need to fight in close combat frequently.

    • Regents: Blood Shrimp
    • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Spirit for 1 hour
    • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

    Lightly Fried Lurker

    Critical Strike provides now also applies to spell-casting, so this recipe is very effective for any DPS class.

    • Regents: Striped Lurker
    • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Plus Critical Strike Rating for 1 hour
    • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

    Illustrious Cooking From 475 To 500

    After exploring some of the new areas of Azeroth, players will gain valuable experience in the best places to farm regeants, which means more advanced recipes can be explored.

    Pickled Guppy

    This recipe can be said to be tailored for Shamans, Warlocks, and Paladins. After using this recipe, you will gain a greater advantage in battle.

    • Regents: Highland Guppy
    • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Intellect for 1 hour
    • How To Unlock: Reach 475 Cooking

    Hearty Seafood Soup

    The best recipe for Warriors, Paladins, and any type of tank class is here. You can get extra health and damage from it, greatly increasing your tankiness.

    • Regents: Blood Shrimp
    • Buffs: +90 Stamina and Strength for 1 hour
    • How To Unlock: Reach 475 Cooking

    Scalding Murglesnout

    This recipe will restore both health and mana, and will not cancel any recipe buffs your character already has, which means you can stack them, which is very useful!

    • Regents: Deepsea Sagefish
    • Buffs: Not Applicable
    • How To Unlock: Reach 500 Cooking

    Delicious Sagefish Tail

    This recipe is perfect for casters who need extra health and will greatly increase their survivability.

    • Regents: Deepsea Sagefish
    • Buffs: +90 Stamina and Spirit for 1 hour
    • How To Unlock: Reach 500 Cooking

    Illustrious Cooking From 505 To 525

    When you reach levels 505 to 525, congratulations! You can cook some high level Feasts for raids and dungeon parties, as well as make some snacks and desserts.

    Chocolate Cookie

    This recipe requires you to unlock the achievement “You’ll Feel Right As Rain.”

    • Regeants: Simple flour and cocoa beans
    • Buffs: Description says, “Makes you feel a little better.”
    • How To Unlock: Reach 505 Cooking

    South Island Ice Tea

    This happy hour cocktail is also meant to help you regenerate mana faster, but you need to use it with discretion.

    • Regeants: Tropical sunfruit and refreshing spring water
    • Buffs: Gets your tipsy and restores mana
    • How To Unlock: Reach 525 Cooking

    Seafood Magnifique Feast

    This recipe is mainly for feeding and buffing the entire raiding party, and is also closely related to guild membership.

    • Regeants: Highland Guppy, Lavascale Catfish and Fathom Eel
    • Buffs: +90 Stamina and other essentials for one hour
    • How To Unlock: Reach Level 525 and earn guild reputation to get this recipe from the seller.

    I hope this guide helped you with crafting recipes, and I wish you happy exploration of the game, and we'll see you in Azeroth!

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: Follow These Combat Tips To Easily Beat Halls Of Origination!

    Posted: Jun 11, 2024

    Halls of Origination is one of the most popular dungeons in WOW Cataclysm Classic, not only because it has a vast and complex environment for players to explore, but also because of the seven uniquely challenging bosses and the rich loot in the dungeon. Although four of them are technically optional, the items they can drop are definitely worth your pursuit.

    Halls of Origination is a final dungeon unlocked at level 84, and it provides a fair challenge for players on their journey.

    The dungeon is located in Uldum, almost directly north of Vortex Pinnacle. Most players will encounter it during quests, especially during Harrison Jones questline.

    Boss Encounter Guide

    Next, let’s talk about the seven bosses you will encounter in Halls of Origination and how to defeat them.

    Temple Guardian Anhuur

    The first one you will face is Temple Guardian Anhuur. Luckily, this is also the easiest boss you’ll face in the dungeon.

    Burning Light is an area attack that players must avoid. At the same time, Anhuur applies Divine Reckoning to random players. This deals significant damage to the player and heals the boss for 5 times as much damage. Therefore, it’s crucial to dispel Reckoning before it expires.

    Other key abilities to watch out for are Shield of Light and Reverberating Hymn. Once health reaches 66% and 33%, Anhuur will gain a full absorb shield and begin channeling.

    Two players will need to head to opposite sides of the room to activate the lever. It’s important to avoid angering Pit Vipers, as it will prevent the other player from using the lever. Then you’ll just have to cycle through the stages before defeating the boss.

    Earthrager Ptah

    Another easy boss fight in the dungeon is Earthrager Ptah, thanks to the simplicity of its mechanics and relatively easy damage and aggro checks.

    Raging Smash is the main damage effect to watch out for, as it deals massive damage to the tank and two other players in melee range.

    When health drops to 50%, the boss will despawn and summon adds. Tanks should quickly kill these mobs and burn them down with DPS.

    Once the adds are dead, Ptah will reappear. During this time, continue to watch out for and avoid Tornado and other environmental hazards. Players will defeat the boss easily by simply continuing to deal as much damage as possible while avoiding Melee Cleave.


    Anraphet is one of the three bosses we will encounter in Halls of Origination. Its key skill is Alpha Beams, which targets random players and deals damage in a 5-yard radius around them.

    As a damage-dealing skill, they can be a little difficult to avoid, but once you learn the cast time, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

    Additionally, Tanks and Healers need to be careful with Nemesis Strike, which deals Shadow damage every two seconds for ten seconds. Quickly dispel it to keep the tank’s health level up.

    In addition, the entire team will be hit by Omega Stance, which will deal a lot of damage and slow the team by 50%. Fortunately, healing can negate the slowing effect as much as possible. Therefore, it is very important to spend some WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold to prepare Healing Potions before entering the dungeon!

    The biggest attack to watch out for in this fight is Crumbling Ruin. This skill reduces the team’s health by 10%, which can be stacked up to ten times. Once hit by this attack, the entire team is doomed. The victory of the entire battle ultimately depends on whether the team can output enough damage to end the battle before the boss.

    Isiset, Construct Of Magic

    Isiset is arguably the most difficult of the four optional bosses to defeat.

    The first spell you need to pay attention to is Supernova. When the boss casts the spell, all members of the team must turn around before it ends to avoid getting lost.

    Astral Rain is an important AoE spell, and healers must stay ahead of it because of its enormous area of ​​effect. Additionally, you’ll need to coordinate with your companions and quickly dispatch Celestial Familiars to keep the boss’ damage under control.

    At 66% health and 33% health left, Isiset will split into several Familiars. Note that all of these are tied to specific abilities, so while the boss can no longer cast Familiars, other abilities will be enhanced.

    Ammunae, Construct Of Life

    To defeat Ammunae, a DPS character will need to keep an eye on Seedling Pods, which will appear periodically throughout the fight. You’ll need to kill them quickly to prevent them from unleashing stacking heals on the boss, which will make it very difficult to kill it.

    These Pods can also turn into Bloodpetal Blossoms, which deal impressive damage. If the boss manages to spawn some, kill them quickly.

    Setesh, Construct Of Destruction

    Setesh has several powerful abilities that can quickly wipe out the entire party if not handled correctly.

    Chaos Bolts will target random players instead of melee attacks. There is little you can do to mitigate this damage, so healers need to be aware of who is getting hit.

    The main thing to do in this fight is to be aware of where Setesh is summoning portals. These portals will quickly start summoning adds, which can become a big problem, so it’s your job as a DPS to destroy the portals as quickly as possible.

    These Seeds of Chaos on the floor are also not to be underestimated. You can stand near them and wait for them to explode. While you will take some damage, it will increase your damage by a large amount for 15 seconds, making it well worth the effort.

    Rajh, Construct Of Sun

    Rajh will be the most interesting fight you will encounter in Halls of Origination dungeon. Rajh starts with 100 energy, which he uses to cast his abilities. Be aware that once his energy is completely depleted, he will head to the center of the room to recharge and cast a huge AoE that is difficult for players to survive.

    To avoid this, players need to try to keep his energy meter up by interrupting as many of his ability casts as possible. Both Inferno Leap and Summon Sun Orb can be interrupted, so you should take advantage of every possible opportunity.

    The above are the 7 bosses you need to face in Halls of Origination. With these tips, you will easily pass the dungeon and get rich loot!

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: Choose These 10 DPS Specs To Make Your Game More Comfortable!

    Posted: Jun 06, 2024

    For all gamers, the pursuit of the ultimate experience in the game is very necessary. However, no game is perfectly balanced, and Cataclysm Classic is no exception. In terms of pure DPS, some classes are better than others, and choosing a DPS Spec that can cause crazy damage is an important factor in satisfying players’ pursuit.

    After Phase 1 of World of WarCraft: Cataclysm Classic went online, many players wanted to return to the battlefield with a very ideal DPS Spec so that they could easily find a Raid group.

    Knowing the 10 best DPS Specs to play in Cataclysm Classic currently shown to you in this guide will help you make a choice.

    1. Unholy Death Knight

    Unholy Death Knight is one of Death Knights, and they are particularly powerful. The super powerful Summon Gargoyle’s skills contribute the most to their power, and they can produce huge AoE bursts and continuous Single Target Damage. They excel at Dungeon Farming, and there is no raid encounter that they cannot excel at.

    The other Death Knight, Blood Death Knight, is an extremely powerful Tank, and both DPS Specs are in the top ten. However, Unholy Death Knight performed well in Cataclysm Classic and can be said to be the best DPS Spec in Phase 1 of World of WarCraft: Cataclysm Classic.

    2. Survival Hunter

    Hunter can play an important role in team battles due to its tremendous damage and the powerful utility hunters it has (such as Misdirection). Survival Hunter is an important one among them because they do not need a lot of equipment to play a role.

    However, the quality of equipment will affect the ability of Survival Hunter, but they will start to cause tremendous damage before Gear Dependent Spec.

    If you are interested in Survival Hunter, you can use WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold to provide it with the necessary equipment.

    3. Fire Mage

    Fire Mage can achieve results that other Specs cannot approach in many situations, but this requires good game operation, proper settings, and a little luck. Because it requires luck to achieve optimal DPS, even if this RNG element doesn’t detract too much from its power, it’s still a frustrating trait for some players.

    Fire Mage’s iconic Combustion in Cataclysm Classic takes this Spec to a whole new level.

    4. Demonology Warlock

    Phase 1 of Cataclysm Classic is a great time to experience Demonology Warlock. Demonology Warlock offers incredible burst in both AoE situations and Single Target Encounters.

    Demonology Warlock has been reworked from Wrath, and everything came together at the beginning in Cataclysm. As a Warlock, they also offer a ton of utility and AoE cooldowns.

    5. Arms Warrior

    Arms Warrior has amazing and sustainable Single Target Damage and an excellent Burst Window with a short cooldown.

    It’s easy to see why Arms Warrior is extremely powerful and has been an S-Tier Spec throughout the Phase. And not only is it great now, it’s been great throughout the entirety of the Cataclysm and is a highly anticipated Spec.

    6. Elemental Shaman

    Elemental Shamans have excellent On Demand AoE Damage and consistent Single Target Damage, but lack the burst damage above their Specs.

    As Shamans, they also bring a ton of valuable Raid Buffs to the team, which makes them shine in any Raid Comp.

    7. Shadow Priest

    Shadow Priests are a brilliant choice for your Raid group at this level, as they bring incredible utility to Raid, and some Raids even completely need the utility of Priests.

    However, Shadow Priests have solid damage in both Single Target and AoE scenarios, but lag far behind the above Specs.

    8. Frost Death Knight

    Frost Death Knight is also a type of Death Knight. Frost Death Knight is similar to Unholy Death Knight in some ways, but differs in how it deals with damage.

    While Unholy Death Knight focuses on summoning Minions and applying DoTs, Frost Death Knight focuses on repeatedly hitting enemies hard with powerful striking abilities and the passive effect of Short Burst Window. Frost Death Knight also lacks in terms of AoE compared to Unholy Death Knight.

    While Frost Death Knight is certainly worse than Unholy Death Knight, it is still a great spec and is much better than most other DPS specs in the game at the moment.

    9. Affliction Warlock

    Affliction Warlock is also a Warlock. Affliction Warlock provides huge AoE damage by spreading their DoTs and brings the strong utility you expect from Warlock Class. They do lack sustained Single Target Damage, though.

    10. Arcane Mage

    Arcane Mage is also a Mage. Arcane Mage is a good choice, but will perform very well in front of Fire Mage with similar skills.

    Arcane Mage has great utility and Single Target Damage, but there is one Spec that offers all of those same benefits but with far more AoE damage than any other class.

    So there you have it, the 10 best DPS Specs to play in Cataclysm Classic right now. Be sure to check it out, pay attention to these classes and pick a DPS Spec that deals insane amounts of damage that can help you outshine your competition in the game.

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: How To Easily Complete Bastion Of Twilight Raid? - A Step-By-Step Guide

    Posted: May 31, 2024

    WoW Cataclysm Classic has been out for about 2 weeks now, so it's time to provide you some tips on how to go through dungeons. Today I'm going to be giving you a complete guide on how to raid Bastion of Twilight. Follow my step and let's dive in!

    Halfus Wyrmbreaker

    There are 5 dragons in the back of the room, but only 3 will be active. Each active dragon gives Halfus a buff. When you free a dragon, it'll debuff the boss, but then they will turn aggressive. You want to have one tank on Halfus and the other tank on the drakes you released.

    If you have Slate Dragon active, you want to taunt swap Halfus on 3 stacks. The priority order is Storm Rider, Nether Scion, Time Warden, Whelps, and Slate Dragon. It is advisable to free 2 drakes straight away so you can beat enrage timer.

    When you kill a drake, Halfus will take 100% more damage and this will stack. You may want to only kill 2 drakes. However, if Whelp Cage is active, you can have a tank pick these up and passively AoE them down as they don't deal too much damage.

    At 50%, Halfus will now cast Furious Roar. This is 3 raid-wide stuns in quick succession. Make sure you have HotS rolling and a cooldown on the tank. If Storm Rider is one of the dragons available, Halfus will cast Shadow Nova immediately afterward. You'll have to use an ability to get out of stun to be able to interrupt this: Blink, Counterspell, PvP Trinket, Every Man for Himself and so on.

    On Heroic, all dragons are active. Release Nether Scion, Storm Rider, and the whelps at the start. Try to nuke them all together. Of course, you can also use WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold to help you complete. Once they are dead, you can either choose to release Slate Dragon so you don't have to worry about tank stacks or just nuke the boss.

    Valiona & Theralion

    Spread out around the boss. Blackout will go on a random player. Stack up and dispel it to split this AoE damage. When the boss starts casting Devouring Flames, get behind her. This is a 180° Flame Breath, not a cone. It does, however, deal less damage the further away you are from her, so if you can't get behind, get far away. Move out of swirlies on the ground.

    Dragon swap time: When the dragons swap places, have your range stack up. The boss will turn to face a ranged player and put a big Void Zone on the target. When you see the boss turn, this is your cue to move. Try and stack Void Zones close to one another so you don't run out of room.

    Engulfing Magic will be put on by a player. This is just a pulsating AOE based on your damage, so run out of your group. If you get the meteor debuff, run to the melee group and stack up. This is a split AOE. Towards the end of this phase, Valiona will do 3 mechanics on one-third of the room. You need to move out of this. When this is finished, it will swap back to phase one.

    On Heroic, a Twilight Sentry will spawn in the Twilight realm every few seconds. They will deal damage to your raid. Both dragons apply a DoT called Twilight Shift every 20 seconds to the tank. At five stacks, it will send you and anyone close to you to the shadow realm.

    While the tank can run to the portal immediately, you should send down some DPS and a healer to clear up all the sentries. You'll get a stacking debuff while down there, so leave before your stacks hit around 20.

    Ascendant Council

    The encounter comprises several phases, each with distinct mechanics to manage effectively. In Phase 1, 2 bosses, Feludius and Ignacious, spawn. Melee players focus on Ignacious, while ranged players target Feludius. Tanks should keep Feludius away from the group to mitigate damage from its close-range AoE attacks.

    Ignacious targets a random player, so you need to knock them back and leave a trail of fire as he charges back. Nuking Ignacious's shield interrupts his fire AoE attack. Feludius applies Heart of Ice debuff, increasing damage over time but boosting nearby players' damage against Ignacious. Players stack with melee for this, dispelling the debuff once everyone receives the damage buff. Players should avoid water falling onto the ground and remove the Water Log debuff by running into fire.

    On Heroic difficulty, Static Overload and Gravity Core debuffs are introduced, requiring affected players to run away or move away from affected players, respectively. Phase two begins when one boss reaches 25% of health.

    Players focus on Arion and Terrastra, utilizing Swirling Winds buff from Cyclone and grounding themselves with Gravity Well to mitigate Arion's Thundershock damage. Interrupting Arion's Lightning Blast and avoiding Lightning Rod debuff are crucial.

    Besides, players must handle Terrastra's Eruption and Harden Skin abilities, moving away from spikes and interrupting Harden Skin. On Heroic difficulty, Ignacious's Flame Strike leaves fire patches, and Arion summons a Frozen Orb that players kite into the fire.

    Phase 3 initiates when one boss reaches 25% health, merging all bosses. Players spread out to minimize Electric Instability chaining damage and avoid standing in pools of ice. They must also evade fire seeds and ensure players affected by Gravity Crush are topped off to survive the fall damage.


    During this encounter, players will need to manage their Corrupted Blood level, which increases as the boss uses abilities and deals with damage. For every 25 percent of Corrupted Blood, players will gain a new debuff:

    • At 25%, players receive a dispellable debuff.
    • At 50%, characters will start vomiting, so it's essential to turn away from allies.
    • At 75%, players will begin casting Shadow Bolts on nearby allies.
    • At 100%, players become unhealable but deal double damage with instant casts. Ranged players should stack slightly behind melee to manage this phase effectively.

    Tanks should swap on Fury of Cho'gall. The boss can mind control players, who will channel a buff on the boss. Interrupt them quickly or use AoE CC. Abilities like Flame Orders and Shadow Orders will affect the tank differently and require appropriate responses.

    Throughout the fight, ads will spawn, which one tank should pick up. These ads have abilities like Shadow Crash and AoE Depravity, which should be interrupted. When an ad dies, it leaves behind a pool that should be moved away, and ranged players should finish it off. If the ad is alive after 30 seconds, it will cast Festering Blood, causing massive AoE damage.

    On Heroic difficulty, Fire and Shadow Elementals are summoned, absorbing damage and dealing extra damage based on the ad's health. DPS should focus on the boss, using tank cooldowns for Flames Orders and raid cooldowns for Shadow Orders.

    When Cho'gall reaches 25% health, any remaining ads despawn, and Phase 2 begins. Players should spread out around the boss, dealing with pulsing AoE damage and quickly nuking tentacles. On Heroic difficulty, Spike Tentacles spawn, which can be ignored to focus on beating the DPS.


    Phase 1 of this encounter requires careful positioning and coordination. The boss has a massive aggro radius, so it's advisable to have a Hunter reset the boss for optimal positioning and DPS uptime. The raid should spread out along the edge of the platform, staying within 15 yards of each other.

    Once the boss reaches 35% health, the raid should move to the back of the room and position underneath the shield. Ranged players can continue focusing on the boss, while melee players begin killing the whelps at the back of the room. It's crucial to kite these whelps and kill them one by one to prevent resurrection from puddles left behind.

    During this phase, healers should focus on keeping the raid alive, particularly the tanks who will be tanking Twilight Eggs. Melee DPS should prioritize interrupting Twilight Spike Collars to prevent Unleash Essence casts.

    Once the Twilight Egg is knocked out, the team should return to the Phase 1 location and focus on killing the monsters on the tank. This phase is essentially Phase 1 with increased damage, but players will receive a beneficial buff for 3 minutes. It's essential to continue killing whelps towards the back of the room.

    Hope you can find this guide useful and enjoy you time in WoW Cataclysm Classic.

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: Don't Miss These Ways To Build Massive Gold Wealth

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    Since WoW Cataclysm Classic has been online for about a week, I am going to share with you an efficient gold making guide which can help you obtain tons of gold in WoW Cataclysm Classic. It contains methods from AFK gold making to daily quests and some others. Let's get started!


    Below are 4 specific types of gold making in WoW Cataclysm Classic.

    1. Open World Farming: This is the least scalable method of them all. But it is a very important way to generate that initial income to level professions.
    2. Profession-Based Methods: Crafting items that bind gear to sell, prospecting ores to sell gems, or you can even gamble on Darkmoon Cards and sell them on Auction House.
    3. Daily Quests: These have an outsized importance in WoW Cataclysm Classic because they're used to gate some of the most lucrative recipes in Azeroth.
    4. AFK: This is the most scalable method of them all. These are the AFK passive cooldowns from professions that allow you to generate thousands of gold per week.

    Open World Farming

    Let's quickly start with open world farming. The reason we're starting with that is that if you want to make large number of WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold, you kind of have to have some startup gold. So, Volatile elements farming is the most popular method by far right now.

    What I would do is search the Auction House for all the different elements - Volatile Fire, Volatile Air, Volatile Water, and Volatile Earth. Whichever one's the most valuable, that's what you're going to go out and farm.

    • For Volatile Air, my recommended location would be Uldum near the middle of the map.
    • For Volatile Water, which is currently the most valuable on my server, that would be west of Dragonmaw Port.
    • For Volatile Earth, which is cratering in price and I would not recommend farming it, that would be found near Black Breach in Twilight Highlands.
    • For Volatile Fire, east of Sulfuron Spire in Mount Hyjal is a very good spot as well.

    Profession-Based Methods

    Let's then talk about professional gold making in detail. After leveling, you can immediately rush your Jewelcrafting to 500 to prospect Pyrite Ore. It's worth noting that with any of these professions, you could actually max them out at Level 75 and don't have to be Level 85.

    With so many Miners at the start of the phase, you are able to buy over 12,000 Pyrite Ore very cheaply. It is important to note that this ore is purchased in large chunks. Prospecting that nearly 200,000 gold worth of ores led to a variety of gems.

    In addition, Prospecting works in Cataclysm are exactly like it did in Wrath of the Lich King. You can just get 5 ores and use macros to spam as fast as possible. Each prospect has a chance to generate uncommon gems and the new Inferno Rubies are still the most valuable item by far to receive in Prospecting.

    Next, let me talk about some specific ways I'm taking. The 2 methods I'm setting myself up with for a full expansion of wealth are daily quests and passive gold-making. The 2 methods I'm setting myself up with for a full expansion of wealth are daily quests and passive gold making.

    Daily Quests

    As for daily quests, the new Tol Barad daily quests reward about 50 gold each. So, just one time per day before Tol Barad, I'm going to pick up all the quests near the portal, and then complete all the quests. We can earn over 350 gold in about 20 minutes. In other words, unless you are playing in an Alliance, you can make gold using this method. These dailies are setting characters up that'll make us tens of thousands of gold in the next couple of weeks.

    Starting with Jewelcrafting, these new dailies are arguably the single best long-term profit maker in WoW Cataclysm Classic. Your reward for doing that is 16 gold. Far more importantly, you get a Jewelcrafter's Token.

    These tokens are used to get recipes so you can cut rare gems like the Bold Inferno Rubies for Warriors. Since the recipes take so long to get, you're guaranteed profit by doing these cuts for the next several weeks.

    However, this isn't the only daily quest that Blizzard designed to heavily reward the savviest and most dedicated players though. Azeroth's brightest gold makers are speeding up their Cooking as quickly as possible. The reason to do these dailies, just like with Jewelcrafting, is to unlock the invaluable recipes.

    These recipes are gated behind Chef's Award, and you can only get these from daily quests. The more recipes you have, the more potential gold you have flipping on the Auction House. Profit potential is well over 5,000 gold per hour.


    The last method to talk about is passive AFK gold making. After all, Cooking and Jewelcrafting still require a fair amount of manual backbreaking labor. The single best profession cooldown by far is Truegold. Truegold is a one-day cooldown, so every single day you can make over 1,000 gold like clockwork.

    The next best profession cooldown is Dreamcloth, and that is a bind-on-pickup cooldown and it uses Embersilk Cloth and Volatile elements. The way that you unload your profit is to craft items like the Dreamless Belt, and then you can sell those items on the Auction House for insane profit. Currently, the belts are worth over 18,000 gold right now to mages.


    Having talked about the 4 ways of Cataclysm gold making, from the open world farming to the professions, the dailies, and of course the cooldowns. Hopefully, you are set up to maximize your profit-making. I'm curious what you think about gold making in WoW Cataclysm Classic.

  • WoW Cataclysm Classic: What Earth-Shaking Changes Will Druids Bring?

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    Druid is considered by most players to be the most diverse class in World of Warcraft. Its three different forms can take care of the ideas of most players, and everyone can find something that suits them.

    However, Cataclysm will be a little special in the new version, which requires taking into account the status of each profession in the new version. Let us first review the previous performance of Druids.

    Although Druids did not obtain the fourth specialized equipment until Mists of Pandaria, in the new version of Cataclysm, in order to allow players to better obtain this specialized equipment, the usefulness of the first three specialized equipment will be increased. It’s also possible that Balance and Restoration Druids will continue to perform better in the first few weeks of the update.

    Feral Druids are very competitive whether they are used as tanks or DPS. Players looking to fill a role will find better options in other Druids specs, and even a variety of substitutable classes. Then follow this guide to learn about the changes to Druids in WoW Cataclysm Classic!

    WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold can be used to purchase necessary items, equipment, services, consumables and mounts. In addition, you can use WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold to train new abilities and professions, as well as repair equipment and have reagents. Let you be one step ahead!

    Level 81: Thrash

    Thrash and Swipe are the two top priority skills when dealing with multiple enemies. Whiplash is a good choice even if you only have one target, as its attack power scales well. This means that as your level increases, the damage output of this skill will increase accordingly, making it a reliable option in combat. Whether in PvE or PvP scenarios, mastering the use of these skills will greatly improve your combat efficiency and winning rate.

    In Bears level, a new button has been added to make Druids Tanking rotation more interesting. Thrash will increase the damage effect. If used in conjunction with a talent that increases damage to bleeding targets, it will make Swipe even more effective. This is very important for Druids Tanking throughout the update.

    Level 83: Stampeding Roar

    Although this new skill is not the most amazing in this version of Cataclysm Classic, Stampeding Roar is indeed a very practical tool. When switched to this, the caster and any allies standing within 10 yards move 60% fasterfor 8 sec. It can be used in PVP battle mode. Using this ability outside of Bear Form or Cat Form activates Bear Form.Waiting for your exploration!

    Level 85: Wild Mushroom

    In common, grow a magical Mushroom with 5 Health at the target location. After 6 sec, the Mushroom will become invisible. When detonated by the Druid, all Mushrooms will explode, dealing Nature damage to all nearby enemies within 6 yards.

    Among the three abilities added to Druids' arsenal in this new version of Cataclysm, Wild Mushroom is undoubtedly the coolest. This skill allows players to place dormant mushrooms near enemies. After four seconds, they become invisible, but explode for damage when an enemy steps on them. Alternatively, you can manually detonate it early. It’s up to you.

    Wild Mushroom is primarily an area of effect skill, but can also deal large amounts of damage to a single enemy. It’s a more reliable option in PVP battle mode, allowing Druids to lock onto choke points to expose the enemy’s tracks. He’s also best suited as part of a Balance Druids building, since this skill provides some complementary talents.

    After introducing the three new skills of Druids, let us take a look at the new talents, masteries and spec changes about Druids.

    At this stage, all three Druids have been updated to a certain extent, especially Feral, which will become easier to use in Cataclysm. By now, veteran players all know that if you rotate the wrong Feral DPS Druids, the consequences will be disastrous. But it’s not as serious in the new Cataclysm, which makes it easier for some new players to get started.

    Balance Druids will gain two new skills in this Cataclysm - Nature’s Torrent and Solar Beam. Nature’s Torrent will cause Nature or Arcane damage, depending on which one does the most damage. Solar Beam will silence the target and drag the target to move, which is very useful in PVP!

    Restoration Druids can use Efflorescence talent in Cataclysm. When Regrowth deals a fatal final blow to a friendly target, Efflorescence will create a healing garden for the friendly target, allowing the friendly target to stay alive. This also makes Restoration Druids one of the best specs among the three Druids.

    The benefits of mastering all skills and modalities are well known. Feral Druids gain Melee Critical Damage and Vengeance for Cat and Bear, respectively. For Restoration Druids, Meditation increases Mana regeneration in combat, while Balance Druids gain Spell Haste and Eclipse to encourage switching between Nature and Arcane abilities.

    After reading this guide, do you feel that Druids have become more diverse? Let us look forward to Druids' outstanding performance in WoW Cataclysm Classic! Let’s wait and see.

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: Reach Level 85 With The Formidable Death Knight - Build & Leveling Strategies

    Posted: May 23, 2024

    In WoW Cataclysm Classic, the Death Knight stands out as one of the most powerful classes. This class has become absolute powerhouses in the open world. The combination of self-healing, active mitigation, and AoE damage makes them unrivaled in solo dungeon leveling. So in this guide, I'll introduce you to a potent Death Knight build and various methods designed to reach Level 85 swiftly.

    Death Knight Leveling Build

    The ultimate choice for this purpose is the Gripstrike build, which boasts exceptional effectiveness for several reasons.

    • Firstly, Unholy Command resets your death grip cooldown every time you eliminate an enemy.
    • Secondly, Butchery grants you 20 runic power with each kill.
    • Thirdly, Unholy Presence reduces your global cooldown to half a second and enhances your movement speed by 15%.
    • Lastly, having 2 Oracle Talisman of Ablution trinkets, obtainable from achieving the Exalted status with the Oracles, completes the setup.

    If you don't possess sufficient WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold to get the Oracle Talisman of Ablution, then doing the same build with normal trinkets will be just fine. It'll just be slightly slower, and you may find yourself sometimes with empty global if you have Death Grip as well. Remember to have a cancelaura macro for the trinket tied to your flying mount while running this build.

    In addition to those 4 key acquisitions, it's highly recommended to wield a Two-Handed Sword, acquiring Runic Power Mastery for an extra 30 runic power. Alongside these talents and glyphs, Glyph of Frost Strike, Dark Succor, and Death Grip will be pivotal in enabling this build.

    As far as rotations go, you can start by putting up diseases and then just grip and Frost Strike until your runic power is depleted. Then obliterate until the target is dead. Once you get higher up in levels, you can start the fight with a Howling Blast to get Frost Fever on the target, but I never recommend Plague Strike. Then, we pick up 2 points in On a Pale Horse to speed up the traveling process.


    Let's delve into a strategy that many players gravitate towards: questing. In WoW Cataclysm Classic, questing routes are quite linear, so instead of discussing how to quest, we'll focus on the most efficient build to pick through quests.

    As you progress in levels, self-sustainability becomes increasingly crucial, making the Dark Succor indispensable. Since Frost Strikes constitute the bulk of your leveling rotation, investing a Frost and Unholy rune into a Death Strike to heal yourself for 20% proves immensely valuable.

    Prioritize reforging everything into Mastery while also focusing on Hit as a secondary stat. This configuration ensures that every time you dispatch an enemy, you'll have a full runic power bar and a ready grip, enabling you to effortlessly dispatch foes.

    Either way, the benefit of questing to Level 85 is you'll get a bunch of reputation in order to unlock 333 and 346 item level gear right at Level 85, and you will get a bunch of gear as you get to the later levels, making obtaining that Level 329 item to queue Heroic dungeons easier.

    Dungeon Farming

    For those hesitant to rely on the open world's stability upon launch, solo dungeon farming presents a viable alternative. This strategy is most effective between levels 80 to 82, although it can be extended to Level 85, offering substantial experience gains at the expense of progress in other areas.

    Besides, you can have dungeon farming as a 5-man group. This strategy is worth considering only if you have a 5-man group with players you know and trust. While it grants more experience than questing, especially in areas with heavy competition, it's not as efficient as solo farming.

    With group dungeon farming, you won't gain any reputation unless your group decides to complete a few quests together to gain faction favor. However, reputation gains will only start once you reach Level 83 and begin tackling dungeons. The advantage is the possibility of obtaining 333 item level loot and potentially starting Heroic dungeon queues earlier as a group.

    Achieving Level 85 early is essential for accessing Heroic dungeons, requiring a minimum item level of 329. However, reaching Level 85 solely through dungeon farming, particularly in full ICC gear, is a daunting task best suited for alts.

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: These 5 New Rare Hunter Pets Will Bring Fun To Your Life! - Locations & Taming Tips

    Posted: May 21, 2024

    With the official release of WOW Cataclysm Classic, we’ve found some interesting new Hunter Pets added to the expansion for players to tame, including some rare pets and others that require completing challenges in subsequent patches.

    Developer Kris Zierhut says that all the special encounter rare pets for Hunters introduced during Cataclysm’s launch will be available, and no changes have been made to their spawn timers, locations, or paths. In addition, the highly anticipated Taming Challenges will be available later, and these tamed beasts have special buffs and difficulties for Hunters.

    In this guide, we’ll talk about Hunter Pets you can get when WoW Cataclysm launches. However, it’s important to remember that you must be at least the same level as the pet to tame it, which means you’ll have to wait until level 85 to get some of these rare pets. Many of these are Exotic Spirit Beasts, so they also require players to have the top-tier Beast Mastery Talent to capture them.

    If you want to get these rare Hunter Pets as soon as you start the game, it is definitely a wise choice to prepare enough WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold.

    Recommended Add-ons

    For all of these, I recommend using the add-on SilverDragon to help notify you when they appear near you, and using a coordinate add-on like TomTom to tell you exactly where you are in the game. This way, you can always create a targeting macro for the pet you are hunting and put it on a keybind that can be easily sent.

    5. Ghostcrawler

    Ghostcrawler is a level 85 spectral crab Spirit Beast with a powerful Nerfbat ability that reduces the unfair attack of all skills. You will find it roaming in Abandoned Reef on the underwater continent of Vashj’ir.

    This area is far underwater, and it may take a long time to find him, and you have to cover a large part of the area to find him. So even if you don’t level up in Vashj’ir, it is worth getting Seahorse Mounts for this.

    Keep an eye on your shoulder when roaming, as the giant, elite monster Kolorath patrols this area, and he’s too powerful for one hunter to handle alone.

    Ghostcrawler is easy to spot when it surfaces. His ghostly white figure makes him stand out in the dark water. But he has a long patrol route, and will regularly disappear and reappear along the route whether you tame him or not, so SilverDragon add-on is particularly useful here.

    Unlike other pets, he can’t be captured, and he’s capable of a lot of damage. So it’s worth casting a Deterrence before starting to tame him.

    Since Ghostcrawler runs through almost the entire Abandoned Reef area in the southwest corner of Vashj’ir’s Abyssal Depths zone, we can’t give his specific coordinates, but he does like to go closer to the southern/ocean-side ledge.

    4. Karoma

    In Cataclysm Classic, Hunters with enough Haste gear could tame Spectral Wolf briefly summoned by enemy Shamans in Swamp of Sorrows until the creature was repaired and no longer tameable.

    Those who missed out will get a second chance with the level 85 Spirit Beast Karoma, whose Spectral Wolf Model is based on Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

    You can find Karoma in one of six locations in the southeast quadrant of Twilight Highlands zone.

    3. Sambas

    If Karoma is Horde-Shaman-themed Hunter Pet in Twilight Highlands, then Sambas absolutely represents Alliance.

    This level 85 Golden Lion is taken directly from Alliance logo and is based on the same model as the new 1,500 gold guild level 25 mount, Relics of the Sun King. He can be found in one of several locations in a loose arc at the top of the zone.

    It’s worth noting that despite being rare, Sambas is not a Spirit Beast, so Non-Beast Mastery Hunters can tame him.

    2. Terrorpene

    Terrorpene is a level 81 Fire Turtle that patrols the eastern shore of Sulfuron Spire Lava Pit, near Firelands Raid instance in Mount Hyjal. He’s available now, but Firelands Raid itself won’t be available until after Molten Front patch is released.

    He’s also not a Spirit Beast, so any Hunter can tame him. But his attacks are strong, so Deterrence is once again worth a try. If you’re not max level, buying a bottle of Potion of Speed ​​ahead of time will definitely help your taming process.

    If you have Fishing skill, you can fish in Volatile Fire pools near Lava Pit while waiting for him to spawn for other gains.

    1. Madexx

    Madexx is a level 84 Scorpid in Uldum with a unique skin that matches the new Horde level-25 Guild Mount, just like Sambas matches Alliance version. Any Hunter can tame him.

    He appears in five different colors, and will retain the color he appears in after being tamed. He comes in green, red, brown, black, and blue, and all colors will spawn in the same area of ​​Sahket Wastes between the rivers in northern Uldum.

    Unfortunately, there is an Archaeology digsite in the area where Madexx is located, so it is difficult to find him alive. Or, if you want to look on the bright side, you will usually have something to do while waiting for him to appear.

    So those are the five rare Hunter Pets that we can get after the release of WoW Cataclysm Classic. Good luck taming all the new pets!

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: Try These Recommended UI Addons For A Better Gaming Experience

    Posted: May 17, 2024

    Hi, fellow gamers! I know a lot of you are in need of a simple UI guide, and with the WoW Cataclysm Classic just around the corner, this is the perfect time to set it up to be fast and smooth. Let me walk you through several important addons you need to have. Let's get started!


    The first thing that you need to do is to get the CurseForge addon updated. You’ve got to be able to keep track of all of your addons and update them with every new patch, especially at the beginning of the new WoW expansion. There are going to be a lot of bugs, so having this updated every day before you log in by pressing 'Update All' on the addons is going to make your game smoother.


    DarkMode is an addon that can darken various user interface (UI) elements in the game. Once installed, it uniformly alters the appearance of Action Bars, Unit Frames, Minimaps, Character Panels, Quest Logs, and more, creating a dark look across the entire interface. Its installation is very simple and does not require any setup.

    Easy Frames

    Easy Frames are smooth and clean, providing a lot of information. With this addon, you can access the settings and choose class-colored frames, which will apply the class color to every frame. You can further customize these frames, adjusting their size and appearance. Easy focus target, party frames - they all have a uniform look, with names displayed above and customizable name colors. Besides, you can adjust the size of buffs, including font size.


    Onto the next addon, which is called the SexyMap. Simply install it, right-click it, navigate to User-Submitted Presets, and select Faded Square. This is the preset that I prefer and you can choose it too. You can adjust the scale of the map - I recommend use it at 1.1, but you can increase it further if you prefer. You also have the option to lock the map. However, you can also keep it unlocked for easy dragging.

    Rested XP

    Another addon frequently requested is the Rested XP, which you may already be familiar with or have installed. If you wish to integrate it seamlessly into your entire UI, simply right-click, navigate to Options, then Look and Feel, and choose Dark Mode by Bypass. Additionally, you can adjust the scale to your preference. This will give your UI a darker appearance.


    Another component of this UI setup is the bag, which can be managed using Bagnon. This addon is popular with many players for its smooth integration and aesthetic appeal. With Bagnon, you can easily customize it to match the rest of your UI. Simply right-click to access the options menu, then choose a skin.

    You can adjust the background color to a darker shade and also customize the border color accordingly. This helps the bag seamlessly blend into the overall UI, complementing the square map, guide, and other elements. Bagnon also offers convenient functionality, allowing you to easily check the amount of WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold across different characters and effortlessly rearrange items as needed.


    Another aspect of this UI setup is the map, which you can achieve clean and icon-free by using a tool called HidingBar. With this addon, all the usual map icons are neatly tucked away, providing a clutter-free interface. You can easily customize the placement of the HidingBar by dragging it to your preferred location.

    When you hover over the HidingBar, various options such as Looking for Group, Bulletin Board, and Nova World Buffs become available, allowing for quick access to essential features without cluttering the map. Overall, HidingBar helps maintain a clean and unobstructed view while playing the game.

    Leatrix Map

    The next one is a beautiful setup - Leatrix Map. In my opinion, it should be a default addon for any WoW Classic player. It's minimalistic, allowing you to zoom in and move it around to your heart's content. Plus, it has a stylish dark theme, but if that's not your style, you can probably customize the color to your liking.

    Leatrix Plus

    Another essential addon is Leatrix Plus. It offers a variety of enhancements for your interface. For instance, you can double the size of your Quest Log and Tooltips with just a simple click. You can also customize your Tooltip to attach it to your mouse pointer or to the right of the screen. Leatrix Plus also provides options to display guild ranks of other players and show unit targets' health bars, among other useful features.

    Moreover, Leatrix Plus offers additional functionalities such as disabling loot warnings, enabling faster auto-loot, and maximizing camera zoom. You can also fine-tune your chat settings, ensuring a clutter-free interface. These features are invaluable throughout your adventures in the WoW Cataclysm and beyond.


    Last, I'll be utilizing an addon known as SpellActivationOverlay, seamlessly integrating it into this UI setup. It proves beneficial for a multitude of classes, enhancing gameplay with its captivating animations. Whether it's Elemental Shamans or any other class, these visual cues ensure you maximize your performance.

  • WOW Cataclysm Classic: Accelerate Your Epic Item Acquisition With Archaeology Leveling

    Posted: May 15, 2024

    Archaeology, introduced as a secondary profession in WoW Cataclysm Classic, offers access to some of the game's most formidable items, such as Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds, or the Staff of Sorcerer Thane-Thaurissan. In this guide, we'll explore how to swiftly and efficiently level up Archaeology, ensuring you acquire these remarkable items along the journey.

    Essential Addons

    First of all, if you’re leveling Archaeology, there are 3 addons that I highly recommend. You might already be familiar with them, but if not, they can significantly enhance your Archaeology experience. These addons are the GatherMate2 Classic, Minimal Archaeology, and TomTom. Together, they streamline the Archaeology process, making it much more convenient and efficient.

    GatherMate2 Classic allows you to easily identify locations where you've previously excavated Archaeology fragments. By consulting your map, you can swiftly pinpoint these spots and prioritize them for your next dig. If a particular location doesn't yield the desired fragments, GatherMate2 Classic provides directional cues through color indicators like red, yellow, and green.

    Utilizing this information, you can deduce the most probable location based on past visits. TomTom complements this by offering a helpful arrow to guide your path, while Minimal Archaeology determines the destination of this arrow.

    Together, these addons streamline the Archaeology process, transforming it from a task requiring thoughtful consideration into a straightforward endeavor akin to following a guided path, akin to the ease of following the blue arrow in RestedXP.

    Read More: These Preparations You Can Undertake During WOW Cataclysm Classic Pre-Patch

    Archaeology Leveling

    When you first learn Archaeology, from levels 1 to 50, you'll be gaining skill-ups by simply digging up fragments. Past that level, digging up fragments won't level up your profession. So, it's advisable to avoid crafting any artifacts until you're at Level 50. It's a good idea to carry enough WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold with you.

    Craft items to avoid reaching the fragment cap, but ensure you reach level 450 with around 200 fragments for that specific race. Don't spend all your fragments on crafting useless items before reaching this milestone. Additionally, the best continent for leveling up in Archaeology is Eastern Kingdoms. It's slightly smaller than Kalimdor and tends to have dig sites closer to each other.

    You'll also unlock Outland dig sites at Level 300, Northrend dig sites at Level 375, and Uldum dig sites for Tol'vir artifacts at 450. Stick to Eastern Kingdoms until you reach max level or obtain the item you're after, as there's little point in traveling to other continents unless you specifically need an item from those races.

    One aspect not often discussed is that the Epic items obtained from Archaeology are all account-bound, meaning you can mail them to any of your alts. This makes Archaeology more alt-friendly, as you only need to level it once on one character. Although obtaining a pre-BiS item from this profession is long and tedious, if you happen to get one for a class you already have, at least you didn't obtain it for nothing.

    The minimum level to start seeing big-ticket items is 450. Avoid crafting items from the race that has your pre-BiS before reaching this level. However, there's a cap of 200 fragments for each race, and you'll likely reach this cap on your way to 450 if you don't craft anything from them.

    Drop Rates

    Lastly, let's talk about drop rates. In Archaeology, every race has a set amount of common and rare artifacts that can appear and thankfully only one Epic artifact, meaning we can easily calculate the odds you'll get your Epic item from those races.

    For Trolls, the odds of getting the Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds are thankfully among the highest at 7%. For Dwarves, the Staff is unfortunately only at 3%. The Epic chest from Night Elves at 4%, 10% for the Epic male helmet from Orcs, 17% for the one-handed axe from Fossils.

    Here is a bit particular as it has 6 Epic items out of a total of 13 artifacts, making your odds of getting an Epic artifact at 46%. However, you cannot guarantee which one you'll get. And also, Tol'vir artifacts share spawns with all of Dwarf dig sites, making these two artifacts quite tough to get if you're after them.

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