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WOW Cataclysm Classic: Follow These Combat Tips To Easily Beat Halls Of Origination!

Posted: Jun 11, 2024

Halls of Origination is one of the most popular dungeons in WOW Cataclysm Classic, not only because it has a vast and complex environment for players to explore, but also because of the seven uniquely challenging bosses and the rich loot in the dungeon. Although four of them are technically optional, the items they can drop are definitely worth your pursuit.

Halls of Origination is a final dungeon unlocked at level 84, and it provides a fair challenge for players on their journey.

The dungeon is located in Uldum, almost directly north of Vortex Pinnacle. Most players will encounter it during quests, especially during Harrison Jones questline.

WOW Cataclysm Classic: Follow These Combat Tips To Easily Beat Halls Of Origination!

Boss Encounter Guide

Next, let’s talk about the seven bosses you will encounter in Halls of Origination and how to defeat them.

Temple Guardian Anhuur

The first one you will face is Temple Guardian Anhuur. Luckily, this is also the easiest boss you’ll face in the dungeon.

Burning Light is an area attack that players must avoid. At the same time, Anhuur applies Divine Reckoning to random players. This deals significant damage to the player and heals the boss for 5 times as much damage. Therefore, it’s crucial to dispel Reckoning before it expires.

Other key abilities to watch out for are Shield of Light and Reverberating Hymn. Once health reaches 66% and 33%, Anhuur will gain a full absorb shield and begin channeling.

Two players will need to head to opposite sides of the room to activate the lever. It’s important to avoid angering Pit Vipers, as it will prevent the other player from using the lever. Then you’ll just have to cycle through the stages before defeating the boss.

Earthrager Ptah

Another easy boss fight in the dungeon is Earthrager Ptah, thanks to the simplicity of its mechanics and relatively easy damage and aggro checks.

Raging Smash is the main damage effect to watch out for, as it deals massive damage to the tank and two other players in melee range.

When health drops to 50%, the boss will despawn and summon adds. Tanks should quickly kill these mobs and burn them down with DPS.

Once the adds are dead, Ptah will reappear. During this time, continue to watch out for and avoid Tornado and other environmental hazards. Players will defeat the boss easily by simply continuing to deal as much damage as possible while avoiding Melee Cleave.


Anraphet is one of the three bosses we will encounter in Halls of Origination. Its key skill is Alpha Beams, which targets random players and deals damage in a 5-yard radius around them.

As a damage-dealing skill, they can be a little difficult to avoid, but once you learn the cast time, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

Additionally, Tanks and Healers need to be careful with Nemesis Strike, which deals Shadow damage every two seconds for ten seconds. Quickly dispel it to keep the tank’s health level up.

In addition, the entire team will be hit by Omega Stance, which will deal a lot of damage and slow the team by 50%. Fortunately, healing can negate the slowing effect as much as possible. Therefore, it is very important to spend some WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold to prepare Healing Potions before entering the dungeon!

The biggest attack to watch out for in this fight is Crumbling Ruin. This skill reduces the team’s health by 10%, which can be stacked up to ten times. Once hit by this attack, the entire team is doomed. The victory of the entire battle ultimately depends on whether the team can output enough damage to end the battle before the boss.

Isiset, Construct Of Magic

Isiset is arguably the most difficult of the four optional bosses to defeat.

The first spell you need to pay attention to is Supernova. When the boss casts the spell, all members of the team must turn around before it ends to avoid getting lost.

Astral Rain is an important AoE spell, and healers must stay ahead of it because of its enormous area of ​​effect. Additionally, you’ll need to coordinate with your companions and quickly dispatch Celestial Familiars to keep the boss’ damage under control.

At 66% health and 33% health left, Isiset will split into several Familiars. Note that all of these are tied to specific abilities, so while the boss can no longer cast Familiars, other abilities will be enhanced.

Ammunae, Construct Of Life

To defeat Ammunae, a DPS character will need to keep an eye on Seedling Pods, which will appear periodically throughout the fight. You’ll need to kill them quickly to prevent them from unleashing stacking heals on the boss, which will make it very difficult to kill it.

These Pods can also turn into Bloodpetal Blossoms, which deal impressive damage. If the boss manages to spawn some, kill them quickly.

Setesh, Construct Of Destruction

Setesh has several powerful abilities that can quickly wipe out the entire party if not handled correctly.

Chaos Bolts will target random players instead of melee attacks. There is little you can do to mitigate this damage, so healers need to be aware of who is getting hit.

The main thing to do in this fight is to be aware of where Setesh is summoning portals. These portals will quickly start summoning adds, which can become a big problem, so it’s your job as a DPS to destroy the portals as quickly as possible.

These Seeds of Chaos on the floor are also not to be underestimated. You can stand near them and wait for them to explode. While you will take some damage, it will increase your damage by a large amount for 15 seconds, making it well worth the effort.

Rajh, Construct Of Sun

Rajh will be the most interesting fight you will encounter in Halls of Origination dungeon. Rajh starts with 100 energy, which he uses to cast his abilities. Be aware that once his energy is completely depleted, he will head to the center of the room to recharge and cast a huge AoE that is difficult for players to survive.

To avoid this, players need to try to keep his energy meter up by interrupting as many of his ability casts as possible. Both Inferno Leap and Summon Sun Orb can be interrupted, so you should take advantage of every possible opportunity.

The above are the 7 bosses you need to face in Halls of Origination. With these tips, you will easily pass the dungeon and get rich loot!


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