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WOW Cataclysm Classic: Choose These 10 DPS Specs To Make Your Game More Comfortable!

Posted: Jun 06, 2024

For all gamers, the pursuit of the ultimate experience in the game is very necessary. However, no game is perfectly balanced, and Cataclysm Classic is no exception. In terms of pure DPS, some classes are better than others, and choosing a DPS Spec that can cause crazy damage is an important factor in satisfying players’ pursuit.

After Phase 1 of World of WarCraft: Cataclysm Classic went online, many players wanted to return to the battlefield with a very ideal DPS Spec so that they could easily find a Raid group.

Knowing the 10 best DPS Specs to play in Cataclysm Classic currently shown to you in this guide will help you make a choice.

WOW Cataclysm Classic: Choose These 10 DPS Specs To Make Your Game More Comfortable!

1. Unholy Death Knight

WOW Cataclysm Classic Unholy Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight is one of Death Knights, and they are particularly powerful. The super powerful Summon Gargoyle’s skills contribute the most to their power, and they can produce huge AoE bursts and continuous Single Target Damage. They excel at Dungeon Farming, and there is no raid encounter that they cannot excel at.

The other Death Knight, Blood Death Knight, is an extremely powerful Tank, and both DPS Specs are in the top ten. However, Unholy Death Knight performed well in Cataclysm Classic and can be said to be the best DPS Spec in Phase 1 of World of WarCraft: Cataclysm Classic.

2. Survival Hunter

Hunter can play an important role in team battles due to its tremendous damage and the powerful utility hunters it has (such as Misdirection). Survival Hunter is an important one among them because they do not need a lot of equipment to play a role.

However, the quality of equipment will affect the ability of Survival Hunter, but they will start to cause tremendous damage before Gear Dependent Spec.

If you are interested in Survival Hunter, you can use WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold to provide it with the necessary equipment.

3. Fire Mage

WOW Cataclysm Classic Fire Mage

Fire Mage can achieve results that other Specs cannot approach in many situations, but this requires good game operation, proper settings, and a little luck. Because it requires luck to achieve optimal DPS, even if this RNG element doesn’t detract too much from its power, it’s still a frustrating trait for some players.

Fire Mage’s iconic Combustion in Cataclysm Classic takes this Spec to a whole new level.

4. Demonology Warlock

Phase 1 of Cataclysm Classic is a great time to experience Demonology Warlock. Demonology Warlock offers incredible burst in both AoE situations and Single Target Encounters.

Demonology Warlock has been reworked from Wrath, and everything came together at the beginning in Cataclysm. As a Warlock, they also offer a ton of utility and AoE cooldowns.

5. Arms Warrior

Arms Warrior has amazing and sustainable Single Target Damage and an excellent Burst Window with a short cooldown.

It’s easy to see why Arms Warrior is extremely powerful and has been an S-Tier Spec throughout the Phase. And not only is it great now, it’s been great throughout the entirety of the Cataclysm and is a highly anticipated Spec.

6. Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shamans have excellent On Demand AoE Damage and consistent Single Target Damage, but lack the burst damage above their Specs.

As Shamans, they also bring a ton of valuable Raid Buffs to the team, which makes them shine in any Raid Comp.

7. Shadow Priest

Shadow Priests are a brilliant choice for your Raid group at this level, as they bring incredible utility to Raid, and some Raids even completely need the utility of Priests.

However, Shadow Priests have solid damage in both Single Target and AoE scenarios, but lag far behind the above Specs.

8. Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight is also a type of Death Knight. Frost Death Knight is similar to Unholy Death Knight in some ways, but differs in how it deals with damage.

While Unholy Death Knight focuses on summoning Minions and applying DoTs, Frost Death Knight focuses on repeatedly hitting enemies hard with powerful striking abilities and the passive effect of Short Burst Window. Frost Death Knight also lacks in terms of AoE compared to Unholy Death Knight.

While Frost Death Knight is certainly worse than Unholy Death Knight, it is still a great spec and is much better than most other DPS specs in the game at the moment.

9. Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlock is also a Warlock. Affliction Warlock provides huge AoE damage by spreading their DoTs and brings the strong utility you expect from Warlock Class. They do lack sustained Single Target Damage, though.

10. Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage is also a Mage. Arcane Mage is a good choice, but will perform very well in front of Fire Mage with similar skills.

Arcane Mage has great utility and Single Target Damage, but there is one Spec that offers all of those same benefits but with far more AoE damage than any other class.

So there you have it, the 10 best DPS Specs to play in Cataclysm Classic right now. Be sure to check it out, pay attention to these classes and pick a DPS Spec that deals insane amounts of damage that can help you outshine your competition in the game.


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