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WOW Cataclysm Classic: How To Easily Complete Bastion Of Twilight Raid? - A Step-By-Step Guide

Posted: May 31, 2024

WoW Cataclysm Classic has been out for about 2 weeks now, so it's time to provide you some tips on how to go through dungeons. Today I'm going to be giving you a complete guide on how to raid Bastion of Twilight. Follow my step and let's dive in!

WOW Cataclysm Classic: How To Easily Complete Bastion Of Twilight Raid? - A Step-By-Step Guide

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

There are 5 dragons in the back of the room, but only 3 will be active. Each active dragon gives Halfus a buff. When you free a dragon, it'll debuff the boss, but then they will turn aggressive. You want to have one tank on Halfus and the other tank on the drakes you released.

If you have Slate Dragon active, you want to taunt swap Halfus on 3 stacks. The priority order is Storm Rider, Nether Scion, Time Warden, Whelps, and Slate Dragon. It is advisable to free 2 drakes straight away so you can beat enrage timer.

When you kill a drake, Halfus will take 100% more damage and this will stack. You may want to only kill 2 drakes. However, if Whelp Cage is active, you can have a tank pick these up and passively AoE them down as they don't deal too much damage.

At 50%, Halfus will now cast Furious Roar. This is 3 raid-wide stuns in quick succession. Make sure you have HotS rolling and a cooldown on the tank. If Storm Rider is one of the dragons available, Halfus will cast Shadow Nova immediately afterward. You'll have to use an ability to get out of stun to be able to interrupt this: Blink, Counterspell, PvP Trinket, Every Man for Himself and so on.

On Heroic, all dragons are active. Release Nether Scion, Storm Rider, and the whelps at the start. Try to nuke them all together. Of course, you can also use WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold to help you complete. Once they are dead, you can either choose to release Slate Dragon so you don't have to worry about tank stacks or just nuke the boss.

Valiona & Theralion

Spread out around the boss. Blackout will go on a random player. Stack up and dispel it to split this AoE damage. When the boss starts casting Devouring Flames, get behind her. This is a 180° Flame Breath, not a cone. It does, however, deal less damage the further away you are from her, so if you can't get behind, get far away. Move out of swirlies on the ground.

Dragon swap time: When the dragons swap places, have your range stack up. The boss will turn to face a ranged player and put a big Void Zone on the target. When you see the boss turn, this is your cue to move. Try and stack Void Zones close to one another so you don't run out of room.

Engulfing Magic will be put on by a player. This is just a pulsating AOE based on your damage, so run out of your group. If you get the meteor debuff, run to the melee group and stack up. This is a split AOE. Towards the end of this phase, Valiona will do 3 mechanics on one-third of the room. You need to move out of this. When this is finished, it will swap back to phase one.

On Heroic, a Twilight Sentry will spawn in the Twilight realm every few seconds. They will deal damage to your raid. Both dragons apply a DoT called Twilight Shift every 20 seconds to the tank. At five stacks, it will send you and anyone close to you to the shadow realm.

While the tank can run to the portal immediately, you should send down some DPS and a healer to clear up all the sentries. You'll get a stacking debuff while down there, so leave before your stacks hit around 20.

WOW Cataclysm Classic Bastion of Twilight

Ascendant Council

The encounter comprises several phases, each with distinct mechanics to manage effectively. In Phase 1, 2 bosses, Feludius and Ignacious, spawn. Melee players focus on Ignacious, while ranged players target Feludius. Tanks should keep Feludius away from the group to mitigate damage from its close-range AoE attacks.

Ignacious targets a random player, so you need to knock them back and leave a trail of fire as he charges back. Nuking Ignacious's shield interrupts his fire AoE attack. Feludius applies Heart of Ice debuff, increasing damage over time but boosting nearby players' damage against Ignacious. Players stack with melee for this, dispelling the debuff once everyone receives the damage buff. Players should avoid water falling onto the ground and remove the Water Log debuff by running into fire.

On Heroic difficulty, Static Overload and Gravity Core debuffs are introduced, requiring affected players to run away or move away from affected players, respectively. Phase two begins when one boss reaches 25% of health.

Players focus on Arion and Terrastra, utilizing Swirling Winds buff from Cyclone and grounding themselves with Gravity Well to mitigate Arion's Thundershock damage. Interrupting Arion's Lightning Blast and avoiding Lightning Rod debuff are crucial.

Besides, players must handle Terrastra's Eruption and Harden Skin abilities, moving away from spikes and interrupting Harden Skin. On Heroic difficulty, Ignacious's Flame Strike leaves fire patches, and Arion summons a Frozen Orb that players kite into the fire.

Phase 3 initiates when one boss reaches 25% health, merging all bosses. Players spread out to minimize Electric Instability chaining damage and avoid standing in pools of ice. They must also evade fire seeds and ensure players affected by Gravity Crush are topped off to survive the fall damage.


During this encounter, players will need to manage their Corrupted Blood level, which increases as the boss uses abilities and deals with damage. For every 25 percent of Corrupted Blood, players will gain a new debuff:

  • At 25%, players receive a dispellable debuff.
  • At 50%, characters will start vomiting, so it's essential to turn away from allies.
  • At 75%, players will begin casting Shadow Bolts on nearby allies.
  • At 100%, players become unhealable but deal double damage with instant casts. Ranged players should stack slightly behind melee to manage this phase effectively.

Tanks should swap on Fury of Cho'gall. The boss can mind control players, who will channel a buff on the boss. Interrupt them quickly or use AoE CC. Abilities like Flame Orders and Shadow Orders will affect the tank differently and require appropriate responses.

Throughout the fight, ads will spawn, which one tank should pick up. These ads have abilities like Shadow Crash and AoE Depravity, which should be interrupted. When an ad dies, it leaves behind a pool that should be moved away, and ranged players should finish it off. If the ad is alive after 30 seconds, it will cast Festering Blood, causing massive AoE damage.

On Heroic difficulty, Fire and Shadow Elementals are summoned, absorbing damage and dealing extra damage based on the ad's health. DPS should focus on the boss, using tank cooldowns for Flames Orders and raid cooldowns for Shadow Orders.

When Cho'gall reaches 25% health, any remaining ads despawn, and Phase 2 begins. Players should spread out around the boss, dealing with pulsing AoE damage and quickly nuking tentacles. On Heroic difficulty, Spike Tentacles spawn, which can be ignored to focus on beating the DPS.


Phase 1 of this encounter requires careful positioning and coordination. The boss has a massive aggro radius, so it's advisable to have a Hunter reset the boss for optimal positioning and DPS uptime. The raid should spread out along the edge of the platform, staying within 15 yards of each other.

Once the boss reaches 35% health, the raid should move to the back of the room and position underneath the shield. Ranged players can continue focusing on the boss, while melee players begin killing the whelps at the back of the room. It's crucial to kite these whelps and kill them one by one to prevent resurrection from puddles left behind.

During this phase, healers should focus on keeping the raid alive, particularly the tanks who will be tanking Twilight Eggs. Melee DPS should prioritize interrupting Twilight Spike Collars to prevent Unleash Essence casts.

Once the Twilight Egg is knocked out, the team should return to the Phase 1 location and focus on killing the monsters on the tank. This phase is essentially Phase 1 with increased damage, but players will receive a beneficial buff for 3 minutes. It's essential to continue killing whelps towards the back of the room.

Hope you can find this guide useful and enjoy you time in WoW Cataclysm Classic.


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