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General News

  • Elden Ring: These Weapons With Passive Effects Cannot Be Ignored

    Posted: May 25, 2024

    Today we will take a look at some Passive Effects of weapons in Elden Ring that deserve your attention! Passive Effects, though often underestimated, are buffs that players receive simply by wielding an item.

    These effects can easily go unnoticed unless you equip the item or carefully read its description. So, we'll shine a spotlight on these hidden attributes, exploring how they can enhance your gameplay and strategy.

    Highland Axe

    Let's start with the Highland Axe, a weapon that many players may have acquired without realizing its unique effect. The Highland Axe can be found and obtained in the Stormveil Castle, fairly early in Elden ring. Simply pick it up from a corpse located in the same room as the Grafted Scion. The corpse rests in front of a majestic painting of the Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

    The Passive Effect on Highland Axe grants a 10% damage increase to Roar attacks. This boost applies to Roar attacks like Godfrey's Regal Roar found on the Axe of Godfrey or the Ash of War: Beast's Roar, obtained from the Gurranq, Beast Clergyman.

    While it does stack with the Roar Medallion talisman, it does not impact breath attacks like the talisman does. However, considering its weight of only 4 and 2, players planning to use Roar attacks in their build can easily equip it in their off-hand to enjoy the free 10% damage increase.


    Let's discuss another weapon that you'll want to keep on your belt solely for its passive bonus - the Cinquedea. What's always struck me as odd is that it's essentially a straight sword, despite being the second-longest dagger and the heaviest of all daggers.

    Given its association with Gurranq, it's no surprise that Cinquedea boosts Bestial Incantations. It provides a 10% damage buff to these incantations, and when combined with the Clawmark Seal, you get a total boost of 20% extra damage.

    To obtain it, head to Gurranq's house. From there, you'll navigate to a specific location and throw yourself off a cliff until you reach the bottom, where you'll find the Cinquedea waiting for you. If you're planning to use bestial incantations, then having this weapon in your off-hand is a no-brainer.

    Pest's Glaive

    Next, let's talk about the Pest's Glaive, which might just have the most underwhelming weapon with Passive Effect on the list today. This weapon is dropped by the Pests who emerged from the Swamp of Aeonia. But that is not a good way to get this weapon. You can obtain the Pest's Glaive from Margit, the Fell Omen. If you're looking to farm for it, head to the Caelid Waypoint Ruins, where you'll find the highest concentrations of these Pests.

    Celebrant Weapons

    Now, let's discuss what might be the most peculiar weapon passive in Elden Ring, and it's particularly appealing to those of us who like to hoard our resources. This Passive Effect is found on each of the Celebrant weapons, of which there are 4 variants. One of them is readily available for you to grab, but the others require some farming.

    The Passive Effects on these weapons can grant you 10 or 20 runes for every hit you land, which sounds cool until you realize that by the time you reach the Windmill Village on the Altus Plateau, where you typically obtain these weapons, the number of runes you gain from each hit is negligible.

    It's just not enough to make a significant impact at that stage of the game. While the concept is intriguing, and there are strategies you could experiment with to rapidly accumulate a sufficient number of Elden Ring Runes, it's ultimately not a practical solution at that point in the game.

    Lion Greatbow

    The Lion Greatbow may not boast the highest damage output among Greatbows in standard scenarios, but its passive ability elevates its significance. It amplifies the damage inflicted by Radahn’s Spears Great Arrows by an impressive twenty percent.

    You can wield it alongside a different Greatbow in your primary hand, either for an alternative weapon skill to Radahn's Rain or simply for greater damage potential. However, the true potency emerges when you progress to New Game Plus and acquire a second Lion's Greatbow.

    By stacking their effects, you transform into a veritable walking artillery cannon. Acquiring one is as simple as defeating Starscourge Radahn and exchanging his Remembrance with Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

    Twinbird Kite Shield

    Lastly, for all the fellow gamers out there who revel in big numbers and massive damage, I've got something special - the Twinbird Kite Shield. This coveted item is dropped by the Deathbird, a formidable foe lurking near the Hermit Merchant's Shack in Leyndell Royal Capital.

    As you face off against the avian adversary, be mindful of the roly-poly in the vicinity. Once you prove that the bird is no match for you, you'll be rewarded with the Twinbird Kite Shield. You can also employ a simple setup and unleash devastating blows on bosses before they even have a chance to react.

    Functioning similarly to the Red-Feathered Branchsword, this shield provides a modest but notable buff of 5% to damage and 10% to damage negation when your health dips below 20%. While this bonus may seem insignificant at first glance, when you're on the hunt for those colossal damage numbers, every little boost matters. Besides, you can take advantage of the free off-hand slot.

    Thus concludes my rundown of hidden weapon Passive Effects in Elden Ring. May your gaming adventures be truly epic!

  • Elden Ring: An Ideal Choice For The New Game Plus - Glintstone Kris Build

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    This time, I'll be presenting a New Game Plus build centered on the Glenstone Kris in Elden Ring. If you've been looking for a dagger build that can hit enemies from a distance and deal massive critical damage, then you might want to check this build out. Let's get started!

    Glintstone Kris Explained

    At first glance, the Glenstone Chris may not seem extraordinary. With its 110 critical rating, it falls within the average range for daggers in the game. Its length and damage are decent, and its lightweight nature makes it suitable for various dagger-centric builds. However, what truly sets this weapon apart is its unique weapon skill - Glenstone Dart.

    Glenstone Dart operates similarly to Glenstone Pebble, a feature found on some other weapons. When activated, it launches a magic damage projectile that can be followed up with a thrusting attack. This skill offers several advantages, providing a ranged option at moderate distance and allowing for a close-range follow-up attack if enemies draw near before the skill is complete.

    Compared to Glenstone Pebble, Glenstone Dart boasts some notable differences. Firstly, it inflicts higher damage but comes at a slightly higher FP cost. Despite the increased cost, the higher damage output justifies the expense. Another significant distinction is that Glenstone Dart can pierce through enemies, hitting those positioned behind the primary target.

    Furthermore, players can charge Glenstone Dart by holding down the button, delivering even greater damage at the cost of extended skill duration. This feature enhances the skill's efficiency, allowing players to dispatch foes more effectively with fewer casts.

    In essence, Glenstone Dart offers versatility and effectiveness, making it a preferable choice for many situations, particularly as players progress into New Game Plus. Pairing it with the Carian Knight's Shield - especially for builds emphasizing high Intelligence.


    Now, let's discuss the armor setup. I recommend opting for the Black Knife Armor to suppress our movement, allowing for easier backstabbing and occasionally disorienting enemies while we dispatched them at range with Glenstone Darts. If you have a sufficient amount of Elden Ring Runes, you can also change the armor set to your liking.

    This stealth element can often catch adversaries off guard, allowing for strategic advantages. While not invisible or constantly sneaking, it does provide a tactical edge in situations where enemies fail to detect you, enabling surprise attacks.

    The remaining armor pieces are part of the Spellblade set, enhancing the damage output of Glenstone Dart by 2% per piece. With three pieces equipped, we gain a total of 6% additional damage. Although not utilizing the chest piece for the full 8% bonus, the trade-off for muffled footsteps is deemed more favorable.


    Moving on to talismans of this build, our focus is on maximizing Glenstone Dart's damage potential.

    • Shard of Alexander: This item serves to amplify damage further, contributing to the potency of our attacks.
    • Magic Scorpion Charm: As the skill predominantly deals 100% magic damage, this charm proves invaluable in enhancing our magical prowess.
    • Ritual Sword Talisman: Offering a 10% damage increase when at full health, this talisman aligns perfectly with our build's focus on minimizing damage taken, thereby maximizing damage dealt.
    • Godfrey Icon: Particularly effective during charged versions of the Glenstone Dart, the Godfree Icon significantly augments damage output, especially during these heightened attacks.

    Great Rune

    When it comes to the Great Rune for this build, you're probably either going to use Godric or Radahn's. With 6 stats requiring allocation, and strength only needing a couple of points, the majority still leans towards 5 stats. Hence, Godric is probably the better choice.

    Opting for Radahn's would grant you more stamina, FP, and health. While beneficial, this build doesn't particularly demand extra FP since you tend not to get hit frequently. However, when you do, the added HP can be a boon. Stamina issues are also minimal. Overall, Godric seems preferable, but you can use either that or Radahn's.

    Final Thought

    Lastly, I want to mention that you can play this as a dual-wield build if you want to drop the shield. The best approach is to pair in the offhand with an infusible dagger, such as the Cold infusion, to maintain similar scaling with Dexterity and Intelligence, ensuring a balanced stat spread.

    Alternatively, you can use weapons like the Crystal Knife or the Ivory Sickle. Both have comparable scaling to the main weapon, allowing effective use in the offhand. While neither dagger excels individually, employing them in the offhand is likely the optimal strategy. These options provide versatility for your build.

  • Elden Ring: The Best Places To Farm Bloodstained Dagger Revealed!

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    As we all know, the exciting Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will be officially released on June 21, 2024, and we have less than a month to make final preparations for it before then!

    Here we will show how to get Bloodstained Dagger and build an Overpowered Build. Bloodstained Dagger is definitely a unique dagger in its class because it scales better with Strength.

    Many people may think that it does the same thing as Cinquedea. But the difference is that Cinquedea cannot be infused with Ashes of War or enhanced with elements, while Bloodstained Dagger can.

    Bloodstained Dagger Overview

    Bloodstained Dagger scales mainly with Strength and, to a lesser extent, Dexterity. It is an excellent weapon for close-range melee. This dagger is used in conjunction with Quickstep skill to help gain positional advantage. Not only does it avoid damage while providing opportunities for combo attacks, in addition, this special dagger passively builds bleed.

    Dagger with Bloodstained Blade causes the target to bleed. As the blood from repeated slashing and stabbing damage darkens the dagger, its blade only gets sharper and tougher.

    How To Farm Bloodstained Dagger?

    Next, let’s get back to the actual subject of this guide and see where we can get this unique dagger. It can only be dropped by an enemy called Demi-Human Chiefs.

    This type of enemy is actually quite rare in the game. But I will tell you two locations where you can spawn monsters. One is more suitable for the early game, and the other is suitable for when your character is no longer a defenseless weakling. Now let’s see what tips are worth paying attention to when farming these two locations.

    Wooden Bridge In Weeping Peninsula

    The first location is the easiest because there is only one Demi-Human Chief here. It is located on the east side of this wooden bridge in Weeping Peninsula.

    Start from the south of Forest Lookout Tower Sites of Grace and follow the road to the west. You will see the lazy junkyard dog napping instead of guarding the bridge. We can kill them easily. Don’t forget to see if it drops anything, then go back to Sites of Grace and repeat.

    Farming this mob isn’t difficult, but I will warn you in advance that these are one of those mobs that drop a lot of junk items. So don’t expect too much when you see loot on them.

    Don’t be too disappointed though, you can also sell these items at the auction house for some extra Elden Ring Runes. More importantly, this location meets your early needs to farm Bloodstained Dagger. But if this location is so easy to spawn monsters, why go to another location?

    Hermit Village

    This is because the next Hermit Village has two Demi-Human Chiefs, and they are the same distance away. So this means that there is almost twice the chance of dropping this unique dagger compared to the last location.

    It’s best to start with Primeval Sorcerer Azur Sites of Grace. There is a boss just a few meters away from Sites of Grace. You don’t need to defeat her, but I strongly recommend that you do so to make your farming task easier.

    Starting at Sites of Grace, look south and continue along the wall to your right until you find the first Demi-Human Chief. Wake him up from his nap. After killing him, check to see if he dropped anything. Then look southeast and you’ll see another chief near some barrels. Wake him up and defeat him one last time to see if he drops anything. Then run back to Sites of Grace and repeat the process.

    I need to remind you that not all of these Demi-Human Chiefs will drop Bloodstained Blade the first time you kill them. So, be prepared to be patient and RNG gods will favor you!

    How To Farm More Efficiently?

    If you die, choose to respawn at Stakes of Marika, as it’s very close to them. Stakes of Marika in Elden Ring is a temporary respawn point for the form of a Statue.

    You first need to interact with one of the statues. If you happen to die near one statue, you can choose to respawn there. But when you leave the area again after respawning there, if you die again, you will no longer be allowed to respawn there.

    You can also let other Demi-Humans kill you after you defeat Chief so that you can respawn at Stakes of Marika and farm faster.

    If you’re respawning at Rennala to increase your Arcane level, you can even keep your health low so that you can die more easily.

    Keep in mind that there are some Demi-Humans in this area that throw grenades that have a large area of ​​effect and deal a lot of damage over time, which can disrupt this strategy.

    Finally, I also want to remind you that all Demi-Humans are particularly vulnerable to fire damage. So keep that in mind if you want to take out these troublesome monsters as quickly as possible.

    That’s it for the best places to farm Bloodstained Blade and some key farming tips. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to get this unique dagger faster and help your build get to the next level!

  • Elden Ring: DLC Is Coming, What Information Deserves Our Attention?

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    We’ve all been waiting to jump into the new Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree on June 21st, 2024. Since its initial reveal, there hasn’t been much more information.

    But we do now have a new interview with details, design and even difficulty. And on top of this, a new enemy type has been teased on Twitter. That has Bloodborne fans absolutely quivering.

    The difficulty of the boss is upgraded. In order to avoid being defeated frequently, it is a good way to choose to recharge Elden Ring Runes.

    If you’ve missed the latest reveal or you’re just unsure about what Shadow of the Erdtree is all about, then we’ve got you covered here with a recap.

    New DLC Recap

    Narratively, DLC has a focus on Miquella, who’s one of the demigod children of Queen Marika, Eternal and Radagon, golden. Miquella will be a key figure in this new story as it dives into how he departed from the main world of Elden Ring in favor of Land of Shadow.

    It’s going to focus on how he divested his flesh strength lineage and all things golden, which does suggest a transformation or rebirth of sorts as he embraces a new role in the world or a new destiny.

    Interestingly, Miquella’s physical cocoon and body will be the entry point for the new DLC area, which is called Land of Shadow. From interviews, we know this new area is going to be around. If not bigger than the size of Limgrave in the base game and their vision is to keep the feeling of exploration and vastness of the world. Even in this DLC in the new Land of Shadow, as such, it will be a single large area for us to adventure and explore.

    Miquella’s character, although centuries old, is cursed to remain in the perpetual form of a child and you may be wondering why he’s portrayed as being in a cocoon in the base game in Mohgwyn Palace. When Malenia, his twin sister, was afflicted with the rot and cure was impossible.

    He actually created Haligtree, where you fight her in the base game by cocooning himself to try to grow into an adult and help purge the rot from her. However, before this could fully happen. Miquella was stolen by Mohg, Lord of blood while in this cocooned form, but you may have seen in the game that his cocoon and his arm coming out of the physical body appear to be dead.

    Mohg was desperately pouring blood into the cocoon to try to revive him and ascend him to godhood.

    His body, however, is just a husk of Miquella, an empty shell because he stripped himself of his flesh to travel to Land of Shadow. Land of Shadow is a place severed from the lands between which is the base games map. It’s an area overshadowed by Erdtree, and it’s theorized to have been sealed away by Marika to allow for immortality to exist.

    We know it’s a land where the goddess Marika first set foot and, as such, there will be connections to both her and her offspring. But the exact details aren’t currently known. Miquella is described as being the most fearsome of Empyrean, possibly due to his unique ability to compel the affection of others which may be linked to his curse and could be the reason that Mohg was so obsessed with him and ultimately stole him.

    Perhaps most interesting is the voice at the end of the trailer, stating may we meet again? This is particularly odd because the player character has never interacted directly or actually met Miquella.

    Elden Ring Wiki theorizes that this could hint at Melina, Finger Maiden who is the guide to Tarnished, actually being Miquella in disguise. This further plays into her ability to draw on the affection of others. As honestly, who doesn’t like Melina, so we as the player will venture into Land of Shadow and uncover the truth behind Miquella and Marika.

    With many thinking, Miquella will actually be a friendly guide to us inside as we know he protects and shelters those who are without Grace and Land of Shadow is kind of like an entire area outside of the grace of Erdtree in its Shadow. So now that you’re in the loop for roughly what’s going on.

    New Enemy Revealed

    Let’s go over the new enemy that’s been teased on Twitter. As we can see, it has an oversized grotesque head glowing with an intricate pattern of orange light beneath it, resembling some kind of magic or molten fiery core. The head is secured by a thin skeletal body that seems barely capable of supporting its weight.

    Hence its hunch over posture in the back, we see a dark foggy forest area with twisted trees and hanging moss, and from the enemy’s design, it suggests it will either have a magical status or maybe fire based ability set. But for any Bloodborne lovers out there, many people online have already drawn similarities between enemies like Winter Lanterns and Garden of Eyes.

    Both of these creatures also have large heads with many eyes. The thing is, in Bloodborne Winter Lanterns will constantly damage and build up frenzy against you just with their gaze, making them extremely annoying to deal with. So could this new enemy in the Shadow of the Erdtree be a reference or similarity to one of these mobs and possibly build a status just by being near it? We know the madness effect is an Elden Ring and it will stun and damage you based on your max HP.

    DLC Difficulty

    And with that, the difficulty of the DLC might be an interesting topic to you. Because we know you can get quite powerful if you spent a lot of time in Elden Ring and beat the game and farmed a ton of runes. This has been commented on in several interviews and there’s even a whole new level system of sorts that allows you to tune difficulty. When Miyazaki was asked by Famitsu, he more or less said the DLC world would restrain the players’s attack power.

    That means your kind of capped at a certain strength to experience the DLC as a challenge and not just breeze through it like you would when revisiting low level zones. But in a very recent Chinese interview when asked about enemy strength and difficulty and the balance, he said the difficulty of the DLC will probably be equivalent to the level of the second half of the game.

    Players at this time should already have an understanding of the game. And generally speaking, since it’s the second half the difficulty is relatively high, we also will introduce a new level element to the DLC. Allowing you to freely choose the challenge intensity. For example, if the player’s level in the main body is already very high, he can choose to turn off growth and not upgrade his new attribute to challenge his enemy.

    But if he feels it’s already difficult for him, he can continue to improve the new attributes and the character’s strength. So it’s really interesting to hear about a new level system that you can choose to turn off or on depending on how brutal you like the challenge. And in the base game, you could always farm up more runes if you felt weaker.

    So if the new system is anything like this, it might be another one to farm out if you’re struggling. There’s more interesting news in the interview, such as confirmation that DLC wasn’t deliberately arranged after the fact. But actually was already existing within the world as the original mythology created by George RR Martin but was too large and difficult to all fit into the base game.

    New Weapons & Magic

    And of course, the weapons and magic are one of the best things in Elden Ring and when asked about this. He said that the DLC will have many new weapons, new combat skills and new spells. And in terms of weapons alone, there will be eight new categories added in. Even for players that are proficient with the main content will find new stuff to experience and develop new tactics.

    These new elements are not limited to DLC and can be brought back into the main game. So if you’re interested, you can challenge the original bosses with these new weapons. We actually know some of these new weapon categories from the trailer, which include Jeweling Swords, martial arts weapons, reverse grip swords and some form of throwing weapons. So it’ll be really cool to see how these are all implemented and the additional ones not yet shown.

    Story Length

    Something I really wonder about is the length of the DLC if the size of the actual DLC is about as big as Limbgrave. When asked, he said that he feels he cannot answer this appropriately, because at the release of Elden Ring they revealed in an interview it’s roughly 30 hours to complete the game.

    But after it released, everyone disagreed with that. And so I think they aren’t confident in giving a solid number estimate. They essentially say that everyone can play according to their preference and there’s no strict order to it. So they don’t want to give an exact number due to how different people play the game and, of course, there is a focus on exploration.

    Multiple Endings

    With this, many of you may be wondering how the DLC affects the main story, as well as how many endings there might be. Miyazaki has said that this is an independent story to the main campaign and there won’t be as many endings as there is in the main story. But players will have some choices during the DLC, suggesting a couple or a few ending variants but not loads.

    Future Of Elden Ring

    And then there’s the fact that this is the first and last DLC for Elden Ring. As Miyazaki has said that they have no plans to add more content to Elden Ring. But it’s not yet decided whether the entire story of Elden Ring will be the focus. He says FromSoftware‘s style of doing things does not generally allow future IP to be easily locked. So it’s good to leave some possibilities, but as far as Shadow of the Erdtree goes, it is the only DLC.

    So are you excited for the new Elden Ring DLC? And what interests you most? Personally, I can't wait to learn more about the story and get some answers to questions that we've been waiting ages for.

  • Elden Ring: How To Reach The Mohgwyn Palace For Massive Rune Farming?

    Posted: May 23, 2024

    Today, I'm here to unveil the mystery of Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring post patch 1.10.1. I'm going to show you how to unlock this location and show you some of the rune farming there that still works. With the Shadow of Erdtree DLC coming soon, stocking up on runes will be crucial for what's coming! Without further ado, let's get started.

    Unlock Mohgwyn Palace

    First of all, if you don't have Mohgwyn Palace unlocked yet, there are 2 methods to get there.

    Method 1

    For the first method, head to the First Step Site of Grace. In front of you should be a NPC called White Mask Varre, and he'll just be standing there. Now, if he's not here, skip to the next step of this, and if you've killed him for whatever reason, skip to the second method.

    After talking to him at the First Step, you need to kill Godrick the Grafted, then come back. Once you're back, a message will be left on the ground saying to meet him at the Rose Church. This church can find on the map in Liurnia of the Lakes. Once there, he should be waiting for you, and he'll have a quest for you.

    You will have to have talked to the Two Fingers in the Roundtable Hold before doing this. When you talk to him and tell him that you think the Two Fingers didn't seem right, he should give you 5 Festering Bloody Fingers, which is an item used to invade other players. You will have to complete 3 different invasions for the next step.

    After that, head back to Varre and ask him to anoint you. Go to the Four Belfries, and in one of the portals, you can head back to the tutorial area and find a dead maiden to soak your cloth in. After that, head back to Varre, give him the blood-soaked cloth, and he'll give you a Pureblood Knight's Medal, which is an item used to teleport to Mohgwyn Palace.

    Method 2

    Next, I'll proceed to detail an alternative route for those who eliminated Varre early in the game. In such a case, progressing through the main story is necessary until reaching the Consecrated Snowfield. Once the Snowfield region is accessible, fast travel to a specific grace point and set a waypoint at the edge. From there, embark on horseback toward the designated location.

    During the journey, anticipate encounters with 2 invaders. The initial adversary poses minimal challenge, while the subsequent one may prove slightly more formidable. Dispatching these adversaries yields valuable rewards, including a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

    Continuing along the path, a conspicuous giant log signals proximity to the Runebears. Progressing further reveals a portal marked with Bloodstains, serving as the gateway to Mohgwyn Palace.

    Mohgwyn Palace Rune Farming

    After arriving at the Mohgwyn Palace, we can finally start rune farming there. There are 2 Sites of Grace, one for the early game and one for the endgame.

    Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance

    Starting with the first one, we'll be heading down this mountain from the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace. So head down this path and follow the way across the lake of blood and head behind the tree there. Behind it will be a giant rock wall, and you're going to have to climb it. It will take a few minutes doing it for the first time, but once you get it down, it'll be much easier.

    Once you make it to the top, you want to head to the end of the map. But before you do this, I'd recommend putting on the Golden Scarab talisman if you have it, and also the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot. These 2 will give you more Elden Ring Runes. Now you're going to double jump off the cliff, and keep swinging your sword until you get the runes, and this takes about a minute.

    After this, you can get over 200,000 runes, making this rune farm one of the easiest and best in the Elden Ring. The only downside is that it's pretty time-consuming, so I'd only recommend doing this if you're early in the game.

    Palace Approach Ledge Road

    Let's move on to the next farm, which I'm betting a lot of you players know already, which has to do with the Sacred Relic Sword. This sword is only obtained after beating the Elden Beast, the final boss of the game, and using his Remembrance in the Roundtable Hold to get this item. You will also need a bow and arrow, but that's optional, and you will also have to level the sword up.

    Now, what you're going to do is spawn at the Palace Approach Ledge Road Site of Grace. Once you're there, use your bow and shoot the Monstrous Crow on the other side of this area. Then, with the Sacred Relic Sword, charge the ability and use it in this spot so it hits almost all of the enemies.

    This will give you over 37,000 runes in about 10 seconds, meaning doing this for only a minute will give you over 200,000 runes. And I highly recommend you doing this rune farming for endgame.

  • Elden Ring: Rank The 10 Most Challenging Bosses Before Jumping Into Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

    Posted: May 20, 2024

    The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring looms on the horizon, promising a wealth of new unforgettable boss battles that will surely challenge even the most seasoned players. Now is the perfect moment to reflect and revisit some of its most challenging boss encounters by ranking them in terms of the top 10 most difficult Elden Ring bosses prior to the DLC.

    10. Fire Giant

    Ranked at number 10, the Fire Giant narrowly surpasses Astel, Natural Born of the Void. Its inclusion on the list is justified by several factors. Found among the later bosses in Elden Ring, the Fire Giant poses a considerable challenge primarily because of its ability to deliver devastating blows capable of incapacitating players with inadequate Vigor levels.

    Furthermore, the unique aspect of this boss fight involves Riding Torrent, limiting players' maneuverability and agility. Patience becomes a key virtue, particularly during the final phase, where precise timing and strategic positioning are paramount to avoid succumbing to the giant's crushing attacks.

    9. Godfrey

    Ranked at number 9 is Godfrey, First Elden Lord, emerges as a personal favorite boss battle in Elden Ring. This 2-phase encounter presents distinct challenges in each stage. Initially, players must contend with Godfrey's sweeping axe strikes and ground-shaking stomps, requiring precise evasion techniques such as jumping instead of rolling.

    Upon sustaining sufficient damage, Godfrey transforms into the Hoarah Loux, introducing a new set of formidable attacks. Hoarah Loux' s deceptive tactics, including baiting players into premature dodges, add a layer of complexity to the battle.

    Mastery of both bosses' move sets is essential for success, making this fight demanding and intense. Fortunately, players do not face both adversaries simultaneously, providing a slight reprieve in the midst of the grueling confrontation.

    8. Godskin Duo

    Ranked at number 8, is the Godskin Duo presents a formidable challenge in Elden Ring. Comprising the Godskin Noble and the Godskin Apostle, the Godskin Duo poses a significant threat, particularly when faced together with the same boss encounter. While individually manageable, their combined strength creates a nightmarish scenario, exacerbated by the necessity to defeat them multiple times within the battle.

    Players may find relief by utilizing powerful Spirit Ashes or summons to divert aggro, yet maintaining the summon's survival proves challenging throughout the prolonged fight. Eventually, players may find themselves confronting both bosses simultaneously. Fortunately, the arena layout offers strategic advantages, allowing players to utilize pillars for cover against the devastating black fireballs unleashed by the bosses.

    7. Radagon Of The Golden Order

    Surprisingly, the penultimate boss fight, Radagon of the Golden Order, secures the seventh position. Bearing striking similarities to final boss encounters like Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, Radagon presents formidable difficulty akin to these renowned battles.

    Unlike many bosses, Radagon's fight lacks gimmicks or unconventional mechanics - it's a straightforward showdown. Players must either adeptly evade and counter all his attacks or rely on a robust build to overpower him relentlessly. Of course, this will become easier if you have a sufficient amount of Elden Ring Runes.

    6. Starscourge Radahn

    Ranked at number 6 is Starscourge Radahn. Should you enter this battle under-leveled, every strike from Radahn threatens to swiftly incapacitate you. Throughout the skirmish, summoning assistance becomes imperative. Radahn's sweeping attacks cover vast areas, demanding constant vigilance to evade.

    While drawing his attention away is beneficial, navigating the battlefield grows increasingly perilous as Radahn nears defeat. His summoning of colossal rocks presents a daunting challenge, requiring adept maneuvering or swift elimination to emerge victorious.

    5. Mohg

    The next one is Mohg, the Lord of Blood. This optional boss lurks within the Mohgwyn Palace and serves as the gateway to accessing the Shadow of the Eldtree DLC. Mohg's curse is the primary challenge of this encounter. Once he ensnares you with 3 rings, he initiates a chant that inflicts severe bleed damage thrice in rapid succession, while also replenishing his own health. Additionally, Mohg unleashes devastating attacks with considerable range and potency throughout the fight.

    4. Dragonlord Placidusax

    Located in the perilous region of Crumbling Farum Azula, 2 formidable bosses await the brave in Elden Ring's late-game challenges. The optional boss, Dragonlord Placidusax, stands as a daunting adversary. While players may have faced dragons before, none compare to the sheer might of this 2-headed Lord of all dragons.

    Even attempts to divert his attention with a spirit summon prove futile, as he can swiftly pivot one head to unleash devastating attacks on him. Despite his colossal size, Dragonlord Placidusax exhibits surprising agility, taking to the skies to execute lightning-fast Dive Bombs and teleporting maneuvers, catching players off guard with electrifying claw strikes.

    3. Elden Beast

    Ranking at number 3 is the Elden Beast. While not universally beloved among players, the Elden Beast's formidable strength secures its spot in the top 3. Its devastating attacks pack a punch, amplified by the added challenge of having to defeat Radahn again upon death to face the Elden Beast once more. The daunting task of closing the distance to engage in combat adds another layer of difficulty to this formidable encounter.

    2. Maliketh

    Ranking at number 2 is Maliketh, the Black Blade, a boss renowned for its formidable prowess. Maliketh's combat style is relentless, characterized by agile movements across the arena, relentless onslaughts of attacks, and unpredictable windows for counterattacks. With Swift projectiles that demand constant vigilance, even from a distance, players must remain on high alert throughout the battle.

    However, the arena itself offers strategic advantages, with pillars providing cover against projectiles and opportunities to maneuver. Successfully navigating Maliketh's relentless assault requires precise timing and careful observation, as any misstep is swiftly met with severe repercussions. Thus, Maliketh rightfully earns its place as the penultimate challenge at number 2.

    1. Melenia

    Claiming the title of the hardest boss is Melenia, Blade of Miquella, undefeated and reigning at number one. Melenia's formidable move set alone presents a daunting challenge, but what truly sets her apart is her ability to heal a significant amount of health with each successful strike.

    This mechanic elevates the difficulty of the fight, requiring players not only to deal damage but also to flawlessly evade her attacks. Mastery of Parrying or the aid of a skilled summon becomes crucial strategies for overcoming her relentless assault.

  • Elden Ring: Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Gameplay Trailer Just Dropped, Have You Noticed These Details?

    Posted: May 20, 2024

    Elden Ring DLC will be released on June 21st, 2024, which is less than a month away. Hard to believe I know it really is almost here, but what that means for us as fans is that the marketing cycle is now beginning. 

    Up to this point, we’ve had seen trailers and interviews from Miyazaki revealing information about DLC promotional tweets by the official account sharing little bits of lore alongside new images and a community contest.

    In the time we now have left leading up to Elden Ring DLC release. 

    We have reason to believe another trailer is on the way likely some more gameplay as well, and part of the reason for that is that some people are getting to play the DLC early. 

    They will recharge a lot of Elden Ring Runes in the game to ensure that they can defeat the boss easily.

    And that is confirmed. We’re going to break down what we know about that and what that means for the rest of us. 

    But we have just seen a new image of a new boss for DLC. And of course we have to discuss what this is because these DLC designs are looking crazy. 

    Now let’s get into it. 

    New DLC Boss

    Let’s start off today by talking about this new boss that has just been revealed in an Elden Ring post . The official account posted fearsome foes of unfathomable power await you in the realm of Shadow. With an image of what can only be described as a crazy-looking enemy design. And there’s so much going on here.

    First of all, this enemy is extremely hunched over. We see two big Chalk Rums in their hands, a crazy amount of Omen Horns on their head, long white hair which we’ll get into and this very ornate Goldmask that appears to be broken on one side. And if you look closely at the top, it seems like they’re crawling out of some sort of Shadow. So there’s a lot to break down here.

    First of all this is the second time we’ve seen these sorts of Chums. So based on the fact that we are getting a new weapon type that are throwables. I think it’s safe to say that these are going to be new weapon type for the player that we can wield as well. 

    Now, based on the appearance of the boss itself, at least I’m assuming this is a boss. We can see on the head there are a lot of Omen Horns which is also something we’ve seen fairly commonly in DLC trailer.

    Now the presence of Omen's horns can mean a lot of things. It can be because of Curse and the spread of the Omen horns from America’s unwanted children, such as Mohg and Morgott, stemming from the powers of The Crucible and the mixing of all these aspects of life.

    And The Crucible does seem to be the primary theme we’re seeing consistently throughout all DLC material. So, if there was any doubt, that’s going to be a major part of it. 

    Here’s even more evidence and another sign that points to that is the fact that this creature has white hair which is also indicative of ancient things such as those emerging from Crucible or very old cultures in Elden Ring. We see white hair on Mohg and Morgott and Omens. We see it on the dragons. We see it on the prehistoric Zamor Knights and Godfrey himself. 

    All of which have ties to one of those aspects, and the black shadow that we see this creature emerging from is also a product of Omens. We see this in Fell Twins fight and Mohg. Omen emerge this way. So definitely more connections there and about that Goldmask on his face.

    I think that’s very similar to what the ancient cultures used to do, such as Zamor Knights and the houses of Hoslow and Morray, which are from outside the Lands Between. But the most striking part of this image to me is actually the posture in which he’s standing. It’s almost exactly like what we see Godwyn do after he’s killed by Black Knives.

    Now, even though I think we are going to see lots of stuff associated with Godwyn. In DLC, I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is him. Godwyn doesn’t really have any association with anything with Omen or Crucible. 

    For that matter, and he wears a blue robe instead of the orange one we see here. And we see lots of aquatic features on him after his transformation. So I think if they were to depict his boss fight. It would be more along the lines of some kind of sea monster or giant Basilisks. This has me so excited. I love this kind of stuff and the design here is just so cool. I can’t wait to fight this guy .

    Early DLC Play Session

    So with Elden Ring DLC drawing near. BANDAI NAMCO is upping their marketing efforts, resulting in kind of perfect storm for this DLC. 

    But part of the question was is that since Shadow Of The Erdtree is just a DLC and not a full game. Are they going to be treating it the same way? A lot of us were hoping everything was going to be kept quiet about this until release. That way, we could all jump in blind.

    And while I think this was supposed to be, for the most part, kept quiet. But I do know quite a bit about how these events work and here’s what I think we can expect. They’re probably going to be in a limited section of it. My guess would be the first open field, take on a little Dungeon or two like the Caves or Catacombs and then fight likely one main boss. If I had to put money on it, my personal guess would probably be the lion dance.

    Given that we’ve already seen a lot of this fight in the trailer, Miyazaki has given us a bit of lore behind it and it wouldn’t really be much of a spoiler. Now I highly doubt that they’ll be able to fight Messmer himself. Even though he is a kind of the focus of the trailer, I’m sure he’s got a second phase.

    Now all of that is just pure speculation on my part and an educated guess based on what they’ve done in the past. Now will we get to see that game play. That’s an educated guess, but when it comes to pre-release stuff like this, where they’re in an open environment if somebody veers off the intended path. 

    Possible New Trailer

    The official will release a new trailer next. It’s possible we could get something like a story trailer or a cinematic trailer, which I really hope we do, but given the timing of this event. I think some curated gameplay is much more likely now a counter argument that somebody’s likely to make is based on the contest they’re running with all the fan-made videos. Could that be the reason why they’re updating Elden Ring playlist?

    So based on that, it’s probably something official that’s on the way. Now this isn’t 100% confirmation that we’re getting another trailer for the DLC or even more gameplay but these playlist updates were a Telltale sign of DLC trailer being on the way. 

    So you’re free to make your own conclusions. Now my question to you is, do you even want to see more of DLC? Personally, I think we’ve seen enough already. I just want to go in blind.

    Those are some thoughts on the new Elden Ring DLC. I’m looking forward to its final release.

  • Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide To This Mind Cthulhu Inspired Build! - Weapons, Incantations, Talismans And More

    Posted: May 17, 2024

    In preparation for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC coming on June 21, 2024, I built a fantastic starter build, a Cthulhu Inspired build that will melt all aliens. In this guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to know to build this mind build. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at the summary of this build.


    Starting with the traits, aka the things that define this build. This is either a Strength/Faith/Arcane build or Dexterity/Faith/Arcane, depending on the weapons you decide to stick with.

    Since you can’t make monsters in this game disappear just by thinking about them, the next best thing would be Madness status effect. This means this build uses Frenzied Flame Incantations.

    To complement the mind theme, it uses weapons with power of mind attacks, namely Regalia of Eochaid and Marais Executioner’s Sword. Then I will try to make it as powerful as possible without detracting from the theme.

    Now for the pros. What I can say is that the best thing about this build is the damage, it’s ridiculously high! If you manage to use the weapon skills in this build when the enemy leaves a gap. Besides that, its spells also do a ton of damage, especially the ones used at a distance.

    Now let’s look at the cons of this build. First of all, I would like to say that this is a build that works best in New Game+ and above. You can try it on New Game, but the problem is that it is very harsh in the early game because the lack of some early attribute points leads to low damage to early weapons.

    And its Madness status effect is almost useless in PVE. But luckily, most build up Madness’ spells also deal fire damage, so the spell itself is not useless.

    Also, the armor sets of this build don’t provide a lot of poise, so that’s another aspect that this build lacks. And Sacred Seal and some Talismans take a while to get, and some can even be obtained only on New Game+.

    Because of all these cutbacks on this build, it is not beginner friendly. This is indeed a build that requires some gaming knowledge, even if you have experience playing Soul-like games.


    With the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at the weapons I chose for this build.

    We’ll start with the weapon you can get your hands on as quickly as possible, which is Regalia of Eochaid. With this weapon, the stat points will be focused on Dexterity instead of Strength. You only need 12 points of Strength to use it, and then the rest of the build will focus on Dexterity, Faith and Arcane.

    The most interesting part of this weapon, of course, is its skill, Eochaid’s Dancing Blade, which is where most of the weapon’s damage comes from. This skill can be charged up to increase damage and attack range.

    Beyond that, you can also deal even more damage with another weapon that has almost the same name, but is slower. I present to you Marais Executioner’s Sword.

    It works exactly the same as Regalia of Eochaid, but it’s a Greatsword. The skills are the same, it works the same, and it’s used the same way. But if you’re going to use it, the stat points should be focused on Strength instead of Dexterity. You only need 14 Dexterity to use it.


    Now let’s check out the other part of this build that deals damage, namely Incantations. Start with the obvious: Golden Vow and Flame Grant Me Strength. These are the two support incantations for this build. There’s a third one, which I’ll talk about soon.

    Golden Vow increases all sources of damage by 15% and increases damage resistance to all types of damage by 10%. To get it, you need to go to Corpse-Stench Shack in Mt Gelmir. It’s on a corpse inside a shack. Note that when you get close to the shack, an NPC will invade you, but you can rush in and grab it before she appears on the map.

    Another support incantation is Flame Grant Me Strength, which combines perfectly with Golden Vow. But it works better in builds that deal fire damage, as it increases this damage by 20%. It’s located behind Fort Gael in Caelid. You can get it early, as it only requires 15 Faith to cast.

    Now let’s look at Frenzied Flame Incantations that this build requires. This is an area of ​​effect incantation. When cast, the user will eject a very erratic fireball from their eyes in front of them. As such, it is best used against large enemies or enormous groups, especially when they are not moving fast.

    Sacred Seals

    Now, let’s move on to Sacred Seals that should be used in this build. This is a fairly simple Seal, Frenzied Flame Seal. As it boosts the damage of Frenzied Flame Incantations by 20%.

    To make the most of it, you should get a second one on New Game+, as using two Seals together increases the boost by 40%.

    It is one of the best Seals to have early in the game and is fairly easy to get. If you start with a class other than Prophet or Confessor, you can easily buy this seal from Twin Maiden Husks for Elden Ring Runes.


    Speaking of Talismans, we need to split them into two different sets. One for weapons, and one for more focused spells.

    For weapons, Talismans I recommend are: Winged Sword Insignia/Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Millicent’s Prosthesis, Warrior Jar Shard/Shard of Alexander and Godfrey Icon. These three Talismans focus on increasing the damage of consecutive hits.

    Now, we are going to check Talismans to equip when using spells, including: Fire Scorpion Charm, Faithful’s Canvas and Flock’s Canvas. They can greatly increase the damage caused by this build.

    The above is all you need to know about assembling this build. Its high damage and fun gameplay experience will leave you with impressive memories in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC!

  • Elden Ring: The Best Places To Farm Crescent Moon Axe Efficiently!

    Posted: May 15, 2024

    In preparation for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which releases on June 21st of this year, I created a great starter build to get a head start on getting into the new expansion, and that’s Maelstrom Rogue Build. But the one weapon you need to complete this build is Crescent Moon Axe.

    Crescent Moon Axe is a melee weapon in Elden Ring that has great synergy with Maelstrom Rogue. But it is not easy to obtain this weapon. In this guide, we’ll go over a few locations to farm Crescent Moon and provide some tips on how to make things easier so that your farming process is less harmful to your health.

    Crescent Moon Axe Drop Location

    This weapon is only dropped by one type of enemy, they are large variants of Exile Soldiers, and they are very rare throughout the game, only appearing in Stormveil Castle and Castle Sol. While these farming spots worked and didn’t take that long, I was wondering if there was a more efficient way. So I investigated these two locations in particular.

    To my surprise, I discovered a unique location on Castle Sol that wasn’t covered by any of the locations I’d seen before. So this guide not only covers this location but also the former locations for those looking for this weapon early on.

    Stormveil Castle

    The first location is right in the middle of Stormveil Castle, on the map. When you arrive at this hall with patrolling Grafted Scion, there is an obvious doorway to the west, where you will find a passage locked by fog that can be opened with a Stoneword Key.

    After going down the stairs, clues will lead you to Armory, where there are two large Exile Soldiers that drop Crescent Moon Axe.

    Farming Tips

    Now, I want to share some tips about farming in this location.

    First, start at Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Note, instead of taking the elevator down, go outside and look for this tilted tile, which you can use as a guide to jump to the roof below.

    Now, look for the two rats and a lone Exile Soldier. You need to get to where the soldiers are. To do this, first jump to the edge of this wall on the roof, then jump to where the rat is. You’ll take fall damage, but not much. But if you have more Elden Ring Runes, purchasing some consumables can make you safer while exploring.

    Regardless of whether you deal with the rats or not, you need to look for the wooden platform where the soldiers are and get down from there. Go through the doorway and you’ll enter the Armory with two tall Exile Soldiers.

    Now, there are two ways to get back, depending on whether you use Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot. If not, you can simply open the map and fast travel to Rampart Tower Site of Grace, then repeat the process.

    But if you use Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot and don’t want to lose the boost, take the stairs up, turn right, and then turn again for the shortcut elevator. It will take you back to Rampart Tower Site of Grace. Just don’t forget to send it down when you reach the top.

    Castle Sol

    The second option is at Castle Sol. It’s located in the last indoor area before the boss arena. This is the most efficient option. But this place is only accessible at the end of the game. So this is the best option for high-level characters to farm Crescent Moon Axe.

    If you want to get this weapon in the next New Game or something similar, then this must be for you. There are no gimmicks or hidden paths here. It’s very straightforward.

    Then start from Church of the Eclipse Site of Grace and follow the south until you find the building in front of the church exit. Don’t go under the stairs as this will trigger some enemies. Instead, head straight for the stairs, turn left and walk a few steps.

    Note that there is an Albinauric hanging from the ceiling here, which emits hatred and screams, causing two giant Exile Soldiers to spawn. As soon as he screams, turn around and quickly kill Exile Soldier that appears around the corner, then turn around and kill the second soldier closer to you.

    You’ll find a regular Exile Soldier at the back stairs, but you can ignore him. While he can be a little annoying in throwing grenades, it’s still much better than other soldier variants. So, you just kill two Exile Soldiers and run back to Site of Grace and repeat, as it’s not one hit of the soldiers that will drop this weapon.

    It’s that simple. On average, it takes about 36 seconds to run to a farming site, defeat two Exile Soldiers, and run back to Site of Grace. If you have access to Mountaintops of the Giants, it’s the most efficient place to farm Crescent Moon Axe. However, you need to be at least level 100 to enter. Therefore, if you want to farm it early, you can only do so in Stormveil Castle.

    That’s all we have for Farming Crescent Moon Axe. I hope you found this guide helpful and good luck!

  • Elden Ring: What Do We Need To Do For Strength Faith Build? - Inferno Paladin Build Guide

    Posted: May 13, 2024

    This is an Elden Ring Paladin build that doesn't revolve around holy damage. So it's going to be viable through the entire game. You're going to do an immense amount of damage with this build. And I was super surprised by it. So I'm hoping you are going to enjoy it.

    Before we get in, I would like to remind you that investing enough Elden Ring Runes will make your building journey much smoother.

    How The Build Works?

    Let me show you exactly what we're working with. Everything that how the build works you're seeing here is recorded on a New Game 6+.

    And I am currently level 170, however there is nothing in this build that makes it a new game plus build so a level 150 will be very viable for this, but this is an absolutely phenomenal build.

    And we are going to focus on Flame and Flame Incantations as well as pumping out an absolutely absurd amount of fire damage. Especially, when it comes to massive enemies, we are going to be using Cranial Vessel Candlestand. I have been super surprised by this weapon.

    Because first of all, I didn't even realize it existed much less than I had it sitting in my inventory. So I wanted to make a build with this and I think you guys are really going to enjoy it. This is going to focus on using Surge of Faith Ash of War on Cranial Vessel Candlestand in order to make a huge explosion of Flame and Fire Damage causing a devastating effect on your enemy.

    And the surrounding area we're going to boost that damage as much as possible. We have a great selection of Talismans here for you as well in order to make sure you're doing as much damage with Incantations and Ash of War as humanly possible. We are going to be having that Great Hammers Moveset with this weapon. And it is one of the better Movesets in the game.

    In my opinion, Drip is a point. The damage is phenomenal.


    So let's go ahead and jump right into Talisman's. So you Talismans can see how this build is going to synergy. For Talisman of this build, we have Shard of Alexander, Fire Scorpion Charm, Old Lord's Talisman as well as Godfrey Icon. Now I'm going to explain what each one of these does and why I've chosen these Talisman for the build.

    Shard of Alexander is going to give our Surge of Faith a 15% damage increase whenever we use it. So having more damage in a build is always ideal and the same goes for our number two Talisman.

    Fire Scorpion Charm because that's going to boost our damage with fire damage by 12% but it is going to make us take 10% more damage. However, this is not a problem at all because we typically kill everybody before we can even take damage.

    So it isn't an issue moving on to our third Talisman. We are using Old Lord's Talisman as stated before we are using some Buffs for this build. Flame grants me Strength and Golden Vow, just to name two of them but with Flame grant me Strength only lasting 30 seconds.

    Old Lord Tailsman is going to make all Buffs last for 33% longer but that being said, we typically kill everybody in a boss fight before we even get to that 30 second Mark. This is just a nice cushion when you're out in the open world.

    And finally, for our fourth Talisman. We are using Godfrey Icon. This is going to enhance Charged Skills and Spells. And a lot of our Incantations are going to be charged, which is why I have this in slot number. For having that extra damage is always going to be nice in all of these Talisman synergize to give us a really solid amount of extra damage for this build.

    Shard of Alexander can be located in Alexander's Questline at the end of the game. You guys can check that out and Fire Scorpion Charm is going to be located in Fort Laiedd right here. On the map top of one of the ramp parts, Old Lords Talisman is going to be located at the very end of the game in Farum Azula right here on the map.

    And if you want Godfrey Icon, then you need to travel up to Altus's Plateau and hit the first ever Jail that you see Golden Lineage ever jail.


    Now, as far as our actual Weapons and Seal obviously, we're Weapons using Cranial Vessel Candlestand. This can be found all the way up in Mountaintops of Giants almost right when you get into them.

    But it's going to be located in Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave at the very end on top of a Corpse. But this weapon is absolutely phenomenal. It is going to be a Great Hammerand we are using Surge of Faith.

    It's Ash of War, its physical damage is going to be 240 plus 221 and its fire damage is going to be 240 plus 202. All of this is going to be buffed with. Flame grant me Strength and Golden Vow allowing our damage to go even higher.

    And these Strength and Faith Scaling of this weapon are absolutely incredible with a Strength Scaling of B and a Faith Scaling of B and a decently low requirement to use at 26 Strength and 22 Faith.

    This weapon is definitely going to be one of the better weapons in my opinion, when it comes to Fire Damage now. As far as our Seal goes, we are going to be using Giant Seal because it's going to give us a 20% increase to our giant Flame Incantations. And we are using quite a few of those. It also has a Faith scaling of S and some very decent Incantation Scaling at 273.

    So overall, we're going to get some really solid damage to our Incantations from using this particular Seal. Now this Seal is also going to be found in Giant Conquering Hero's Grave right here on the map, just like Candlestand was. So you can get two, for one deal when you go into that Dungeon.


    Now as far as your Flask of Wondrous Physick, it is going to go with this build. If you want to use Flame-Shrouding Cracked here, it's going to give us a 20% increase to our Fire Damage. This is also going to stack with Flame Grant Me Strength and also Fire Scorpion Charm giving us somewhere above 54% increased fire damage with this build which is incredible.

    And the second you want to use is going to be Strength not Crystal Tear. This Tear is going to boost our Strength by 10 when we use it, so it's going to give us a total of 60 Strength for the build. And we'll also have 60 Faith for the build giving us a really solid damage point. To jump off from Strength not Crystal Tear. It is going to be located right here in Limgrave within a small Altar on a cliff side.

    If you're trying to get Flame-Shrouding Crack Tear, this will be located in Caelid after killing Putrid Avatar and east of Smoldering Church right.


    Here now, before we jump into the stats. I do want to go over Incantations. We are using Incantations and two Buff Incantations as well as four damage Incantations which I feel go very well with this build. And they're going to cause you to do a lot of damage.Those damage Incantations are going to be caught Flame Fall Upon Them, Burn O flame as well as Giantsflame Take Thee for our Buff Spells.

    We have Flame Grant Me Strength and Golden Vow. Both those Spells together are going to combine, allowing you to get a 15% damage negation buff as well as a 35% increased physical damage buff with 20% increase to you. Fire Damage Flame Grant Strength is going to be located at Fort Gael right between two Fire Chariots behind Fort.

    If you want to snag golden Vow, it's going to be up here in Mt. Gelmir right at Corpse-Stench Shack catch Flame can either be a starting class Incantation for the profit. Or you can buy it from Corhyn Roundtable hold. And if you snag Giant’s Prayer Book located in Mountaintops of Giants right here,you're going to be able to use Flame Fall Upon Them, Burn O Fame as well as Giantsflame Take Thee.


    And lastly we have the stats for the build, so we are going stats to be using a level 170 build as I said. We're going to have 50 Vigor, 25 Mind, 30 Endurance Strength is going to be at 50, 18 Dexterity, 9 Intelligence, 60 Faith, and Arcane at 7. All these stats together are going to give you a really solid damage point for your build.

    And I've really enjoyed playing to Lands Between so far. And guys there we have it that is going to be it for Inferno Paladin build. I am super pumped about this one. I definitely enjoyed playing through Lands between with it and I definitely hope you will as well.

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