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  • Elden Ring: Speculation About Which Characters Will Return In The New DLC

    Mar 24, 2023

    While we’re all waiting for the new Elden Ring DLC, which characters are you most looking forward to returning in the latest expansion? Whether it is an NPC or a boss that has been killed, how do you think they will return to this new story? For this part, I will also have some guesses.


    First off, I look forward to Godwyn the most. I really can’t wait to see Godwyn back and players taking on this monster again. It’s going to be really exciting. In fact, in Dark Souls, I liked Ludwig, Gwyndolin, and Blaidd monsters that appeared in special ways at the beginning.

    Especially Ludwig, who suddenly appeared when I was exploring the dungeon, and my partners and I took a lot of effort to kill him, left a deep impression on me.

    But after I discovered Godwyn, I realized that the developers had been missing some Bloodborne stuff from previous Elden Ring monster designs. These bosses are very powerful, but also as scary and thin as Ludwig, without three-dimensionality. And Godwyn gives me a completely distinct feeling. I like its design.

    Godwyn is different from other bosses in that he is actually a noble hero gradually transformed into a terribly deformed monster. Godwyn hides a lot of secrets, which is one of the reasons why I want to fight him.

    It would be even better if Godwyn could speak after the update. He is different from those cold beasts before. He can let more people know its story, and die with more dignity. Actually, rather than fighting Godwyn, I’d rather have him come back differently.


    Second, I would also like Millicent to return as a DLC. I very much hope that she can be reborn from the flowers left behind by her betrayal. Millicent transforms from a mere bud into a gorgeous and dangerous flower after a desperate betrayal. I hope she returns to Elden Ring as a stunning scarlet Valkyrie.

    But if Millicent is indeed reborn, then Malenia will most likely return with it. After all, when we defeated Malenia, we didn’t receive any information about his death. This will mean we have to face the terrifying boss Malenia once again. It’s really exciting and scary.


    And Miquella, I’ve always really liked his skills. But if Miquella returns this time, we will also enter Miquella’s dream again. Which also means we’ll meet Demi Gods again.

    Assuming we can talk to all Demi Gods before they go mad with power, that could go a long way toward solving this Elden Ring mystery. We were even able to meet up with Marika and do quests in Elden Ring to collect rewards. But all of this will turn into bubbles as the dreams shatter. While this is all speculation, it also offers a new way to play for all things Elden Ring.

    Just like in True Souls, players can take an item from the dream, give it to Malenia, and Malenia will join you and fight by your side.

    But players can also get lost in Miquella’s dreams. Players will have no way to leave the dream, or even choose to die. They can only exit and restart the game. Players don’t worry, all the results are the same. We can still challenge the new Demi Gods and get rewards.

    No matter which character returns, I believe it will bring players an unfamiliar experience. Players should wait patiently for the arrival of the new DLC of Elden Ring, and hope that the updated content will not disappoint the players.

    Players can also upgrade gear by acquiring enough Elden Ring Runes to get ready. In addition, you can also use the code “CSCCA” here to get a 5% discount, so hurry up and try it out.

  • Elden Ring: Most Secretive Mechanic - Golden Eyes

    Mar 24, 2023

    These glowing golden eyes are one of Elden Ring’s last mechanics that we know pretty much nothing about. With the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC on its way, it would be a shame to leave it unexplained.


    There’s a bunch of theories trying to explain what turns out to be the rarest occurrence on Elden Ring, but as far as reliable information goes, we basically have zero.

    Until today, what we knew so far is that golden eyes are a special buff enemies can spawn with that will make them drop five times the amount of Elden Ring Runes they usually would.

    In the case of late game enemies or bosses, that can mean big numbers. Contrary to what you might find online, golden eyes do not increase the damage an enemy deals. That was simply a skill issue. It’s also not more likely to happen at night or during golden rain. It’s much simpler than that.


    To understand the inner workings of this mechanic, we have to deep dive into Elden Ring Spaghetti code where we can find these so-called SoulDropUp function.

    For the average viewer, this means that every time you rest or travel, there is a 0.5% chance for normal and a one percent chance for bigger and tougher enemies to spawn with golden eyes. For the fellow nerds, pause here.


    In order to find out which enemies can have golden eyes and which ones can’t, I simply set the Feversoul chance to 100% and walked around the lands between for a little. As you would expect, NPCs, bosses and boss minions, enemies with no eyes or heads, dragons and most of the wildlife can’t have them either.


    Many bosses that appear as normal enemies, however can, such as the Black Knife in Leyndell. For some weird reason, undead Mariners, Tree Spirits and Grafted Scions can have them and so can flowers, hands and my personal favorite - the golden eyed slug. But really hands?

    Not all enemies like to show off, though, like the small envoys (Oracle Envoy), who can get them, but they have no eyes, so you cannot really see it. Pumpkin's heads are ashamed and just hide them below their helmet. I don’t even know what fungal pods are supposed to be, and both worm faces and Erdtree Avatars can have them, but it’s inside their neck.

    And it doesn’t help that even just seeing two golden eyed enemies at once is about as likely as getting 5 out of 6 in the lottery or you becoming a member.


    As I said in the beginning, golden eyes are a special effect. So, by coding it onto any given enemy, I can force them to spawn with golden eyes, no matter what. This is where things get crazy.

    In this version of Elden Ring, every enemy has golden eyes, no matter if it’s technically possible or not if it makes sense or not. It just works, so let me show you some of my personal highlights.

    Every horse now has golden eyes, such as Dragonlord has 4 golden eyes, Gargoyles only have one golden eye, Elden Beast just looks very goofy and Melina is an absolute nightmare......

    Best Rune Farm

    Bosses consisting of two entities, such as the final boss, get the golden eyes bonus twice, meaning a totally you get 10 times the amount of Elden Ring Runes at the end, which combined with the max rune gain setup. 

    Please note: If you use code "CSCCA", you can also get 5% off.

  • Elden Ring: Why Valiant Gargoyles Are So Hard To Beat

    Mar 22, 2023

    Players will encounter a total of 165 boss fights in Elden Ring. Every battle is unpredictable, and even FromSoftware cannot guarantee victory in every battle. This is evident in the battle between the player and Valiant Gargoyles in Elden Ring.

    The powerful boss here in Valiant Gargoyles is not entirely due to the player’s inability to defeat the enemy and the need to struggle through multiple battles. It’s because of the special mechanism of this boss that the player can no longer try the experience of previous battles. This is mainly because Valiant Gargoyles have two separate combat mechanisms, and players cannot coordinate attacks on two enemies.

    In fact, we can see the problem of this boss battle from the conflict between the player’s equipment and the enemy’s basic mechanism design.

    Valiant Gargoyles understand that some players will not use toolkits, and any effects on Elden Ring do not affect enemies, whether attacking or defending. This also means that this Frostbite or Bleeding type of poison won’t be able to harm Gargoyle at all.

    This will limit the player to fight the boss with the various Swords, Claws, Spears and anything that doesn’t deal a lot of damage from Elden Ring. It’s just that this Valiant Gargoyles have a way of making the player unavailable to fight with other gear options.

    In addition to the very limited ways in which players can attack Valiant Gargoyles, more importantly, these bosses will deal damage to players in different ways. At the same time, it will make different actions before the attack, making the whole attack process longer.

    All problems with Gargoyles alone during any playthrough of Elden Ring are serious enough. There are even a few moments where players are alone against Gargoyles or Black Blade Kindred variants, already highlighting how long and unrewarding this fight is.

    However, fighting just one of these Valiant Gargoyles isn’t as scary as if the game decides to put two Gargoyles in the same room and have them fight at the same time.

    In addition, Valiant Gargoyles also have two different attack skills, namely the summon wind and exhale poison abilities. It is usually difficult for players to resist these two attacks.

    The main damage to the wind attack is that it can easily attack around the player without any assistance. At the same time, the wind attack lasts for a long time, and one dodge can not resist it.

    The poisonous fog attack will affect the player’s line of sight, and at the same time, have a great impact on the state of the player character. Neither of these attacks can do a staggering amount of damage to the player, but when combined, Valiant Gargoyles will more easily move behind the player and deliver the killing blow.

    Of course, players don’t have to worry too much. As long as you can use weapons proficiently and prepare basic equipment, you can also challenge Valiant Gargoyles. You can also help your character build by getting enough Elden Ring Runes. Plus, you can get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”. Come and try it out.

  • Elden Ring: Why The Invader Was Accidentally Killed

    Mar 21, 2023

    There will always be many strange things happening in Elden Ring, and many players have become accustomed to it. Some even say that these strange surprises are one of the reasons why Elden Ring remains popular.

    There’s always something going on here that you don’t expect, be it on purpose or not. At any moment, the player may encounter a powerful boss around the next corner, or find that Malenia facing him suddenly becomes more powerful in the second phase of the battle.

    Players will find many surprises in Elden Ring PVP. A bad thing happened to one of the intruders recently. As Elden Ring raider prepares to enter the world to sneak attack another player, he suddenly finds himself out of control and at the mercy of Cultic.

    Roleplaying in Elden Ring PVP is not a strange thing, since Demon’s Souls, there are always players who like to do it. Players like to create a brand new character themselves, whether it’s a made-up character or a novel.

    Players enjoy interacting with other players by pretending to be characters they create themselves. In one famous example, an Elden Ring player used his own Maneater Mildred to intimidate other old players in PVP and Dark Souls.

    It doesn’t hurt that this kind of role-playing puts an interesting layer on the creepy atmosphere of the game itself, and at the same time provides players with a more impressive gaming experience.

    Lucaine, an Elden Ring player, uploaded a video on r/Eldenring of an invasion they encountered during their adventure. During their normal exploration, an Elden Ring intruder suddenly appeared.

    When Lucaine was about to fight the invaders, three cloaked Cultic players suddenly appeared in front of them. One of the players approached the intruder, and the other two followed suit, surrounding the intruder.

    The intruder begged and huddled between them. Then, Cultic players use magic damage on the invaders, they just knock the invaders down, but don’t hurt the invaders. Until one of them used a more powerful spell to kill it completely. The entire process is like some kind of murder ritual, weird and surprising.

    The magic these Cultic players use is actually called Rejection, which then knocks the invaders down. But then, they can also switch to Wrath of Gold, and can use the same type of skill as Rejection, Holy Damage. This skill will completely kill the invaders.

    The example where the player was killed with magic by Glintstone Sorcerers trapped behind the statue. Many players found this incident very interesting, and many players said that the reason they killed the invaders was because they did not take the initiative to resist, but flinched and begged for mercy.

    Elden Ring is full of surprises, and no player knows exactly what’s going on at all times. Maybe you’ll just encounter a mediocre fight, maybe you can kill a powerful boss in that Lake of Rot in Elden Ring. That’s the beauty of being in Elden Ring, even though intruders can be killed suddenly by the cult.

    If you also want to experience it, don’t forget to prepare your equipment before playing. You can do it by getting enough Elden Ring Runes. Also, you can get 5% off with the code “CSCCA” here. Hope you enjoy the game.

  • Elden Ring: 15 Marvelous Secrets Full Explanation

    Mar 20, 2023

    The Blade of Calling refers to Melina as “the one who walks alongside flame”. But what happens, if she sits alongside flame? What happens... if you kill her, at the very beginning of the game?

    1. The One Who Sits Alongside Flame

    With Fire’s Deadly Sin and the Bloodflame glitch, this is possible. Now don’t worry, she doesn’t stay dead, and it doesn’t ruin your game. But it does get us an extremely close look at her extremely unique death animation.

    With her dying breath, Melina casts one last incantation. A golden erdtree erupts, and remains a while - healing you in an AOE from all that burn damage you took, for a small amount, over time.

    Melina can actually cast this unique incantation if you summon her for the fight with Morgott, and she can rarely cast it during the fight as well - not just when she dies.

    Gameplay, and lore-wise as well, this is very similar to the spell “Blessing of the Erdtree”, which also heals you with the Erdtree’s warmth and grace, over time.

    And Melina, who was born at the foot of the Erdtree, certainly has a good claim on this powerful manifestation of its power. Even if she does feel compelled to burn it all away.

    2. Stick A Needle In Your Eye

    Once we talked a lot about Miquella’s unalloyed gold needles, which can be used to repel the influence of outer gods. Of course, you can give a needle to Millicent, who inserts it into her body to fight off the Scarlet Rot of the Rot God. But you can also use the final version of this needle to repel the influence of the outer god of frenzy and remove the frenzy from your eyes.

    But, what you might not have known, is that the original item description for this needle originally said that “to repel the interference of the outer god... you should pierce this needle into your eyes”.

    I wonder if they changed this detail so that they wouldn’t have to create a specific animation for it? Can you imagine?

    3. The Winged Hussars

    Did you know that the armour of the winged hussars, who were the Polish cavalry between 1503 and 1702 clearly inspired the winged design of the Mausoleum?

    u/FaithlessnessLucky55 shared a side-by-side comparison of the two on Reddit and it’s incredible to see just how similar their armor design is. And it’s a grand excuse to talk about why Elden Ring and Poland decided on such extravagant designs.

    In Elden Ring, the winged ornamentation of the Mausoleum Knights is intended to evoke the Deathbird, acting as a “self-inflicted curse that ties their spirits to the land”, so that they might better serve their masters in death.

    And for the polish cavalry, the rear wings were intended to demoralize enemies during their charge, as the hussars were the elite of Polish cavalry, and not a force you would want to see charging your way.

    They assembled their wings from the feathers of raptors, birds of prey who also provide their feathers for the Ravenmount assassins in Elden Ring, who also evoke the death bird and have a chest piece called the “Raptor’s Black Feathers”, which states that it is “a ritual implement for transforming into a Deathbird, if only by imitation”.

    4. Radagon’s Cuckoo Knights

    This secret is something that I decided not to include in my article on Elden Ring’s cosmic sorcerers. And it’s that Radagon shares a very compelling connection with Raya Lucaria’s Knights of the Cuckoo, who bears the twinned cuckoo bird as their coat of arms.

    So, a cuckoo is a bird that lays eggs in foreign nests so that other birds can raise its children instead. This is something called “Brood Parasitism,” which is a kind of messed up when you think about it.

    Cuckoo birds even go so far as to push eggs and other baby birds out of the foreign nest, so that there’s less competition for their own offspring. And Radagon kind of exhibits this cuckoo behaviour with Rennala. He uses her to birth three demigod children, only to eventually leave her with a parting gift of a giant golden egg, which Rennala would then treasure, seemingly at the neglect of all else.

    And you could even take this theory further, and argue that Radagon/Marika might have helped to establish the Knights of the Cuckoo. For one, their crest is the twinned cuckoo, which could represent the twinned body of Radagon and Marika.

    Second, the Cuckoo Surcoat item description even says that the Cuckoo knows the insignificance as there is a legendary black moon of Nokstella talisman that features that signature twin-cuckoo design.

    So, you have to decide: Did Radagon/Marika simply co-opt this ancient icon for their own purposes? Or is the cuckoo its own thing, and just coincidentally similar to the whole situation with Radagon and Rennala’s golden egg?

    Whatever the case, you have to admit that it is a very interesting theory, and offers a great bit of characterisation for Radagon. This being, who only really appeared during the war with Liurnia, as if his sole purpose was to get close to Rennala, and undo her from within.

    5. Spurned Item Descriptions

    Another lore topic that I just keep on talking about are the folk found all throughout Limgrave. Many of these wear the Guilty Hood, which has a description that reveals that it’s, “The garb of those accused of lesser crimes, indicated by the collar of sharpened branches.”

    But back in version 1.0 of the game, the description read that it was the “Garb of spurned Tarnished who were forced into slavery in the Lands Between.”

    It goes on to say, “The Tarnished have been wandering into the Lands Between from beyond the Sea of Fog in dribs and drabs since times of old. Most are killed on arrival, but the few unlucky survivors are taken as slaves.”

    I wonder why this was changed? The 1.0 description seems so much better.

    6. Chained Together

    There are some interesting details to find in the Erdtree Sentinels as well. If you look close enough at them, you’ll notice that they’re chained to their horses.

    u/Groomgrim pointed out on Reddit that if you have a look at their waist, you can see how an ornate chain wraps from around the Sentinel, down, and around the horse.

    This helps to explain why, from a gameplay point of view, they can’t be dismounted like other larger enemies on horseback, such as the Night’s Cavalry. They’re truly a ride and die pair, and a difficult one at that.

    7. Elden Ring Is Hard

    One aspect of Elden Ring that isn’t talked about very often is the game’s Hardness stat. This dictates whether a weapon will bounce off an enemy when wielded with one hand.

    But did you know that there’s one enemy in the game, that absolutely no weapon can match? All hail the crystal crab of Raya Lucaria. Not even the coded sword, the cipher pata, or a whip, are a match for the hardness of its shell.

    8. Overkill

    Another lesser-known mechanic is called “Overkill”, and it’s something that you can use to massively boost the amount of runes you receive in-game.

    So, this has been around in the Souls series for a while, but basically, if your first hit on an enemy does damage that exceeds 150% of their maximum HP, then you will receive 20% more Elden Ring Runes as a result.

    In general, this helps the rewards for fighting to scale with the strength of your character a bit. But where this overkill really comes in handy is when you’re engaging in rune farming.

    So, 20% more Elden Ring Runes is a lot when it comes to something like farming the Albinaurics at Mohgwyn palace, so if you’re currently not making use of this, consider ways to make your character just a little more powerful, and hit that threshold.

    9. Guardian Golems

    Everyone knows about the Dectus Medallion at this point, for having two halves of it allows for easy access to the Altus Plateau. But did you know that’s not all it does?

    If you have this in your inventory, it also prevents the two guardian golems at the top from attacking you.

    10. Bell Bearings

    Have you ever wondered why certain enemies drop Bell Bearings? Like, what even is a bell bearing? It’s a term that, as far as I can tell, doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

    When I first read it though, I thought it said “Ball-bearing”, which are little steel balls that go inside of an enclosure to serve a purpose, like rolling to reduce friction, or to apply ink from a pen.

    So, if I had to guess, a bell bearing might be the little ball that goes inside a ball bell enclosure, so that it might function as a “clapper” and give a bell its ring.

    This would make sense, as we do give these bell bearings to the Twin Maiden Husks, who are finger maidens that hold staffs that are full of such ball bells. But why do we do this?

    Well, bells in the Elden Ring universe are a tool that can be used to summon, or call to spirits. The best example of this is the spirit-calling bell that the player uses, but this mechanic exists in other FromSoftware games as well, like the Bell-Ringing Women in Bloodborne, who also rings for spirits to fight on their behalf.

    So, when the twin maiden husks receive an NPCs bell bearing, we [Special thanks to Quelaag for suggesting this theory] speculate that this enables us to interact with their spirit, to learn additional spells from them, or receive their items, as if they were still alive.

    After all, many bell bearings seem to hold the essence of perished NPCs. They even might have been borne or held by these NPCs, as many appear to have a fingerprint design upon them.

    So, after thinking about it, the word “bell bearing” is quite an impressively loaded phrase for these minor items. It suggests that it’s a part of a bell, that it’s been borne by an NPC, and that it provides a bearing, pointing one towards their spirit.

    11. The Weeping Angel

    Recently, twitter user Diddykolo shared this video. It seems like this statue in the shaded castle watches you whenever you have your back turned, only to turn away when you get closer. It’s extremely creepy until you figure out what’s actually going on here.

    So, after going to investigate, I realised that this is actually being caused by textures loading in, depending on how close your character is to them. When getting closer, it simply loads the assets that make it look like it’s looking towards you.

    That’s not to say this isn’t creepy as hell - I remember something similar happening to me with the inanimate doll in the Hunter’s Dream of Bloodborne, and it scared the absolute hell out of me.

    12. The Stranded Graveyard

    One thing I’ve always wondered about is the sequence of events that leads to you ending up in the stranded graveyard at the beginning of the game.

    Remember, when you were defeated by the grafted scion, and heard this? It’s as if you’re dragged..then thrown through the air, only to be submerged underwater… and then nothing, until you finally awaken in the Stranded Graveyard.

    Now, what I always assumed this meant was that the Grafted Scion drags you, then throws you off the cliff, into the ocean below. Then, eventually, your body might wash up towards this beach at a sort of high tide, as this beach does have a cave that leads straight into the stranded graveyard, where Melina eventually finds you.

    But another theory was recently proposed by ShieldScuff, in a YouTube short that reveals that the stranded graveyard is actually right below this crevasse in Limgrave. Falling into this crevasse usually kills you, but if you fly the camera down there, you do arrive pretty much directly where your character awakens.

    So, as the theory goes, our character, and the many piled coffins nearby, might have been hurled down here, in years passed. There’s even a bunch of crucified bodies near the hole that lends credence to this theory.

    The counter argument, however, is that there isn’t really a hole in the roof of the Stranded Graveyard that lines up with this crevasse. I mean, there is a tiny hole, but that’s not very convincing. There are a few caves like this with clear holes that don’t line up with the outer geography, and I think this is such a huge missed opportunity by FromSoftware.

    I reckon it would be a great little experience to fall off a cliff only to survive, and be halfway into a dungeon.

    13. Irregular Poise Event

    So, for a long time, amongst the high-level PVP community, people were noticing instances where they would block an attack, and perfectly poise through it as well, without taking any knockback.

    Now, in PVP, and PVE, this sort of technique could be extremely useful, because it enables the player to take no damage and poise through an attack in order to deliver a punishment, or even a backstab.

    The only problem was that it wasn’t known how to replicate this seemingly random event. Or at least, it wasn’t, until now... Thanks to a discovery by discord user “CMG”, and thanks to videos showcasing it by Steelovsky and JeeNiNe, we now know that to replicate this “irregular poise event”, as it’s been called, what you have to do is sprinting, and take your finger off the sprint button, and on to the block button, in the exact frame where you would usually take damage.

    This performs the perfect block with poise and allows you to deliver the punishing blow. I’ve always craved some sort of Sekiro-style parry system in Elden Ring, so I was really excited to learn about this. It’s difficult to perform, for sure, but it really heightens the skill ceiling of the game, and that’s usually a good thing. It must be hard to be a game developer and learn about things like this - do you remove the unintended effect, or do you embrace games having this random buggy complexity to them?

    14. Tiring Work

    Speaking of the developers, I think we should give the animators some credit. They’ve reused a lot of animations from previous games..but that’s not being lazy, that’s just being efficient. Because they clearly ton of effort into animating so many other things instead.

    For example, have you considered that almost every single enemy has a specific animation for falling and remaining asleep? I know this isn’t really a secret, I but I feel like it still bears mentioning. Every animal, so many enemies, and bosses. All of them have sleep effects, even if it’s extremely unlikely that most players will even inflict sleep upon them.

    And I bring this up, because we talked about (in the recent Miquella lore) how there used to be a mechanic where enemies could be found sleeping out in the world, requiring you to harvest their dream mist. So if we ever do get Miquella or St. Trina DLC...man, it would be so smart to make it so that enemies and animals could be randomly found sleeping around the world, so that these animations could be put to use.

    15. The Wrong Side Of The Bed

    Speaking of sleep - have you ever looked up during your fight with Rennala to see where the scholars are respawning from? It turns out that they’re all falling out of these hanging cribs.

    We’ve talked before about how these beings are re-birthed through Rennala’s Great Rune of the Unborn, within “Rennala’s umbra”, or “Shadow of the Erdtree”...

  • Elden Ring: A Complete Guide That Use This Ash of War To Defeat Godfrey(Level 1 Novice Must-See)

    Mar 20, 2023

    Players fight in Elden Ring as they have a high degree of freedom in its vast and deep open world. Players can take advantage of the character customizer for different types of character building.

    If someone is able to turn Itachi into Naruto in Elden Ring, players can use those abilities in other missions in the game as well. Therefore, most players like to try to defeat the boss through some relatively low-level skills, and the help of Ashes of War will make this challenge easier.

    A player recently defeated Godfrey at level 1 simply by using a specific Ashes of War ability. At the same time, the myth of the first Elden Lord was once again shattered.

    Ashes of War is a special item in Elden Ring that helps players increase the skill stats and affinity of their equipment. This skill also brings more possibilities to the player’s character construction.

    Players can use different character moves to adjust the character style that suits them better. Not only does it allow players a high degree of freedom to choose their favorite game style, but more importantly, this is often the key to players’ success. Some Elden Ring players may have defeated the most powerful boss in the game, Malenia, with just Ashes of War skill.

    But this player did not choose to defeat Boss Malenia, but instead of explored Godfrey in Elden Ring, which is also the first Elden Lord in Elden Ring. Godfrey’s growth process is mainly divided into two stages, both of which have their own unique fighting styles. Godfrey can easily defeat powerful bosses.

    User gilfordtan posted a video on r/Eldenring in which he successfully beat Godfrey, which caused a lot of discussion. Player gilfordtan, using their level 1 character, knocked Godfrey down during the fight with nothing but a two-handed Curved Sword Dismounter and an Ash of War called Lightning Slash.

    During the battle, the player accurately knows every move and shoot, creating a wonderful battle. The player successfully dodged every attack of Godfrey, and at the same time gave Godfrey enough damage output during dodge after dodge. Under the two-stage attack, Godfrey fell to the ground.

    At the same time, because Godfrey has two stages of change, players need to understand its skill changes and come up with countermeasures. Especially when Godfrey is in the later stage of Hoarah Loux, he also has unique skills that can specifically suppress the player’s attack.

    However, Godfrey is not without weaknesses. Players have found that Godfrey is invulnerable to lightning damage in both phases, which also makes Lightning Slash the best Ash of War to defeat this boss. With this weakness, even if the player’s character is only level 1, as long as the player can accurately understand how it moves, they can easily kill Godfrey.

    The creativity of Elden Ring players in character building seems to be endless, and some players are even willing to turn themselves into living furnaces in Elden Ring PVP. You can do whatever you want.

    There seems to be no limit to what players can do in Elden Ring. If a player is willing to explore during the battle, they will find that everything in The Lands Between is a hidden mystery.

    If you also like to explore in Elden Ring and try to defeat the powerful boss Godfrey, don’t hesitate to come and try it. At present, don’t forget to have good character equipment before the challenge. You can complete it by obtaining enough Elden Ring Runes. Plus, here’s the code “CSCCA” to help you get 5% off. Hope you enjoy the game.

  • Elden Ring: 10 Things Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC Can Avoid

    Mar 18, 2023

    After much anticipation and more than a few rumors, Fromsoftware finally announced its first expansion for Elden Ring. We know not much about Shadow of the Erdtree. Some concept art tease Miquella’s involvement, but that won’t stop us from speculating or hoping for certain things. 

    As good as the base game is, there’s a lot we’d like to see the expansion avoid or tone down. Let’s take a look at 10 such things here.

    1. Near-Infinite Boss Combos

    Margit, The Fell Omen, was a good boss for that one time. The fight provided opportunities to learn to parody, time your dodge rolls and pay attention to a boss’s delayed attacks.

    However, the overly long combos were still annoying, and they only got worse the further one progressed. As bosses get faster, use spirit summons to dwarf you in size or get lifesteal on attacks. Dealing with combos that go on seemingly forever as you roll and roll while looking for an opening becomes a chore. 

    It also doesn’t help that the recovery time between some boss combos is so fast, making you think there’s an opening before the onslaught resumes. If the expansion does have such a boss or two, hopefully the combos get reigned in to be closer to something like Slave Knight Gael or even Isshin Ashina instead of Maliketh.

    2. More Double Boss Fights 

    Since Ornstein and Smough in the first Dark SoulsFromsoftware has been trying for that next big, memorable boss fight. It succeeded here and there. 

    And Elden Ring has some memorable double bosses. Some were outrageously frustrating the one pre-nerf duo comes to mind, and others felt kind of there with the expansion having the focus return to solo fights would be nice. 

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with double boss fights, but a break from them now and again wouldn’t be so bad. By the way, if you want to kill bosses more easily, equipping yourself by using Elden Ring Runes is a good choice.

    3. Mimic Chests

    The base game is notorious for no Mimic Chests, but that didn’t stop so many Souls veterans from attacking a chest just to be sure. Over time, opening a chest and not having most of your health eaten away was a refreshing feeling. 

    Here’s hoping that Shadow of the Erdtree continues with this, though the expansion will more than likely have something equally or more annoying to entrap players.

    4. Cryptic NPC Questlines

    For every quest in Elden Ring, that’s mostly straightforward, like delivering Irina’s Letter to her father in Castle Morne. Some are incredibly cryptic. How would you know how to start the White Mask Varre Full Quest? Would you have guessed to look for Hyetta after Irina’s Quest or figured out all the steps for Ranni’s questline without a guide?

    Fromsoftware alleviated some of these issues with an update showing NPCs on the map. But following questlines is still quite unwieldy. Not that everything has to be spelled out or given waypoints, but it would be nice to have some indicators on when an NPC’s questline has begun and how to continue it.

    Some warnings, like crossing a threshold in the story for the quest potentially, failing would also be helpful. 

    5. More Scarlet Rot Areas 

    Remember, when everyone thought poison-filled swamps were the worst thing ever, Fromsoftware seemingly took that as a challenge and so the Scarlet Rot was born and while it’s bad enough to suffer from the status, watching your health tick down at an almost unfair rate. The worst part is that vast environments are dedicated to it. See the Lake of Rot.

    Shadow of the Erdtree may not do away with it entirely, especially given Miquella’s relation to Malenia, the Scarlet Rot Queen. At the very least, we can hope that it doesn’t encompass entire areas. Watch the Monkey’s Paw curls and give a Scarlet Rot reign instead.

    6. More Katanas

    Surprisingly, Katanas aren’t the weapon type with the most options in the base game. That honor goes to DaggersStraight SwordsGreat Swords and so on. Nevertheless, with a number of powerful weapons in its category, like Moonveil and Rivers of Blood, it would be nice for other types to have their chance to shine.

    ClawsWhips and Fists could all use an infusion of new weapons and it wouldn’t hurt for magic wielders to get more options besides Seals and Staves.

    7. Platforming Challenges

    In terms of platforming mechanics, Elden Ring falls somewhere between Dark Souls and Sakuro.

    The jump button increased one’s exploration capabilities, especially given the range of vertical surfaces to climb. Nevertheless, some areas like old Haligtree are a little precarious when it comes to platforming. 

    Part of that is on the Legacy Dungeons itself but it would be nice for the expansion to avoid leaning too heavily into more platforming and if it does, areas that wouldn’t outright torture you with their challenges as you’re desperately exploring and trying to survive would be nice.

    8. Smaller Endgame Areas 

    Beginning the base game opens up this massive world of possibility and punishment. What awaits around the next corner? Where could this innocuous door lead and what kind of horrors await in this decrepit dungeon?

    It’s an excellent blend of mystery and freedom, as you can go just about anywhere. However, this feeling starts to diminish near the end. With the final areas being relatively smaller, an exploration being less of a factor. How Shadow of Erdtree resolves this is unknown, but maintaining that feeling of wonder while exploring to the end would be great.

    9. More Recycled Bosses

    Most video games tend to reuse bosses, even a massive title, like Elden Ring. That’s been in development for years does it. With over a hundred bosses, it makes sense to see a few reused, even if it’s weird to see some like Astel reuses as the boss of a random dungeon.

    But this is a new expansion, and it doesn’t have to cram as many new bosses as possible. It can afford to focus on quality over quantity. If you’re going to reuse enemies as bosses for some of the new dungeons, that’s understandable.

    But if 10 new bosses are added and even one is recycled, it’ll be an odd experience.

    10. Boring Side Dungeons

    The quality of the Legacy Dungeons varies, but at least they’re each unique and worth exploring. The same goes for the side areas. We’ll never forget Windmill Village or Castle Morne, but the side dungeons are different.

    Many have simple layouts and are pretty boring. You’d have the odd trap here and there, that one Chariot riding foe and some interesting fights. But they’re mostly forgettable. Here’s hoping the expansion breathes some life into them, giving us more reason to travel off the beaten path.

    Please note: If you use the code “CSCCA”, you can also get 5% off.

  • Elden Ring: Players’ Surprise Discovery For Black Knife Assassin

    Mar 18, 2023

    Black Knife Assassin is one of the representative characters in Elden Ring. Black Knife Assassin was an organization that assassinated Godwyn Golden, and they were also the first organization to kill a demigod in Elden Ring, shattering the legend of Elden Ring.

    Black Knife Assassin is one of the most special existences in Elden Ring, and it is also of decisive significance to the ancient history and legends in Elden Ring.

    However, a clever Elden Ring player has recently figured out the most effective way to avoid encountering a Black Knife Assassin and go head-to-head.

    Black Knife Assassin An enemy with special abilities in Elden Ring. Mainly because they can be completely invisible when fighting the player. This also makes it very difficult for the player to find and attack Black Knife Assassin, and it is also easy for the player to be attacked from behind by the enemy.

    But players are not completely helpless. Players can try to find the enemy’s footsteps during the battle, so they can find out where this Black Knife Assassin is. This strategy will be especially effective when fighting in the snowy scenes in Elden Ring.

    Another strategy is for the player to get a Sentry Torch, which allows the player to see the invisible Black Knife Assassin even in normal scenarios. Players can often take advantage of these simple strategies to keep the fight fair.

    Recently, an Elden Ring player named falconrider111 posted a video on Reddit. Instead of fighting that Black Knife Assassin head-on, he used a new method that allowed him to escape from Black Knife Assassin without using any specific equipment.

    In the beginning, the player wants to complete the puzzle at Ordina Liturgical Town. Players need to find and light a series of candles in order to successfully complete the puzzle. However, during the decryption process, the player encountered the invisible Black Knife Assassin.

    In order to avoid a head-on conflict with this Black Knife Assassin, the player chooses to climb the nearby ladder. At this time, it surprised falconrider111 to find that Black Knife Assassin couldn’t climb the ladder.

    Although this is a small thing, it is a very significant discovery. Players will always have a headache when they encounter Black Knife Assassin in Elden Ring. Especially when trying to solve another task, there is no way to do both.

    Finding this way to avoid a direct confrontation with this Black Knife Assassin will often greatly reduce the pressure on the player during the exploration process.

    Ordina, Liturgical Town is an important part of Elden Ring. Players can enter Miquella’s Haligtree after solving the puzzle. This is also one of the most mysterious areas in Lands Between. You’ll also find that the location’s boss, Malenia, is also one of the most powerful enemies you’ll encounter in Elden Ring.

    If you want to challenge Black Knife Assassin or other powerful bosses, don’t forget to prepare Sentry Torch equipment, which will greatly help your battle. You can try to get enough Elden Ring Runes to redeem. At the same time, you can also use the code “CSCCA” to help you get 5% off. Come and try it out.

  • Elden Ring: Threat Emerging At Site Of Grace

    Mar 17, 2023

    Elden Ring has always been a dangerous game, with potential threats around every corner. Each cavern, catacomb, and tunnel has a large number of monsters waiting to jump out and attack the player at any time.

    Veteran players of the genre look forward to the traps in the game, and they need to constantly check the dark corners and dark corridors for ambushes or monster threats during their adventures.

    However, not all places are dangerous. Among them, Sites of Grace is a location that is completely free from enemy threats by almost all players. But until recently, when an Elden Ring player was attacked by a roaming enemy while resting in Sites of Grace, Sites of Grace seemed less safe.

    Sites of Grace are equivalent to rest stops in Elden Ring. Its specific function is actually very similar to the bonfires in Dark Souls series.

    Not only can players rest assured of recuperating at Sites of Grace, but players can refill their Flask of Crimson or Cerulean Tears here to restore their health. There’s just a downside to doing this. They reset all enemies in Lands Between at the same time they restore their health worth.

    Players at Sites of Grace can upgrade equipment, practice spells, organize their treasure chest warehouse, and pass the time. You can also talk to well-known NPCs such as Melina and Ranni here to learn about the history of Elden Ring. You can save files here when they find Sites of Grace. If there is a dangerous death here, it can resurrect directly the player at the last visited location.

    Here’s an Elden Ring player called Odd-Flow-7330 who posted a video on Reddit showing the threat he encountered in what he calls the safest place, Sites of Grace.

    While they were resting at Sites of Grace, something suddenly hit them. And the monster flew into the distance so fast that the player didn’t even see the enemy attacking him clearly. After they stand up and look around, the player finds a Mad Pumpkin Head enemy, which is most likely the monster that just attacked.

    This discovery shocked players. Because, players usually consider Sites of Grace to be the safest place, but it is quite different from the current situation.

    Word of the incident quickly spread throughout Elden Ring community, with many players panicking and wondering how it happened in the first place.

    The irony of the whole incident is that the player was wearing the same helmet as Mad Pumpkin Head enemy before being attacked, but was still attacked. Known for its quick attacks, Mad Pumpkin Head enemy can be a dangerous presence, even in a safe place.

    Many players felt that this was just an accident or a bug in Elden Ring. However, there are still some players who think that the developer deliberately set this. While Elden Ring community continues to investigate this matter, we recommend that players remain vigilant at all times in the game, even in Sites of Grace.

    You can upgrade your equipment and improve your defense by obtaining enough Elden Ring Runes, so you don’t have to be afraid even if you encounter threats. Plus, you can use the code “CSCCA” here to get 5% off. Hope you enjoy the game.

  • Elden Ring: A Complete Guide For Farming Runes In The Early, Mid & Late Game

    Mar 16, 2023

    In this Elden Ring guide, I'll show you some of my favorite rune farming spots for the early, mid and late game as well as a guide to obtain the Golden Scarab Talisman from the Abandoned Cave in Caelid.

    Early Game Farm - Trolls at Warmaster's Shack

    Our early game rune farming spot starts off at Warmaster's Shack in Limgrave where we can travel South to an area with five trolls that award 1,000 runes each. Once we defeat all the trolls, you'll net 5,000 runes and you can fast travel back to the Warmaster's Shack and repeat the process.

    After killing your last troll, just fast travel back to the Warmaster's Shack where you can restart the process. It is worth noting that as you get stronger and you level up this farm does become easier and easier. So, don't get discouraged if you get steamrolled a few times.

    Mid Game Farm - Bestial Sanctum (See Updated Guide)

    Next up is our mid game farm location. Outside the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid, the easiest way to get there is from the Third Church of Marika where we can find a teleporter nearby.

    Once you arrive, be sure to grab the Site of Grace inside the Bestial Sanctum before you begin.

    Mid Game Farm Route

    From there, we can follow the route shown here on the map to kill the Vulgar Militiamen, which award 1094 runes each. Each run should net you a little bit more than eighteen thousand runes. And once you're done, just fast travel back to the Bestial Sanctum to repeat the process.

    Golden Scarab Talisman - Abandoned Cave

    Next up, we're going to get the Golden Scarab Talisman from the Abandoned Cave in Caelid.

    From the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace, head east until you run to a canyon and then we're going to find a way to jump across the canyon down into a cave on the other side.

    The Golden Scarab Talisman is great because it increases the runes that you acquire by 20% and when we're doing these rinse repeat kind of rune farms, it's going to save us a lot of time.

    Abandoned Cave - Scarlet Rot

    One of the biggest challenges is actually right at the beginning of the Abandoned Cave and we want to be able to traverse that Scarlet Rot that's right there.

    Now, in order to do this quickly, the best way really is to just jump backwards into the lake and keep jumping backwards all the way to the very end and there's an abductor on the left. That's kind of what you're aiming for.

    So, if you don't make it all the way, you can walk there. Just be sure to not get a full dose of Scarlet Rot.

    Next, we're going to apply that same strategy right here and I'm just going to wait out the Scarlet Rot just to be on the safe side.

    Abandoned Cave - Path to the Boss

    We're going to jump down right here and once we make that jump we're going to run down that tunnel and we will not stop running until we get to the boss at the end of the cave.

    Abanded Cave - Cleanrot Knights Fight

    Once you made it to the end of the tunnel, buff up and take on the two clean rot nights. If you're around level 35 and you've got a fairly upgraded weapon, it should be a pretty easy fight.

    OP Early Farm - Killing Greyoll

    Another popular spot is farming Greyoll outside of Fort Faroth.

    In order to turn Greyoll into a farm location, you need any weapon that has Blood Loss buildup. He has a pretty large health pool so that Blood Loss will speed things up greatly. The trick to making this a repeatable farm is to run back to Fort Faroth Site of Grace immediately after Greyoll dies. You'll still be awarded 50,000 runes and Greyoll will still be there for you to kill again.

    One more tip is to also stay mounted the entire time. So, once Greyoll does die, you can just run back as quickly as possible. It is worth mentioning that if you don't make it back to the Site of Grace in time, Greyoll will die and you will not be able to repeat this farm.

    So, just be extra cautious about that and make your way back as quickly as you can. If you have the Golden Scarab Talisman equipped, you will be awarded 60,000 runes as opposed to the 50.

    Late Game Farm - Varre's Questline and Mohgwyn Palace

    For a late game farm, we need to begin Varre's Questline.

    After speaking to Varre, the first step Site of Grace in Limgrave and defeating Godrick the Grafted, Faroth will be at the Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes.

    After speaking through his dialogue, he will give you several Festering Bloody Fingers. Use these to invade other players three times to progress the questline.

    Once you're done, talk to Varre and he will give you the Lord of Blood's Favor quest items.

    Varre's Quest - The Four Belfries

    The next step is to travel to the Four Belfries in West Liurnia and what we're going to do is fast travel to the precipice of anticipation from there.

    Once you arrive, pick up the Imbued Sword Key and head east from there to the precipice of anticipation teleporter.

    Varre's Quest - Imbued Sword Key

    Just be sure to check the signs on the ground to make sure that you're at the precipice of anticipation. You don't want to use that key on the wrong teleporter.

    Varre's Quest - Chapel of Anticipation

    After teleporting, you'll be able to fight the Grafted Scion that kicked your butt at the beginning of the game. Just be sure that you're like around level 35 or 40 just to make it a little bit easier of a fight. You can do it earlier just depending on your skill.

    Varre's Quest - Blood of the Maiden

    When you defeated the Grafted Scion, head south into the castle. Once you enter the castle on the left, you'll see a Maiden on the ground and you can dye the cloth with that Maiden's blood (Lord of Blood's Favor) right there.

    Optional Quest - Nepheli's Quest

    Optionally, if you'd like to complete Nepheli's questline, you can go to the other side of the castle and pick up the Stormhawk King key and inside, you'll also be able to get a summon (Stormhawk Deenh) that you can use, as well.

    Varre's Quest - Return and Accessing Mohgwyn Palace

    Once you done, head back to Rose Church in Liurnia to speak to Varre.

    After speaking through his dialogue, he's going to go ahead and cut off your finger and give it back to you because he's such a nice guy. Ok, put your finger in your pocket.

    Speak to him one more time and he will give you the Pureblood Knight's Medal. The Pureblood Knight's Medal will teleport you to the moguin palace and Varre is going to remind you not to use it right away.

    So, naturally we're going to go to our inventory and we're going to use it right away.

    Mohgwyn Palance and Route to Farming Location

    Once you arrived at Mohgwyn Palace, be sure to pick up the map that's nearby. Next, we're going to follow this path on the map and we're just going to run the entire way, avoiding all enemies that we encounter.

    The reason why is that this is a very high level area and if you're level 40, you'll just get one shot. Once you make it to that lake of blood, you can then hop on torrent and ride the rest of the way.

    Shopping - Longbow and Arrows

    Once you make it to the end, grab the Site of Grace and then you're going to make your way over to Roundtable Hold to purchase a bow.

    When you purchase the bow, don't worry about the stat requirements if you don't meet them, it's still going to work just fine.

    Next, head over to the Church of Elleh and purchase arrows from the merchant Kale.

    Bird and Albinauric Farming

    Travel back to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road and equip your bow and arrow and Golden Scarab Talisman and shoot that bird that's over at the edge of the cliff. He will run off the cliff, like a big dum dum and you'll be awarded with 13,245 Elden Ring Runes.

    Run back to the Site of Grace and rinse repeat after beating the game, you'll have the option of picking up the Sacred Relic Sword and it has an Ash of War in there called Waves of Gold and once you use Waves of Gold, it makes this farm even better.

    Please note: If you use code "CSCCA", you can also get 5% off.

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