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Path Of Exile 3.24: Beast Farming Is A Profitable Path To Accumulate Currency

Posted: Apr 28, 2024

Greeting Exiles! This guide will show you a low investment beast farming strategy on the White Maps in the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League. Our focus will be on farming a specific beast known as Craicic Chimeral, valued at approximately 1.5 divines currently. After completing 10 or 25 maps, we can gather up the Craicic Chimerals and sell them off.

Path Of Exile 3.24: Beast Farming Is A Profitable Path To Accumulate Currency

Pros & Cons

Beast farming is a strategy I have adopted recently, and it has been working to the advantage. The introduction of new Scarabs, such as the Bestiary Scarab of the Herd, marks a significant change. This scarab offers 5 additional beasts, effectively doubling the amount of Red Beasts encountered per map compared to the previous Gilded Scarab.

Moreover, there's a new scarab called the Bestiary Scarab of the Shadowed Crow, which guarantees a beast spawn in every map. Although slightly more expensive, it provides double the currency every time it sells, ensuring stable profitability per map. These changes have not only made beast farming more accessible, but also increased its profitability and efficiency.

The first notable drawback of this farming strategy is its heavy reliance on the Craicic Chimeral for significant profits. These valuable drops occur randomly, often from 1 in 10 maps, or even 1 in 20 maps. While each Craicic Chimeral sells for 1.5 Divines, it can be frustrating if you go a long time without encountering one.

Additionally, sticking to Tier 1 through Tier 4 maps limits our flexibility by limiting our ability to take advantage of certain features such as Atlas bonuses, influence, boss drops, essences, or higher level maps. To maximize beast encounters and income, it's crucial to run maps efficiently. Therefore, focusing on maps like Strand and Fields, which offer quick clear times, is recommended for this strategy.

Bestiary Scarabs

Next, I will explain what Scarabs to get with low budget. In each map, we’re going to use 2 Bestiary Scarab of the Herd to add 10 more Red Beasts in our maps and 1 Bestiary Scarab of Duplicating to make an additional copy of the beast that we are capturing. If you have the fifth slot, you can buy the Bestiary Scarab of the Shadowed Crow as well, which we can use it for crafts or making 6-links items to sell for POE Currency.

Bestiary Scarab of the Shadowed Crow

The Craicic Chimeral beasts are small frogs, which you will encounter like every 7 to 10 maps. Just search for them and capture those and go out of the map. If you find one, you can also invite other people to come and join your party so that they can get 3 divines for free. Just need the Tier 3 maps and the Cobalt Jewel to collect and sell them in bulk.

Altas Tree Setup

Let's take a look at the Atlas tree with 86 passive nodes. Pairing this with 1 Shaping the Mountains and 1 Shaping the World is effective. We avoid excessive Shaping nodes on higher maps to prevent an imbalance of Tier 4 over Tier 3. While Strand is superior to Fields, Fields being the second best map and Adjacent allows us to alternate between them, utilizing Singular Focus to potentially obtain Chaos Orbs intermittently.

We exclusively opt for the Hunt for Craiceann, which increases the chance for the Craicic Chimeral, resulting in more Craicic Chimerals overall. This choice is based on how the game determines which beast to spawn. We then pick the Two-Hearted Hunt, as it provides a 10 to 40% chance to avoid consumption, which is a valuable addition to our strategy.

Then, pick up the Shrines. They serve 2 purposes. Firstly, they can spawn enemies, which can drop maps. Secondly, they can grant us an Echoing Shrine, a movement speed Shrine, or a Covetous Shrine. A Covetous Shrine means potentially more maps, while movement speed and Echoing Shrine lead to faster clears and mapping times. Overall, Shrines are the most helpful among all the league mechanics without consuming extra time.

Farming Tips

Let me give you some more tips. The Craicic Chimeral is the only beast, and it's from The Deep family. About what map to run, but choose it from Tier 3 to Tier 1 maps. The Dunes is a Tier 2 map but has a much better layout and also has the Fortunate card in the end. But I recommend Tier 3 maps the most as Craicic Chimeral spawn more frequently.


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