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A Stunning Drawing Of Blaidd Completed By An Elden Ring Player

Recently, a user named unnamed_art created a stunning painting of Blaidd. The player stated that he wanted to use a unique art style in this painting to honor Blaidd.

From this painting, we can see the half-wolf side of Blaidd. His mouth was wide open, as if he was involved in a fight. He drew his Royal Greatsword, as if fighting the enemy to the death. His weapon is covered in blood, and you can also see streaks of blood in some places in the painting. It can be seen how fierce this battle is. The details of the cloak and armor exposed in the painting are also very good. Of course, the most eye-catching thing is Blaidd's werewolf fur. Having said all that, do you really know Blaidd?

Blaidd is a character universally loved by Elden Ring Players. He is the half-wolf, half-human guardian of Ranni the Witch. Although he speaks a unique Welsh accent, his voice is very sad. This often reminds players of the tragic situation that befell him.

Since Blaidd is one of the NPCs that can be encountered early on in the Elden Ring, Tarnished can encounter Blaidd at the beginning of his journey through the Lands Between. In FromSoftware's traditional style, if you want to meet Blaidd, you have to deal with a series of complicated things first. Specifically, you first need to find Merchant Kale and get the Finger Snap gesture from him. Once you get the gesture, you'll want to use it near the ruins of Mistwood. Only when these requirements are met will Blaidd jump from the perch.

When Blaidd is present, he doesn't act aggressive towards you. Instead, he will speak to you with a distinctive Welsh accent. In later events, Blaidd would join the Tarnished in several battles, attend The Radahn Festival, and help the Tarnished discover Nokron, Eternal City. However, these things happened before his tragic situation.

A gigantic sword that appears on the painting is called the Royal Greatsword. This weapon is actually one of the largest weapon classes in Elden Ring. According to legend, we can know that the sword was actually obtained after Blaidd lost his mind and was reborn on the steps of Ranni's Rise. If you click on the item description of this sword and have some simple and vague conversations with NPCs in the game, you can also learn some stories about Blaidd.

In fact, Blaidd was a gift from the Two Fingers to Ranni. But due to some reasons, Ranni betrayed the Greater Will. According to the custom, Blaidd as the Fingers' gift is to betray Ranni. However, from Iji's dialogue and Royal Greatsword's description, we can learn that even though Ranni betrayed the Fingers, Blaidd remained loyal to her.

However, when Ranni actually left Lands Between, Blaidd faced the harsh reality and finally lost his mind. Instead of choosing to rebel against Ranni, he slaughtered all the Black Knife assassins that might threaten its master. From this story alone, we can imagine how miserable Blaidd's life was. However, because Blaidd is full of stories, he has become the object of artists after the release of Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring: A Surprising Discovery About Godrick's Finger

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, has garnered critical and commercial acclaim since its launch in February. Just a few days ago, the game won the Game Of The Year award, becoming one of the few frontrunners to win the award.

One of the reasons why the Elden Ring game is so popular is that there are many unique and powerful bosses in the game, such as Malenia - Blade of Miquella, Godfrey - The First Elden Lord, and Rennala - Queen of The Full Moon.

The boss I want to mention in particular today is not as well-known as the above bosses, but he has also been welcomed by many players. He is Godrick The Grafted. Godrick The Grafted is the leader of Stormveil Castle. He is the first demigod most players encounter in the Elden Ring, and a descendant of Godfrey - The First Elden Lord. He's not a mandatory boss though, so players don't need to defeat him to progress through the story.

If you've encountered this boss in Elden Ring, you'll know that Godrick has multiple arms growing out of his body. According to the Elden Ring lore, Godrick would graft body parts from his opponents onto himself in order to become more powerful. Recently, an eagle-eyed Reddit user lilBob1989 shared an image showing Godric's hand on the social media platform. He says he discovered an interesting detail about Godrick The Grafted and his fingers.

If you just glance at the picture shared by this player, you won't find anything unusual. But if you look closely, you will be surprised to find a very small detail. That is, Godrick's hand actually has six fingers instead of five. Based on this discovery, many players in the Reddit community have speculated about the origin of the sixth finger. Some players believe that this is intentionally designed by the developers. Some players believe that Godrick's extra sixth finger, like other body parts, was grafted from his opponents. There are also some players who believe that none of the fingers are actually Godrick's and that he grafted all of them.

Since neither the developer of Elden Ring nor the lore mention anything about Godrick's finger, this image shared by a player caused quite a stir. But in my opinion, since his whole body is covered with grafted parts, it is no wonder that he has one or several fingers grafted.

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