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Elden Ring: Rank The 10 Most Challenging Bosses Before Jumping Into Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring looms on the horizon, promising a wealth of new unforgettable boss battles that will surely challenge even the most seasoned players. Now is the perfect moment to reflect and revisit some of its most challenging boss encounters by ranking them in terms of the top 10 most difficult Elden Ring bosses prior to the DLC.

10. Fire Giant

Ranked at number 10, the Fire Giant narrowly surpasses Astel, Natural Born of the Void. Its inclusion on the list is justified by several factors. Found among the later bosses in Elden Ring, the Fire Giant poses a considerable challenge primarily because of its ability to deliver devastating blows capable of incapacitating players with inadequate Vigor levels.

Furthermore, the unique aspect of this boss fight involves Riding Torrent, limiting players' maneuverability and agility. Patience becomes a key virtue, particularly during the final phase, where precise timing and strategic positioning are paramount to avoid succumbing to the giant's crushing attacks.

9. Godfrey

Ranked at number 9 is Godfrey, First Elden Lord, emerges as a personal favorite boss battle in Elden Ring. This 2-phase encounter presents distinct challenges in each stage. Initially, players must contend with Godfrey's sweeping axe strikes and ground-shaking stomps, requiring precise evasion techniques such as jumping instead of rolling.

Upon sustaining sufficient damage, Godfrey transforms into the Hoarah Loux, introducing a new set of formidable attacks. Hoarah Loux' s deceptive tactics, including baiting players into premature dodges, add a layer of complexity to the battle.

Mastery of both bosses' move sets is essential for success, making this fight demanding and intense. Fortunately, players do not face both adversaries simultaneously, providing a slight reprieve in the midst of the grueling confrontation.

8. Godskin Duo

Ranked at number 8, is the Godskin Duo presents a formidable challenge in Elden Ring. Comprising the Godskin Noble and the Godskin Apostle, the Godskin Duo poses a significant threat, particularly when faced together with the same boss encounter. While individually manageable, their combined strength creates a nightmarish scenario, exacerbated by the necessity to defeat them multiple times within the battle.

Players may find relief by utilizing powerful Spirit Ashes or summons to divert aggro, yet maintaining the summon's survival proves challenging throughout the prolonged fight. Eventually, players may find themselves confronting both bosses simultaneously. Fortunately, the arena layout offers strategic advantages, allowing players to utilize pillars for cover against the devastating black fireballs unleashed by the bosses.

7. Radagon Of The Golden Order

Surprisingly, the penultimate boss fight, Radagon of the Golden Order, secures the seventh position. Bearing striking similarities to final boss encounters like Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, Radagon presents formidable difficulty akin to these renowned battles.

Unlike many bosses, Radagon's fight lacks gimmicks or unconventional mechanics - it's a straightforward showdown. Players must either adeptly evade and counter all his attacks or rely on a robust build to overpower him relentlessly. Of course, this will become easier if you have a sufficient amount of Elden Ring Runes.

6. Starscourge Radahn

Ranked at number 6 is Starscourge Radahn. Should you enter this battle under-leveled, every strike from Radahn threatens to swiftly incapacitate you. Throughout the skirmish, summoning assistance becomes imperative. Radahn's sweeping attacks cover vast areas, demanding constant vigilance to evade.

While drawing his attention away is beneficial, navigating the battlefield grows increasingly perilous as Radahn nears defeat. His summoning of colossal rocks presents a daunting challenge, requiring adept maneuvering or swift elimination to emerge victorious.

5. Mohg

The next one is Mohg, the Lord of Blood. This optional boss lurks within the Mohgwyn Palace and serves as the gateway to accessing the Shadow of the Eldtree DLC. Mohg's curse is the primary challenge of this encounter. Once he ensnares you with 3 rings, he initiates a chant that inflicts severe bleed damage thrice in rapid succession, while also replenishing his own health. Additionally, Mohg unleashes devastating attacks with considerable range and potency throughout the fight.

4. Dragonlord Placidusax

Located in the perilous region of Crumbling Farum Azula, 2 formidable bosses await the brave in Elden Ring's late-game challenges. The optional boss, Dragonlord Placidusax, stands as a daunting adversary. While players may have faced dragons before, none compare to the sheer might of this 2-headed Lord of all dragons.

Even attempts to divert his attention with a spirit summon prove futile, as he can swiftly pivot one head to unleash devastating attacks on him. Despite his colossal size, Dragonlord Placidusax exhibits surprising agility, taking to the skies to execute lightning-fast Dive Bombs and teleporting maneuvers, catching players off guard with electrifying claw strikes.

3. Elden Beast

Ranking at number 3 is the Elden Beast. While not universally beloved among players, the Elden Beast's formidable strength secures its spot in the top 3. Its devastating attacks pack a punch, amplified by the added challenge of having to defeat Radahn again upon death to face the Elden Beast once more. The daunting task of closing the distance to engage in combat adds another layer of difficulty to this formidable encounter.

2. Maliketh

Ranking at number 2 is Maliketh, the Black Blade, a boss renowned for its formidable prowess. Maliketh's combat style is relentless, characterized by agile movements across the arena, relentless onslaughts of attacks, and unpredictable windows for counterattacks. With Swift projectiles that demand constant vigilance, even from a distance, players must remain on high alert throughout the battle.

However, the arena itself offers strategic advantages, with pillars providing cover against projectiles and opportunities to maneuver. Successfully navigating Maliketh's relentless assault requires precise timing and careful observation, as any misstep is swiftly met with severe repercussions. Thus, Maliketh rightfully earns its place as the penultimate challenge at number 2.

1. Melenia

Claiming the title of the hardest boss is Melenia, Blade of Miquella, undefeated and reigning at number one. Melenia's formidable move set alone presents a daunting challenge, but what truly sets her apart is her ability to heal a significant amount of health with each successful strike.

This mechanic elevates the difficulty of the fight, requiring players not only to deal damage but also to flawlessly evade her attacks. Mastery of Parrying or the aid of a skilled summon becomes crucial strategies for overcoming her relentless assault.

Fallout 76: Do You know All About These Special Power Armors?

I hope you’re having a fantastic day today. I’m going to be talking about those special Power Armor now. What I said only represents my personal thoughts.

Purchasing more Fallout 76 Bottle Caps in the game can double your armor power.

Let’s get into it here.

Before we start talking about Power Armors, I just want to say that the best effect on Power Armor is definitely Overeaters. You cannot get Unyielding on Power Armor and Overeaters is definitely the way to go if you want to be more tanky.

The Reason Why I Chose X-01

Aristocrats and Bolstering, even Vanguards aren’t too bad. But Overeaters is the clear winner. Now for T-45, T-51,T-60 and Raider Power Armor. These are pretty much like the low tier Power Armors. T-60 is like a beefed up T-45. Raider is probably the worst one if I had to pick. The T-51 is actually horrible for radiation. It’s good for ballistic but horrible for radiation. And T-45 is probably best for beginners considering the level you can get it at.

Now a good decent Power Armor is X-01 I think.

This is one of the better ones that you can get at the beginning. Especially if you can get this Power Armor for free and I think it looks pretty snazzy. I’ve always liked X-01 myself. You can get a free set of the plans for it from Whitespring Bunker.

How Can Players Use X-01?

Now you will have to be a general in order to have access to this. I do highly recommend you do this if you haven’t and from the service entrance.

And you, like I said, you won’t be able to go into here until you’ve become a General. It’s really not that hard. It just might take you a little. There is a guide on it and once you’re able to come up here click on the schematic and then Prototype Power Armor schematics. And then it’ll basically give you the plans for the X-01 and then you can build one at your leisure. Just want to say the X-01 is best for Energy Resistance.

But if you have Electric Absorption on, like you really don’t have to worry about energy damage. I should say it’ll pretty much just keep your fusion core is full is what I was going to say.

The Use Of Excavator

Another great beginner Power Armor is Excavator, now you can get this one at a fairly early level. I wouldn’t suggest doing the quest until you’re level 25. Because you can’t craft it. But you’re just going to come over here to Garrahan Mining Headquarters, like I said at level 25preferably.

And then you can just come up to this sign and it will start the quest for Excavator for you. And the good thing about Excavator is that the 3 plus Mining Yield when left and right arms are used in tandem. So if you have the left and the right arm on, I don’t think you need a full set. Maybe you do actually just make sure you have the full set of Excavator on. If you are going to go collect some Lead ore is probably the best example for ammo.

It does work with every other ore except Ultracite. You will get a lot more collecting it with Excavator. Excluding Ultracite,the ore.

Disadvantages Of Ultrasite Power Armor

Ultrasite Power Armor, which is a kind of the opposite to X-01, where it’s more for ballistic Resistance. But this just isn’t the best Power Armor in my opinion. Will it get the job done? It definitely will, but you’re going to need Ultracite to craft it. You’re going to need Ultracite to repair it and you’re going to need Ultracitefor the mods.

And I just want to say there are better Power Armors. I would go with X-01 or Excavator as a beginner until you can get some of the later Power Armors that I’m about to talk about.

Hellcat Power Armor Advantages

Including Hellcat, awesome Power Armor depending how you look at it. This could be one of the best Power Armors in the game. Compiled with Electric Absorption because the ballistic Resistance on this thing is awesome. It minus 2% damage from Ballistic weapons. Now keep in mind, this adds up over five pieces or six pieces, actually.

To give you 12% damage reduction from Ballistic weapons, so regular ballistic weapons are really not going to do too much to you. You’re going to have so much time to stimpak and that’s even if a bunch of super mutants are shooting at you. And like I said, combined with Electric Absorption, you got the best of both worlds.

Now to get Hellcat, you will have to do a quest at Fort Atlas with the Brotherhood.You will get a Hellcat at the end of it.

The Usage Of Strangler Power Armor

Strangler Power Armor. And the thing about Strangler heart is just a little to craft it like it’s going to cost you some bullion like T-65 does, but you also are going to need Vault scrap steel. I think it is as well to craft it and this Power Armor just isn’t as good as it used to be after Nerf. It’s still pretty good. It still gets the job done, and it’s definitely one of the better looking Power Armors for sure.

I wouldn’t be putting on any skins over this or anything when I’m making it. It just looks great and you don’t see a lot of people with it. So if you did want to make this Power Armor. It’s definitely a decent one, but there are better ones.

Now my pick for the two best Power Armors is probably T-65 and the Union even Hellcat. But T-65 and Union are just amazing Power Armors. T-65 is has the highest damage Resistances, and it’s just literally a tank.

It’s very easy to get. Just need to save up some bullion. It’s very similar to Secret Service as and you just get it with bullion and you follow the main quest to unlock it. And it’s just a tank like this Behemoth could do nothing to me. He actually stopped hitting me after a while, probably realized he couldn’t do anything to me.

I’ve used T-65 for a while, absolutely. Love it and like I said, you just do the main quest involving Crater and Foundation. It’ll eventually bring you over here to talk to Regs and you will be able to buy the plan with Gold bullion.

Union Power Armor

Now, Union Power Armor. This is definitely one of the best Power Armors in the game. I use this one and T-65 it’s just pretty much what I have on me at the time. But the good thing about the Union Power Armor is it has a Poison Resistance and a plus 75 carry weight. That’s what makes it so good as those two unique benefits to having a full set are just amazing. Now, you can usually get Union Power Armor at Whitespring Refuge by using stand to purchase it from Jessup here.

But unfortunately it is not available to get which I’m sorry to tell you. We need to wait till the upcoming update in June. I think we will be able to get it so hopefully. I wish you could. It really needs to be fixed. Now if you’ve already purchased the plans for um Union Power Armor and you can’t craft it for some reason.

You see how it says Toggle on lockable at the button. Toggle unlockable and then you should be able to craft Union Power Armor and again just to show like it’s mostly used for people. I would say that are worried about Poison Resistance probably for lower Health Power Armor builds, but it definitely helps against Poison Resistance.

So if you wanted to use T-65, that might be the best answer for you. That’s my opinion on all Power Armors everybody.

I hope it helps you maybe pick a Power Armor that you want to use.

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