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PSO2 New Genesis Will Add New Braver Class

Jul 28, 2021

Sega said that the new Braver class will appear in PSO2 New Genesis in August. In addition, there will be a new side story and AC Scratch Ticket collection. The Braver class can use the Katana in melee combats or the Photon Bow in ranged combats. It causes additional damage in the quick succession of combos, and the class update will be released on August 4, 2021.

The Braver class will have powerful class skills, enhancing the fast-paced and agile attacks of the class. The Brave battle reduces PP consumption in a short time and ends with a powerful finishing move. Katana PA Combo also has three levels of Action Changes, which increase each time the same Photon Art is used continuously. The Photon Bow can cause consistent damage through fast shots when moving as well as charged shots.

Once the Braver class is released, you will be able to take on Braver tasks by talking to the new class coach Dierdre. In addition, you can also collect Braver-specific outfits, emotes, and hairstyles through the new Astute Braver SG Scratch Ticket.

A new Side Quest will also be released on August 4, which will be named "A Melancholy Monument". On August 18, Sega will add a new 8-player Urgent Quest - Mining Rig Defence, which requires you to protect several mining rigs from self-destructing Boms enemies and aerial Destragras DOLLS. The reward for this urgent quest is the weapon from the Evolcoat series.

Finally, some AC Tickets will appear in August. This will start with the summer-themed Sunshine Marine Stars collection on August 4, which will include ice cream emotes and marine-themed outfits. On August 18, the Summer Sky Seaside collection will be available, and emotes and swimwear that is suitable for the summer season will also appear.

This is the upcoming new content of PSO2 New Genesis, so players will once again be excited by the new stuff. More details can be viewed on IGGM, and IGGM will update the latest news in time.

In addition, if you want a better experience, you have to mention PSO2 Meseta. As the main currency in New Genesis, PSO2 New Genesis Meseta not only helps you get the resources you want but also allows you to get better weapons, so that you can easily complete the quests in the game.

New World: Where To Find Petalcaps?

Jul 26, 2021

Although New World has not been officially released, the closed beta has already started, and many players have already experienced it in advance.

In New World, acquiring resources for crafting weapons and other items is an important part of the game, but figuring out how to find specific materials can seem like a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to find them. Some items are dropped from sources that only spawn in specific locations. One of them is Petalcap.

Petalcap is a tier II earth and protective agent that can be collected from specific fungi found all over the game world.

Specifically, you will find Petalcap by collecting the appropriately-named "Fronded Petalcap" node, which appears anywhere in the territory of Windsward.

Fronded Petalcap will stand out because of its bright green and bulbous appearance. It will also have a dark green stem growing out of the top of it with sparkling light green tips.

Collecting Petalcaps does not require any level of harvesting skills, but you need a sickle. Before heading off to farm Petalcaps, make sure to bring one with you.

Now during the testing period of New World, a lot of attention has been gained. Once New World is officially released, it may be sought after by more fans. At that time IGGM will also provide more game guides.

IGGM will provide New World Coins, and the corresponding pages are now ready, so as long as you have pre-ordered New World, then you can pay more attention to IGGM. As a game service website that always follows the trend, IGGM will always provide the latest game currency, so once New World becomes available, you can also come to IGGM to buy New World Coins to enhance your advantage.



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