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IGGM: Anti-Counterfeiting Statement (Updated On October 2023)

Recently, we have found that some institutions or individuals in the market are suspected of infringing on the relevant rights and interests of IGGM, including unauthorized use of the name and logo of this site, and commercial activities for profit in the name of this site.

This kind of counterfeiting has caused damage to our company's corporate image, business reputation and potential business opportunities to a certain extent. In order to protect its own rights and interests and prevent new and old customers from being misled, IGGM hereby solemnly declares and clarifies:

1. Our only website URL is The layout of IGGM website is:

Any other website, or the same or similar to our website, is fake.

2. IGGM has never authorized others or organizations to use the domain name and logo. This site does not assume any legal responsibility for the commercial conduct or disputes arising from unauthorized individuals or teams.

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  • Latest Anti-Counterfeiting Survey Results (October 2023)

In January 2023, we found on that unscrupulous merchants had stolen the "IGGM" trademark without our company's permission. They not only use our trademark to sell fake products, but also link our Trustpilot Reviews on their instagram.

In August 2023, we once again found another illegal merchant on attempting to use the "IGGM" trademark to sell counterfeit game products. Everyone must avoid it in time after seeing it to prevent being cheated.

In October 2023, we discovered another merchant on who was using the IGGM brand to sell counterfeit game products. Please identify carefully to avoid being deceived!

Please be sure to buy any game products you need on IGGM official website to prevent any loss.

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Diablo 4: Best Druid Paragon Board With Tears Of Blood - Abattoir Of Zir Unique Glyph

In this guide, I want to go through every Druid Paragon Board using the Abattoir of Zir unique glyph, the Tears of Blood, to find out which one gives us the most damage period in Diablo 4. 

Only by becoming strong enough will you have the opportunity to obtain more Diablo 4 Gold!

Starting Paragon Board

Kicking things off at the starting board, every single node selected that could give you increased multiplicative damage, on the starting board. This glyph will yield 3636.1% increased multiplicative damage. 

There are two rare nodes in range of these Tears of Blood at level 200:

  • Impel, which will receive 69.8% Increased Damage and 35 Willpower
  • Resolve, which will give you 20.9% Resistance to All Elements and 35 Willpower

Thunderstruck Paragon Board

Next up is Thunderstruck Paragon Board.

If you selected every single node that could give you more multiplicative damage for the Tears of Blood at cap being level 200, that’s going to yield 3880.9% increased multiplicative damage. 

The two rare nodes on Thunderstruck that get impacted by this unique Tears of Blood glyph are going to be:

  • Hubris, which will yield 27.9% Damage Reduction from Vulnerable Enemies and 35 Willpower
  • Stormcaller, which will give you an additional 69.8% Storm Skill Damage and 35 Willpower

Survival Instinct Paragon Board

The next board we’re going to check out is Survival Instinct Paragon Board.

With every node selected, you can expect to get 4370.5% increased multiplicative damage. 

The two rare nodes on the Survival Instinct board that get impacted are:

  • Battleworn Hide, which will give you 14% additional Total Armor while in Werebear Form and 35 Willpower
  • Grizzly, which will give you 69.8% Damage while you’re in Werebear Form with 35 Willpower

Constricting Tendrils Paragon Board

Let’s check out Constricting Tendrils Paragon Board.

With everything selected for Constricting Tendrils, you get 3717.7% increased multiplicative damage, with the following two rare nodes also getting kind of juiced up:

  • Nature’s Will, at 69.8% increased Nature Magic Skill Damage and 35 Willpower
  • Courage, which gives you 27.9% increased Maximum Life and 35 Willpower

Earthen Devastation Paragon Board

Delving into the Earthen Devastation Paragon Board.

With every single node selected, you can appreciate 4207.3% increased multiplicative damage. 

Also, two rare nodes on this board that would get affected by that would be:

  • Earthen Power, which will yield 104.7% increased Critical Strike Damage with Earth Skills and 35 Willpower
  • Resolve, which will give you 20.9% Resistance to all Elements and 35 Willpower

Heightened Malice Paragon Board

Let’s review the Heightened Malice board. 

With all of our nodes selected that could give us increased multiplicative damage, Heightened Malice yields 4044.1% increased multiplicative damage. 

The two rare nodes the Tears of Blood beefs up are going to be:

  • Sinking Fangs, which will give you 69.8% Damage to Poisoned Enemies and 35 Willpower
  • Nature-born, which will give you 27.9% Damage Reduction to Poisoned Enemies and 35 Willpower

Inner Beast Paragon Board

Next one is Inner Beast Paragon Board.

With everything selected, it looks like you’re going to get 3962.5% increased multiplicative damage. 

And the two rare nodes that are also going to get beefed up are going to be: 

  • Shapeshifter, which gives you 69.8% Shapeshifting Skill Damage and 35 Willpower
  • Determination, which gives you 698 Armor and 35 Willpower

Lust For Carnage Paragon Board

Next up, Lust For Carnage Paragon Board.

The Lust For Carnage board, when maxed out with all of the nodes selected that could give you more damage, you’re going to appreciate 4125.7% increased multiplicative damage. 

These two rare nodes are:

  • Regenerative, which is going to give you 27.9% increased Healing Received and 35 Willpower
  • Feral, which will give you 69.8% increased Werewolf Skill Damage and 35 Willpower

Ancestral Guidance Paragon Board

Finally, we reached the Ancestral Guidance Paragon Board.

With every single node selected trying to get the absolute best juice out of the squeeze, we can see that we get 3880.9% increased multiplicative skill damage with the following two rare nodes being capped out with a level 200 Tears of Blood:

  • Harmony, which will give you 97.7% increased Core Skill Damage and 35 Willpower 
  • Resolve, which gives you 20.9% Resistance to All Elements and 35 Willpower

Paragon Board Rankings

Since we’ve checked out every single Paragon Board with the maxed out Tears of Blood, let’s evaluate first to last to find out which boards are actually going to yield the most benefit if it were to be capped out with every single node selected. 

  • 1st - Survival Instinct Paragon Board
  • 2nd - Earthen Devastation Paragon Board
  • 3rd - Lust For Carnage Paragon Board
  • 4th - Heightened Malice Paragon Board
  • 5th - Inner Beast Paragon Board
  • 6th - Thunderstruck Paragon Board
  • 7th - Ancestral Guidance Paragon Board
  • 8th - Constricting Tendrils Paragon Board
  • 9th - Starting Paragon Board

Select these Paragon Boards in order and your Druid will become more powerful. This way you can get better Diablo 4 Items from Abattoir of Zir!

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