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ACNH Guide: How To Get Purple Hyacinth?

Jun 18, 2021

Having a garden of your own in ACNH will make your island more vibrant, and colorful flowers will make your island look better. Speaking of flowers, purple hyacinth is a rare flower that has a complicated breeding process.

If you have different types of other hyacinths, flowers with deep purple petals will eventually bloom on your island.

You can buy yellow and red hyacinth seeds from Nook’s Cranny. If you can't find them in the shop, you can wait until Leif visits your island and provides these flower seeds. In addition, you can also find hyacinths on a Mystery Island Tour.

How to get Purple Hyacinth?

If you want to grow orange hyacinths, you need to bury the red and yellow seeds diagonally from each other.

After the orange hyacinths bloom, you need to plant two of them in a diagonal pattern, so that they will end up with purple hyacinths.

When planting more purple hyacinths, you should bury the two purple hyacinths next to each other in a diagonal pattern so that the surrounding soil will eventually sprout more purple hyacinths.

And you can put them in Nook’s Cranny for selling, purple hyacinths can be sold for 240 ACNH Bells.

Purple hyacinths have many uses. You can use them not only to make hyacinth grass or as decorations in conspicuous places. Together with lilies of the valleys and golden roses, they are considered the rarest flowers in the game.

Although ACNH still has a lot of players, the monotonous content seems to be starting to make fans feel bored. If the new content still does not appear, then ACNH may lose some fans.

Earlier this year, due to the datamine in the island parameter, the Animal Crossing islands may get some type of expansion. But they have not yet been implemented into the game. If this is true, ACNH may once again become the most popular game for players.

IGGM will also pay attention to ACNH related news. If there is really new content added to the game, we will update the article as soon as possible to let you know.

And ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets are available on IGGM. If you need the corresponding resources in the game, you can come to IGGM to buy Animal Crossing Items at any time.

PSO2 New Genesis Ranger Build Guide

Jun 17, 2021

Phantasy Online 2 New Genesis does not have a full range of classes like the previous games, but this does not mean that you can easily choose a class to play as in the game. In New Genesis, there are 6 classes for you to choose from. They are 2 martial-type classes, 2 that use firearms, and 2 spell casters. In each pair of classes, one usually focuses on damage, while the other focuses more on support.

During the character creation process, you will be asked to choose a class, but this is not permanent. After completing some main story quests, you can change classes on the Class Counter. The most important thing is that you can choose a class and sub-class. The subclass can only be upgraded to level 5, which is lower than the highest level of your main class. The current cap is level 20.

Ranger is all-rounder

Rangers are a long-range class that can shoot down enemies from a long distance. They are not tanky as hunters but have an increased reduction to conditions. They support teammates through skills, such as Blight Rounds, which will increase the damage of all allies to specific weak points. Rangers are a good beginner class because they are still very effective when staying away from harm.


* Blight Rounds: It can mark the enemy so that it will take more damage from attacks, including your teammates

* Bad Condition Ward/Reduction: Reduce the effectiveness and duration of status ailments

* Slow Landing: When you use normal attacks or Photon Arts, your falling speed will be greatly slowed down.

Weapons that can be equipped

* Assault Rifles: A standard ranged weapon that causes damage from a distance

(Weapon action: a sidestep counter that can avoid harm with good timing)

* Launchers: A high-powered long-range weapon that can charge normal attacks and cause damage to an area.

(Weapon action: a sticky bomb that causes damage to the enemies when attacked.)

So if you want a class that can handle multiple situations, Ranger is worth a try. In the game, PSO2 Meseta is also necessary. Although you can get Meseta through various methods in-game, it is very time-consuming and energy-consuming. If you are not a professional player, you may not have enough time to spend on this. So buy PSO2 Meseta is now a more popular way.

IGGM has witnessed different versions of Phantasy Star Online, and also provides corresponding Meseta, so it is expected that PSO2 Meseta is available on IGGM.



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