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Elden Ring: How To Create A Ultimate Night Sorcery Build? - Level 150 Night Comet

Posted: Jul 10, 2023

Here I’ll show you my level 150 Night Comet build in Elden Ring. Night Comet is a Night Sorcery that lets you fire a semi-invisible Magic Comet. One thing I like about this spell is that it can pierce through an infinite number of consecutive targets.

The spell has slightly longer range and damage than Glintstone Pebble, but is slightly slower to cast. Since the spell is hard to spot, most enemies cannot dodge the spell. This makes it an excellent choice against bosses like Malenia, who are constantly dodging attacks.

If you’re interested in this Night Comet build, or want to try a new Ultimate Night Sorcery Build. Then you must not miss this guide. Everything you need to know about this build will be covered here.

Elden Ring: How To Create A Ultimate Night Sorcery Build?

Buff & Weapons

We can find Night Comet in Town of Sorcery, in chests in the middle of Sellia. You need to ignite the 3 Lighting Braziers on top of the tower to open the barrier.

For staff, I like to use Staff of Loss. It can increase the attack power of Invisibility Sorcery by 30%. This effect stacks when wielding two Staff of Loss, making Night Comet the most powerful Sorcery in the game.

We can find this staff on a dead body on the balcony of a building west of Sellia in Town of Sorcery. Since we lose 2 staffs, you need to defeat the monster first to get another staff.

For the buff, I like to use Howl of Shabriri Incantation to increase the damage up to 25%. As for Seal, since the damage gain caused by different levels is almost the same, I suggest you use the most basic Seal, such as Finger Seal.

Elden Ring: Howl Of Shabriri Can Buff Your Damage By 25%

You can get it from Roundtable Hold’s Twin Maiden Husks for 800 Elden Ring Runes. But it’s worth noting that you can also use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off.

Alternatively, you can take the most basic weapon, like Short Sword, and infuse it with Bloody Slash Ash Of War. This reduces our own health below 20% and activates Red-Feathered Branchsword Talisman effect.

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We can also use some Talisman to increase my attack power. Using Graven Mass Talisman increases spell potency by 8%. Next up is Godfrey Icon, which increases the attack power of charged spells and skills by 15%. Therefore, we need to press the button as long as possible when casting the spell to increase the damage.

The other is Red-Feathered Branchsword Talisman, which increases attack power by 20% when our health drops below 20%. Last but not least, Magic Scorpion Charm increases magic damage by 12%.

Elden Ring: Red-Feathered Branchsword Talisman

Crystal Tears

For Crystal Tears, you can combine them to boost your stats. Opaline Bubbletear can significantly negate damage from mixed physics. This is great for giving me a second chance when I get hit by an enemy. Another piece is Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear, which temporarily boosts your Magic attack power to +20% for 3 minutes.

Wearing armor is optional for this build. Because before fighting the boss to increase the damage, I will reduce my health below 20%.

Elden Ring: How To Find The Opaline Bubbletear?


For this 150 level build, I put 10 in Vigor, 45 in Mind, 30 in Endurance, 12 in Dexterity, no change in Strength and Arcane. Also put 79 in Intelligence to increase my attack power and 33 in Faith which Howl of Shabriri requires.

Anyway, the way this build works is that first you can infuse your Short Sword with Bloody Slash Ash Of War, reducing your health below 20%. Then cast Howl of Shabriri Incantation to consume Crystal Tears. Then you can start casting Night Comet Sorcery from a distance to attack enemies.


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