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Elden Ring: All Of The Best Legendary Weapons - Tiers Introduction

Posted: Jul 10, 2023

Hello Elden Ring fans!

Today I will introduce some Legendary weapons that will be used in the game. Although they are the most unique weapons in Elden Ring, the level and damage of these weapons are not all the same.

Elden Ring


Elden Ring was the top game for many players last year, and it holds the title of one of the best role-playing games of all time. Elden Ring focuses on the research of players' open games in FromSoftware's latest The Lands Between world. What attracts players most is the rich and deep game content in the game, which makes many players put it down.

In a brutal world full of unique bosses and well-crafted lore, each Tarnished build is a key aspect of the player's character development in the game.

Elden Ring Lands Between

While Lands Between offers a wide variety of options in terms of gear available to players, gear is also effectively designed to stand out from the crowd. Especially some key weapons called Legendary weapons, they have more game significance than the common equipment common all over the world, and they are also what players want to have, of course you can also use Elden Ring Runes to buy, and you can use coupon code "CSCCA" to get 5% OFF.

Four Tiers Of Legendary Weapons

Next, I will introduce you to the four tiers of Legendary weapons:

S Tier

Moonlight Greatsword - After you complete Ranni questline, you'll get the final reward of the Moonlight Greatsword. This FromSoftware weapon will definitely live up to your expectations, it has excellent skills and use of frostbite status, and this is a legendary weapon, choosing it will definitely live up to its status at the pinnacle of Elden Ring Legendary weapons.

Elden Ring Moonlight Greatsword

A Tier

Ruins Greatsword - After you defeat the duo of Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight at Redmane Castle, you will get Ruins Greatsword. The sword is huge, and it has an impressive array of flashy abilities, especially gravity magic damage, Ruins Greatsword's normal move combo is already able to knock down bosses with just a charged R2 attack, which does a lot of damage.

Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword

Marais Executioner's Sword - After you defeat the Boss Elemer of the Briar in Shaded Castle, you will receive Marais Executioner's Sword. Primarily associated with strength and arcane magic, this sword is a great weapon for melee users who want to do spiral attacks, and it has amazing PvE potential.

Elden Ring Marais Executioner's Sword

Sword of Night and Flame - You can find this inside Caria Manor, and it's a Straight Sword in Elden Ring. It is mainly associated with strength, agility, intelligence and faith, and it has a powerful ability - Night and Flame Stance. But it requires a highly specific build to be used effectively, to the effect you expect.

Elden Ring Sword of Night and Flame

B Tier

Golden Order Greatsword - After you defeat Misbegotten Crusader Boss in Cave of the Forlorn, you can get the Golden Order Greatsword. It's a versatile weapon that deals a lot of holy damage at melee and mid-range. But Golden Order Greatsword with holy damage feels more generic than Legendary. It's a powerful skill that's also devastating, but the damage still depends on how you use it.

Elden Ring Golden Order Greatsword

Bolt of Gransax - You can find it in the city of Leyndell, this weapon is only available until Crumbling Farum Azula is completed. Primarily associated with strength and agility, it is a powerful lightning weapon that can hunt down dragon-like enemies or engage dangerous foes from a distance thanks to its intense and long-range lightning skills. Bolt of Gransax can invoke the wrath of the gods if the player successfully hits the target.

Elden Ring Bolt of Gransax

Grafted Blade Greatsword - You can obtaine it by defeating Leonine Misbegotten boss in Castle Morne at the Weeping Peninsula. With its powerful attributes and unique skills, this sword is capable of defeating greater beasts and enemies it comes into contact with. Due to the buffs provided by its skills, it is a good choice in the early game to increase a character's strength.

Elden Ring Grafted Blade Greatsword

C Tier

Devourer's Scepter - Dropped by Knight/Recusant Bernahl when you defeat it. It is mainly associated with strength, agility and faith. But Devourer's Scepter probably doesn't compare to many other weapons at all, but is an odd choice. This is a good weapon for high intensity players who can handle the weight of this weapon. Devourer's Scepter is heavy enough to shatter enemy armor, sometimes even the enemy itself.

Elden Ring Devourer's Scepter

Eclipse Shotel - It can be found at Castle Sol, this unique weapon is mostly associated with faith and agility and is a good weapon as it can inflict death sickness on enemies. But with its extremely niche use practically limited to PvP, Eclipse Shotel isn't very popular with many players.

Elden Ring Eclipse Shotel



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