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New World: The Fire Staff Builds Reach New Heights With Nature's Wrath & Gems In Season 5

Posted: Apr 24, 2024

Greetings, fellow players! In today's discussion, we're diving deep into the reasons why Fire Staff builds stand out in New World Season 5. Our focus will be on the Nature's Wrath, a pivotal element within these builds.

I'll meticulously examine every aspect to showcase the formidable power of this newly introduced artifact and some excellent gems, along with highlighting some remarkable synergies with the Fire Staff. So, without further ado, let's delve into it!

About Nature's Wrath

The Nature's Wrath, which is a new artifact if you haven't played in New World Season 5, that increases your base damage by 20% at the cost of never being able to gain a temporary Empower, the weird interaction with this, with Fire Staff, is that it actually has no net nerf to Fire Staff. It is very necessary to carry some New World Coins with you so that you can deal with other situations.

New World: The Fire Staff Builds Reach New Heights With Nature's Wrath & Gems In Season 5

Because 3 sources of Empowers in Fire Staff are all not temporary Empowers, they're conditional Empowers, and conditional Empowers are not stripped by this effect. So, Fire Staff can essentially gain 20% base damage for free, which results in it doing more damage.

For the Nature's Wrath, you have to make a choice there where you're trading off some sort of burst that you would be getting from Empower for more consistency that you'd be getting from base damage. Empower for most weapons that are Elemental. You can typically have 14% associated with the damage ring of the Elemental.

In this case, it would be a fire damage ring, and 7% associated with a Powerful Honing Stone, which brings you to 14. Add on the 10% that you'd be getting from a Runeglass by putting in a Runeglass in all your armor, you're up to 24. And then you add on these 2 extra 5%, then you're up to 34. You can add on the extra 20% that you get from Runes of Helios, and you're over that Empower cap.

Runeglass Gems

Another thing that kind of compounds with this problem is the advantage of Runeglass that Elemental damage-oriented weapons have. Runeglass from an elemental variant does Empower, and it has no active cooldown. It is a bigger value than it is for melee-oriented classes.

Melee-oriented classes gain 1% base damage. It has a 1 second activation cooldown, versus something like the Fire Staff gains 2% in power, and it has no activation cooldown. So, Fire Staff is twice as powerful in terms of pure stats alone. Because you're gaining base damage, you need more Empower to get near that cap to maximize your damage overall.

New World Runeglass Gems

This is like a wonderful source of that everyone takes as a sacrifice to your armor rating. You drop from 2.5% on a typical gem to 2% for the armor rating. Elemental weapons inherently have an advantage with this, and people are using this with the Fire Staff to do incredible amounts of damage. They can essentially hit the Empower cap.

Jasper Gem

The Jasper is fixed in terms of Runeglass. Jasper is the best way to increase your Empower in New World Season 5. All you have to do is put it into your gem slot, and you will gain 24% Empower, which will consistently put you at or near the Empower cap for most weapons. This allows you to deal more damage than base damage.

Essentially, maximizing each individual bucket results in more damage. That's why it's usually beneficial for certain weapons to not solely invest in base damage. It's better to maximize power. It's something that people can do to maximize damage on their builds in the game.


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