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News Guide

  • New World: What’s New For Season 1?

    Posted: Mar 28, 2023

    A new season system weapon and perk balancing gear sets and the new dungeon. Here’s what’s new for season 1.

    Seasons were taking the season model and bringing it to New World. Best thing about seasons is that there is now a regular patching cycle every three months when the majority of new continent features as well as balance updates get released. So, whenever you get tired of the game or the current meta, you now have a fixed state to look forward to.

    Additionally, to the patching cycle, each season will also include a new storyline and a season pass. For Season 1, that story is a quest line, which takes about two hours to complete.

    The season pass doesn’t add any content but additionally rewards you for playing the game. It has a free and a premium reward track. The highlights of the Free Track are the Scarlet Wing Armor skin set and an additional gear set slot at a level 100. The Premium Track costs 20,000 Marks of Fortune and the highlights include weapon skins, tool skins, a tent skin and the Cardinal armor skin.

    Now, is it worth buying the Premium Pass? If you want the cosmetics of the Premium Pass, then get it or if you want to support the game, then get it. But otherwise, you’re not missing out on much.

    However, with that new dungeon comes a new Heartrune, the Fire Storm and the new enemy type the humans, which also brings a new human trophy as well as new Human Ward and Human Bane gear to collect. So, now that you’ll have 30 different armor sets to carry around, it’s quite convenient that they’re introducing gear sets.

    But don’t get too excited. They’re actually pretty underwhelming what players wanted was a feature for swapping gear, adjusting attribute points and the skill trees of your weapons. Now, gear sets can only do a third of that and to make matters worse, you only get three slots for free and need to pay more New World Coins if you want more.

    The next part of the main story quest got Revamp. Throughout Brightwood in Weaver’s Fen, all the NPCs in relevant Corlew pages now have voiceovers. There are new cut scenes and a whole new story that climaxes in a new Soul Trial. It might not look as impressive as the previous Revamp they did because their only minimal changes to the cities and pois, but questing and story-wise, it is on the same level.

    To make mages more relevant in Mutations, there will no longer be penalties to elemental damage. And to make ranged weapon damage more relevant in PVE, ranged weapons will get a higher bonus from Bane perks than melee weapons. Weapons and armor out of OPR Invasion and War Crates can now be upgraded to 600 gear score to roll for a third perk.

    The Dolphin dodge dive nerfs. You lose all of your momentum as soon as you crouch. Player Collision got disabled after death, so no more dead bodies eating your projectiles. There are new text indicators if you dodge an attack red markings on enemy AOEs expect some bugs on those. Target dummies can no longer be attacked during wars, so no more free heartburn charging. Cranberry Compote can no longer be used or abused in arenas.

    You can finally find better ammo in Elite areas and you can search for 5 perks on the Trade Post. Scarabs can now be used to craft bags and tools. The crafting screen will remember your previously selected ingredients. And the first craft bonus got increased from 200 to 300, resulting in a slightly faster trade skill progression.

    There are massive nerfs to fortifying rent. Fortify no longer absorbs a percentage of damage but increases armor by a percentage, making it way less effective, especially on light and medium uses. While Shirking Fortification used to be best in the slot for most builds, this is no longer the case. There has been a slight nerf to the achievement perks and a significant nerf to Mortal Empowerment and Trenchant Recovery.

    The free grit on basic attacks has been moved from the 300 strength perk to the 300 constitution perk. While the 300 strength perk now only adds some extra damage to heavy attacks.

    Slight adjustments to how crits work long story short: a few less crits and a little less crit damage. To make heavy armor more viable, it gets a 20 reduction on being Calamity Counter and medium Armor gets a 10 reduction.

    Any skill that has any form of hard Calamity Counter had their damage reduced and every skill that’s mainly a damage skill had their Calamity Counter removed. So, throughout all of the weapons: a bit less damage and a bit less Calamity Counter.

  • New World: How To Farm Harbinger Set?

    Posted: Feb 24, 2023

    In this article, I will talk about sets you can collect in New World. This is especially important because of the new raid being added in the next few months. So, taking the time now to get it and having it upgraded would be a great use of your time.

    The set I am talking about is the Harbinger Set or rather in this case sets. The Harbinger Set as you probably know comes in three variants: light, which is Intellect, medium, which is Dex, and heavy, which is Con.

    What I especially like about this set is that you can mix and match the pieces to your desired attribute benchmarks. Some elect mix with con or some decks mixed with con. It makes the set as a whole a lot more unique. And I think it's important for people to focus on now, especially the newer 60s, who may not have a ton of war gear. Because I'm quite sure that the sandworm is going to be Angry Earth. And I had speculated at one time that it may be a beast but it is looking like Angry Earth now. Time will tell, of course, but better to be prepared than not. In any event, this is a very cool set and an amazing set to get you started on the angry Earth. So, why not take the time now when things have slowed down to complete it?

    Next, I plan to share with you how I farmed it. In some cases, I went back and recorded farming pieces I already had because people have commented that they may not potentially still work, but I have tested them today and they do still work.

    First, the easiest pieces we will be going to farm will be the helmet in the booths. For these you will want to head to re-quarter to the Siren's Stand, you can get to this area quite easily by simply running in and avoiding the attacks. I will show you the entire route now because in the past people have gotten confused about where to go and ended up dying.

    Now, once you're here simply target this NPC, who is called Sirensong Lackey. Shoot her and then walk back to this area here and she will reset and then repeat. If you want to kill her faster, you can use New World Coins to equip yourself.

    After about four or five kills, simply run up here and jump up and collect your loot again. I will point out here this wall requires you to block jump. How you do this is to hold the block while jumping. Hold it the entire time as you jump. It is in a buggy wall. It just requires this to be done.

    There is also if you wish a second option and that is by killing the brute. He also drops these you simply aggro him and run into this Canopy, which also still works as I tested it today. It works much the same way as the Wilderness Ward. Simply stay under the Canopy and you'll be fine.

    Also Read: New World Update 1.9.5 Patch Notes! - Fireworks, Good Fixes & Brimstone Sands

    Next, we have the chest pieces and gloves. This is the most annoying part of the farm simply because there are six possible drops. Three gloves and three chests and that's on top of getting them to drop. But it is more than doable. I did it in one day of farming, so you can also do it. Just be patient.

    You're going to want to come here to the mines in Embossed inferior and the things you're going to want to be killing are the Scorchvein Supply Guards and the Snipers. These are the only two mobs that drop them. I do recommend posting and looking for a group to farm these and you'll get it done in no time.

    Finally, the pants. These are also easy ones. For these, you will want to head back to rick water and enter into the pools. Once here, you can then run through and get to this location where I'm standing.

    From here, you can range the boss Root Bound relatively safely and the pants should drop quite quickly because he always drops a bag. In between spawns, if you're strong enough, you can also farm the surrounding mobs as they will also have a chance to drop the pants.

  • New World’s Legacy Of Crassus Officially Released On February 21, 2023

    Posted: Feb 20, 2023

    New World will have a new event coming. Here I will tell you all the details about this matter. The thing we’re about to see is the called Legacy of Crassus.

    Of course, these details are not necessarily completely accurate. The event looks like it will feature Cyclops Monstery, and Monsters here say they’re threatened by Rome’s forces.

    In fact, Crassus’ forces invaded the southern lands long ago. And using the kindness of the people and Decimus summoned Cyclops Monstery, you will face these enemies in Brightwood Weaver and Eden Grove.

    The information about the reward mechanism that will be discussed shortly now will be very accurate. Both of them look really cool, and I don’t think this will make it to PTR. It’s hard to tell because they haven’t actually released any information beyond what we’ve seen here.

    However, the existing rewards are still very attractive. Since it’s actually a daily reward, you’ll be able to earn one of these rewards if you only kill them once a day. We should note that if you kill these Monsters eight times in eight days, you can actually get all the rewards.

    Of course, if you want to get these eight rewards quickly, you can get enough New World Coins on to get the rewards quickly and increase your gaming experience.

    Like, if you want fire staff, you’ll get it anyway after completing the mission on the eighth day. But your character will also get a Sword, an Eavy Chest Armor, some Heavy Gloves, a Ball, a Fire Staff, a Medium Boots and some Medium Helm.

    You also get some Gypsum, some Umboshards and a Special Craft Mod that doesn’t actually tell you what it is. But he enhances the effects of items you need to craft.

    But is this really going to be something beyond a perk? You can see that the server time it rewards resets is 5am, but it could be 5am local. Here’s a pic of Cyclops Monstery, they look pretty cool and I really like them.

    Plus, you’ll get this reward besides the daily reward you get every time you kill it. So each victory will give you a random Weapon or Army shard with a chance of reaching Level 90, or you get a specially named item from Brimstone Sands or higher. These are basically all drop items.

    This is an excellent thing. Chances are you won’t like Target getting anything here, but you’ll also get some consumables. But I mean, you know, we don’t really need those in our lives.

    We know the Monster will reach Level 66, and we know you need to do at least thousand damage. And I don’t think it’s going to be too hard to do, so it should be relatively easy to get the tag as long as you get there in time.

    A few things can happen here, and they will Spawn around the map. I wish they could make the icons bigger because they are hard to find. But making them absolutely huge. Obviously that’s not what we want right now.

    Apparently, it still technically has a store. But I think with this, they’re actually going to drop the store entirely. The gear itself drops. I see nothing about mods or restores here.

    Of course, I could also be wrong. Either it’s missed, or it’ll probably work as in the game. So it’s clearly not. I don’t think spring technically starts until March 20th.

    Anyway, it’s not a big deal. I think it’s just a slight incident with Tie Dissolver, and it’s always fun to get a little involved in this sort of thing. I like they try to last at least 8 days, so it makes sense to keep killing them for at least 8 days.

    Because you get those rewards, I like they try to make them last for a long time too, because you get random Armor and Gear and Stuff, which is probably the best in the Slot.

    Obviously, we’ll see what it looks like. You can catch me on Twitch when I launch next week. You should have a great day.

  • New World Update Note: Legacy Of Crassus(2.21-3.7)

    Posted: Feb 17, 2023

    The developer of Colonial-themed MMORPG New World is launching a new Legacy Of Crassus. The main content of this new event includes new Bosses, new items and daily rewards. This new Legacy Of Crassus will be live from February 21st to March 7th.

    New World was launched by the developer in September 2021. This MMOARPG, which takes the virtual North Atlantic island of Aeternum as the background of the event, was very popular in the early days of the event because of the large amount of hype before the release, and was very popular among gamers. 

    However, due to the difficulties in the release of the event and problems in the later stage, frequent game updates and other phenomena have caused the number of players in New World to decrease sharply. At the beginning of 2022, the game data continued to decline, and even New World received very few reviews from players when it was released.

    Even so, New World was not abandoned by the developer, and new activities and content for New World continued to be launched afterwards.

    Legacy Of Crassus is the developer's latest campaign for New World. New World's upcoming new event will see the might of Rome return to Aeternum. 

    Although the player defeated Crassus in New World's Ennead Expedition before, Corrupted Legion who followed Crassus were not defeated, and instead began to invade the southern regions. Corrupted Legion of Crassus summoned the cyclopes Lucanus and Decimus to conquer the island in order to accomplish a goal they set centuries ago.

    Players must hunt down these monster-like Centurions if they want to defeat Roman dominion of Corrupted Legion and save the island. New World players can unlock eight different exclusive New World Items by winning two new level 66 boss battles. 

    At the same time, around New World's island of Aeternum, players can explore other ways to challenge different Bosses in order to obtain different game experiences. These Bosses are generally distributed in areas such as Brightwood, Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove.

    The cyclopes Lucanus and Decimus in New World can be challenged by any player at will. Of course, every time a player wins a challenge, they will get a New World Item with a random level, or a New World Item with exclusive naming rights from Brimstone Sands or better Aeternum

    At the same time, after the player wins each challenge, one of the eight exclusive New World Items will be randomly selected and automatically stored in a special reward cache. 

    8 New World Items are Wrath of Decimus Great Ax, Hoplites Great Blade, Cuirass of Decimus Heavy Chest Armor, Fists of Decimus Heavy Gauntlets, Sagittar of Lucanus Bow and so on.

    The developers promise that New World players will automatically unlock all eight exclusive New World Items after killing the cyclopes Lucanus and Decimus eight times. At the same time, one of the daily rewards will randomly have one to three Obsidian Gypsum, 500 Umbral Shards, and a Craft Mod, which will have a 25% chance to enhance the ability of New World's crafted items. 

    Overall, the arrival of Legacy Of Crassus this time will be a good opportunity for New World players to get some different legendary Roman-inspired gear.

    Of course, if you want to get these eight exclusive New World Items faster, you can also get enough New World Coins on to speed up the acquisition.

  • How To Make Easy Progress With Quick New World Daily Routine?

    Posted: Jan 30, 2023

    I'm going to show you how I progress my character in New World spending only about 25 minutes each day and in that time I'm gonna get three Gypsum and about a thousand New World Coins whilst this isn't like Earth Shattering. I think it's quite decent for about 25 minutes worth of work. 

    Now, the first thing I'm going to do is get an Aptitude Gypsum, which happens to be the Emerald Gypsum. Actually, this is very simple. If you get an Aptitude level, you will get a Gypsum. By the way, it's capped at once per day. So, I only do this once per day. Generally, I will save my materials, my ores, my leathers and linen and all that kind of stuff. And what I will do is to refine it but only so that I get one tick per day in each category. 

    And generally, I achieve this by just doing my daily cooldowns. So, I will get things like Asmodeum, Phoenixweave, Runic Leather and so on. And if you can make it, so that it's staggered that maybe that if you do that each day, you'll get one Aptitude in either of the three of those. Then you're golden sometimes. 

    I'll buy the materials other times. I like to just go out and farm for a day when I have more time and then use that for a week or so. It's very quick to do if you have the materials. It's less quick if you don't. But this literally might only take you two to three minutes right once. I've done that.

    I then move on to Corrupted Portals. Now, what we're actually trying to do here is to get the New World Coins, not necessarily the Gypsum. If you can find a team that's doing the Major Breaches crack on, you'll be done in a few minutes. And if you do the Major Breaches, you could actually get a Gypsum doing that as well. But right now, I'm gonna say you can solve the level 25 Major Breaches. Doing the Major Breaches will guarantee that you get the gold Coin Purses. There's 250 in each and you can get two per day. Sometimes it can be quite hard to find level 25 Major Breaches. 

    Keep in mind that you can do level 35 on level 45. It is relatively easy. It might just take you a little bit longer. For example, when I was filming this. I actually did a level 35 and a level 45 and it took me maybe what 10-15 minutes and that's actually running between one and the other place so not very long. Once I've done that, I will find an area that has a level 55 mobs and then I will take a Topaz Potion and I'll just start indiscriminately killing everything.

    There's two things you're trying to get here. You're trying to get the Topaz Gypsum and you're now trying to get the Diamond Gypsum with the Coin Bags. You can get three Coin Bags a day and three Diamond Gypsum. The Coin Bags range in how much New World Coins you'll get. Generally, you will get New World Coins between like 100 or 200. 

    Now, you could stop there and have two Gypsum mobs. However, if you like what you can do is to keep killing until you get all 10 Topaz Gypsum. Now that will actually take a little bit longer for me. I'm finding it's anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes but maybe you're quicker than killing than I am. I'm just interjecting here because I wasn't very clear with the Topaz Gypsum. You can actually get 10 Topaz dropped per day. And you actually only need five per Gypsum Orb, so you can probably get five in about five or ten minutes and then 10 in about 10 to 20 minutes. So, it's up to you to decide which one you want to do. 

    And then if you're done for the day, what I would suggest you do is to log off the whilst you're around those enemies. The Topaz Gypsum last two hours though to be fur but when you log back in, it'll still be active. This means you can then kill again, get the Coin Purses, get the Topaz Gypsum and then go to the darkness breaches and then go back to town. Basically, you do it in reverse order the second day and then the third day you do it like from the top again very very easy way of getting a thousand New World Coins, three Gypsums per day 25 minutes.

    What more can you ask for? Yes, there's other possible better efficient ways but I find this to be sort of enjoyable. At the minute the Diamond Gypsum is dropping from mobs rather than gathering. Once that changes to gathering, you just throw a little bit of gathering in the mix. 

    It's also worth noting that you don't actually have to kill level 55s to get the Coin Purses from mobs. In fact, I just walked out of Everfall. In one day, I went to the level like tens and just murdered all of them and got it that way and I got it in like three minutes. 

    So, if you don't want to do the Topaz, just try and get the Coin Bags and you just basically missing one Gypsum and it's not really a problem. You can sort of cater it to you if you have way more time. You can maybe throw in like an arena, throwing an outpost rush or in an expedition but then you're basically playing the game properly. For me, this is just a way of quickly doing a few little dailies and still getting decently rewarded. 

  • New World players complained about War PTR Test ending abruptly due to devs error

    Posted: Jan 28, 2023

    Some time ago, New World development team finally launched the long-awaited Leaderboards test. Just yesterday, the team held a PTR with the community, but the results were not as expected. According to most player statements, they ended this War PTR early because of some underlying backend bug. The discussion on this topic in the New World community is also intensifying, and many people who have high hopes for this are full of righteous indignation and ask the developers to find an explanation.

    In New World Reddit, many players expressed the feeling of being "played by" in their opinions.

    • Relevant-Guarantee25: "I get the feeling they did this on purpose so they can use it as an example in the next video lol";

    • darknetwork: "The devs can't even beat elite area with their own team."

    • WorldwideDepp: "Well, maybe we speak for them as if we know better, and the developers have their ears perked up because they think they really do know better... or maybe not. Yes, I am talking about arrogance".

    There are many other remarks that mocked New World’s behavior, mainly because of the early publicity of PTR, which made players have grand illusions and expectations, and because of the technical errors of the devs, which led to the serious failure of this event.

    We all know that in the December 2022 New World’s Winter Convergence update, devs introduced some new rules to curb the fight against “Shell Companies” and make the war fairer. These rules mean that an attacking company can have a maximum of 25 mercenaries, while a defending company can have a maximum of 10 mercenaries. The rest of the roster can only be corporate members. And this rule also applies to War PTR.

    When the war started, although there were hundreds of players taking part in the battle, everything should have been carried out according to the rules. But the current facts show that the world is unpredictable! So when the devs realized that there was a serious problem, everything came to a screeching halt. This is a complete waste of a lot of New World Coins and hard work that players have prepared for PTR.

    In the official New World CM post, they say they are trying to remove the restrictions on mercenaries when the war is moving too fast. The official response also promises to do better, especially after two abandoned PTR tests.

    "While it's a different issue than the last time we had a war in the PTR, we respect that this has happened twice now and it's not a good time. We will take important steps to avoid this in the future."

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    Even so, according to New World's current initiatives, we can see that devs still want to do a good job in Leaderboards. We should be able to see more tests. It's just that this mistake has greatly affected players' confidence in continuing to play New World. We can only say that let's look forward to what will happen next!

  • How To Farm New World Coins In Brimstone Sands Mining Sandstone Blocks

    Posted: Jan 16, 2023

    In this article, we're going to be looking at another way to farm tons of New World Coins in New World and that's by farming Sandstone.  

    Since Brimstone Sands was released, a lot of the resources in that region are very valuable and that includes Sandstone Blocks. In this article, I'm going to be showing you the route I take to get as much Sandstone as I need.

    First, you should check on your Trading Post. This resource is in fact valuable on your server since that will affect how much profit you make on my server it's worth 8 gold each. So, anything around there will lead to good New World Coins. Each run of this route takes roughly 18 minutes and I can gather 80 to 100 Sandstone Blocks, usually netting me between 700 and 1000 gold. So, you could be making up to 3 000 gold per hour with this method, maybe even more if you wish to sell via sell orders or if it's worth more on your server.

    It's worth mentioning that because this is in Brimstone Sands, which is an endgame area and there's a Fuel Level 61 mobs, who might attack you while on this route. You do need to have a relatively high level and have decent enough gear. But, it's not that difficult. You'll also need 105 Mining to be able to mine these Sandstones and 130 is a plus. So, you can keep track of them on the mini-map, if you're struggling to find any of the spots.

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    Now, let's go over the route. I like to start by teleporting into the top right Fast Travel point. From there, I make my way to the first spot on the route. Then, I head a bit South and mine those two stones before heading up to the next one. From here it's pretty easy. I just follow down the outskirts of the map until I gathered up all the resources. Once you reach the bottom, you have to slightly head north and grab the Blocks up there. But then, you'll go back down and end up back on the outskirts of the map and you're just going to want to keep following around the map grabbing each Block until you find yourself with the last one from here. You can head back over and redo the route over and over until you have as much as you need.

    It's worth noting that it takes about 20 minutes for a node to respawn. So, if you had a really fast run you might have to wait a couple minutes for the respawns before you can start again, which is why I usually gather other resources along the way like Cactus and other loot containers. Along this route, if you're struggling to find a certain Sandstone Block, just skip it and head to the next one. Sometimes, they have been mined already and it's not worth spending time looking for, because there's always another one around the corner. What makes this area so nice is that between the spots, there's lots of open areas. So, a lot of the time, I just put a waypoint and auto run to the next spot while doing other things.

    So, it's a very stress-free money maker. Now if you're looking to maximize profits you can grab a music buff during increase yields by someone in one of the main towns or if you're high enough level you can just do it that way along with that best in slot. If you think this method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, you might as well get some New World Coins directly from this website.

  • New World Update 1.8.1 Patch Notes

    Posted: Jan 11, 2023

    The New World Update 1.8.1 downtime will begin at 11 PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on January 10. It also marks the end of the Winter Convergence Festival and includes various pictures, rewards, loot and more for the economy notable fixes.

    Fixes And Progression In Economy

    *Fast Travel cost should now be correct when traveling to a settlement. For the gearing items, they fixed an issue that caused the Winter Convergence Life Staffs to have an incompatible perk Keenly Jagged. They have now updated this to Keenly Fortified.

    *For expertise, they fixed an issue that caused the Mutated version of the Starstone Barrows Expedition to not drop Sapphire Gypsum upon completion for eligible players.

    *For the rewards and loots, they fixed an issue that caused the sum of the named items not to drop in Mutated versions of Garden of Genesis and Dynasty Shipyard.

    They fixed an issue where Shields would have five perks when rolling a 600 Gear Score.

    And they fixed a missing icon in the Band of the Armed men. They re-enabled loot for several Brimstone Sands mobs that previously spawned too quickly.

    Fixes In Combat

    *For combat Sword and Shield, they fixed an issue that caused the Defensive Formation Fortify status effect to incorrectly be removed from a player, when two players were used near each other.

    *For the other notable fixes, they fixed an issue that caused active but sheathed weapons passive abilities to activate under certain circumstances.

    Read More: Significant Note You Have to Know in 2023 New World Roadmap

    Changes In UI/UX

    • For UI and UX changes for the in-game store, they fixed a visual issue with the Winter Wanderer's Flowing Cloak apparel.

    • They fixed an issue where dyes on Shields were being incorrectly applied to in-game store Shield skins. Players that had dyes applied to the Shields will have had the dye applied in the base item but not in the skin.

    • Other notable fixes is they fixed a crash that sometimes happened in Outpost Rush when interacting with turrets.

    • For social notable fixes, they fixed an issue that caused players daily War limits not to reset correctly and this made some players unable to participate in the intended two Wars, which is 1 attacking and 1 defending, per day per world.

    Other Content You Can Follow

    Now in terms of other news that has popped up in the world of New World, the Frost Dragon Store Showcase have been added an additional various different skins. My favorite part about these store updates as always and will always be the various different emotes.

    • War Horn

    • Slap Fight

    • Tip Toe

    • Pout

    So, there's going to be four emotes that I'll be picking up pretty easily here.

    When the day and when the patch goes live, they have a consumable dyes pack and they have the Winter Dragon Apparel Bundle that you can pick up all the things for 36,000 Marks of Fortune. Overall, Winter Dragon Weapon Bundle as well, which costs 25,000 Marks of Fortune.

    Patch 1.8.1 is the first update for New World for 2023. If you want to make better game progress in this new patch, it is a good choice to prepare some New World Coins.

  • New World Upcoming Changes In 2023

    Posted: Jan 09, 2023

    Delacron is my new hero. Jokes aside, the lead producer of the Life Operations for New World has been a very communicative in the New World forms and has given us a few insights into what we can expect in the future.

    One thing he posted a few days ago was that they will have some server merges and these merges are happening today. So, hopefully we can expect the other things that he talked about in the near future as well.

    What he said about the server merges is that they're going to be a tiny bit aggressive with the new arrangements to account for any continued attrition. So, they have the foresight to see that in the upcoming month, there's not going to be a massive players influx likely because there isn't that much big stuff going on.

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    Merged Servers

    A few old servers are being merged:

    Central EU

    • Niflheim and Caer Sidi will be merging into Asgard.

    • Tir Na Nog and Dry Tree will be merging into Abaton.

    • Apophis will be merging into Artemis.

    • Galahad will be merging into Cleopatra.

    • Gawain and Jupiter will be merging into Kronos.

    • Fate and Morgaine will be merging into Crassus.

    • Gilgamesh and Imhotep will be merging into Nyx.


    • Heliopolis will be merging into Maramma.

    • Olympus will be merging into Castle of Steel.

    • Devourer will be merging into Amarah.

    • Minotaur will be merging into Seer.

    • Sentinel will be merging into Lilith.

    South America

    • Atlantis will be merging into Devaloka.

    • Arjuna and Mayari will be merging into Artorius.

    • Nomad will be merging into Gaea.


    • Eridu will be merging into Delos.

    • Primodial will be merging into Sutekh.

    Australia's Unique Merge Situation

    The reason I can speak for a little bit more myself is Australia and here the mergers are particularly interesting. Eridu will finally be merged into Delos. And I hope that at this point no one is complaining about that anymore. First time this was supposed to happen. There were a lot of complaints about it from people on Eridu that wanted to have their small silver culture. But as it stands Eric was almost dead because of that, so let's just bring him into Delos.

    A particularly aggressive merge is Primordial being merged into Sutekh because in combination this would actually mean that you could have small cues at peak times. I think this is a very smart move to do though because it's much better to have a small cue than a server that's slowly dwindling away where you constantly have to worry if it's going to survive or if you're going to find cues for anything.

    The refresh that servers generally seem to be losing players at a little bit of a faster rate compared to the Legacy servers. And some people seem to be moving back towards the Legacy servers as well. So, I think this is the right move for long-term sustainability and also for competitiveness of this service because Primordial is basically owned by one company and all relevant territories on Sutekh are also owned by one company. So aggressive! But in my opinion, all merges are very good.

    Now, they only need to walk back their word on never merging Fresh Start in Legacy servers because I'm pretty sure some regions may need that sooner or later.

    Read More: Significant Note You Have To Know In 2023 New World Roadmap

    Other Upcoming Changes

    But, Delakron has responded to more than just the server mergers he also responded to a request for changing the Color of Enemy Heal Circles or Sacred Grounds. He said this is something we are looking into. But I don't have a specific timeline to share, yet it is something we've been wanting internally for a long time, too but has previously been de-prioritized due to other features and bugfixes.

    Now, some people responded with a bunch of random bugs that were fixed that were prioritized over Sacred that is obviously not how it works. You have specific people that are capable of doing these things in the first place and it's not the easiest thing to change. It's not as simple as just changing a color but that said I think it's weird that they did de-prioritize something that was highly requested. But especially the war community and the outpost brush coming energy since the very start of the game. I simply believe it should be much higher on their list of priorities.

    In other posts somebody requested a Transmogs in the game. And the Delakron is confirmed that this is coming in summer as planned on the roadmap. However, after that he also said and it may be also a bunch of cool unannounced features and pieces of content between now and then. This is interesting. So, we'll see how many unannounced features we are actually getting.

    There should be a new patch on PTR very soon and I'm curious how much spice we can expect another user in very friendly tone requested a Musket Nerf. Delacron said they've heard your feedback looked at the data and they should be sharing more information on coming balance changes very soon. So, this definitely sounds like they are not done with the Musket and that's every other statement they've made so far in that regard as well. It strongly indicates that they are seeing more drastic overhauls to the Musket down the line. I am curious to see what they come up with and I really hope that one of the results will be that we can use a more close range focused Trapper build. That would be incredibly fun.

    Instead of waiting, it is better to prepare some New World Coins in advance. After the game is updated, you can more easily obtain equipment or substitute your strength.

  • A Complete Guide On Corrupted Slivers In New World

    Posted: Dec 28, 2022

    In New World, there are many resources that you need to collect by yourself. Some of these resources are very easy to find and collect, such as silver and hemp. Of course, there are also some resources that are very difficult to collect, and this is the Corrupted Slivers we are going to introduce today.

    If you want to farm Corrupted Slivers, the only way you can do that is by completing Major Corrupted Breaches and looting Major Breach Caches. It is precisely because this resource is difficult to obtain, so it can be said to be a scarce resource that all players covet. So, what exactly does Corrupted Slivers do?

    Once you have Corrupted Slivers, you can go to the stonecutting table to craft items. For example, if you combine some resources with your collection of Corrupted Slivers, you can craft a variety of Tuning Orbs. And when you have Tuning Orbs, you can then unlock more new expeditions. Players will need to find Corrupted Slivers at some point in their playtime in New World.

    To get Corrupted Slivers, you first have to close a Major Corrupted Breach, sometimes referred to in-game as "portals", is the manifestation of The Corrupted that spawn in controlled Territories. Typically, Major Corrupted Breaches will appear every hour. As soon as they refresh, their specific locations will automatically appear on your map. Since a Major Corrupted Breach is much harder to deal with than a Minor Corrupted Breach, it's best to form a group of five with your friends and tackle it together. Of course, if you use the correct weapon and class build, you can easily disable a Major Corrupted Breach.

    How To Farm Corrupted Slivers

    Like I mentioned before, if you want to collect Corrupted Slivers in New World, the only way you can do it is to close the Major Corrupted Breach portals. So how should these portals be closed? You can use the Azoth Staff during a breach event and these portals will be sealed. But you should pay attention, during this time you will be constantly attacked by the generated Corrupted Acolytes. You have to hold on until the staff finishes the Major Corrupted Breach. Once you've closed all portals, you can access the Major Breach Caches. Inside you can find all kinds of rare loot. If you want to do random PvE world events like this more easily, I suggest you team up with at least 4-5 players who are at least level 20. However, in your self-formed squad, there must be a player with a Tier 1 Azoth Staff.

    It is worth noting that not every Major Breach Cache has Corrupted Slivers. Normally, such resources can only be found in those specific caches. Caches like Minor Corrupted Breach Caches do not contain any Corrupted Slivers. Hence, you can easily deal with Minor Corrupted Breach Caches. However, Major Corrupted Breaches will be more difficult, so I recommend that you challenge with at least five players.

    How To Use Corrupted Silvers

    If you've collected a certain amount of Corrupted Slivers, you can use them to do a few things. Specifically, you can go to the stonecutting table and use Corrupted Slivers to craft new resources and items. In most cases, what is transformed using Corrupted Slivers as a material ends up being a variety of Tuning Orbs. You can use these Tuning Orbs to participate in new expeditions.

    Corrupted Slivers can also be combined into Corrupted Fragments. And these Corrupted Fragments can be combined into Corrupted Shards later. With Corrupted Fragments and Shards, you can unlock high level Tuning Orbs and more expeditions. In general, you can use your collection of Corrupted Slivers to craft whatever you want on the stonecutting table.

    How to Craft An Amrine Tuning Orb

    Usually, when you want to start a new expedition, you will find that you don't have enough Amrine Tuning Orbs. This is because you have used up all the Amrine Tuning Orbs when closing the Major Corrupted Breach portals. So, in this case, all you need is to use your collected Corrupted Slivers to craft a new Amrine Tuning Orb. If you happen to need to make an Amrine Tuning Orb, then you will need to prepare the following items before crafting:

    • One Iron Chisel

    • Fifty Stone Blocks

    • Ten Corrupted Sliver

    • One Eternal Heart

    Once you have gathered all the items, you can craft the Amrine Tuning Orb at a Stonecutting Table Tier 3. However, you need to pay attention to one thing before that, that is, your Stonecutting level must be at least 25, so that you can produce an Amrine Tuning Orb with a high probability.

    If you want to easily upgrade, fight monsters, complete various quests, obtain various excellent equipment or make your own builds, New World Coins must be essential.

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