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News Tag: New World Coins

  • New World: These 4 Locations Are Highly Recommend For Gold Farming In Season 5

    Posted: Apr 26, 2024

    Greeting, fellow players! Today, I'm excited to share you 4 raw resources you can farm in specific locations to accumulate significant wealth in New World Season 5. Despite the drop in overall pricing in crafting, there are still straightforward methods to amass gold. Let me introduce them to you.

    Valuable Resources

    For gold making in the New World Season 5, the raw resources are the most important to focus on. After carefully analyzing the market, I identified the most valuable resources for gold-making. On my server, the top 4 resources are Ironwood, Lodestone, Dark Hide, and Orichalcum Ore.

    Ironwood stands out as the most lucrative, followed by Loadstone, which commands a price of 64 each. While Dark Hide is less expensive, its abundance makes it a worthwhile addition to the list, offering quick returns. Lastly, the Orichalcum Ore, though less profitable, remains notable for its availability.

    In the subsequent section of this guide, I will outline the 4 optimal locations for harvesting these 4 resources and then vendor for large number of wealth. By doing so, you can ensure that you are making the most efficient use of your time while gathering these valuable materials.

    1. Edengrove - Ironwood

    Let's start by discussing prime locations for farming the Ironwood trees. One of the most favorable spots is found in Edengrove. Begin your journey at the Spirit Shrine, then proceed a short distance northward, circling through the area.

    In this location, you'll encounter a generous abundance of the Ironwood trees ripe for harvesting. Don't forget to leverage your consumables or, in some cases, utilize some of your New World Coins to optimize your overall output during this endeavor.

    2. Weaver's Fen - Loadstone

    Let's talk about the Loadstone, a well-known resource in the New World. Head to the Weaver's Fen, just north of Glacial Tarn Shrine. If you open your map, you'll see a prime area for Loadstone farming. Start in a small circle, head north, and follow the direction.

    As you traverse, you'll encounter an abundance of Loadstone nodes. This area stands out as arguably the optimal spot for Loadstone farming, promising swift and bountiful returns. If you're seeking rapid profits, investing your time and effort into harvesting Loadstone is undoubtedly worthwhile.

    3. Elysian Wilds - Dark Hide

    Continuing forward, let's explore one of the preferred regions for harvesting Dark Hide: the Elysan Wilds area, particularly in the upper right quadrant. While the entire map offers abundant Dark Hide, should you desire a more concentrated endeavor, directing your efforts to this specific locale proves fruitful.

    For those desiring a more targeted approach, directing your efforts towards the Alligators inhabiting this area yields significant advantages. I strongly advocate for the use of a spear when engaging these creatures, as it notably enhances efficiency and facilitates the collection process.

    4. Reekwater - Orichalcum Ore

    Last but not least, for farming the Orichalcum Ore, we need to head to the lower right corner of Reekwater and there will be an abundance of resource. Head straight down, encountering a significant concentration of Orichalcum Ore Veins. While there are multiple locations to mine this resource, this area is to be the most condensed and efficient.

    I recommend mining before the Operas event and maximizing the yield. After mining the entire line of Orichalcum Ore Veins, join the Opera event, and upon completion, return to mine them again. This cycle repeats seamlessly. For those seeking optimal efficiency in farming Orichalcum, this spot in the lower right corner of Reekwater is undoubtedly the best choice.

  • New World: A Detailed Guide To Springtide Bloom Event 2024

    Posted: Apr 25, 2024

    Dear adventurers, this year’s Springtide Bloom Event is back in New World Aeternum. You have until April 30th to get involved! This event asks you to help Bloom Herald uncover the mysteries of the ethereal Wispybloom to earn new and returning event-specific rewards.

    You need to visit some villages to start quests, earn reputation, and buy items in event-specific shops. In addition, you also need to make Wispy Spritz, because there will be swarms of Wispy Wasps guarding the blooms during harvest! You can use Spritz to lure Wasps into blast radius to kill them, and harvest Wispy Wasp Goo in exchange for Springtide Tokens.

    In this guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about this year’s New World Springtide Bloom Event!

    All Events Locations

    Before jumping in, I need to remind you that Truth Seekers must be level 25 or higher before they can begin their quest for enlightenment.

    There are four Springtide Bloom Locations around Aeternum: Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, Brightwood, and Weaver's Fen. Each event location has an event-specific store, token trade-in location, and Wispy Spritz crafting tables. And you can also collect all Lore Pages here.

    Start Event

    To start an event, you need to visit one of the event locations. Talk to NPC on Bloom Herald platform to start the event. This will walk you through making your first Wispy Spritz and completing your first Wispybloom Field.

    How To Make Wispy Spritz?

    To complete this Wispybloom Fields event and get event-specific items, you’ll need to have some Wispy Spritz on hand. You can make them at any event location.

    Before doing this, you need to prepare some materials, including: 10 Fiber, 3 Honey and 1 Fire Mote. This will give you 8 Wispy Spritz. Once you’ve crafted them, you’re ready to head to Wispybloom Field for the event.

    Wispybloom Field

    Wispybloom Fields are located throughout Aeternum. You can easily find them via circles in the sky and icons on the map.

    Once you enter the field, 3 Wispy Wasps will spawn. They will chase you and cause damage to you, so be careful. If you have enough New World Coins, I would recommend equipping you with some decent gear to avoid getting hurt by these angry Wasps.

    If you attack Wasps, you only deal 1 damage to them and cannot kill them. To destroy these Wasps, you need to spray Wispy Spritz on one of the glowing white circles. Then, lure Wasps there and Spritz will explode and damage them. But don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. You need to do this about 3 times to completely destroy these Wispy Wasps.

    When you kill Wasps, sometimes you’ll be rewarded with a Wispy Wasp Goo. This will drop as a loot bag, so check it carefully. When they are dead, you are also free to pick the flowers in the center of the field. Harvesting this flower will reward you with some Wispybloom Petals.

    These Goo and Petals can be exchanged for Springtide Tokens. You can then use these tokens in the event store to earn event-specific rewards.

    Improve Event Reputation

    It is worth noting that there are 3 tiers of items in the event store, namely Blossom, Shepard, and Herald. To access items in each tier, you need to gain sufficient event reputation. The required reputation for items in each tier is:

    • Blossom: 0 Reputation
    • Shepard: 1,000 Reputation
    • Herald: 4,000 reputation

    You can earn event reputation by completing tasks, interacting with Joyous Gift Piles every day, and exchanging event items for event tokens.


    Each settlement will have a richly decorated Springtide Centerpiece surrounded by a bunch of colorful Gift Baskets, and each Centerpiece can be looted once per day.

    Additionally, you can pick up festive gifts at Springtide Villages center. Each village party bag pile can be robbed once per day, and there are 4 party bag piles in total. These will reset at 5am local time.

    The above is all the contents of this Springtide Bloom Event guide. Hurry up and join in, reveal the secrets of event lore and win rewards!

  • New World: The Fire Staff Builds Reach New Heights With Nature's Wrath & Gems In Season 5

    Posted: Apr 24, 2024

    Greetings, fellow players! In today's discussion, we're diving deep into the reasons why Fire Staff builds stand out in New World Season 5. Our focus will be on the Nature's Wrath, a pivotal element within these builds.

    I'll meticulously examine every aspect to showcase the formidable power of this newly introduced artifact and some excellent gems, along with highlighting some remarkable synergies with the Fire Staff. So, without further ado, let's delve into it!

    About Nature's Wrath

    The Nature's Wrath, which is a new artifact if you haven't played in New World Season 5, that increases your base damage by 20% at the cost of never being able to gain a temporary Empower, the weird interaction with this, with Fire Staff, is that it actually has no net nerf to Fire Staff. It is very necessary to carry some New World Coins with you so that you can deal with other situations.

    Because 3 sources of Empowers in Fire Staff are all not temporary Empowers, they're conditional Empowers, and conditional Empowers are not stripped by this effect. So, Fire Staff can essentially gain 20% base damage for free, which results in it doing more damage.

    For the Nature's Wrath, you have to make a choice there where you're trading off some sort of burst that you would be getting from Empower for more consistency that you'd be getting from base damage. Empower for most weapons that are Elemental. You can typically have 14% associated with the damage ring of the Elemental.

    In this case, it would be a fire damage ring, and 7% associated with a Powerful Honing Stone, which brings you to 14. Add on the 10% that you'd be getting from a Runeglass by putting in a Runeglass in all your armor, you're up to 24. And then you add on these 2 extra 5%, then you're up to 34. You can add on the extra 20% that you get from Runes of Helios, and you're over that Empower cap.

    Runeglass Gems

    Another thing that kind of compounds with this problem is the advantage of Runeglass that Elemental damage-oriented weapons have. Runeglass from an elemental variant does Empower, and it has no active cooldown. It is a bigger value than it is for melee-oriented classes.

    Melee-oriented classes gain 1% base damage. It has a 1 second activation cooldown, versus something like the Fire Staff gains 2% in power, and it has no activation cooldown. So, Fire Staff is twice as powerful in terms of pure stats alone. Because you're gaining base damage, you need more Empower to get near that cap to maximize your damage overall.

    This is like a wonderful source of that everyone takes as a sacrifice to your armor rating. You drop from 2.5% on a typical gem to 2% for the armor rating. Elemental weapons inherently have an advantage with this, and people are using this with the Fire Staff to do incredible amounts of damage. They can essentially hit the Empower cap.

    Jasper Gem

    The Jasper is fixed in terms of Runeglass. Jasper is the best way to increase your Empower in New World Season 5. All you have to do is put it into your gem slot, and you will gain 24% Empower, which will consistently put you at or near the Empower cap for most weapons. This allows you to deal more damage than base damage.

    Essentially, maximizing each individual bucket results in more damage. That's why it's usually beneficial for certain weapons to not solely invest in base damage. It's better to maximize power. It's something that people can do to maximize damage on their builds in the game.

  • New World Season 5: In-Depth Explanation On The Latest 5.0.1 Update - My Personal Analysis

    Posted: Apr 17, 2024

    Now that New World Season 5 has released the highly anticipated 5.0.1 update, it's time to delve deep into the patch notes and explore the myriad of changes and additions it brings to the game. Let's dissect each aspect of this update to gain a comprehensive understanding of how it affects the New World experience.

    In the general release notes, several fixes have been implemented. One addresses an issue where patch deltas could occasionally be larger than necessary, leading to extended client download times. This was a problem I personally encountered, but from now on, patches should be more reasonably sized for download.

    Additionally, a common game crash that emerged with the initial release of New World Season 5 has been resolved, along with a prevalent server crash. In order to enjoy a smoother gaming experience, we can prepare some New World Coins in advance before the game starts.

    In-Game Experiences

    In terms of in-game experiences, a fix has been applied for a situation where players could become stuck in a falling state. Another issue, where player characters would cease animating when falling off ledges or in the midst of upper body animations like spell-casting, has been rectified. Furthermore, a rare problem preventing runes from appearing in the Winter Forge Rune puzzle has been addressed.

    Slayer Script

    In terms of combat, significant updates have been made to the Slayer Script. This overhaul transitions the combat and background system to native C++, facilitating easier debugging. Regarding the Slayer script adjustments, various exploits have been addressed.

    For the Spear weapon, an exploit requiring weapon swapping and dropping to gain additional damage has been rectified. Similarly, several exploits related to the bow weapon, which involved third-party software or action canceling to boost damage, have been fixed. Another exploit involving character movement velocity during certain ranged attacks, allowing players to reposition at a higher speed while crouching, has been resolved.

    For the issues causing delays in casting abilities, like the Ice Storm Mastery of Ice Gauntlet, and the Berserking Purge ability of hatchet failing to cleanse crowd control effects have been corrected. Problems with the Sword and Shield weapons allowing unchanged heavy attacks as the third action in the list of Trinket Chains has been addressed.

    Furthermore, fixes have been implemented for the Heartrune of Stoneform's explosion at the end of its ability duration and for the accuracy of non-hit scan weapons' projectiles, ensuring they follow expected trajectories indicated by aiming crosshairs.

    Artifact Changes

    Here are some changes related to artifacts in the 5.0.1 patch note:

    • They addressed an issue with the Tempest Fury artifact, ensuring that it consistently provides extra spins while attacking.
    • Another issue fixed was with the Lifetaker artifact, resolving an error related to the type of damage it dealt, making it valid and functional.

    Other Fixes

    There are also some fixes for the economy, progression, and gear in the New World 5.0.1 patch note. Crafting Recipes that previously failed to produce the intended item, such as research projects or camp skins, have been rectified.

    In addition to this, Diamond Gypsum, which became unattainable because of a previous issue, can now be obtained again. It is available in ritual pouches acquired by closing major corruption breaches across the open world. These ritual pouches provide various alchemic crafting materials, potions, some coin, and a single Diamond Gypsum, with a daily limit of 3.

  • New World Season 5: How To Obtain The Newly Added Phoenix Artifact With Ease?

    Posted: Apr 12, 2024

    Welcome to this new guide to New World. In Season 5, I recommend you focusing on farming all the new artifacts early on, and I have discovered a simple method to farm for the Phoenix artifact specifically. That’s what I want to share with you today. Let's get started!

    In previous Seasons, it was often worth going for targets that have 2 mob types so you can check off multiple boxes in that regard. But now, you can often check off multiple weapon types at once or multiple stamps with a single weapon type, which I think is a lot more effective. In order to maximize that, you just need to kill quickly and have a lot of mobs around you.

    Farming Location

    Phoenix is on the Season Pass and requires you to get to Level 80. People have been using the usual farming spots, but I found that the ones that I was familiar with from previous seasons didn’t feel that effective for farming this season.

    The place I chose is likely familiar for many of players - the Windsward. Firstly, it boasts numerous mobs that are easily visible from a distance, comprising 2 types: ancients and beasts. Moreover, there are additional beasts just outside the temple, so you can complete those 2 fairly easily.

    Stamp Collection & Strategy

    There are also 2 named mobs fairly close to each other in this area. Killing named enemies counts as a shield activity, so that’s the major way that we’re getting stamps in that regard. For the leaf stamps, we are going to use the Void Gauntlet. This one just requires you to get 10 mob kills with the Void Gauntlet.

    You can also do this a bit quicker by just dropping an Oblivion on a mob and then using another weapon, so you can get multiple at once. If you’re extra lucky, you are asked to kill 10 enemies with a magical weapon because that one counts as a sword, but you can complete it at the same time as the Void Gauntlet one, so you get 2 stamps out of that.

    The other stamps that you want to look for on the sword side are the one-handed kills, two-handed kills, and the ranged weapon kills, which include Blunderbuss, Bow, and Musket. This is also where you’re looking for ancients and beasts kill. Prepare a certain amount of New World Coins in advance can help you defeat them faster.


    The flask or bottle stamp is the only one that takes a bit more preparation because one way that you can easily get this is by salvaging Tier 5 items. The mobs here don’t drop Tier 5 items, so you need to bring a lot of those with you if you want to be fully prepared.

    If you want another method, but I’m sure you can also just grab the resources for Tier 5 consumables that can be crafted at your camp and craft some of those instead. I think it’s a bit more effort because you always have to go back to your camp.

    Logging Axe & Skull Stamps

    That still leaves us with the Logging Axe stamp and the Skull stamp. My approach was to pretend they don’t exist. You never need to complete more than 3 stamps in a row because you can just use a Wild Stamp at that point and clear out the fourth one, so mostly you just end up not doing them.

    Though, there are some exceptions. If you’re really short on stamps and you get really unlucky with your rolls, then you might need to go for the 'Gather 500 resources' at some point and chop some trees nearby. I think it slows you down, but maybe there’s a situation where this is necessary.

  • New World Season 5: Follow This Guide For The Fastest Way To Unlock 8 New Artifacts In Season Of The Guardian

    Posted: Apr 10, 2024

    Artifacts are rare items found in New World. These items provide unique perks that can change the way you play the game. With the arrival of New World Season 5, 8 new artifacts have been added to the game. These Artifacts can be found in Expeditions, Open World, PVP Reward Track and more!

    In this guide, we’ll cover the fastest way to find these 8 new Artifacts in Season of the Guardian, and explain the new method of obtaining Artifacts on Season 4 Reward Track. Let’s get started now!

    New Way To Get Season 4 Artifacts

    First, let’s review some of Season 4’s Artifacts, which now have new ways to obtain them.

    Winged Leather Shoes

    The first thing we want to mention is Medium Footwear, Winged Leather Shoes, which increases your base haste duration by 50%. This artifact now drops from Open World boss Helianthus, who can be found in Wild Legion.

    Quickdraw Gloves

    And then we also have Light Gloves, Quickdraw Gloves. This glove enhances your reflexes and allows for quick weapon draw and lightning-fast reactions in combat. This Artifact now drops from Open World boss Ipomoea, who you can find in Elysian Wilds.

    I need to remind you that if you hope to defeat these Open World Bosses and get artifacts as quickly as possible, it is crucial to spend some New World Coins to get a decent gear!

    Pity System

    It is also worth noting that a new Pity System has been added to artifacts this season, which guarantees a certain number of kills to obtain artifacts. This is a great new addition for those less fortunate players out there. However, the exact number used by Pity System has not been disclosed.

    How To Get All New Artifacts?

    But now let’s take a look back at 8 Artifacts featured in New World Season of the Guardian.

    Free Version Of Season 5 Season Pass

    First, we will have the two artifacts that can be obtained from the free version of Season 5 Season Pass.

    Creed Boots: First up, we have Light Footwear, Creed Boots, which deal 15% extra damage and 25% critical chance as long as you don’t hit the target within 20 seconds. It drops at level 20 in the free version of Season 5 Season Pass. But a new way to get it will be revealed in Season 6.

    Phoenix: And then we also have Amulet Jewelry, Phoenix. When you take fatal damage, it will help you avoid death and become invincible for 4 seconds, after which you die. It drops at level 80 in the free version of Season Pass. Likewise, new ways to obtain it will be revealed in Season 6.

    Trial Bosses

    Next we have some Artifacts that will drop from Trial Bosses in New World.

    Nature’s Wrath: First up, we have Medium Chest Armor, Nature’s Wrath, which makes empower expires 200% faster but deals 20% more damage. This artifact is dropped by Zygoramet boss in Spriggan Arena.

    Venom: Next we get Venom Spear, which lets you inflict poison on enemies when making a melee attack with either weapon, and increases weapon damage by 20%. This artifact is dropped from Siren Queen boss in Siren Queen Trial in Spire of Melpomene.

    Gilli’s Gravity Gauntlets: Then we have Heavy Glove, Gilli’s Gravity Gauntlets. Whenever you take damage, you gain an empowerment charge, increasing the damage of your next attack by 3%. Avarice drops this artifact in Eternal Pool Arena.

    Other Methods

    Finally, we look at Artifacts that can be dropped in different ways.

    Sin: First, we have Sin Hatchet, which will increase the duration of your debuffs by 25% and increase the damage done to the target by 2% for each debuff. This artifact is dropped from Open World Boss, Colossus of Memnon, located in Brimstone Sands.

    Ironheart: Next we have Heavy Legwear, Ironheart. When not in heavy load-out, it increases your maximum health by 20%. This artifact can be obtained at the third checkpoint on PVP track as long as your track level reaches 29.

    Tempest Fury: Finally we have Great Axe, Tempest Fury. It gives you 3% movement speed for 3 seconds after a successful attack. Also, Whirlwind no longer needs to hit a target to continue spinning, and can spin up to 12 times. This artifact is a reward for completing Winter Rune Forge Trial and can be obtained up to twice per week.

    All in all, this guide covers all the new Artifacts dropped in Season 5. What are your favorite new Artifacts? Happy gaming!

  • New World: Flipping Trade Post Will Bring You Tons Of Gold Coins! - Gold Farming Guide

    Posted: Mar 14, 2024

    In this guide, we’ll share one of the best ways to make money in New World, and that’s by flipping any kind of item on Trade Post. We’ll walk you through it and give you some items to get started.

    So far, I have introduced many ways to earn New World Coins. But today we’re going to explore what is probably the easiest and most effective way to make money. Because flipping a Trade Post is so easy to do, you can do it with almost any item.

    But be warned, it can get boring after a while, which is why I often do other money-making things from time to time. To keep things interesting, what we’re going to focus on is how to find the flip items that work for you on your server, how to handle them, and effectively maximize profits.

    Refining Components

    An easy and inexpensive way to start flipping is with Refining Components. Because these items are in high demand among crafters and they are easily available, many of these items are bought and sold in the market every day. But just look for Obsidian Flux, Obsidian Sandpaper, Aged Tannin, Pure Solvent or Wireweave.

    Click on a buy or sell order to see if the sell order is much higher than the buy order. If there is a buy order, please buy as many items as possible and set the post time to one day to reduce trade tax fees.

    I do this for every Refining Component that makes me a profit and put it into an order of 10,000 and wait until they are all bought. The entire process usually only takes a few hours and you can make a handsome profit.

    Note that when selling, be sure to check your list of completed and expired purchase orders to see what price you paid for the item, so you know you will one day make a profit on your investment.

    Often, the items you bought the day before may have dropped in price and the profit isn’t that high, but you can wait another day or two until the price rises again and then sell those Refining Components. Adding these to your daily routine can allow you to earn crazy amounts of gold every week.

    In the past three days, I didn’t have time to play much, other than looking for Components alone, and only had time to place a buy and sell order each day.

    I managed to buy 25,000 components for 2,290 gold and sell them for 6,650 gold. Taking into account Trade Post tax, which is worth about 100 gold coins, I made a total of 4,260 gold coins in passive profit. Not bad for a little work, you can actually go a step further.

    Flipping Tips

    If you are new to flipping and don’t have a large stash of New World Coins to start with, I highly recommend practicing by flipping these simple items and incorporating them into your daily life will do wonders for your gold stash.

    Once you’re familiar with the concept of flipping, you can easily use it for almost any item on Trade Post. You just look for any item and check the buy and sell order price as before. If there are good enough profits to be made, then don’t forget to consider Trade Post taxes. So don’t try items that won’t generate much profit, it will just make you busy in vain.

    Flip Cooking Materials

    I also love using my Refining Components to flip cooking materials, especially those used for high-end food preparations. Because these items are in high demand among chefs, buying and selling them can bring in substantial profits.

    All you have to do is look up five recipes on the market and see what ingredients they require, and look for those items one by one to see if you can profit from them.

    PVE/PVP Gear

    If you know which PVE or PVP gear is highly sought after, you can also make huge profits by flipping those items. However, because of constant changes in metadata, the price of a simple gear will fluctuate greatly. This means that there are both rewards and risks for you to flip these materials.

    You can also choose to check Trade Post frequently to see if there are decent equipment for sale. Since they are always popular and sometimes people are willing to sell them for very cheap, you can make a lot of money from them.

    All in all, this guide covers almost everything there is to know about flip trading on Trade Post. Hope this helps some of you, good luck!

  • New World: How To Maximize Coins In Season 5? - 4 Ways

    Posted: Mar 05, 2024

    The upcoming release of Season 5 in New World heralds the arrival of several lucrative opportunities for making New World Coins

    This guide will explore various methods to capitalize on these opportunities during the initial days of New World Season 5. Let’s delve into the details without delay.

    1. Matrices

    The first point may seem obvious, but it’s essential to emphasize, particularly with the arrival of Season 5. 

    New artifacts are being introduced to the game, some of which are exceptionally powerful. This will undoubtedly drive demand as players rush to acquire and upgrade these artifacts quickly. Consequently, prices for armor, jewelry, and weapon matrices are expected to soar during the initial days of Season 5. 

    To capitalize on this opportunity, consider placing buy orders at the lowest possible cost or engaging in bulk crafting using gypsum casts. This will allow you to flip these items for a quick profit on day 1.

    2. Ingredients

    Furthermore, Season 5 introduces new recipes for high-quality attribute foods

    It may be advantageous to take quick screenshots of these recipes as the prices for their ingredients are likely to surge in the initial days of Season 5. 

    Therefore, consider purchasing ingredients at lower prices now to capitalize on selling them at higher prices later.

    3. Refining Components

    Moving on, let’s discuss refining components

    Typically, New World experiences a surge in activity during the initial days of a new season launch. This influx of players leads to increased crafting and utilization of various components, resulting in higher demand and subsequently higher prices. This trend persists not only during Season 5, but also in subsequent seasons.

    To prepare for this, consider placing buy orders or purchasing inexpensive components in bulk. By doing so, you can capitalize on selling them for higher prices during the first two days of the next season’s launch. I’ve already stocked up on a significant quantity of these components when buy orders were at 0.1, ensuring easy profits as I anticipate higher selling prices during the early days of Season 5.

    4. Resource Nodes

    Another notable addition is the introduction of numerous new resource nodes in Season 5 of New World. This influx of resources, particularly ore, is expected to drive down the overall cost of various resource types.

    You have 2 viable options: 

    • Firstly, consider selling off all your reserves of Orichalcum and Mythril preemptively. 
    • Alternatively, upon the launch of Season 5, seize the opportunity to engage in intensive mining activities in Myrkgard. By swiftly gathering resources and selling them before prices decline, you can maximize your profits.

    5. Market Flipping

    Finally, it’s crucial to anticipate the upcoming additions to the game, particularly the introduction of new weapons and armor pieces. For instance, let’s focus on the new artifact designed to enhance slash damage.

    Given this development, crafting modifications geared towards boosting slash damage are likely to be in high demand during the initial days of Season 5, leading to an increase in their overall price.

    If you’re willing to take a calculated risk, consider accessing the trading post and placing some buy orders to capitalize on this potential surge in prices. While it’s improbable that 50 people will purchase these items on day one of Season 5, there’s a significant likelihood that their prices will substantially rise. 

    This strategy can be applied to various other items as well. The key is to assess upcoming content and adjust your approach based on anticipated demand.

  • New World Season 5: How To Craft This Overpowered Fire Staff Blunderbuss Build?

    Posted: Mar 04, 2024

    With the upcoming New World Season 5 swiftly approaching, we're just a few days away from diving into the game. Anticipation is building within the PvP community as players eagerly await the introduction of exciting new artifacts that promise to shake up the meta. Today, I'll be sharing with you a build featuring the Fire Staff Blunderbuss.

    I specialize in playing Fire Staff Blunderbuss in this build, which I complement with an anti-heal effect. My objective with this setup is to maximize the anti-heal effects on clumps around the point and contribute significant AOE damage with the Fire Staff Blunderbuss combo. Don't forget to bring some New World Coins for the new Season 5.


    When it comes to weapons, let's delve into the core war builds I utilize. For the AOE stat pad anti-heal build, selecting the right weapons is crucial. As for the artifact's last option, opting for a gem socket is viable. In this setup, I recommend using a Runeglass Ruby gem for the Fire Staff. You can obtain the Fire Staff from either the named drop in the OPR crates Commandant's Fire Staff, or by crafting it yourself.

    As for Gem slots, I prefer to revert to the basics, utilizing a Runeglass Emerald. The choice of Runeglass type is subjective, but remember that stacking 2 identical Runeglass Gem Types on the weapons is not possible.

    However, because of the changes in Season 5 and the shakeup meta with some of the new artifacts, I believe that there will be even more Elemental type of damage and most of the people may drop their Fire Protection. We also might see Gemstone Dust coming back in play because of the many elements which will be present on the battlefield.


    The armor pieces will be the biggest change for this season. As you know, there is a new amazing artifact called Nature's Wrath. This is a medium chest piece which provides a 20% base damage increase but consumes all the conditional Empower on yourself.

    With that info in mind, our goal should be to set up as much as possible passive Empower so we can gain the most out of this chest.


    Since the artifact is a medium chest piece, it means that all other armor pieces have to be in light. So, let’s take a quick look over the respective perks:

    • Hat Piece: Enchanted Ward, Fireball, Fire Harnessing
    • Gloves: Pillar of Fire, Enchanted Ward, Fire Harnessing
    • Pants: Skipping Sharing Energy, Enchanted Ward, Plagued Splitting Grenades, Fire Harnessing
    • Boots: Refreshing, Enchanted Ward, Fire Harnessing

    For optimal perk distribution across your armor pieces, aim for a balance of defensive and offensive enhancements. Prioritize Enchanted Ward and Fire Harnessing to bolster your defensive capabilities, while complementing them with utility perks such as Fireball and Plagued Splitting Grenades. Ensure a total of 4 Refreshing perks across your Mage gear to maximize your effectiveness in combat.

    Divine and Empowered are other perks that can be combined, but they may not be valuable for this build. Empowered is redundant due to the inability to have conditional Empowered, and Divine is not useful for a Mage who isn't on the frontline. Refreshing Recovery may not be the best choice either, as it won't help if enemies have already depleted your HP to below 50%.

    Skill Tree

    Fire Staff: The preferred combination remains Pillar Meteor and Fireball with passives aimed at reducing cooldowns and managing Mana efficiently. Focus on acquiring passives that enhance cooldown reduction and Mana management.

    Blunderbuss: Continue using the double down build, incorporating Net Shot, Shrapnel Blast, and Splitting Grenade. Prioritize passives from the right side of the tree to unlock the ultimate passive, Double Down.

    Rune Choice: Opt for the Biobomb rune to achieve mass anti-heal. Choose the Cunning upgrade path for Biobomb, as the other options reduce the effectiveness of the plague.

    Brutal Form: Brutal form no longer creates a cloud, resulting in single-target anti-heal. The Steward version applies only 15% disease, down from 30%. Ensure these adjustments are accounted for in your build strategy.

  • New World: How To Turn Your Faction Tokens Into Gold? - 6 Effective Methods

    Posted: Feb 23, 2024

    Most of our New World players complete the faction quest and receive all three rewards every day. When you use them regularly, you’ll collect tons of extra Faction Tokens at the beginning of your endgame journey.

    This won’t be too much of a problem since you’ll be using them on your daily Gypsum, Azoth Inductor, Ultimate Trophy Skins, and Chromatic Seals. But eventually you’ll have everything you need, and Faction Tokens will stack up.

    So, in this guide, I’m going to cover all the ways you can turn those extra Faction Tokens into gold, rather than letting them hit Faction Tokens limit and become pointless. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    1. Masterwork Material Converter

    For the first method, we are going to review the old classic method, which is also probably the most famous method of all, and that is Masterwork Material Converter method.

    These items sell for 100 Faction Tokens each, so they can be a quick and easy way to earn extra New World Coins.

    If you want to do it quickly, you can buy and sell them directly on a Trade Post without any extra work.

    Currently, 100 converters sell for 80 gold coins on my server Maramma, which means you can easily get 80 gold coins for every 10,000 Faction Tokens.

    Alternatively, you can use them to turn cheaper Reagents into more profitable Reagents, then sell them to make more gold. Because Reagents sell faster compared to me selling Converter at a Trade Post.

    Now, to test the profits, I purchased 10,000 tokens worth of these converters. If I sell them immediately via a sell order, I will receive 100 gold coins, and after deducting the transaction fee per 10,000 tokens, I will be left with 78.51 gold.

    If I were to convert Reagents, I could make more profit on it.

    You need to find the cheapest Reagent available on your server. You should also have a bunch of these items in storage as you get them from your daily activities, but I’ll include the cost as if you were buying them directly from Trade Post to keep the numbers consistent when testing the numbers.

    On my server, the cheapest Reagent is Wireweave and Obsidian Sandpaper, and the most expensive is Obsidian Flux. So my plan is to buy a low, convert it all into Flux, and then sell it for a profit.

    Finally, by selling all Obsidian Flux on Trade Post, I would end up with 288.32 gold after deducting transaction fees. If you deduct Wireweave’s cost and crafting tax, this means this process will leave you with 193 gold for the 10,000 Faction Tokens you spent.

    But maybe the prices are different in your server, so check which one is the most profitable for you.

    Overall, if you do the math, it’s not hard to see that this is a profitable process. If you buy converters and sell them immediately, you will earn one gold for every 125 tokens spent. Alternatively, if you perform a few extra steps, you can earn 1 gold coin for every 52 tokens.

    2. Sell Your Faction Vendor Items

    Let’s look at another method, which is selling items you can get from Faction Vendor, including Gem Setting Pins, Banner Fragment and Shard of Pride. These items are not purchased via pickup and therefore can be sold on Trade Post.

    Currently, the only profitable of these items is Gem Setting Pins. We buy them from the vendor for 100 gold coins and 300 Faction Tokens and then sell them on Trade Post for 290 gold coins each.

    After deducting the fees on Trade Post, you will get a profit of 185.5 gold coins for every 300 Faction Tokens. This means that every 1.6 tokens spent is equivalent to 1 gold coin, which is great.

    3. Runes

    We also have runes in Maramma currently, and almost every tier of runes has a glorious return on investment, so I calculated the return on all 5 tiers of runes.

    • Minor Rune of Holding: You will earn 68 gold coins in profit for every 1,000 tokens spent, which is a return of 1 gold coin for every 15 tokens spent.
    • Greater Rune of Holding: Every 5,000 tokens spent will net you 403 gold coins, which is a return of 1 gold coin for every 12.4 tokens.
    • Grand Rune of Holding: Don’t have enough resources to do an exact calculation, but the profits look similar to the first two.
    • Exquisite Rune of Holding: Earn 2352 gold coins for every 30,000 Faction Tokens, or 1 gold coin for every 12.7 Tokens.

    Although there are various tiers and different costs, it’s safe to say that you can definitely make a decent profit by flipping the runes you hold. And expect to earn 1 gold coin for every 12 to 15 tokens spent this way, which is the high-end method of token flipping.

    If you’re going to take this approach, your best option is probably to do a few of each tier, rather than lumping all tokens into a specific tier. This is just for variety and allows you to sell your items faster when the faction dies.

    4. Flip Dye

    Then you can also try buying and flipping Dye. It’s important to note that you can only purchase Dye for your faction from vendors. If you’re a Syndicate, you can get Burnished Lilac Dye. If you’re a Marauder, you might get Tarnished Jade Dye. If you are a Covenant, you can get Twine Dye.

    Currently, on my server, they each cost 100 gold and 300 Faction Tokens. Among them, Twine Dye is sold for 65 gold coins each, and Burnished Lilac Dye is sold for 50 gold coins each. Therefore, none of these can be profited from. But there is no Tarnished Jade Dye on the market, so you may have a chance to make some profit.

    But again, like every item, you need to check the server prices before trying this method. If they are selling for more than 100 gold, then you can make a profit from it.

    5. Azoth Inductor

    The vendor also offers some products that you can use indirectly to earn money from Azoth Inductor. If you are a high-end crafter, you can make a pretty decent profit every week with Azoth Inductor.

    So if you are maxed out in many crafting professions and have all the trophies and gear and don’t need to get yourself craft BIS gear. You can use Azoth Inductor every week at the end of the cooldown to craft the best slot items and sell them for huge profits.

    But doing this requires a significant initial investment, and there are Gypsum Orbs. You can get up to 5 of 7,000 tokens each day. But for many of us, we have enough Gypsum Orbs.

    This way, every 93 tokens spent will only bring you 1 gold coin. If you got a few Gypsum Orbs otherwise, just buy a few from the vendor to make sure you have 20 by the end of the week, it really is worth it.

    6. Mastery Cache & Package of Materials

    The last way to earn coins from Faction Tokens is through Mastery Cache and Package of Materials. This is a very hit-and-miss approach because of the fluctuating prices of crafting materials and the high price of some of these caches. But if you are a gambler, this might be an interesting approach for you.

    Please note that I would advise you to stay away from special Packages of Materials immediately. Because nothing you get in these boxes will get you back your initial investment of 5,000 gold coins, plus 50,000 tokens is also very expensive.

    But if you’re lucky, Mastery Cache can make you some money. These can be purchased once per day and provide you with items that increase your XP. Hover over the box and it will tell you where to use the item to convert it to XP. You can simply use them to upgrade skills you’re not interested in, or use them for skills you’ve already reached Mastery level.

    Mastery level reward cache can be where you profit from this approach. The rewards you can get from these Aptitude Crates will be schematics for crafting your gear.

    So if I wanted to make money from it, I would look up all the highest level crafting gear on my server and see which skill line would be the best fit. If I knew what mining was selling the most and was most popular in my server, I would focus on those caches and buy each tier of mining every day, then open them and convert everything to XP.

    I wouldn’t say this method is 100% guaranteed to be profitable, but for gamblers, it could be a good way to make money with Faction Tokens.


    Anyway, this covers all the current methods in New World for converting extra Faction Tokens into some spare gold. This is just a good guideline. You can find a method you like and stick to it. Alternatively, the best course of action may be to diversify so as not to over-saturate the market and speed up the time to sell. Good luck!

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