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General News

  • Monopoly Go: Are You Ready To Start Ice Cream Partners? - How To Play & Rewards

    Posted: Jul 11, 2024

    Your goal in Monopoly Go is to get rich and bankrupt your opponents by building and trading properties. The game features discrete events where you can complete milestones to earn various rewards. Ice Cream Partners event in Monopoly Go is a unique experience! You can gather up to four of your friends and team up over the next week to upgrade those fun summer treats in the center of the board.

    You’ll see these displays slowly upgrade from standard mixers to summer sundaes. This event will last until July 15th, so you’ll have plenty of time to team up with your friends and earn ice cream tokens from other Monopoly Go events to upgrade your summer treats.

    This guide will give you an overview of how to play the Ice Cream Partner Event and what rewards you will receive from the six milestones of the event.

    How To Play Ice Cream Partners?

    First, players need to reach board level five to unlock Ice Cream Partner Event. Once unlocked, you can click the Partner event option on the right side of the screen to access and participate in the event.

    The main thing about this event is that you need to work as a team. This event requires you and up to four friends to collect ice cream bar tokens, which are small, colorful icons that give you different amounts of points to use during the event. Each of your partners will have their own ice cream display on your board.

    As you collect tokens, you’ll need to select a treat display and spin a wheel that offers different amounts of points, working with your teammates to earn points toward a reward. If you’re not sure how many points you’re missing, you can check in Ice Cream Partners Menu on the left side of the screen.

    The final prize at each milestone is hard to beat, but in addition to Monopoly Go Dice and stickers, you’ll also receive a new Ice Cream Truck board token to use on your Monopoly Go board.

    Each of your spins will cost you 20 tokens by default, but these are scaled based on your points multiplier. This means the more tokens you spend, the higher the reward you can get. There are a number of different ways to earn more tokens:

    • In addition to running Ice Cream Partners event, you can also run the Vacation Voyage event to earn yourself a small amount of ice cream tokens.
    • Land on a spot with a frozen treat icon on your Monopoly Go board.

    In addition to this, you can also earn ice cream tokens by participating in the event itself. There are many wedges on Ice Cream Partners wheel, which not only provides tokens for your partners to spin more times but also stays in the current space and lets you roll the dice for free.

    Once you get enough points in Ice Cream Partners event, you will unlock all 6 milestone rewards with each of your partners to upgrade your ice cream treats. Please note that this is per partner, so you can get up to 4 times the rewards before the end of July 15th.

    But it is still important to note that you need to redeem as many Ice Cream Partners tokens as possible before the end of the event, because they will not follow you into the next event.

    Read More: How To Make Monopoly Go Easier To Play? - What Should You Do & What Can’t You Do?

    What Rewards Will You Get?

    It’s finally time to reveal the rewards you’ll get! Some rewards are hidden by the safe, but you can click on the safe to reveal all the rewards inside. Since these rewards are earned by you and your partner together, you need to remember to check what your partner has done every time you enter Monopoly Go.

    • When you reach 2,500 points, you will get 200 rolls of the investment.
    • When you reach 8,500 points, you will get some cash.
    • When you reach 21,500 points, you will get 200-300 rolls of the dice in addition to the cash.
    • When you reach 48,000 points, you will get 300-500 rolls of the dice, the Pink Monopoly Go Stickers Pack, and a high bonus.
    • When you reach 80,000 points, you will get 400-500 rolls of the dice, the Blue Monopoly Go Stickers Pack, and a cash boost bonus.
    • When you reach 320,000 points, you’ll get 5,000 dice rolls, the Purple Monopoly Go Stickers Pack, and Ice Cream Truck.

    Also, be aware that once you’ve chosen a partner, you can’t change partners midway. If you both earn points by spinning the wheel, the milestone marker will fill up faster, so the best way to play Ice Cream Partners is to team up with the most active players on your friends list.

    After learning about the Ice Cream Partners event, go find your partner and enter Monopoly Go to get more rewards! I wish you a happy win in Monopoly Go!

  • Monopoly GO: Which Token Is Your Favorite So Far?

    Posted: Jul 10, 2024

    Tokens are very important in board games like Monopoly GO. They are the pieces used to play the board, and they date back to 1935 when the board game was first created.

    As Monopoly GO continues to develop, players have seen many tokens added to the game. You can get different amounts of tokens by completing Sticker Albums in the game, participating in different Monopoly Go Partners Events, or even login rewards.

    This guide will help you review some tokens that have been well received so far. Come and see if there are any you like!

    Classic Car

    • Release date: April 11, 2023

    Classic Car, also known as race car, is the oldest Monopoly token. This token is inspired by the convertible sports car of the 1930s, so it is also the most popular token among players in Monopoly GO.

    Not only because it provides a strong nostalgia factor, but also because players who like simplicity will still use this token in their activities.

    Chubby Cheeks

    • Release date: May 3, 2024

    Chubby Cheeks differs from Classic Car. It is a token based on an animal called Capybara, which is no longer an old item. Many people love this Monopoly GO token that can be obtained through Nocturnal Treasures excavation event because it captures the hearts of many people with its cute, rodent-like cuteness.

    Many players who study aesthetics said in the community that the developers used a very suitable color scheme for it, which well shows its noble and cuteness, and a leaf on its head makes it even cuter.


    • Release date: April 11, 2023

    Thimble token in Monopoly GO may not be as meaningful or beautiful as the first two. It looks very simple. But it is significant in the world of Monopoly GO, because the first Monopoly champion in United States used this token.

    It has been with the board game since its inception and will appear in multiple versions. Many players see her plain appearance and directly use it as their first board to explore, and in this board, players only need to upgrade their net worth.

    Carnival Coconut

    • Release date: February 1, 2024

    Carnival Coconut is one of the cutest characters in Monopoly GO. He’s a smiling coconut wearing a Tutti Frutti hat. In addition to its appearance, its shape as a token is also very pleasing to people, and it can be bounced and squeezed at will.

    Since this token is part of Prize Parade Milestone event, it is also easier to get started, which makes many players have Carnival Coconut in their showrooms.

    Free Parking Car Token

    • Release date: January 4, 2024

    On Monopoly GO board, there is a tile in the corner, directly opposite GO tile, called Free Parking. As its name suggests, nothing happens when you land on this tile.

    There is a red vintage car on this tile, which is the 3D model of Free Parking Car Token. This token mainly exists during Monopoly Origins event. After completing Monopoly Go Stickers album released by this event, you can get Free Parking Car Token.

    Chef Scottie

    • Release date: May 12, 2024

    Scottie is the loyal partner of the virtual Mr. Monopoly in Monopoly GO. He is a sheepdog with a long beard and is also very good. There are many tokens based on Scottie in the game, but Chef Scottie is different.

    Chef Scottie is based on Scottie in a chef’s uniform with a spoon in his mouth - this is also a reward for Chef’s Journey event. Although you can’t smell all the dishes Scottie cooks because of current mobile technology, it is very cute just from the appearance.

    Popstar Ms. M

    • Release date: June 18, 2024

    Hasbro, as a developer, has added Ms. Monopoly or Ms. M to a female version of the board game for the first time, and it is limited to this version, not other versions. So Monopoly GO also created this little-known character based on her creation.

    Much like Rockstar Mr. M token, Popstar Ms. M also came out with a retro look and became its feature.

    Disco Mr. M

    • Release date: March 28, 2024

    Mr. M has always been the face of Monopoly board game series, and even Monopoly Go app icon shows him as a “rich uncle”. In Monopoly GO, a Disco token was created specifically for him - wearing retro white disco clothes and an orange afro.

    If you participated in Making Music Album completion, you will definitely see it as a reward. But this competition is very difficult, so this token is also very difficult to get.


    • Release date: August 31, 2023

    Hammer token existed in the early days of Monopoly GO and was released with Epic Myths Sticker album. As you can guess from the name, this token is inspired by Norse god Thor’s hammer Mjölnir.

    This token is very compatible with its sticker album so many players at the time worked extremely hard to win this token and the album.

    Scottie Sleeping

    • Release date: September 13, 2023

    Scottie Sleeping is another very cute token based on Scottie. It entered Monopoly GO with Scottie’s Mansion milestone event.

    Although its appearance is as cute as Chef Scottie, its animation is not as good as Chef Scottie, so there are not as many people who own or collect it as Chef Scottie. But for those players who are crazy about Scottie, no matter what variant of Scottie, it is very beloved.

    I believe you will definitely have a favorite among these tokens! And let us look forward to what new activities and tokens will be in July!

  • Monopoly GO: Come Play With Your Friends And Win Together! - Preparation & Strategies

    Posted: Jul 04, 2024

    Monopoly GO is a modern take on the classic board game Monopoly, with digital elements and sophisticated multiplayer features. This modern version retains the core essence of the classic game, but leverages the digital platform to allow Monopoly GO players to play with friends and family anywhere, anytime, regardless of geographic barriers!

    In this way, Monopoly GO increases social interaction and fosters camaraderie and competition between players. Playing this game with friends is a great way to train your strategic thinking, as you both need to work together to overcome various challenges and opportunities to win.

    Preparation For Both Parties

    Before entering the multiplayer mode, you need to both be very familiar with the basic rules and objectives of Monopoly GO. In this way, you can ensure that the game process is smooth and enjoyable. For example, property acquisition, rent collection, and the monetary system.

    Set Up The Game With Friends

    This step is a very simple process, but it can lead to a very interesting experience. First, you need to make sure you both have Monopoly GO app installed on your devices. Once you have launched the app, find the main menu and tap on the option to start a new game.

    Here you can choose to start a variety of games, such as private games or public games. The former allows you to get closer to your friends, while the latter allows you to play with other online players from all over the world.

    For inviting your friends to your Monopoly GO game, you can also use a variety of methods. Monopoly GO also provides players with silky smooth social media integration, so you can send invitations directly through platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

    If you just want to play a very private game with your friends, you can also generate a unique game code in the app and send it to your friends privately via SMS or email so that others can’t disturb you.

    After your friends join your “room”, you can make changes to the game settings. Monopoly GO gives each player a very high degree of freedom to customize the game experience with a variety of customization options, such as you can set the time of each round, so that you can feel the very brisk pace of the game and keep the game attractive to you.

    In addition, you can also adjust the initial resources, starting funds and property distribution, so that each player is equal at the beginning of the game.

    Before you choose the right game mode, you need to consider your friends’ preferences and free time. Private games are more controllable than public games, where you can choose to fight with a team, while the latter can make some new players, but it will also add some uncertainty to the game.

    After carefully setting up the configuration and choosing the right game mode, you and your friends can start your happy Monopoly GO journey! Whether you enter a private game with close friends or a public game with strangers, you must not forget to be thoughtfully prepared and inclusive in your gameplay.

    Winning Strategies For Cooperative Games

    In order to maximize your chances of winning, you all need to fully learn strategies and skills. One key aspect is proper property acquisition.

    In the early stages of the game, you need to ensure the safety of your property and prevent other players from entering your board to rob or destroy your landmarks, especially those that are important enough to form a monopoly.

    Learning to trade effectively is another key to your success in Monopoly GO. After you negotiate with other players, you can complete your set. So you need to be prepared to make some valuable trades, but don’t forget that sometimes giving up a property may bring you huge future gains.

    It is also very important to manage your finances in the game. You need to keep a close eye on your cash reserves to ensure that you have enough cash flow to pay rent, fines, and other fees to other players.

    Most importantly, you need to avoid overexpansion by building too many landmarks too quickly, which may cause your income and expenses to be unbalanced. This means that a balanced income and expenses can provide you with stability over your opponents.

    Since it is done in cooperation, it is also very important to build your own strategic alliances. You can form temporary partnerships with your friends or strangers in public games to prevent some common threats and facilitate mutually beneficial transactions.

    In addition, you and your partner need to make full use of the dynamic events in Monopoly GO. These events can change the game landscape or even turn the situation around with unpredictable opportunities or challenges. You need to be flexible and ready to take advantage of these events to give you every reward you can’t miss, including Monopoly Go Stickers and free dices.

    In addition to your own strategy, you can also use some special cards and power-ups that are unique to Monopoly GO, such as free properties, extra cash or the opportunity to hinder your opponent. This is not cheating, it is allowed and can create turning points in the game.

    Clear communication is essential for enhancing the overall gaming experience. Establish open communication channels to ensure all players feel comfortable expressing their opinions and concerns. Mutual respect is the key to amicably resolving conflicts and maintaining a harmonious gaming environment.

    By prioritizing communication and respect, you can effectively navigate challenges and enjoy your time playing Monopoly GO together.

  • Monopoly Go: Do ​​You Know Shell Tokens In Aqua Partners? - How To Get & What Rewards?

    Posted: Jun 26, 2024

    Monopoly GO is a fun mobile board game from Scopely that follows the classic Monopoly board game. And it adds a lot of fun features. You need to roll the dice to build landmarks and collect rent from opponent players until they go bankrupt.

    Tokens in Monopoly GO are pieces that you move around the board as you play the game, and they come in different types to show your progress in the game. In a recent event, Scopely added an exciting partner event called Aqua Partners.

    The event has already started and is very popular among players! Like all partner events in Monopoly Go, Aqua Partners has its own currency: Shell tokens. These tokens are required to spin the partner wheel, which awards points for completing event milestones and building aquariums.

    Some players feel that this token has special powers and want to get more Shell tokens. If you think so, then keep reading!

    Are Token Powers Real?

    The trendy Monopoly GO tokens, such as Gold Hammer token, Gold Lion token, and St. Paddy’s Cat token, may have led some players to believe they had special powers, but quite the opposite is true.

    In Monopoly GO, tokens have absolutely no special powers. They are just for decoration and do not affect the outcome of your dice roll or which square it lands on in any way. So what determines this? The game algorithm. So no matter which token you use, it will not change the outcome of your dice roll.

    How To Get More Shell Tokens?

    While these tokens don’t have any special functions, they can still help you progress through the game. Here are some ways you can get Shell tokens for free, so let’s take a look!

    Land On Shell Pickups

    During Aqua Partners event, there will be a special space on Monopoly Go board where you can collect Shell tokens. So you need to try to land on these Shell token pickup tiles to ensure that you can stock up on tokens.

    Another tip is that you can use a higher dice multiplier to increase the number of Shell tokens you get. For example, when you roll the dice with an x50 multiplier, you will get 50 Shell tokens every time you land on those tiles.

    Attend As Many Events And Tournaments As Possible

    Actively participating in the various events and tournaments during Aqua Partners event is one of the most reliable ways to collect Shell tokens. Completing these limited-time challenges, such as the Ecological Escapade or Shark Track, will take you directly to exciting milestones and reward you with hundreds of Shell Tokens.

    Make Sure You Complete Your Quick Wins

    Quick Wins are the shortest and easiest tasks you’ll have in the game, but they give you very valuable rewards, including a small amount of Shell tokens. This task refreshes every day at 00:00, so make sure to complete Quick Wins before it refreshes each day.

    Although the tokens you get from this task are very small, the good thing is that there is a steady supply of Shell tokens.

    Get Free Gifts

    Every eight hours, you’ll be rewarded with a surprise gift in Monopoly Go store, and it’s free. Be sure to claim these gifts, as they contain a lot of Shell tokens, dice, and even Monopoly Go Stickers, which are all very valuable.

    This gift will also help you complete Aqua Partners milestones, which brings us back to the topic just now. After completing milestones, you will also get Shell tokens, and more and more!

    Get Partner Gifts

    The best part about Partner Events is that your partners can help you by sending you Partner Gifts. The number of Shell tokens in this gift depends entirely on luck, and most of them are random. But if your partner lands in Partner Gift position, you will get the same number of Shell tokens as them.

    Now that we are talking about Aqua Partners, many players are not very familiar with how this event works. Here are some things to note about Aqua Partners. After you complete this event, you will receive a grand prize - 5,000 dice rolls, a pack of Monopoly Go Stickers, and an adorable Puffer Fish board token.

    How To Play Aqua Partners?

    If you are new to Monopoly Go, you need to enter at least the fifth game to participate in Partner Events. If you have completed it, after Aqua Partners event starts, there will be four designated positions on your board for your partner teams.

    Once you have selected your partners, you cannot change them, so you should find some reliable people or friends to form a team. After selecting, you can enter the special event wheel, which requires you to spend 20 Shell tokens per spin. But if you want to build an aquarium, you need at least 3,000 to 6,000 Shell tokens.

    After you collect a certain number of tokens, you can increase the token multiplier. For example, increasing the number of tokens required per spin from 200 to 600 will maximize your points.

    Here is a little tip to tell you that you can communicate with your teammates and decide on the construction method of the aquarium. Some players may like to build aquariums one by one in sequence, while others like to build 4 aquariums, which also means more Shell tokens will be spent here.

    However, it should be said in advance that focusing on completing one aquarium allows your team to maximize the milestone rewards for each aquarium, such as High Roller and Cash Boost. Among them, High Roller can also help you collect Shell tokens faster.

    Whatever strategy you choose, the most important thing is to communicate clearly with your partners, discuss in advance which method and make efforts to help you build aquariums effectively and win generous prizes.

    After reading this, do you know more about Aqua Partners? I hope you have fun at this Monopoly Go event and collect more rent!

  • Monopoly Go: How To Trade During Golden Blitz And Earn More Golden Stickers? - Event Explained & Farming Strategies

    Posted: Jun 22, 2024

    Golden Blitz Events in Monopoly Go doesn’t happen often, but when they do, you have to make the most of it, and there’s a lot of information you should know!

    During Golden Blitz, you usually have the opportunity to redeem 2 specific Golden Stickers within 24 hours. During this period, you can redeem these 2 specific Golden Stickers for any other non-Golden Stickers you want, or for another Golden Sticker in Blitz. Please note that other Golden Stickers are not eligible for trading.

    Here, we’ll talk about how Golden Blitz works and explain the trading mechanics of stickers during this period. Besides this, we’ll also cover various ways to get rare Golden Stickers while playing Monopoly Go to help you be prepared when the next event comes. Let’s get straight to it!

    How Does Golden Blitz Work?

    In Monopoly GO, Golden Blitz is a special feature designed to let players trade Golden Stickers. Now you might be wondering why there is a dedicated event for this.

    This is because these Golden Stickers are usually not exchangeable. But during Golden Blitz event, these non-tradable Golden Stickers will become exchangeable. By doing so, you can share Monopoly Go Stickers with your friends and receive them to complete your Sticker Albums as much as possible.

    This way, you can make use of your duplicate stickers while helping others complete their albums. What’s more, you will also receive relevant rewards after completing Sticker Albums.

    However, I must remind you that while other events in the game can last for days, weeks, or even months, this particular event has a lifespan of only 15 to 18 hours. Since it is limited in time, players should actively participate and join the event when it starts to make the most of it.

    Trading Mechanics

    Another important thing here is that there may be a trading limit. This means that you can only make a certain number of trades during the event, so be aware of this. The trading limit is usually 5 trades per day.

    If you don’t have any friends to trade stickers with, you can tap “Ask” option and try your luck in Monopoly GO trading group on Facebook. Alternatively, you can also check out Discord, and there’s a good chance you’ll find someone willing to trade stickers with you on either platform.

    To request stickers, you can follow these simple steps: Click Golden Blitz icon on the home screen. Tap “Ask” option below the stickers and select a friend.

    How To Get More Golden Stickers?

    Stickers offer extra chances to earn in-game rewards, and Golden Stickers tend to be the rarest and hardest to track down. Filling a given Sticker Set often offers extra dice rolls and money, and some also include tokens you can use to represent yourself on the game board. Here we’ll talk about some of the easiest ways to get Golden Stickers.

    Paying For Them From Shop

    If you want those Golden Stickers and can’t wait, the quickest and easiest way to fill up your Sticker Albums is to pay for them.

    On the home screen, tap Shop icon in the top left corner, which looks like a vendor stand. Then scroll through the available bundles at the top of the screen and note Sticker Packs that come with them. You can then click on the price on a given bundle to start trading.

    Next, click on Sticker Pack in the bundle window to see its description. Then click on Info icon (i) in the top-left corner of the pop-up window to see your odds of getting Golden Stickers.

    It’s worth noting that other bundles, including Sticker Packs, occasionally appear on the home screen as offers.

    Get Golden Stickers For Free

    Of course, there are ways to get Golden Stickers for free, too, but they may take longer. But if you’re patient, you can do it. All you have to do is keep getting Sticker Packs or Wild Stickers. To get them, you can try these methods:

    Daily Login

    Log in once a day and collect Daily Rewards. The rewards change every day, and you can see which rewards are available on which day, and some rewards include Sticker Packs.

    Complete Quick Wins

    Start Daily Quick Wins by clicking on Wins tab in the bottom-left corner. Completing these tasks earns you certain rewards, some of which include Sticker Packs. If you collect enough stickers to fill the meter at the bottom of the menu, you can win a 5 Star Sticker Pack.

    Spin Color Set Wheel

    Spin Color Set Wheel for a chance to win Sticker Packs. You can earn spins by upgrading landmarks, placing houses on your property, and landing on a colorful property full of hotels.

    Attend Events

    Whenever there are events, attend them. Although the requirements vary, most events will earn your Sticker Packs of varying rarities.

    Stickers For Rewards

    Duplicate stickers earn your Sticker Stars, based on Star value of the duplicate, which can be redeemed for random Sticker Packs. Tap Album tab in the bottom-right corner of the home screen, then tap Stickers for Rewards icon in the bottom-right corner to start redeeming.

    When you have accumulated at least 250 stars, tap the vault button you want to claim your reward. You can also tap on a vault to see what it contains, with the most expensive option unlocking Wild Stickers when your Net Worth reaches 1400.

    Once you receive Wild Stickers, you'll see a list of all the stickers missing from your current Album, and then you can simply select the missing stickers you want from any Album. Keep in mind, though, that you can't change your choice of stickers after you've selected them, so make sure to choose wisely.

    That’s all you need to know about Golden Blitz event in Monopoly GO and how to collect Golden Stickers. It’s a significant event to help you trade stickers with friends and complete your Sticker Album. Happy trading!

  • Monopoly Go: Achieve Ultimate Victory On The Board With These 10 Secret Strategies!

    Posted: Jun 21, 2024

    Monopoly has gone through many adaptations over the years. Among them, Monopoly Go focuses more on the capital-building aspect than the tactical acquisitions and mind games that the original board game usually offers.

    When you first start playing Monopoly Go, it will seem simple, but as the levels increase, the difficulty will increase and you will find yourself in an endless process of building and demolishing. This guide will introduce some 10 strategies to get the most out of your game of Monopoly Go.

    Don’t Worry Too Much About Your Mistakes

    Every mistake is a minor setback, not the end of the world, so don’t worry too much about it. Even if your bank is completely bankrupt and your landmarks are destroyed, you can still get back on top!

    Bonuses, events and mini-events are here to help you get back on top, and there are also extra dice, higher multipliers, bonuses for completing your goals and even community chests to help you improve your luck.

    If one day feels particularly unlucky, the next day may bring better luck. Some extra dice, a higher multiplier, a dice roll from a community chest, or a new event could bring good luck to the player.

    Set A Daily Objectives

    This is not only in the game but also in real life. Daily objectives are a splendid opportunity to get closer to the eventual goal. However, because of the uncertainty of the dice points, it is best to pretend to be Wang Jia’s daily objectives in the game, and only collect rewards after completing the objectives. In this way, you have completed your own goals!

    Your objectives can be set on things like upgrading a landmark or land on a utility 3 times. This is difficult to complete automatically with daily games, which is a certain challenge.

    Build More To Collect Houses

    Unlike other original board games, the houses in Monopoly Go are randomly placed, and you need to obtain them by building or upgrading landmarks. When your dice land on a tile with a house, it will increase the income of this tile. When you build five houses on a tile, these houses will automatically upgrade to hotels.

    Each hotel will have its own representative color, and when your dice land on a place represented by the color of a hotel, it will trigger a bonus event. The nature of this event also depends on the main event you are running at the moment, and it will also consume the corresponding color of the hotel.

    Therefore, you must keep building houses without interruption, as you consistently need to trigger this bonus event to extract its full potential. In addition, building landmarks is by far the fastest way to level up in this game and get upgrade bonuses, such as more dice, higher shields, and even Monopoly Go Stickers.

    Cheaper Landmarks, More Buildings

    Players may want to build the most expensive landmarks when they first enter the game, which is exactly the wrong thing to do. Since the major goal of landmarks is to get more houses and turn them into hotels, it is best to start with the cheapest landmarks.

    The landmarks on the left side of your entire screen are not only cheaper, but they also have lower upgrade prices, which can make the top-level landmarks the cheapest overall.

    In this way, you can not only get more houses in a shorter time but also don’t have to worry about other players demolishing your landmarks - because you don’t feel bad, it’s cheaper to rebuild. By the way, when you rebuild landmarks, you can also collect houses, which save money and don’t delay things.

    Protect Your Landmarks

    Because your repair costs are tied to the cost of upgrading landmarks, expensive landmarks are more expensive to repair. To prevent you from spending all your money on repairs, you need to upgrade the landmarks you currently own before you build more expensive landmarks.

    This can save you a lot of money, whether building, upgrading, repairing or rebuilding, and can also generate more houses for you. Or you can just not upgrade the expensive landmarks first, so that you are a little richer before entering the next stage.

    Save Your First Game Of A Day

    A new day usually starts with the end of the daily bonus and nightly activities, which also means that the first game of the day will last longer than other games. Normally, you will receive hundreds of dice that can increase the maximum multiplier, and if you are lucky, there will even be a bonus multiplier.

    If there are still dice on the board when you exit the game, the next game will not give you such a high multiplier. If you leave money on the board, other players may also destroy landmarks and steal money from your bank! Therefore, it is recommended that you play your first game of the day when you have enough time to use your dice.

    Check Shop Bonus Every Eight Hours

    There are always hidden bonuses in the shop, which refresh every eight hours. You can find them by clicking the shop icon and dragging the featured deals at the top all the way to the right. Don’t worry, it’s free!

    Bonuses include money, Monopoly Go Stickers, and sometimes extra dice. When you see a red dot next to the shop on the left side of the screen, it means you can go and claim your bonus.

    Don’t Use Up Your Dice

    The more dice you have available, the higher the multiplier you can push. So it’s best to use a higher multiplier so that you can get more money in your bank and build more landmarks.

    Other players can destroy landmarks to take your bank, but they can’t take dice. This is one reason dice are so valuable. When you are at a higher level, it is best to use a multiplier of 50x or more, which requires you to have at least 200 dice.

    If you have less than 200, you can only expect to roll dice with a multiplier of 3 or 5x. This is not worth it!

    Use Multiplier Wisely

    You can increase the multiplier during the game by clicking the 1X button next to the ROLL button, which means you can increase the number of dice rolled and the number of rewards you get. For example, a 10X multiplier will provide 10x more money and 10x more bonus dice, shields, and other resources.

    If you need resources such as shields, or are preparing to try to obtain objectives that require dice to land on specific squares, use a smaller multiplier. Keeping your larger multiplier can also help you save dice.

    Make More Friends

    It’s also very easy to make new friends in Monopoly Go. Unlike the team structure common in other mobile games, Monopoly Go allows you to make full use of your friend list. Your friends will increase a certain amount of rewards for each event you participate in, and even provide you with better rewards in the daily community treasury.

    Each friend will also have a token on your board. If you land on his territory, you will also need to pay rent to him/her, and vice versa, you will also receive rent from your friends. The more friends you have, the more rewards you can get.

    I hope these 10 strategies can help you in your gaming experience, and I wish you have endless dice and tons of bonuses in Monopoly Go!

  • Monopoly GO: How To Use Airplane Mode Trick Effectively?

    Posted: Jun 20, 2024

    In Monopoly GO, some players have discovered that using airplane mode can maximize the prizes you get by spending only a few dice. This means you can use your precious dice when it is most advantageous to you, such as when it is about to land on a square that will give you Monopoly Go Stickers or other rewards.

    Using this method, you can maximize the use of dice and even hoard hundreds or thousands of dice. It is currently understood that some accounts have been fixed. However, it should be noted that this operation is risky, so please think twice.

    Here is a step-by-step guide to what happens when you use the airplane mode trick and how to do it on Android and iOS. Doing this on Android is simple and quick, while doing it on iOS is quite troublesome, but it still works.

    This guide will detail what happens when you use airplane mode trick and how to operate it on different mobile systems. In this trick, you don’t need to install any third-party full inspections, apps, or APKs on your phone. Just turn on airplane mode that comes with your phone.

    If someone tells you that you need to download an installation package or file from an unknown source, run immediately!

    What Happens When You Use Airplane Mode Trick?

    Before you start rolling, you need to turn on airplane mode on your phone, which cuts off all connections to the game server, so the terminal won’t record your roll. This means that in the server’s records, you didn’t even start rolling, but the result will be stored on your phone.

    So you need to clear the game data to delete the result, otherwise your phone will continue to send the result to the server when you go online again. When you have done this, turn off your airplane mode and return to the game to roll again, and so on.

    Since developer Scopely updated the way dice rolls are determined in Monopoly GO, the airplane mode trick will also be different every time. Before, after you cleared your data, your points were random, but now your rolls follow a semi-scripted pattern.

    This means that no matter how many times you top up, every roll with the same multiplier will give you the same result. For example, if you use a x100 multiplier five times before clearing the data and reconnecting successfully, and the results are 8, 10, 5, 4, and 12, then after you are done, you still have those five numbers.

    So you can roll the dice with different multipliers to get the squares you want.Here are the specific steps you need to use the airplane mode trick:

    1. Rolled with the highest multiplier. If you don’t like the result, return it.
    2. Roll once with the x1 multiplier, then roll with the maximum multiplier If it’s not what you want, set it again
    3. Roll twice with the x1 multiplier, then roll with the higher multiplier. Each time you restore, place a x1 roll before the max quality roll, and continue until you get excellent results.
    4. If you get an excellent result, you can reset the x1 calculation and start the rolling process again with just the highest multiplier.

    This will be much slower than the previous trick, but it is the best way, and I will tell you how to do it on different phone systems.

    Phones With Android 

    • Open Monopoly GO and connect to your Facebook account to save your progress. Also, you can lose everything if you use a guest account.
    • Set the dice multiplier to the maximum value.
    • Turn on airplane mode on your phone
    • Roll the dice and see the result.
    • If you like the square you land on, turn off airplane mode to save the result and start over from step two.
    • If it’s a bad square, leave airplane mode active and move on to the next steps.
    • Close the game.
    • Long press the game icon and select the “i” in the circle to get information about the app. Alternatively, go to Settings, search for apps and select Monopoly GO.
    • Select Storage and Cache.
    • Tap Clear Storage to clear data and cache.
    • Turn off airplane mode to reconnect.
    • Open Monopoly GO and log back into Facebook. You have to go back to where you started.
    • Go back to step two, but now roll x1 before rolling with a high multiplier factor to reverse the sequence. If you need to reset, add 1 more spin each time until you get a favorable result. Then repeat the process, starting with the highest multiplier and adding x1 rolls as needed.

    Phones With iOS

    • Open Monopoly GO and connect your account to Facebook to save your progress. If you are a guest account, you will lose all your progress when you perform this trick.
    • Set the dice multiplier to the highest available value.
    • Enable Airplane Mode on your device to stop communication
    • Roll the dice and do one of the following depending on the outcome:
    • If you like where you landed, turn off Airplane Mode, save your roll, and go back to step 2.
    • If you don’t like where you landed, leave Airplane Mode on and go to the next step.
    • Exit the game.
    • Tap and hold Monopoly GO icon on your phone’s main screen to delete the app.
    • Turn off Airplane Mode.
    • Reinstall the game from the App Store.
    • Open Monopoly GO and log back in with Facebook. You should be back where you started before you performed the trick.
    • Go back to step 2, but this time change the sequence by doing a x1 roll before the roll with the higher multiplier. If you need to reset again, add a x1 roll each time until you get a favorable result. Then repeat the process, starting with only the highest multiplier and adding x1 rolls as needed.

    If you really want to benefit from airplane mode, you need to pay attention to the daily events in the game, which will increase your maximum dice multiplier to x1,000. This will also make you complete the event’s tournaments faster and more enjoyable.

    We still need to remind all players that this troubleshooting trick is not available on some accounts at present, and there are certain risks. Please do not operate it too frequently. I wish you a happy game!

  • Monopoly Go: Master These Methods To Get Unlimited Dice On The Board!

    Posted: Jun 19, 2024

    As a classic board game, Monopoly GO players need to move around the board by throwing dice to earn income, and build properties on the corresponding squares and rent them out. Our primary goal is to bankrupt other opponents by collecting rent from them and get the ultimate victory!

    As you can imagine, Monopoly Go Dice plays a vital role in the game. Without them, players cannot play the game or progress. Unfortunately, most players don’t know some simple ways to collect dice to keep the game progressing. Players can check out the following methods to ensure that they always have a steady supply of dice when occupying the board.

    1. Pay To Get Dice

    First of all, if you don’t have more time and energy, you can directly get Monopoly Go Dice with real money. Here you can find a lot of options to get a certain number of dice. It is recommended that you keep an eye out for limited-time offers and special offers to get better value.

    2. Free Dice Links

    Undoubtedly, the easiest way to get dice is to use Free Dice Links. Simply click the link on the device where the game is installed and wait 5-10 seconds, and the player will immediately receive 20-50 dice.

    It is important to note that each gift can only be claimed once. Once a player claims the reward using the link, they cannot claim the reward again.

    3. Invite Friends

    Monopoly GO allows players to earn Dice Rolls by referring the game to their friends. Each player has a referral link, which they send to friends to invite them to the game. After each successful referral, they will receive Dice Rolls.

    Please note that the referred player must be new to the game. Each player can invite up to 10 new players to receive free Dice Rolls.

    4. Open Community Chest

    Players can get free dice when they open Community Chest. While opening the chest rewards players with a lot of cash, sometimes free dice are also given as a reward.

    Besides this, keep an eye on the board and help friends open the chest. Every time a friend successfully opens the chest, you will receive 10 dice as a reward. The feeling of helping a friend is unmatched, and getting in-game rewards is an extra pleasure.

    5. Daily Login Bonuses

    In addition, logging into the game every day is also an excellent opportunity to get free Dice Rolls. These daily bonuses usually include many free Dice Rolls.

    Another method worth considering is to start the first game of the day. Not only does this provide players with daily rewards, but it also helps to make progress on the reward bar to get additional rewards. Among these rewards, players can also look forward to getting Dice Rolls.

    6. Increase Net Worth

    There is nothing better than getting a sweet reward at the end of each Milestone. Monopoly GO recognizes this and offers rewards to players who make progress.

    Since most Net Worth Milestones will give players free dice. Therefore, players should focus on building new properties and upgrading them throughout the board. Each such action will add one point to Net Worth and help players get closer to those free rewards. Players can also upgrade their Net Worth by building hotels on the board.

    7. Collect Collectibles

    Monopoly GO features a series of fun collectibles that allow players to freely express themselves in the game. These can be found in My Showroom tab on the menu at the top right of the screen. Here you can view your current collection by tapping on the relevant button.

    Collecting an entire collection is a great way to get free dice rolls. You can collect these by actively participating in events and tournaments, completing Quick Wins, or Sticker Sets.

    8. Complete Sticker Albums

    Completing individual Sticker Sets is another way to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO. All Sticker Albums contain a certain number of Sticker Sets, each consisting of nine unique Stickers related to a specific theme of the album.

    Each time you complete a Sticker Set, you can win special prizes, including a bunch of dice, cash, and sometimes new tokens or shields. You can easily collect Monopoly Go Stickers you want by opening Sticker Packs or trading with Monopoly GO friends.

    Completing entire Sticker Albums is the best way to get hundreds of Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO. While it may take some time and effort to collect all Stickers, trust me, the rewards are worth it.

    To check your sticker collection and set progress, tap Album button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Remember, you only have a certain amount of time to collect stickers and complete Album, otherwise Album will reset.

    9. Stickers For Rewards

    Inevitably, you will often get duplicates of the same stickers as you collect. But players can trade with friends, and surprisingly, they can also get some free dice by exchanging duplicate stickers.

    Players need to go to their album and then look for the safe box at the bottom of the screen. From there, they will exchange duplicate stickers for rewards.

    10. Actively Participate In New Events

    Every 1-2 days, Monopoly GO adds new events and tournaments to the game. Players can participate in these celebrations to earn cash and rewards, including free dice. The more players play, the more tournament points they earn, which means more rewards can be unlocked.

    Players can earn rewards every time they reach a milestone in events and tournaments. In addition, players who place high in tournaments can also receive additional free rewards besides the standard milestone bonus.

    All in all, I hope these tips will help you become the ultimate tycoon and continue your gaming journey. Have a nice day!

  • Monopoly GO: What Need To Know About Tycoon Racers? - Tips & Rewards

    Posted: Jun 13, 2024

    New events and rewards are a great motivation to keep playing. This is also true in Monopoly GO. With the launch of the new event, Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers, there are more and more questions about what this new event is and what rewards it will give you.

    Tycoon Racers is a minigame in Monopoly GO. Minigames are short events that give players a goal to achieve in exchange for rewards. Tycoon Racers offers players some new and different requirements as it joins the monthly rotating Treasures and Partners events.

    This article will help you understand what Tycoon Racers is about and what rewards are available.

    What Is Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers?

    In Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers, players can create a team of four and then compete with other team racers to sprint to the finish line to win prizes.

    This is a cooperative event and will be a new multiplayer experience. Players will team up with friends to pool Flags won from tournaments and events to compete with other teams for victory.

    During the preparation phase of Tycoon Racers, players have a few days to pick three friends to join their team and collect as many Flags as possible.

    Stock up as many Flags as possible to give your team a head start when the game starts. But don’t worry that you won’t be able to collect enough Flags on your own to challenge other teams. After all, you are a team. All team matches are based on skill levels. Everyone in the team will work hard and have the same chance to win first place.

    After forming a team and collecting Flags, the event will enter the competition phase. During this time, players can continue to collect Flags. You can pick prizes after each game. These prizes include more Flags that you can use in the game, Monopoly Go Stickers, and other wonderful prizes. You need to pick prizes that will help you stay competitive in the next game.

    After completing the entire competition phase, the team will receive medals. The team with the most medals after three games will win the grand prize. The more medals you earn, the more prizes you can get. Prizes are not immediately credited to your account, they are awarded at the end of each game. You just need to keep running laps on the board until you finish the current game.

    What Is The Goal?

    It is your team’s goal to roll three special dice inside the popper using the flags you collected. It takes at least 20 flags to activate the Tycoon Racers dice popper to roll a round. The ranking in the race is determined by the value of the dice you roll inside the popper.

    The team that completes the most laps and is in the lead will win the race and will receive medals, which can eventually unlock the grand prize. Your ultimate goal is to have more laps and points than other teams to get better rewards.

    The final of the three races in Tycoon Racers Monopoly GO is the most important. Winning the last race will earn you double medals. Having the most medals at the end of Tycoon Racers will win you the grand prize.

    How Long Does Tycoon Racers Last?

    Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers event will start on June 12, 2024 and end on June 16, giving you a total of 4 days to enjoy this event. From June 13 to June 16, each of the three events will last 25 hours. The grand prizes for Tycoon Racers minigame are Wild Sticker (Pick any sticker from any album), Tycoon Racer Token, and 3,500 Dice Rolls. Make sure you are prepared to win the grand prize.

    How To Score Points?

    Scoring points in Tycoon Racers requires collecting Flags and spinning the points wheel. You can find the points spinner by going into the Tycoon Racers event menu when you get flags from Events, Quick Wins, and Tournament Prizes.

    By changing the multiplier and clicking on the dice popper, you will roll dice based on the number of Flags you have. The number of points you earn depends on the sum of the dice, so the result is entirely based on luck. You can also team up with three other players who will collect points at the same time to help you advance to the next level.

    How to Get More Flags?

    If you want to win more Flags during Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers, you need to participate in Events, Tournaments, and Daily Tasks. Tournaments (such as Grease & Glory Tournaments) offer a large number of Flags for all players. As long as you win points in tournaments, you will have enough opportunities to pull away from other racers in this event.

    In addition, you need to pay attention to Daily Tasks. This will be one of the best ways to get some extra Flags, which can come in handy when you need a last-minute boost to complete the race.

    The above is what you can learn about the content and rewards of this new event in Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers. So hurry up and prepare for the competition with your friends in your team, and hope you can get more prizes!

  • Monopoly Go: How To Collect All Stickers Before Making Music Stickers Ends?

    Posted: Jun 13, 2024

    Making Music Sticker Adventure in Monopoly GO ends on June 20, 2024. Have you collected all 189 Stickers yet?

    If you’re wondering how to get more Monopoly Go Stickers, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re only a few stickers away from a full album, here are all the details you need to get as many stickers as possible without spending too much money. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

    Monopoly Go Stickers

    Stickers are one of the main collectibles in the game, and you can get them by participating in frequent events and completing challenges. Unlike dice and cash, you can’t directly get Stickers you need by spending money, so if you want to complete some Sticker Albums, you’ll need to participate in as many in-game events as possible.

    Completing Albums earns you dice and cash, which are Monopoly Go’s most precious in-game resources, as well as snazzy in-game tokens.

    How To Collect All Stickers?

    If you want to get all Stickers as quickly as possible, check out the following points. It’s worth noting that not all methods are available at the start of the game, and mechanics like Quick Wins and Color Wheel require you to play through the first few boards before all options become available.

    Get Sticker Packs

    While there are a lot of freeways to get stickers in Monopoly GO, you can also get select items in the game, including more dice rolls, cash, and packs that contain various items, such as stickers. There is an in-game store to get these items. Don’t forget that there will also be offers in the upper left corner of the main game screen, which will provide better prices and allow you to get more stickers.

    However, I need to warn you that you may not get the stickers you need from Sticker Packs immediately, so be prepared and hope that RNG gods bless you.

    Quick Wins

    Quick Wins are accessed by clicking “Wins” icon in the lower left corner of the game screen. Basically, you need to complete three Quick Wins tasks every day before the 24-hour time is up. You will receive points for completing each Quick Win task.

    The missions aren’t hard, just be aware that if you just don’t land on the required squares to complete a Quick Wins mission, just lower the multiplier to x1 so you have more chances to reach it.

    As you progress through Quick Wins missions over the week, a number of Milestones will appear on the prize bar at the bottom of the screen. You can tap on each prize to see how many Quick Win points you need to reach each Milestone. Remember, you have a week to complete this mission to get all the prizes.

    With relatively little hassle, you can actually get some nice prizes. The prizes for Quick Wins change daily, and they’re usually some small prize like 20 dice, or some cash, regular stickers, or special event items.


    Also, competing against other players in Tournaments for prizes is a great way to get them. You can move up the leaderboard by moving around the board and picking up items. Each event lasts a certain number of days, and at the end of the event, the top 100 players will receive a prize. This is another great way to get the best stickers in the game.

    Color Wheel

    Another way to get more stickers in Monopoly GO is to complete Color Wheel on the board. Just like in traditional board games, as you play, you earn properties and hotels to place on the board. The game places these properties randomly, so you don’t get to choose which properties they are placed on. However, once you complete a set, you will be able to spin the wheel, free dice rolls, sticker packs, and money.

    Join A Group

    Also, opting in to the online community is a great way to enhance your gaming experience, and it can give you an immense advantage in Monopoly GO, putting you ahead of other players.

    Some free links containing stickers may sometimes be shared in groups. By joining like-minded players, you can also exchange any duplicate stickers with a wide variety of people.

    Stickers For Rewards

    While there are multiple ways to replace duplicate stickers, the best way is to use them in Stickers For Rewards tab. Any duplicate stickers are automatically transferred here and can be exchanged for vaults with more rewards.

    While you need at least 250 duplicate stickers to open, they offer some of the best rewards. This can include high-star stickers or some new stickers to add to your collection.

    Trade With Friends

    Like other games that include packs and stickers, Monopoly GO also has an option to trade with friends. Inviting friends to play Monopoly GO will not only give you money, but you can also use it to exchange any duplicate stickers you have for the ones you need.

    This is one of the most effective ways to guarantee that you receive new stickers. This is especially useful when you have already filled up most of your Sticker Album and only have a few left to earn.

    Play The Game Every Day

    The easiest way to guarantee that you get stickers is to play the game regularly. Every day after logging in, you will receive a daily reward that increases in value for up to seven consecutive days of play.

    Like other free items, these rewards include stickers, dice rolls, or money. While you won’t receive stickers every day, it is the easiest way to get them because you don’t even have to play Monopoly GO.

    Additionally, while the in-game store gives players, the option to paid items, it also provides the opportunity to get free gifts. You can claim your free daily gift at the top of the store menu, which is usually a few dice rolls to continue playing, money to build, or in rare cases, stickers.

    That’s it for the best strategy to help you collect all the stickers to complete your Sticker Album before Making Music Sticker season ends. So jump in and complete your goals before the season officially ends!

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