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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Join Trade Guild And Earn Gold? - The Value Of Guild Traders

Posted: Jul 13, 2023

Posted: Jul 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

There are many ways to earn gold in Elder Scrolls Online. It doesn’t matter if you only do PVP, PVE, Fishing, Housing or Antiquities. What these playstyles have in common is that you can sell items you get from Guild Traders.

So in this guide, I’m going to show you how to join a Trade Guild and sell your items and how to trade with add-ons or how to trade without add-ons.

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Join Trade Guild And Earn Gold?

How To Join A Trade Guild?

First, our Trade Guild is easy and rewarding. All you have to do is press “G” to enter this Guild. You can do this by first pulling down the menu, then clicking “Guild Finder” tab, and from there clicking “Browse Guilds” tab. You can browse not only Trade Guilds, but PVE, PVP Social, and various other Guilds as well.

If you are a player who wants to accumulate ESO Gold. I recommend you join at least two, maybe even three Trade Guilds that don’t have any dues or requirements. This allows you to list and trade as many items as you want. You don’t even have to take on any Guild’s obligations.

You can also choose a Guild that suits the way you play and socialize. Once you’ve found a Guild you’re interested in, press “R” to apply and fill out the application form. Take it easy, it’s just a formality, it gives Guild leader some information about yourself. You can say whatever you choose and hit “E” to submit when you’re done.

Most Guilds check in daily or every other day to add members, so be patient. Of course, if you have any dissatisfaction with this Guild, you can also leave this Guild and join another Guild.

ESO: Trading Guild

Guild Trader Window

Once you join Trade Guilds, the choice is always yours. You can access it by visiting a trader's physical location or by simply clicking on Guild store at any bank to open Trader window.

Note that you cannot access Guild store from Bank Assistant, Guild Traders window has three tabs. You can use Browse tab to search for specific items, while Cells tab lets you list items for sale, up to 30 items at a time.

Once an item sells, you can fill the slot with another item to ensure maximum window utilization. There’s also a Listings tab that shows what you’ve listed and how much. You can also unlist using this tab.

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Now you can start trading items and add price checking functionality. I use Sharlikran’s Master Merchant. It’s a huge add-on that pulls data from a Guild you’re in. So the more Trade Guilds you have, the better your player stats will be.

ESO: Master Merchant Add-Ons

You can also use Arkadius’ Trade Tools or Guild store add-ons. What these types of add-ons do is show you what you need to sell for. After a while, you’ll get a good database of prices for various items. This makes it easier for you to list and continue your adventure. If you don’t have access to add-ons or don’t like using them, all you need to do is find the price of rare items from them.

How To Earn ESO Gold?

So keep in mind that no matter what playstyle you play in ESO, you’ll get items that others might not want to farm. So your item has value. You can earn a lot of ESO Gold by trading things that seem common to you.

I log into the game to collect mail, then press “G” to enter a Guild. I select my Trade Guilds, then go to this History tab and Trades tab. Then I press “E” until the bar turns blue. There are Guild Trader booths displayed with this symbol here. Most regions have five or six in their major city.

ESO: Earn Gold Selling in Guild Traders!

So there are literally hundreds of Guilds powering ESO’s in-game economy. If you want a steady stream of gold, start small and join one or two Trade Guilds with no dues or requirements.

Once you get the hang of it, use these add-ons to join larger Guilds or top-level Guilds. Before you know it, you’ll be a millionaire.


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