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FFXIV: This Fat Cat Minion Is So Cute! - Way To Get

Posted: Jul 02, 2024

Posted: Jul 02, 2024

Source:  IGGM

FFXIV seems to have a way of making certain creatures very popular with players. Take Shoebill, or beloved Axolotl, which is based on Mexican axolotl and is even a reward for Pandaemonium raid’s Savage mode.

Fat Cat is another example. Although it doesn’t appear often throughout the game’s story, it has inspired players to obtain some minions from the game with no additional FFXIV Gil. What’s more, you can even get it if you are using Final Fantasy 14’s Free Trial, it just takes a bit of luck.

FFXIV: This Fat Cat Minion Is So Cute! - Way To Get

How To Get A Fat Cat Minion?

There are actually several ways to get a Fat Cat Minion, some of which cost a little FFXIV Gil, and some of which take some time.


The first method first requires you to obtain a retainer - this is an NPC you can hire, who can store Gil and Final Fantasy XIV Items, and you can also assign them tasks. They will start at level 1 and can gain experience through these adventures.

However, retainers are limited in how high they can level up, and cannot be higher than the player’s level in a particular Job. For example, if the Warrior of Light is a level 10 magician, then the retainer as a magician cannot exceed level 10, and only after you surpass this level can he reach a higher level.

If you plan on continuing to play the rest of Final Fantasy 14 while you level up your retainers, the best adventure option is the 2-hour version. This way you can keep checking on them and send them back every few hours as they complete their tasks. However, if you’re just trying to reach a fishing level and plan on not playing the game for a long time, the 18-hour option is a better choice.

First Way

To get Fat Cat, you need to send retainers on Waterside Exploration ventures. The rewards you get are based on the level of the retainer you send out on the fishing job, so you need to raise the fishing job level to at least level 50 so that they can gain a certain amount of experience and level up.

To begin your fishing adventure, head to Limsa Lominsa and visit the Fisherman’s Guild in the main square. Here you can answer the question, “Do you want to be a fisherman?” This is a prerequisite task, after which you will be presented with the Fisherman’s Guild class task, giving you direct access to the Fisherman class. You should be able to store your tools in your space.

For the Waterside Exploration ventures mentioned above, it requires a minimum level of 50 and a gathering rating of 200. This minion can also be found in Waterside Exploration XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XXIV, and XXV, which are your earliest chances to get it, as other ventures may require higher levels and gatherings.

Once the retainer is sent out, you will need to wait 18 hours in the real world. It is worth mentioning that even then, there is no guarantee that the Fat Cat Minion will be among the rewards brought back, which means you may have to try multiple times.

Second Way

The second method requires you to get Fat Cat Minion from Material Container 3.0, which requires you to talk to Quartermasters of various Grand Companies to get 20,000 Company Seals. You must be at least Captain level of a Grand Company to exchange for Material Container 3.0. Here are Quartermasters you need to talk to:

  • Flame Quartermaster can be found at Ul’dah - Steps of Nald
  • Serpent Quartermaster can be found in New Gridania
  • The Storm Quartermaster can be found on the upper deck of Limsa Lominsa

Again, this does not guarantee you will get Fat Cat Minion immediately. In Material Container 3.0, you can get a variety of rewards, including two mounts and dozens of minions, but it is not necessarily a one-shot deal. So you also need to try multiple times.

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Easier Way

For those who don’t want to go through all the hassle but still want to get Fat Cat Minion, there is an easier way.

The first is to get it directly from Itinerant Moogle in exchange for irregular tombstones during Moogle Treasure Trove event. However, since Moogle Treasure Trove event is a limited-time event with no fixed time, you can’t predict when it will happen again. So you have to wait, and this waiting time is also very random.

The second way, and the easiest way, is to use the market board, which means you will need to spend some FFXIV Gil. For new players, the price of these minions may be a little high, but as you progress in the game, its price will get lower and lower.

For Fat Cat Minion in this guide, a new player may need 20,000 Gil, while some advanced players only need 6,000 Gil. It also depends on the difference between the data center and the server. Anyway, after you get this minion, you can put it in your inventory!

After reading this guide, do you want to possess Fat Cat Minion more? Then enter the game and find it! I wish you have a happy game in Dawntrail!


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