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News Guide

  • FFXIV: How To Quickly Level Up Blue Mage? (Level 1-80)

    Posted: Jul 31, 2023

    If you want to level up Blue Mage, you’ve probably been trying to do some quests to level up the class, but probably to little effect. Since you can’t do Roulettes, Squadrons, Deep Dungeon or PVP, even FATEs and level quests don’t seem to have much to do.

    You might think that this class seems to take a long time to level up. But when you see your FC do it all in one night, you know you’re doing it wrong.

    So, I’m going to tell you the tricks to get started quickly with a Blue Mage here. By the way, if you didn’t already know, you can unlock Blue Mage by completing the quest “Out of the Blue,” which is available after Limsa Lominsa level 50.

    How To Get XP?

    Blue Mage starts at level 1 and currently maxes out at level 80. The secret to Blue Mage is that they earn more XP fighting enemies in the open world than any other class.

    Therefore, as a Blue Mage trying to get to a certain level, you’re going to need to find more groups of monsters. You can cluster them tightly together to increase the efficiency of gaining XP.

    Blue Mage has no ranged attacks, and no special resistances or abilities. But when you kill monsters higher than your level, you get Experience Chain. This increases the amount of XP you get for killing each monster in a short amount of time. The higher Chain, the higher XP reward you get. You can see all chain information right below the experience bar.

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    When upgrading Blue Mage, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One, you’ll need to preserve your XP while you’re at rest by logging out in the city. You know you’re getting rest XP when you see the moon here. It gives an extra 50%, so it works really well.

    Second, you can wear any EXP items you may have. You can grab some outfits with FFXIV Gil, or pre-order earrings from the expansion to maximize your EXP.

    Third, claim Heat of Battle buff from your Free Companies, or use Squadron Battle Manual for an extra XP bonus.

    At last, there are also two options here when it comes to how to kill enemies. It depends on whether you want to do it alone or if you have a friend who can help. If you’re going solo, you’ll need to take all the above into consideration, get out your Chocobo Companion, and travel across Eorzea.

    Get Spells

    From level 1 to level 50, you need to focus on acquiring new spells. Focus your leveling on adds and what needs to be learned. You can learn any Blue Mage spell at any level. The premise is that you see the enemy cast the spell before they are defeated. You don’t have to be hit by it or ask the spell to be cast on you, so don’t needlessly sacrifice yourself in pursuit of magic.

    Once you have a sufficient number of spells, you can start targeting specific groups of monsters above 50. You can try looking at caves and beaches, where there are often large numbers of monsters congregating in small spaces.

    Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to upgrade your armor at least every 20 levels along the way. Especially when you have a hard time defeating mobs that are at least 1 level higher than you. However, if you can find a friend, the process becomes infinitely easier. You don’t need to worry about armor. You can go from 1 to 80 in just an hour or two.

    How To Upgrade Quickly?

    This upgrade method involves using Claim Mechanics. You need to bring a level 90 friend. But the caveat is that you must first use a skill to defeat the enemy, such as Flying Sardine. Then your friends beat them. Since you’re the first to hit them, and you don’t share EXP with the party, you’re rewarded with full EXP. Repeat this until you reach level 80.

    But whatever method you choose, reaching level 80 is just the tip of the iceberg in Blue Mage. You still have so many spells to learn, so many achievements to earn, and the whole Masked Carnivale to complete. This might make your trip to Eorzea more interesting.

  • FFXIV: How To Get More XP In Wondrous Tails? - Weekly Activity Guide

    Posted: Jul 28, 2023

    Have you heard of Wondrous Tails, the weekly activity in FFXIV, but don’t know how to get started? Or maybe you haven’t heard of it, but the generous XP rewards offered to you in Wondrous Tails are sure worth your while! In either case, I’m here to give you a quick guide to Wondrous Tails for all players.

    How To Unlock Wondrous Tails?

    First, you need to go to Idyllshire and reach level 60 in War or Magic class to unlock Wondrous Tails. Then we can receive the quest “Keeping up with the Aliapohs” from that Unctuous Adventurer.


    Then we need to talk to Khloe Aliapoh here to get your first journal. You will see 16 objectives in the key items of the log. Below level 80, these objectives will include Dungeons, Trials, and Duties at level 60 and below. Keep in mind that not everything that appears in the book is necessarily something you’ve done before.

    Beyond level 80, your books will contain objectives of level 90 and below, and each book requires a level 90 dungeon. In most cases, however, all books will be slightly different. But it’s not impossible to get a book that’s exactly like everyone else’s. I’ve been finishing books weekly with static for a few years now, and sometimes a couple of people in my company will have the same book.

    We should note that you need to complete all objectives to get Arrow, and you can apply for a sticker for it. Press it, and the sticker on the right will be randomly assigned to one square.

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    Your weekly rewards are based on the number of complete lines you get, and you always have 9 attempts. You can complete these objectives in sync with the party, or individually in smaller parties. Of course, you can also accomplish these objectives using any class you like.

    Although most objectives require you to clear an entire Dungeon, Trial, or Raid. But some objectives only require you to enter the portal, not to complete the entire task or a specific part.

    Second Chance Points

    To help you, there are two options under objective, you can take advantage of these Second Chance points. Every time you complete a mission with a player who didn’t complete it before, you get a Second Chance point. If the number of newcomers exceeds 1, you will not receive additional rewards.

    You start accumulating these once you unlock Wondrous Tails, but they can store up to 9 of them. You won’t receive more unless you spend some. We can use 1 Second Chance point to retry the objective. 

    Use this when you’ve unlocked all the objectives, or when you have a lot of points and want to retry some short objectives to complete the journal quickly. As long as there are 3 to 7 stickers already on the board, you can shuffle your stickers to 2 points. Use this strategically to give yourself a chance to line up when it looks like you might not line up.

    Personally, I usually save until I have 7 stickers. Once you get a line or all 9 stickers, return the journal to Khloe Aliapoh.


    Also, remember that every book has an expiration date. They only last two weeks before they get dusty enough for her to read, so make sure you put them in before then. Based on the number of lines you get, Khloe Aliapoh will give you a choice of prizes.

    Before you accept any rewards, please confirm the class you want to get half XP from. After this point, you won’t have a chance to choose, as they will be automatically assigned to the class in which you submitted the book. I’m sure anyone who’s played this FFXIV long enough has done it at least once.


    For rewards, in addition to FFXIV Gil and Allagan Tomestones, there is a Certificate of Commendation for Khloe’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold. If you want to know what items you can redeem with these Certificates of Commendations before you decide. You can talk to Khloe Aliapoh and visit the store menu for these Commendations.

    Finally, choose your reward, earn your XP, and repeat for the next week. Every week she resets she gives you a new book. This means that if you miss a week, you can turn in 2 books in one week. So hurry up and try it out.

  • FFXIV: Why Do We Need To Use Explorer Mode? - Two Reasons

    Posted: Jul 27, 2023

    I wanted to take a few minutes today to review what I think is an important and underused feature in Duty Finder. Not only will it help you seriously improve your screenshot, but it will also help those new to tank learn how to navigate labyrinthine dungeons.

    This important feature is “Explorer Mode” option. Here I will take you to understand this function and tell you why you should use Explorer Mode in FFXIV.

    How To Access Explorer Mode?

    If you want to access Explorer Mode, the first thing you need to do is go to your Duty Finder options and click this button there. Once you’ve done this, you can go back to this Duty Finder menu to see which dungeons currently have this feature.

    Why Use Explorer Mode?

    As of now, this feature only works for dungeons and doesn’t do much for trials or raids. But entering dungeons in this Explorer Mode will give you two distinct benefits.

    Explore The Entire Dungeons Safely

    First, you can explore the entire world without worrying about monsters hurting you. You have plenty of time to inspect around and explore what interests you. You can even do this while riding to save even more time.

    Also, Explorer Mode welcomes minions. I hate how often I get lost when using tanks. But now the secret is out. I can use this mode in some spare time to explore some of the trickier dungeon layouts. In this way, we can avoid accidental death in the official game as much as possible, and avoid unnecessary waste of FFXIV Gil.

    We can also go and see some parts of the dungeon. Because many players cannot understand the complete picture of the dungeon due to various reasons when they enter the dungeon for the first time.

    It might surprise you how many details are hidden in this Explorer Mode. So, you must not miss this guide, otherwise you will miss many details in a typical operation.

    Easy To Take Screenshots

    The second is that you can take some stunning screenshots through this Explorer Mode. You can also use it in the dungeon menu here to train dummies. You can try any attack you want. We can see what Limit Break does by clicking “Limit Break 1,” “2” or “3” button.

    Also, when you enter a Group Pose, it defaults to showing the last move you performed, even limit breaks. It will make your minions disappear and control the timing until you get the perfect shot. It can capture backgrounds where few people have pictures. There are even action shots that defy all reason, including Warrior of Light, like you’ve never seen before.

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    When you’re done, just click on that Duty Finder info here and away you go. You can run a dungeon with a pre-made party in Explorer Mode. But when you decide you want to actually start playing those Duty Roulettes, you’ve always wanted to play. Just remember to click it again.

    That’s all I know about Explorer Mode in FFXIV, and the two reasons why we use Explorer Mode. Do you use this feature? If you do, I’d like to know which dungeon is your favorite to use in Explorer Mode. Anyway, hope this guide was helpful and see you in the game!

  • FFXIV: The Complete Guide to Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon!

    Posted: Jul 24, 2023

    Haukke Manor (Hard) is an optional level 50 dungeon in FFXIV. In this dungeon, you’ll explore the haunted mansion during Lady Amandine’s absence. Let’s take a look at each of the bosses you’ll encounter in this dungeon and how to defeat them. 

    As you explore throughout Haukke Manor (Hard), you’ll find some keys. You can pick them up and use them to unlock doors later. Normally, you only need two keys to get through this dungeon. There are a few other keys that will open doors to additional Treasure Coffers.

    After entering Haukke Manor, you need to go up the stairs and turn right and start walking down the corridor. Be aware that Manor Maidservants will roam the halls of Manor and will attack you if you get too close. You need to kill all Manor Maidservants and collect keys before they drop. You then interact with the locked door to continue and repeat the process for the next two rooms.

    You’ll then turn right and continue down the corridor until you find two Gargoyles that transform. After you kill it, the door to the first boss will open.

    Manor Jester & Manor Steward

    The first bosses of Haukke Manor are Manor Jester and Manor Steward. Manor Steward is easy to beat. Manor Jester is the real boss. Every spell cast made by Manor Jester can be interrupted.

    Void Blizzard III is Manor Jester’s tank killer. They cast void Blizzard on a random player and slowly inflict the debuff. A Summoning Circle will appear on the ground. And all skeletons in this Summoning Circle will be resurrected, regardless of whether we killed before them.

    The boss will also cast Icefall, leaving a frozen puddle because will give you Ice debuff if you stand in it. After defeating the boss, you’ll need to interact with Crystal Ball in the next room to teleport to the next section of the dungeon.

    When you enter the area, you’ll stare down a vast corridor lined with glowing statues. The tank needs to sprint and attack everything that comes out of the wall. Also, sprint all the way through the area until you reach the locked door around the corner.

    You need to kill all Sentry enemies and pick up the key to open the locked door. When a Sentry enemy is below 20% of health, it becomes non-hostile. You can follow it to where the magic shield dissipates, and you’ll be able to enter the second boss’ room.


    The second boss you encounter in Haukke Manor is Ash, who can use a variety of AOE attacks. Of these, Abyssal Swing is a hack and slash tank killer, so don’t side with the tank. Abyssal Transfixion is a random single target hit that will make us Paralysis.

    The boss will then quickly cast Prime Guillotine. This summons a light blue aura on the ground. If you get hit by these, you’ll take Silence debuff and cannot make magical attacks for a few seconds. But debuffs can be restored.

    Bosses also cast Abyssal Charge. This summons blue spikes on the ground, which fire at us in a straight AOE pattern. You just need to move between the blue auras to dodge this mechanic.

    Also, the boss will turn towards the player and hit them with a Tenebrous Missile. This leaves a waving Death Scythe on the ground. If you get hit, it knocks you back and gives you a heavy debuff.

    After defeating the boss, you can enter the next area by exiting the room and interacting with Crystal Ball in the far left corner of the room. Go through the open door, down the hallway, and around the corner to the left. A group of mobs will come out of the first door on the right. You need to kill everything, then pick up any FFXIV Gil that drops. Finally, reach the entrance to the last boss’ room.


    The last boss is Halicarnassus. This boss has a lot of attack mechanisms. First off, Void Fire II is an interruptable cast that creates a small AOE around the player. Just move out of orange to dodge it. When the boss drops below 80% health, it will summon Sentry.

    Void Fire IV is the larger-scale version of Void Fire II, but this time it’s uninterruptible. Void Thunder III is a tank killer. The boss also has a straightforward AoE called Dark Mist. If you get hit by this AoE, you will get Fear debuff. This means you can’t move and use attacks for a few seconds, so make sure you dodge Dark Mist AoE in time.

    After you get the boss below 60%, two Sentry enemies will appear. Again, if you want to get their health down as quickly as possible. It’s better to focus on one before the other.

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    You can stop DPS the boss when he gets below 35% of health. Wait for Lady Amandine to respawn and take her down quickly. If you keep the boss’s DPS below 25%, the ensuing Blood Rain will instantly kill everyone but the tank and replenish the boss’ health significantly. Even the best tanks won’t be able to take on the boss alone from here.

    After Halicarnassus will cast Beguiling Mist, it will cover the entire arena in orange. When she starts casting this, make sure to run away from her and spread out. She would target someone with Void Fire IV. It was inevitable for that person. You can use Limit Break to continue knocking down bosses though.

    The above is the complete process of my challenge to Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon and defeating all bosses. Finally, I hope this guide can help you pass Haukke Manor (Hard) Dungeon smoothly, and don’t forget to pick up the rewards!

  • FFXIV Patch 6.45: How To Upgrade Your Splendorous Tool To A Brilliant Tool?

    Posted: Jul 22, 2023

    This is a crafting guide going over the next step of the Splendorous Tool questline introduced in patch 6.45. At the conclusion of this stage, your Splendorous Tool will be upgraded to a Brilliant Tool.

    The Brilliant Tools have two crystals that rotate around the tool. Whenever you move around, you can see the streaks of light left by the crystal.

    Besides how they look, here are the stats that are included on the Brilliant Tools:

    • Item Level: 630
    • Craftsmanship: 1232
    • Control: 655
    • CP: 7

    In this guide, you’ll find an overview of the upgrade process as well as the crafting macros that are used to craft the Connoisseur Collectibles. Once again, we have a splendid opportunity to put our crafters to work.

    What You’ll Need/Unlocks/Overview

    Let’s go over what we’ll need to get a Brilliant Tool:

    • Minimum Stat: 3700 Craftsmanship
    • HQ Jhinga Biryani
    • Craftsman Draught
    • Squadron Rationing Manual (Optional)
    • DoW Retainer to Farm Mats (Optional)

    First are the minimum stats needed to craft the Connoisseur Collectibles, as well as your crafting essentials.

    To unlock the next stage of the Splendorous Tool questline, we are headed to the Crystarium to speak with Grenoldt to pick up the quest “The Joy of Zoi”. The best part of these cutscenes is that they mentioned that the tools were selling like Coffee Biscuits.

    If you were around in Shadowbringers, you get this reference. If you weren’t around, this area of the Crystarium was filled with crafters, making Gillians upon Gillians off of Coffee Biscuit love quests. It was really good times before leves got nerfed.

    After the initial quest, the process of getting a Brilliant Tool is divided into two enhancement quests: A Tool of Her Own and A Tool without Compare.

    For each respective quest, you’ll need to turn in a minimum of 30 Collectibles for the tool that you’re working on. The White Script crafting mats are sold by our buddy Quinnana. Be sure to prepare enough FFXIV Gil. The new materials are going to cost 60 White Crafting Scripts.

    So, that’s really it for the overview. It’s gonna take 28,800 White Crafting Scripts to get all eight crafting tools.

    Splendorous Tool - Brilliant Tool Crafting Macro - Difficulty 4620

    Based on my stats, I was able to complete this step without using any high-quality materials. If you aren’t using a penta-melded set of gear, I do recommend using high quality crafting mats then modifying the macro to fit your stats.

    Let’s go over the 4620 difficulty macro that we’ll use to get a Brilliant Tool. While I set up the buffs for the Progress phase, just to let you know this macro is 26 steps. Because I did not use any high-quality mats. So, the Progress phase is pretty much done here after the second Groundwork.

    Now, to move on to the Quality phase, which is the majority of this macro. So, I’m going to start with an Innovation and then I’m going to use Preparatory Touch to take advantage of this last step of Waste Not.

    I have three steps of Innovation left, so I’m going to use the one-two-three quality combo of Basic Touch, Standard Touch, and then Advanced Touch. That’s going to give me five stacks of Inner Quiet. So, I am halfway to 10.

    My next step is going to be to re-up manipulation and then also re-up Innovation. And then now I am going to use Observe and then Focus Touch and then another Observe and then another Focus Touch.

    When every time I use Observe, I gain back five durability so that combo there actually saved me some durability. I have seven stacks. Now I’m going to use Innovation again and then the one-two-three quality combo to get 10 stacks of Inner Quiet.

    With 10 stacks and the last step of Innovation active, I’m going to use the job action Trained Finesse. And that’s going to take me to a point where I can set up my quality finisher.

    So, let’s head over to the Efficiency Calculations window. So, you can see the value of my quality finisher. I’m going to use Innovation, Great Strides and then as you can see, that’s more than enough to reach max Collectibility.

    After this Byregot’s Blessing, I’m going to be at max Collectibility. Now, for a Careful Synthesis and the craft is done.

    Splendorous Tool - Brilliant Tool Crafting Macro - Difficulty 5280

    For A Tool without Compare, I had to use two high quality crafting materials in order to reach max Collectibility every time.

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to craft the collectibles for this step without at least one high-quality material. I used high-quality materials for the first two items in every 5280 difficulty recipe.

    Now, let’s go over the 5280 difficulty crafting macro for the Brilliant Tools. I already have Muscle Memory active. And since I used two high-quality mats, the collectible starts at 437 Collectibility. So, I’m going to use Manipulation, Veneration and a Waste Not II.

    The Waste Not together with the Manipulation is going to help me conserve durability while I increase Progress. I have Muscle Memory active as well as Veneration and together they’re going to buff this next Groundwork.

    So, I’m going to use groundwork here and then I’m going to use Groundwork one more time, then follow that up with a Careful Synthesis. After I use the Careful Synthesis, I say this with all my crafts. I am now one job action away from completing the craft.

    Now, to increase quality starting with Innovation sense Manipulation and Waste Not II are active, these Preparatory Touches are only going to cost a five durability.

    Next, use two more Preparatory Touches. These are going to cost 10 durability because Waste Not II was active there. My goal is to get 10 stacks of Inner Quiet, so I’m going to use Innovation and the Innovation is going to buff these next two Prudent Touches.

    After these two, I have 10 stacks of Inner Quiet. Now I can do my quality finisher, I’m going to use Great Strides. I’ll go over to the Efficiency window and this is more than enough to reach max Collectibility. I’m going to use Byregot’s Blessing. Then, I will follow this up with a Careful Synthesis and I am done.

    I just gotta do this 24 more times and then I’ll have a Brilliant Tool.

  • FFXIV: How To Complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons Solo With Blue Mage?

    Posted: Jul 22, 2023

    With the level up to 80, there are now a ton of cool new spells to hunt actively, many of which are dungeon related. While you might join Blue Mage spell hunting groups, many people prefer to do this part alone with Blue Mage.

    So I’m going to introduce you to a simple guide. This guide focuses on how to complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons for a single player using relatively few spells. That’s where we’re going to start now.

    Blue Mage Spells

    Unless you’re completely new to Blue Mage, you should already have most of the spells you need. Our spell list contains all Blue Mage built Aetheric Mimicry, especially Healer Mimicry. Because it will help us improve our survivability. Because under the effect of Healer Mimicry, Pom Cure’s Cure potency can be increased to 500 points.

    Two other key spells that alone can do Mighty Guard and sustain Basic Instinct follow this. It increases your Gear Durability and damage after combining spells. We also have another Ram’s Voice and Ultravibration, which is standard for any dungeon build. Even without Ultram, it’s a powerful form of CC that can take on monsters.

    Speaking of which, another pleasant addition is Bad Breath. This reduces damage and provides additional CC while in Paralysis state when the enemy is no longer frozen. Our next spell is Missile, and there are a lot of bosses that are susceptible to it, so it’s a no-brainer for us.

    Turn to our damaging spells. We have Bertha Randall and Song of Torment, two powerful spells that allow us to deal damage to enemies while staying alive. But you also need to bring Bristle to enhance them.

    Finally, we have Goblin Punch, which is easily our top pick, as it quickly buffs our Mighty Guard. Now you may notice that we still have a lot of slots available. Although I will note, you can fill these with whatever damage or utility you have at your disposal.

    How To Complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons?

    Next, after we get into Shadowbringer’s Dungeons, you want to make sure “Undersized Party” and “Level Sync” options are turned on. Only after that can you actually enter the dungeon. 

    Once you’re in an instance, it will ensure you can always learn spells. But you need to invest some FFXIV Gil to ensure that Mighty Guard and Basic Instinct are activated. After this, you are ready.

    First, we can pull with Ram’s Voice and Ultravibration to deal with these enemies with ease. As for the next set, you have a few options, and you can wait for your Ultravibration to cool down. Or you can fight each enemy individually, and there’s not much difference in the amount of time required between the two methods.

    If you are not currently using any extra DPS spells and choose to fight. Then you can attack enemies with Ram’s Voice and Breath of Magic. When they’re immune to freezing, use Bad Breath, CC, and Pom Cure as needed, whichever you choose.

    Once you’ve defeated these enemies, you’ll see a boss. When seeing Stacking or Tank Buster while your level is below 50, as long as you are actively healing and don’t Greed, then you won’t die. This means it’s just a war of attrition, and as long as your DoT stays active, the boss will eventually die.

    Then you can focus on DPS, whether it’s spamming Goblin Punch, or using any other destructive abilities at your disposal. This is how every dungeon develops. The biggest difference is the difficulty of the bosses. Some bosses will have more difficult mechanics and others will have easier mechanics, depending on the situation.

    Final Thoughts

    That’s everything you need to know to complete Shadowbringer’s Dungeons solo. This guide assumes you have a minimum of spells. Because the more spells, the easier the challenge.

    The hardest part of actually doing this is really just understanding the mechanics of a particular fight. Anyway, hopefully this guide will help you finish Shadowbringer’s Dungeons faster. Good luck.

  • FFXIV: Prediction Of Possible Jobs In Patch 7.0!

    Posted: Jul 20, 2023

    FFXIV Fan Festival is coming soon. During this Fan Festival, we can see a new trailer for FFXIV 7.0. We can also learn about the new expansion pack name and some new classes that will be released soon.

    So here I want to share my predictions for Jobs in FFXIV 7.0 and what might happen in the next class. Of course, this is just my opinion, but I think it’s interesting, anyway.

    Melee DPS

    On July 19, 2016, FFXIV released patch 3.35, releasing its first deep dungeon: Palace of the Dead. Its story revolves around Nybeth Obdilord, who is said to be from another game, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

    Nybeth is a man who serves this Kingdom of Galgastan. He ended up going to an ancient dungeon on the island of Exeter, Palace of the Dead. We know this as the prime location for studying Necromancy.

    You can fight him as you walk through this Palace of the Dead, and he’ll resurrect corpses to attack you. If you can somehow manage to beat Palace of the Dead floors 1 to 200 in a single player without dying once. Then, you can get “Necromancer” title. So I always thought I’d see it in class form one day.

    Although Summoner class is endowed with a chaotic state of summoning, and it is constantly changing. Obviously, if Necromancer was a class, I think we’d use staffs, like Nybeth Obdilord does.

    His gameplay can be DPS like, or close to Reaper, and doesn’t really summon your Voidsent Avatar. Or, maybe it will be a bit like Summoner Job’s current state. Or even kind of like Blue Mage, where you can use some monster spells.

    Magical Ranged DPS

    Next, in Stormblood, when you walk through Swallow’s Compass. You can see some monsters that use bells, which are a little different from normal monsters. Killing them can drop more FFXIV Gil. After Ganen’s death, Swallow’s Compass became the holy place of pilgrimage.

    I know this is just a legend, but Ganen is very important here. Because he is not only the founder of Doma but also the founder of Geomancy. That’s why you’ll see a lot of Geomancer monsters in dungeons, and even Ganen statues. When I saw this, I thought it might be a new career. But it’s also Stormblood’s Astrologian questline.

    During the aforementioned questline, you get to interact a lot with the real Geomancer Kyokuho Moribe. But before I heard about him, my impression of the class was that they used bells, like giant monsters.

    As far as gameplay goes, I’m a bit confused. Because Geomancer can manipulate two elements: Earth and Water. There is currently no mention of a third. However, Swallow’s Compass actually has 3 stones, each representing an element. So, I’m guessing that the last element might be Wind, but it’s not mentioned anywhere.

    Funny, when I think about it, the devs removed the spell, Stoneskin. Equivalent to Succor in Scholar, AOE Shield. They also removed Fluid Aura, a water spell that can knockback.

    So I’m confused because I don’t see anything that mentions Geomancer using healing. But it sounds like it could be a healer with old White Mage spells. But it gave me a support Mage vibe, kind of like Bard or Red Mage. I think if it was a healer or a DPS, I would still be happy.

    Guess For Other Jobs

    Now, the last part may not be as detailed as the first two parts. If you go to patch 5.3 challenge dungeon Heroes’ Gauntlet, you may find that other shards spawn a lot of enemies to attack you.

    This dungeon is full of various categories. Although you can see some normal ones like White Mage, Black Mage, Paladin, Monk, Dragoon, Bard, Samurai. You’ll also see some classes that we don’t have yet, like Thief, Ink Mage, Necromancer and Berserker.

    Thief is probably close to Rogue on this list, and Ink Mage is apparently like Arcanist according to people. Necromancer we already know, and Berserker is close to Warrior. So maybe Berserker and Rogue won’t be a class, but we could still be open to Necromancer, giving Blue, White and Black Mages access to staffs.

    That’s it, the above are my guesses about the categories we might see in FFXIV patch 7.0. But only predictions, as some of these categories have been in legends for a long time and cannot be accessed. Finally, I’d love to hear what you’d like to see in the new patch!

  • FFXIV: 6 Leveling Methods You Need To Know! - Preferred Worlds, Palace Of The Dead, Duty Roulette, Hunting Log And More

    Posted: Jul 19, 2023

    Here I want to share some insights I gained while leveling up in FFXIV. These tips will help you level up faster and make the most of your game time.

    Preferred Worlds

    The first thing to consider when upgrading in FFXIV is your server choice. Many servers with fewer players online offer a significant advantage to players looking to level up quickly. These are often called Preferred Worlds and give you an additional 100% XP boost.

    To select a Preferred World, you need to first create a new character until you are faced with the world selection window. An asterisk next to the server name indicates it is a Preferred World. You’ll see an icon in the upper right corner of the screen that says “The Road to 80,” which means the XP boost is active.

    Level Multiple Jobs Simultaneously

    After selecting a server, we can grade multiple jobs at the same time. Classes in FFXIV are similar to classes in other MMOs. This means that you are not stuck in one class, you can switch between them as needed. This comes in handy whenever you need or want to access the lower level areas.

    These areas don’t give you much XP for your higher-level work. But for lower-level jobs, they do. What’s more is that you can easily save gear sets so you don’t have to keep changing gear when you change jobs.

    This is a great way to level up multiple classes at once and experiment with different play styles. Because some classes are more suitable for single player games, while others are good at team content.

    Duty Roulette

    Plus, taking Duty Roulette is another great way to level up. Duty Roulette is a series of dungeon and trial quests you can complete daily for rewarding XP. This is especially useful if you are upgrading a healer or tank. Because we always need these classes in group content.

    Best of all, you can queue for Duty Roulette individually. And you’ll be matched with other players, so you don’t have to worry about not finding your party. The people who play these dungeons are friendly and chatty. So it’s also a great way to meet new people and make connections.

    Palace Of The Dead

    If dungeons are your thing, challenging Palace of the Dead is also a smart option for a quick level up. This multi-level dungeon allows players to enter alone or with a team, and successfully killing monsters in the dungeon will also drop rich FFXIV Gil. But the more progress you make, the dungeon gets progressively more difficult.

    Before entering Palace of the Dead, players must first complete a short quest called “The House That Death Built.” We can do this quest in New Gridania.

    Complete Hunting Log

    Another great way to level up is to complete Hunting Log. Because it gives you more XP, and can be done as you venture from point A to point B. They’re a great way to level up while exploring the game world.

    Hunting Log is a set of tasks you can perform at each level of scope. These tasks involve killing a certain number of monsters. After completing these tasks, it will reward you with XP and FFXIV Gil.

    Hunting Log will also be relevant to your current job. This means that each class has its own Hunting Log. Whenever you kill a specific monster of a specific class, be sure to check Hunting Log for other similar classes. Because they may also need to kill the same monsters.

    Main Scenario Quests & Job Quests

    Last but not least, don’t forget to complete your Main Scenario Quests and Job Quests. Completing Main Scenario Quests not only earns you valuable XP, it also rewards you with gear and food that boost your stats and increase your XP gain.

    Also, completing your Job Quests will grant your character new abilities. And allows you to focus on your job at level 30, transforming it into a more powerful, advanced version. So, make sure to prioritize these tasks as they will help you a lot on your leveling journey.

    After playing, please don’t forget to exit at the designated Resting Area. By logging out in one of these areas, you will begin building a rest buff. This buff increases your XP buff when you log back in.

    The longer you log out, the longer the buff lasts, but there is also a limit to the buff duration. Most cities and houses with special icons are Resting Areas. You’ll know you’re in it when you see a half-moon icon next to your XP bar. Then you can safely exit and sit back and relax.

    There are many other ways to increase XP and level up, but I’ve found these to be the most efficient. Hope this helps you.

  • FFXIV: How To Set Up Your Pasture In Island Sanctuary?

    Posted: Jul 18, 2023

    This is a guide for the FFXIV Island Sanctuary. In this installment, we will be talking about animals, aka the Pasture System. You need animals as they produce materials to be used in the workshop and that is their main purpose, aside from looking cute, of course.

    The care of the animals can be automated by the mammoths. And while it may be fun for some people to take care of them themselves, I find that it ultimately becomes a bother. So, I have all of mine automated.

    Which Animals To Get?

    Which animals should you be getting?

    There are options here. If you’re lazy and don’t feel like capturing any of the rare animals, you can stock your zoo with just normal animals that can be found anywhere on the island and still get all of the materials you will need for your Workshop.

    Once again, we will be making use of the Overseas Casuals recommendations to determine which animals we should get. For the minimum effort pasture, follow the chart below. If your pasture is not yet able to accommodate 20 animals, try to get at least one of each listed here and then work on grabbing duplicates.

    If you like collecting rares, then Overseas Casuals recommends you get the following:

    • Alkynost
    • Alligator
    • Apkaulu of Paradise
    • Beachcomb
    • Black Chocobo
    • Boar of Paradise
    • Funguar
    • Glyptodon Pup
    • Gold Back
    • Goobbue
    • Grand Buffalo
    • Griffin
    • Island Doe
    • Morbol Seedling
    • Ornery Karakul
    • Paissa
    • Tiger of Paradise
    • Twinklefleece
    • Weird Spriggan
    • Yellow Coblin

    Be aware that the Funguar, Griffin, and Paissa require you to have unlocked flying on the island. I would recommend using the previous non-rare pasture recommendations as you work on collecting the rares. Whenever you do get a rare, try to replace one of the animals that drops the same leavings so that you’re not left with a gap.

    You can find which leavings each animal drops by checking the charts in the Overseas Casuals discord. You can also check the Lalachievements website. Overseas Casuals also has more pasture recommendations. So, if none of these work for you, then check their discord.

    Honestly, my own pasture is just full of rares and nothing else. I did not follow any recommendations and I easily have all the leavings I’ve needed for my Workshop. So, just know that the recommendations are helpful, but don’t sweat it too much.

    Also Read: What Should You Do While Waiting For Queue To Pop In FFXIV? - 10 Tips

    How To Get Rares?

    Now, let’s talk about how to get rares for those that are interested in stocking their pasture with them.

    Many of them have different conditions for when they will spawn. This may include certain times they’ll spawn within Eorzea or certain weather patterns or both. The Lalachievements website shares what these are and where to find each rare.

    You can also sign up for roles in the Overseas Casuals discord. That will ping you when a specific rare is going to be spawning. This will ping before the spawn, so you have time to log in and it will, of course, tell you the coordinates of the rare spawn.

    What To Feed Your Animals?

    Finally, let’s talk about what to feed your animals. The optimal choice is to feed the animals, Island Greenfeed. Now, this will result in fewer leavings. But Overseas Casuals has found that it doesn’t really matter. Because you will still have enough of what you need for your Workshop.

    So, what makes this optimal is that you have to use a fewer of your crops to create food for your animals and then you can export any excess crops for calories.

    However, if it brings you more joy to see that sunny icon next to your animals’ names, then go ahead and feed premium Island Greenfeed. Of course, premium Island Greenfeed will definitely cost you a lot of FFXIV Gil. So, you'd better stock up some in advance. This is what I have been doing the entire time up until making this guide. Most people will find that they have crops in excess regardless of what they feed their animals, so it’s really up to you which route you’d prefer.

  • FFXIV: A Complete Guide To Lord Of Verminion Weekly Challenge Log! - Earn 27k MGP Easily

    Posted: Jul 14, 2023

    Have you been avoiding Lord of Verminion? Then you might miss out on an opportunity to earn lucrative MGP. We could easily do these Challenge Log entries every week in Lord of Verminion, and they can equate to large MGP payouts.

    Whether you want to make the most of “Make it Rain” event, or just want a new Glamor or Minion. If you don’t play Lord of Verminion, you might miss out on some Manderville Gold Saucer events that can easily earn you MGP. This is also where you can trade your Triple Triad Cards with other players to earn FFXIV Gil and clear out your inventory.

    But if you’re like me, and don’t really care about it. I still have a quick, easy, and hassle-free way to help you complete those Challenge Log entries each week. So don’t miss this guide, which covers all the tips and tricks you need to know to take on Lord of Verminion challenge to help you get through it with ease.

    How To Unlock Lord Of Verminion?

    First, we need to note that we can only use Lord of Verminion after unlocking Gold Saucer. It is located inside Chocobo Square. If you want to play the game, then you need at least 3 Minions.

    Before the match starts, you need to select Minions you want to summon using Minions hotbar in Gold Saucer window of the character menu. Once all of this is done, you can officially start the game by clicking on the table.

    Little Big Beast

    The first 3 stages are tutorials on how to play the game. But that’s not what we’re here for, we’re here to earn more FFXIV MGP. Well, you just need to go through them to unlock stage 4, Little Big Beast.

    I’m sure this is the fastest phase to complete weekly Challenge Log entries. The quickest way to complete all Challenge Log entries as quickly as possible is to take as many Malices as possible and kill the beast quickly.

    How To Kill The Beast?

    It’s a monster, so technically Wind-up Minions are the best bet against it instead. But I also know another method from some professional Lord of Verminion players. We’re also very effective against it with Baby Brachiosaur Minions, albeit at a much slower pace.

    If you want to destroy it with as many Minions as possible, you can select them all and click on it. If they get knocked back, select them again and click on him again. You need to follow them around so you can recover in time if they get knocked back. In addition, I want to remind you that you can also press this red button to use skills, because we will most likely forget due to lack of time.


    After we do it 5 times we can get at least 27k MGP, it’s that simple. You can experiment with different Minions and find out which ones do the most damage to enemies, or take down beasts more quickly. But that’s ultimately just a technicality, unless you’re willing to test the process repeatedly, because it’s not fun after all.

    In the end, I wonder how many people are actually playing this game purely for fun, not to earn MGP. How many stages have you gone through? Have you played with other players? In short, I still hope this guide can help you successfully complete Lord of Verminion.

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