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Diablo 4: What Is The Best Endgame Build For Druid Class In Season 4? - Werewolf Tornado Druid

Posted: Jun 26, 2024

When it comes to the most versatile class in Diablo 4, I think it has to be Druid, which has the option of shape-shifting melee roles besides an elemental-focused spell-casting build. This variety of options also means that it is often difficult for players to determine which is the best endgame build for Druid, not to mention the bonuses that some of the extra gear, aspects, and other items bring to the build.

Because of these factors, Druid is widely known to be one of the most hard classes to successfully upgrade to the endgame in Diablo 4. But if players complete this difficult upgrade process, they will have the best endgame build in the game.

While basically all Druid builds in Loot Reborn are viable, one definitely stands out: Werewolf Tornado Druid. Here, we will talk about everything you need to know about completing this build.

Whether you’re a fan of Hardcore or you’re happy to challenge Uber bosses in World Tier 4, this Werewolf Tornado Druid can help you do it easily. Let’s take a look!

Diablo 4: What Is The Best Endgame Build For Druid Class In Season 4? - Werewolf Tornado Druid

Pros & Cons

Werewolf Tornado is an extremely high-damage build that allows Druid to compete for the best class in Diablo 4. The goal of Werewolf Tornado is to attack quickly while still dealing a lot of damage to multiple targets. This build also allows Druid to maintain mobility and considerable stamina while dealing significant damage without sacrificing almost anything.

However, this build is not without its flaws, as it relies entirely on one Diablo 4 item. Without Tempest Roar Unique Helm, this build would not be possible. Given the rarity and unpredictability of unique item drops, the barrier to entry for starting this build is extremely high and is basically reserved for players who are already fully in endgame content.

Gear And Aspects

To complete this top-tier Druid build, choosing the right gear and aspects is absolutely essential. But as I said before, the most important item in this build is undoubtedly Tempest Roar Helm. This Unique item converts all Storm skills into Werewolf skills and significantly increases their damage when shapeshifted.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Tempest Roar Helm

The following are also the key items you need to focus on as you complete this build:

  • Helm: Tempest Roar
  • Chest: Aspect of Might
  • Hands: Stormchaser’s Aspect
  • Legs: Tibault’s Will
  • Boots: Aspect of Metamorphosis
  • Amulet: Aspect of the Changeling’s Debt
  • Ring: Aspect of the Stampede & Hunter’s Zenith
  • Weapon: Shepherd’s Aspect

While Tempest Roar makes this build possible, many of the gear and aspects listed above overshadow the relative shortcomings of Werewolf Tornado.

Especially compared to melee tanking classes like Barbarian, Druid can take significantly less damage. Therefore, picking up Aspect of Metamorphosis and Aspect of Might is particularly helpful in increasing your damage resistance and using Unstoppable status effect more often.

More importantly, this build has few weaknesses when paired with the appropriate skills and passives. While this is a very gear- and skill-dependent build, it’s a great fit for any Druid player looking to change up their play style in the late game.


Next, let’s talk about Werewolf Tornado’s skills. Note that the primary skills you keep on the action bar become your core and companion skills.

  • Tornado: Summons a whirling Tornado at the enemy.
  • Wolves: Summons two wolves that focus on attacking one enemy. They become Unstoppable and jump onto the enemy to attack, dealing 200% damage.
  • Poison Creepers: Vines emerge from the group, incapacitating nearby enemies for two seconds, and enemies infected by vines are poisoned.
  • Ravens: A swarm of Ravens swarms in, dealing 300% damage to all enemies in the target area for six seconds.
  • Storm Strike: Your weapon charges up, dealing 20% ​​more damage to the target, chaining up to three enemies. It also increases damage reduction by 15% for three seconds.
  • Debilitating Roar: The character transforms into a Werebear and roars, reducing damage taken by 70% for four seconds.

The name of the build makes it easy to tell that Tornado will be your major function and tool when fighting large groups or single targets.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Tornado

In addition, Wolves, Ravens, and Poison Creepers are all very useful. Despite only being situational summons, all three are valuable abilities, with Poison Creepers providing Crowd Control and Poison effects, Wolves dealing increased single-target damage, and Ravens providing much-needed AoE attacks.

Spirit Boons

In addition to these active abilities, there are a few Spirit Boons worth looking at as well, especially Bestial Rampage, Masochistic, Wariness, Energize, Iron Feather, and Avian Wrath are all excellent additions to this build.

Of note, since you’ll be spending most of your attacks in shapeshifted form, Bestial Rampage is definitely the most important additional passive ability for Werewolf Tornado.

Besides this, Masochistic also provides an incredible sustained ability to trade damage output for health. The core gameplay loop of this build only comes into play when paired with Tempest Roar, but after that it’s a non-issue.

Paragon Board

Paragon Board is a post-campaign leveling system designed to improve the overall play style and damage output of your character and build. Much like Passive effects or Spirit Boons, these are primarily passive benefits that provide stat bonuses or effects.

Once you’ve acquired Tempest Roar, it’s best to go through Werewolf Form Board to get abilities that synergize with your new Shapeshifting bonuses.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Werewolf Tornado Druid Paragon Board

Additionally, it’s important to prioritize Spirit-generating abilities, as you’ll be constantly using Tornade and summoning abilities to deplete your Spirit bar. While this is largely dependent on getting the right gear, it can be worth it.

That’s all for today. As Diablo 4 Season 4 draws to a close, try out Werewolf Tornado Druid to gain a foothold and make a name for yourself in the endgame!


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