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News Tag: Diablo 4 Items

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Know These 8 Things To Improve Your Combat Effectiveness

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    These 8 tips are useful, especially for newer players, but perhaps even Veterans of the game will find them valuable too.

    Before entering Diablo 4 Season 4, if you have enough Diablo 4 Items in your inventory, they will help increase your likelihood of defeating your enemies.

    Let’s jump right into it.

    1. Auto-cast Abilities

    In case you wonder: Auto casting skills do not require any macro, special mouse or external software. You can turn on auto-cast by simply using your keyboard.

    And here is how: First, go to “options”, then “controls” window.

    Assign the secondary button of a skill you want to auto-cast to one of the numeric keypad buttons. Those are the 1 to 9 buttons on the right side of your keyboard.

    Next, with the “Num Lock” function turned on, Hold the assigned numeric key and press “Num Lock” button to turn off the functionality. And there you go.

    Your character will now auto-cast the ability whenever it’s ready!

    To disable auto-casting, simply turn on “Num Lock” and press the skill button again.

    2. Seasonal Journey Rewards

    The seasonal journey rewards are account-wide, while Iron Wolf’s rewards are character-based. So when you level your first character, you may be wondering which seasonal rewards to pick up and which ones to leave for later, or perhaps for your alts.

    You certainly want to pick up all Iron Wolf’s rewards as soon as you unlock them. Each character can level and pick up their own rewards from that vendor. The level of rewards from Iron Wolf’s also seem to be tied to the level you had when you unlocked them, not when you opened the box.

    So there’s basically no point in holding back. It’s a bit more tricky when it comes to seasonal journey rewards since they are account wide. This means that if you picked a couple of seasonal chapter rewards for your first character, but let’s say then decided to switch a class, you won’t have seasonal journey rewards available on that new character.

    It’s not a big deal. Besides the potential cool Legendaries, and Uniques that could drop from rewards caches. Luckily, though, the drops are very generous in Season 4, so don’t lose sleep over that.

    3. Use Favorite Function

    The third tip I have for you: use “favorite” functionality. In case you didn’t know, you can mark aspects and items as favorite. When you mark aspect as favorite, it will show up first when you are selecting legendary power from Codex of power. This is a big quality of life thing for overtime. You will replace legendary powers Time and time again.

    And here’s how I like using this feature for aspects: When I start a new character and get an idea for a skill or build that I want to use, I go to the “collection” section on the pause menu. It’s the only place where you can actually mark aspects as favorites.

    By the way, the marking is done with a space bar on the PC. Then I go through all the available aspects and mark those that seem applicable to my build.

    It is a bit of a pre-work, but makes your life so much easier in the long run. So you don’t have to search for a specific legendary power. Every single time you want to switch an item, which is a pain in the ass. Now let’s talk about pieces of gear. You can also mark them as favorite to avoid accidentally selling good items to a vendor or stopping you from mass salvaging items at Blacksmith.

    To mark a piece of gear, hover over the item and press the button assigned to mark items as junk twice!

    The first press marks an item as junk, while the second press marks it as favorite. On PC, that’s again a “space bar”. Personally, I like marking all my current equipment as favorite to prevent losing accidentally an item while I am trying out different pieces of gear.

    4. Craft Seasonal Potions

    You can craft seasonal potions with Obols. If you haven’t used seasonal potions yet, make sure to give them a try! Holy Bolt is a particularly strong potion to use as it turns you into a permanent artillery machine.

    Obols are currency that you normally used to gamble for items. You get Obols from Helltides chests. And considering you will probably spam Helltides all the damn time, you will quickly accumulate a lot of Obols. Once you get a decent set, it’s a good time to spend some Obols on potion crafting. Beware, though, that the cost is quite high with 350 Obols per potion. But I would still suggest that you use Holy Bolts despite the high cost.

    The power gain justifies the cost as they provide a massive boost to your damage, especially when playing Minion Necromancer.

    5. Aspects’ Icons On Items

    The next tip I got for you is to pay attention to symbols on the items at Blacksmith. So you get inventory full of legendary items. How do you know easily which ones to sell and which to salvage? Go to Blacksmith and salvage the items with the white icon on them.

    This icon means that the legendary power on this piece of gear is either not unlocked in your Codex of Power, or the value of legendary power on the item is higher than the one you have unlocked in Codex of Power.

    So whichever is the case, you definitely want to salvage this item unless you want to use it. There is also another red-ish icon, which means that salvaging this item unlocks a new cosmetic look. These icons, unfortunately, were not visible so easily when opening inventory, without going to an NPC like Blacksmith or vendor.

    To see them in your inventory. Without going to NPC, you have to hover over an item and look for an icon with a text explanation at the bottom of the item description. This can be unfortunately easy to miss, especially when you have to compare function turned on.

    This way, the item description often does not fit into the screen and requires you to scroll down to see the icon. It’s kind of annoying and I hope they will change it in the future.

    6. Enchanting Affixes Preview

    You can check possible Affixes when enchanting an item. So you get a nice piece of gear but want to change one affix on it. You go to Occultist and enchant that statistic, but how do you know whether you should keep that new Affix or perhaps roll further?

    Here’s where the icon located at the top-right corner of Enchanting Window comes to the rescue. It shows the list of all possible Affixes to be rolled and also their ranges! You can actually also access this information on consoles. To do that, simply press “triangle” or “Y” button at the Enchanting window.

    7. Farm Blood Maiden

    Spam Blood Maiden in Helltides for great XP and loot! Helltides has been an awesome place to both level up and get great loot in the process. I strongly recommend you to check out this place Located in every Helltide invaded area, which has an Altar with three pillars. Pillars can be activated by inserting Baneful Hearts, which are dropped across Helltides.

    By the way, you keep Baneful Hearts after Helltide finishes while all unused Cinders are lost after the current Helltide event ends. When all three pillars are activated, waves of enemies will spawn in that location.

    And when enough demons are defeated, the boss will spawn the Blood Maiden.

    She can be a tough enemy who has three main mechanics: First, she spawns disciples who are tougher Elites mobs. You definitely want to deal with them fast so you don’t get overwhelmed later on.

    She also casts fire rings around random players. When you get one on you, move away from the boss and other players to avoid killing everyone.

    And lastly, she will create an expanding circle, dealing with quite high damage. Just simply dodge it. When defeated, Maiden will drop a lot of items with some legendries plus crafting materials. And players who contributed more Baneful Hearts to activate pillars may get more loot. So don’t be a cheap bastard.

    8. Use Profane Mindcages

    Speaking about Helltides, use Profane Minds to boost experience and cinders. Have you noticed Profane Minds in your second inventory tab?

    This item increases the level of enemies in Helltide by 10, for 60 minutes! As far as I know, ten levels above yours is the cap for bonus experience in Diablo 4, so the boost works great.

    Using Profane Minds is a great way to level up faster and get tons of cinders in the process. Don’t be too stingy with them as you will drop Profane Minds in Helltides, anyway.

    And here are a few things to consider: First, the boost lasts 60 minutes, so activate it when you are planning to have a bit longer session.

    Next, dying with Profane Mind actively disables the boost, so use it when the current Helltide enemies are not posing too much threat. And enemies level is capped to 50 in World Tier 1 and 2. So it does not make sense to activate this boost if you are in that Tier while being above level 40.

    These are my gaming experiences, I hope they are useful to you.

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Tips You Must Know To Start Running Helltide Reborn

    Posted: May 18, 2024

    As we all know, Helltide Reborn, as one of the core contents of the Diablo 4 Season 4 update, has brought us vast changes. The XP, loot, and materials brought by this Helltide Reborn events change are crucial to the advancement of each player’s game progress, and everyone needs these to successfully reach the level cap.

    Therefore, in this guide, we will talk about how Helltide Reborn event works and share some tips to help you maximize your benefits. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    Why Try Helltide?

    Whether you are currently playing in Seasonal Realm or Eternal Realm, participating in Helltide events and winning rewards is very necessary.

    Killing monsters during these events will earn you a lot of XP and allow you to obtain unique currencies to unlock treasure chests filled with loot and valuable materials. Because of this, Helltide is also the best way to level up in Season 4 Loot Reborn.

    Additionally, some of Diablo 4 Items you get from Helltide events can be used to summon bosses, which drop Uniques and Uber Uniques. You can also earn Murmuring Obols by completing events there, which allows you to gamble at Purveyor of Curiosities. Helltide is the most profitable event in the game, as long as your character can defeat high-level monsters.

    Unlocking Helltide Reborn

    Helltide Reborn event will only appear on your map after you complete or skip Diablo 4 campaign. If you’ve never played Diablo 4 before, you must first complete the prologue of the story until you reach Kyovashad city. You can then skip the campaign on the character selection screen or when creating a new character.

    You can then join Helltide, starting at level one in all World Tiers, though, Nightmare and Torment World Tiers have more monsters and Tortured Gift chests.

    How Does It Work?

    Your goal in Helltide is to collect as many Aberrant Cinders as possible to open Tortured Gift chests and get loot.

    However, Aberrant Cinders you collect are not permanent. You lose 50% of them when you die, and you lose all of them when Helltide event ends. They don’t disappear when you teleport to town, but you can’t keep them in the next Helltide.

    Note that Helltide monsters are always three levels higher than you, but never higher than level 50 in Adventurer and Veteran World Tiers.

    As you defeat them, Threat meter on the right side of the screen gradually fills up. As your threat increases, monsters will periodically ambush you. When Threat meter is full, a series of ambushes will occur, culminating in a confrontation with a particularly powerful enemy, Hellborne. Threat meter will only reset after Hellborne appears or you die.

    Spawn Time

    Helltide Reborn events periodically take over one of five areas of Diablo 4 world map for 55 minutes and fill up with high-level monsters. Then, after the event ends, there’s a short five-minute break before another event pops up in a new area.

    This means you have a limited time to acquire Aberrant Cinders and spend them on treasure chests before they disappear. If you want to know when the next Helltide is, I recommend checking Helltide event tracker ahead of time, so you know exactly when.

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    Blood Maiden

    Just like Blood Harvests in Season 2, you can use a new Helltide-specific material to summon Blood Maiden, a new boss that drops a ton of valuable loot.

    To summon Blood Maiden boss, you need to place a Baneful Heart on each pedestal in an Accursed Ritual location. You need three Baneful Hearts total, but other players can also activate pedestals. Anyone who spends the material to summon Blood Maiden will get bonus loot.

    Tortured Gift Chests, Hellborne, and Doomsayers all drop Baneful Hearts, which you can use to perform an Accursed Ritual at locations marked on the map by a white-horned demon icon, which appears orange to indicate it’s activated.

    Blood Maiden generally drops a lot of loot, but she will drop Exquisite Blood specifically for summoning Lord Zir, and has a chance to drop summoning materials for random other bosses in Torment World Tier.

    Farming Aberrant Cinders

    To maximize the benefits of each run of Hellborne, it’s essential to collect more Aberrant Cinders during the process. To achieve this goal, all you have to do is kill monsters, complete events, and interact with various objects in the environment to obtain Aberrant Cinders.

    They’re everywhere and impossible to miss, but there are a few ways you can try to get them as quickly as possible. Next, we’ll talk about the best strategies for farming Aberrant Cinders efficiently.

    To start, focus on killing large groups of monsters and elites, and completing every local and small event you come across while ignoring stragglers. Keep in mind that your farming goals are focused on densely packed parts of the map rather than open areas.

    Click on every glowing Fiend Rose, Forgotten Soul, and Helltide Ore veins you find. Don’t forget to kill the monsters marked with skulls on the map for extra rewards.

    Also, avoid fighting Blood Maiden boss at low levels so you don’t lose too many Aberrant Cinders to accidental deaths. Likewise, avoid the wandering boss in Helltide, Kixxarth, unless you can kill him quickly.

    It’s important to note that you should skip opening chests until the last 15 minutes or so to avoid out-leveling monsters and reducing your XP gains.

    Well-equipped level 100 players should prioritize speed and AoE damage, even if it means you need to switch skills in order to run Helltide.

    That’s all you need to know about running Helltide Reborn in Diablo 4 Season 4. If you want to achieve fast leveling and experience the endgame as soon as possible, then don’t miss it!

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Top Strategies For Surviving Higher Levels Of The Pit Of Artificers

    Posted: May 17, 2024

    With the Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn starts only a few days, there are many players curious about how to survive in the newly introduced Pit of Artificers. So, I wanted to make this guide to show you how you can survive in the higher Pit levels, as this will be the new endgame dungeon system.

    Max Armor

    Reaching certain breakpoints and caps in your survivability stats is essential, so let's get started with the armor. The armor in Season 4 of Diablo 4 has been completely reworked, and armor is now working pretty much like physical resistance.

    All you really need to know is that in the endgame, no matter how high level the monster is, you just need 9,230 armor. And this is also much easier now to achieve since it's very powerful if you're the Juggernaut, you can have additional Armor Affixes on your gear.

    But to play the Pit of Artificers dungeon system, it's definitely highly recommended to reach this armor cap again, 85% physical resistance. There is no more monster level scaling. You can fight in the hardest Pit level with 300 monsters, and all you need is 9,230 armor.

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    Max Resistances

    The next crucial aspect to consider is your resistances. Maxing out your resistances is imperative, aiming for at least 70% in all resistances. There are various methods to boost your resistances.

    Instead of stacking all resistances, which are less efficient, we focus on stacking a single resistance roll onto each gear piece. We aim to diversify the resistance types, typically focusing on Lightning and Fire Resistance. You can try to incorporate these resistances wherever possible, whether it's on pants, chest, gloves, or boots. Additionally, gems now provide a 45% boost on resistance.

    However, I find pants to be the optimal slot for stacking resistances, as there are usually fewer competing stats. By acquiring double resistance rolls on pants and complementing them with other resistance types like Poison, Shadow, and Cold, you can effectively max out the resistances.

    For instance, the pants have a Fire Resistance roll and a Lightning Resistance roll. With the rework, these rolls have become quite substantial, reaching up to 50 Lightning Resistance. Moreover, you can Masterwork and upgrade these rolls further.

    Furthermore, the Implicit Affixes on items have been enhanced, with amulets providing more all resistance. Additionally, there are some beneficial Paragon nodes available to further boost your resistances. Achieving a 70% resistance threshold is crucial for your survivability in the Pit.

    High HP

    Then, the third thing to pay attention to is your HP. There are numerous ways in the new patch, with the new itemization, to acquire a significant amount of hit points. For example, as a Barbarian player who focused on Thorns, you can have 155,000 health on their Barbarian. And the Masterwork Doombringer provides an additional double Life multiplier, allowing you to reach well over 300,000 Life.

    Therefore, I recommend having at least 50,000 Life, especially if you're tackling very high Pit runs. Prioritize Life on your Diablo 4 Items, particularly on defensive pieces. Additionally, as a Barbarian, you can acquire also Life on your weapons. By stacking maximum Life bonuses on various gear pieces, including weapons, you'll increase your base Life.

    It's crucial to include Life percentage nodes in the Paragon Board because they provide separate multipliers. So, if you have 10,000 base Life with your gear, and you start multiplying it with nodes providing 2%, 2%, and 4% Life respectively, it scales multiplicatively. The more Life percentage you have, the greater the value you derive from it.

    Damage Reduction

    Damage reduction has been significantly altered in Season 4. Previously, players could accumulate various types of damage reduction through armor pieces, but this has been largely removed from rare and Legendary items. Now, substantial damage reduction can mainly be acquired through unique pieces and the Paragon Board.

    Additionally, the Flawless Technique provides CLA damage reduction, and there are further reductions from bleeding enemies. By using your Marshal glyph or other glyphs in range, these damage reduction nodes multiply, making your character significantly tankier - potentially 4, 5, or 6 times as much.

    Moreover, in the endgame, you have the Harlequin Crest, which grants an extra 20% damage reduction. However, since normal damage reduction is now very limited, it's crucial to prioritize damage reduction nodes on your Paragon Boards. If you find damage reduction on your gear, it's highly valuable to Masterwork them as well. The more damage reduction you have, the better your chances of surviving the Pit.

    If you follow these guidelines and stack these 4 different stats - resistances, armor, life, and damage reduction, you can become an unkillable tank in Diablo 4 Season 4!

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: An In-Depth Guide To The New Endgame Boss In Loot Reborn

    Posted: May 09, 2024

    Diablo 4 Season 4 has undergone massive overhauls of core systems, such as the itemization system. On top of that, we’re also getting a massive addition to the endgame content, which includes some big changes to the endgame boss ladder from the developers. We will have a new boss that can be farmed to get Uber unique items, and a new boss difficulty called Tormented Echoes, which will be a level 200 Uber boss.

    Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn is packed with dozens of changes and new content, and Tormented Echoes is one of the most interesting. Because Diablo 4 players have been asking for more endgame activities, the developers have introduced this new challenge for them.

    So, below, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about this new Endgame Boss difficulty in Season 4 to help you get a head start when you get into the game.

    Boss Ladder Updates

    Before we get started, let’s talk about some of the upcoming changes in the boss ladder, with Andariel becoming part of the new endgame boss roster.

    In Season 4, she will have an enhanced moveset, which differs from the moveset you can fight in the campaign.

    Her position in the boss ladder will be similar to Duriel’s, and she will share the same loot table with him. And the materials needed to summon Andariel will drop from Beast in Ice and Lord Zir, which will make them easier to run. Boss Farming will become even more diverse thanks to these new changes.

    Tormented Echoes Explained

    Tormented Echoes are buffed-up Level 200 versions of every summonable Uber boss in Diablo 4 Season 4. Uber boss grinding has been one of the most important aspects of D4 endgame since Season 2, but players are still clamoring for something more challenging.

    That’s why the developers launched buffed-up variants of Uber boss. So players who are overpowered and find fighting regular Uber enemies boring can have a great time fighting these extremely powerful bosses and get some of the best Diablo 4 items in Season 4: Loot Reborn.

    How To Summon Tormented Echoes?

    To summon Tormented Echoes in Season 4, you’ll need Stygian Stones and all the materials needed to summon the regular variant in its usual summoning location.

    Each summon of Tormented Echoes costs three Stygian Stones. Beyond that, here’s the complete list of materials required to summon each Tormented Echoes in Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR:

    • Tormented Varsahn: 3 Stygian Stones, 5 Gurgling Heads, 5 Blackened Femurs, 5 Trembling Hands, and 5 Malignant Hearts
    • Torment Grigoire: 3 Stygian Stones and 25 Living Steel
    • Torment Zir: 3 Stygian Stones and 45 Exquisite Blood
    • Torment Beast in the Ice: 3 Stygian Stones, 45 Distilled Fear, and 250 Sigil Powder
    • Torment Duriel: 3 Stygian Stones, 10 Mucus-Slick Eggs, and 10 Shards of Agony
    • Torment Andariel: 3 Stygian stones, 10 Sandscorched Shackles, and 10 Pncushioned Dolls

    After collecting these materials, you will be able to challenge the level 200 Tormented Echo version of Uber boss of your choice.

    How To Collect Stygian Stones?

    Note that Stygian Stones are the key here, and it’s very simple to get them in Loot Reborn season. You must join Pit of Artificers and fight monsters and bosses while leveling up.

    Pit of Artificers, much like Greater Rifts in Diablo 3, is a randomized dungeon with a fixed time limit in which you must defeat a certain number of enemies, ending in a boss fight. This would be the infinite scaling content the game desperately needs, and it would allow players to truly test their character’s prowess.

    When first entering Pit, players will receive one or two Stygian Stones per run. And your goal is to collect three Stygian Stones.

    Since you can only get Stygian Stones from Pit, it’s crucial to know how to unlock it first. Players can unlock Pit by reaching World Tier 4: Torment difficulty and interacting with Artificer’s Obelisk in Scosglen Region.

    To enter Pit, players must use Runeshards. You can obtain them by completing Whisper Bounties, Nightmare Dungeons, Helltide Events, and Legion Events.


    As the developer confirmed in the official early patch notes for Diablo 4 Season 4, all items dropped from Tormented Echoes will be Item Power Level 925. What’s more, there’s a good chance you’ll stumble across some extremely powerful Uber Uniques in the game.

    Additionally, after defeating Tormented Echoes, you will receive Resplendent Sparks, which are necessary items for crafting Uber Uniques. Therefore, challenging these Endgame Bosses will also be your best way to craft some of the most powerful items and complete top-tier builds in Loot Reborn season.

    That’s everything you need to know about Season 4’s endgame boss, Tormented Echoes. The game has added so much new content in terms of content and reworks that all players are very excited for the next chapter of Diablo 4. Let us look forward to the arrival of the new season!

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Unveiling The Pit Of Artificers - A Race Against Time In The Endgame

    Posted: Apr 03, 2024

    Season 4 of Diablo 4 introduces significant changes to many core systems. These include revisions to itemization and the introduction of new crafting mechanisms. However, these system changes are not the sole additions. There is also a substantial amount of new endgame content and systems, one of which is The Pit of the Artificers.

    Exploring The Pit - How To Unlock, Boss Encounters & Rewards

    The Pit represents a crucial new focus system for endgame activities, bearing strong similarities to the Greater Rifts seen in Diablo 3.

    To unlock this system, one must first attain World Tier 4 status. Subsequently, a quest will prompt completion of a Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon. Upon accomplishing this task, the collection of Runeshards commences, achievable through various endgame activities. Accumulating enough Runeshards enables access to The Pit. Each entry into The Pit necessitates expenditure of Runeshards, though given their availability from multiple endgame sources, acquiring them should pose little challenge.

    Once prepared, players venture to a new Obelisk to initiate their inaugural Pit run, initially restricted to floor one. Within The Pit, participants encounter randomized environments and foes, all against the backdrop of a ticking 10-minute timer. Dispatching enemies fills a progress bar, culminating in the spawning of a boss portal. Entering this portal transports players to a boss room, marking the culmination of their Pit journey.

    Based on our observations, the boss rooms within The Pit appear to feature dungeon bosses as adversaries. However, there are intriguing new elements introduced. While engaging The Pit boss, and potentially even en route to confronting it, spectral manifestations of other bosses emerge, unleashing attacks during the encounter. For instance, while contending with The Pit boss, a shade resembling Lilith might manifest, unleashing waves of dread that require evasion. Alternatively, a shade akin to Duriel may materialize, charging to pin players against walls. This infusion of diverse challenges enhances the complexity of each Pit boss encounter. Furthermore, as players ascend The Pit's levels, these boss shades manifest with increasing frequency. Thus, even encounters with seemingly mundane bosses necessitate adapting to mechanics reminiscent of other formidable adversaries, heightening the intrigue of these encounters.

    Upon vanquishing a boss, players receive a plethora of loot drops. Depending on the swiftness with which they complete the Pit level, additional rewards are also granted. Notably, defeating the boss before the timer expires awards Masterworking materials and unlocks the subsequent Pit tier. The Masterworking system comprises 3 tiers, with higher tiers obtainable as players progress through The Pit levels. These materials are integral to advancing within the Masterworking system, establishing The Pit as a primary source for acquiring them.

    Should players dispatch the boss within 4 to 6 minutes, an extra Pit tier is unlocked. Similarly, eliminating the boss with 6 or more minutes remaining grants access to 2 additional tiers. Hence, completing a Pit level swiftly enables unlocking multiple tiers simultaneously. However, failing to defeat the boss within the time limit does not result in expulsion from The Pit. Players can continue and ultimately confront the end-level boss, albeit without unlocking subsequent Pit tiers or obtaining Masterworking materials. Nonetheless, they still secure gear drops from the boss and accrue Stygian Stones.

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    Introduction Of Stygian Stones

    Stygian Stones, introduced in Season 4, serve as a new material for summoning Uber bosses.

    These stones enable players to summon level 200 versions of existing endgame bosses such as Duriel or Lord Zir. These supercharged bosses offer heightened difficulty and yield significantly increased loot rewards, providing an additional late-game challenge. Obtaining Stygian Stones is tied to completing The Pit and defeating its boss, even if done after the timer expires.

    Penalties & Mechanics In The Pit

    In contrast to Season 2's Abattoir of Zir, dying in The Pit does not result in expulsion. Instead, players incur a time penalty with each death, escalating with subsequent deaths.

    For instance, the first death deducts 30 seconds, the second deducts 60 seconds, and so forth. Therefore, minimizing deaths and completing Pit runs swiftly is essential for unlocking higher tiers and acquiring master materials. Losing valuable time, such as 60 seconds from a 10-minute run, carries significant consequences.

    Tiering & Gameplay Dynamics

    An integral aspect of the system is its extensive tiering, with each subsequent floor presenting greater difficulty.

    Consequently, The Pit serves as a venue for testing builds while yielding substantial loot rewards. Due to its scalable and challenging nature, coupled with its timed structure, loot is not obtained from defeating enemies.

    Instead, all loot is acquired upon defeating the boss and opening the chest if the timer is beaten. This feature enhances gameplay by eliminating interruptions for Diablo 4 Items collection, allowing players to solely focus on combat.

    Group Participation In The Pit

    Additionally, players will have the option to participate in The Pit with others, albeit with certain conditions that I believe should also apply to endgame bosses.

    Primarily, the individual who initiates The Pit will receive the bulk of the materials, particularly Masterworking materials, described as the lion's share. Consequently, while other participants may still obtain a small portion of materials, the opener retains the majority. Furthermore, the opener is the sole recipient eligible to acquire Stygian Stones, essential for summoning Uber bosses.

    It's worth noting that in group settings, such as playing with friends, Stygian Stones will be utilized to summon Uber bosses. As of now, there are no penalties for engaging in endgame boss battles with others, offering an advantage.

    Moreover, one participant can utilize their materials to summon a boss, ensuring equitable loot distribution among all participants. This decision likely addresses concerns regarding potential material inflation if every member of a group were to acquire Stygian Stones in The Pit. Thus, it appears logical to impose limitations within The Pit.

  • Diablo 4 Season 3: How To Climb The Ranks In The Gauntlet? - 5 Key Tips

    Posted: Mar 11, 2024

    In Diablo 4 Season 3 of the Construct, players can experience the Gauntlet: a dynamic and strategic dungeon challenge designed for speed and cunning. With leaderboards spanning all game modes and various group dynamics, each class competes against itself to claim a coveted spot in the Top 10 ranks, earning a permanent place in the Hall of the Ancients.

    Here, I offer a brief overview of what to expect in the Gauntlet, along with a detailed exploration of the intricate mechanics crucial for climbing the ranks, aiming for the prestigious Top 1,000 and, ideally, breaking into the Top 10.

    However, the Gauntlet offers more than just recognition. Participants can anticipate cash rewards akin to those found in Nightmare Dungeons. Additionally, your performance each week determines the rewards you'll receive, such as different types of Diablo 4 Items, etc., culminating in the prestigious Seal of the Worthy for top achievers.

    What Are Seals?

    Let's delve into the process of advancing through the Seals, offering insight into the rewards that await you.

    Advancing through the Seals is contingent upon achieving scores across various tiers. These Seals can be proudly displayed on your player-character banner, signaling your prowess in the Trials. Simply for attempting the Gauntlet, you'll earn the Seal of the Blooded. Mastering the fundamentals of the Gauntlet and its mechanics earns you the Seal of the Steadfast, indicating rapid progression through the ranks.

    Players who attain high scores will be honored with the Seal of the Iron-Willed, one step closer to proving themselves as the pinnacle. Finally, there's the Seal of the Worthy. Reaching this pinnacle ensures you receive all rewards from preceding Seals, maximizing the power and quality of gear obtained from caches each week.

    For dedicated players who excel in their class and build, there's an even loftier goal: securing a place within the Top 1,000 scores globally.

    Top 5 Tips For Achieving Leaderboard Success

    While individuals with a basic grasp of their build and the Gauntlet's mechanics can ascend to the highest Seal, achieving a ranking within the Top 1,000, and potentially cracking the Top 10, requires a deeper understanding to maximize your overall score.

    Therefore, I'll provide five tips aimed at elevating your performance to reach the upper tiers of the leaderboard, offering you a genuine opportunity to compete amongst the elite.

    Tip 1: Grasp The Essence Of The Gauntlet

    Tip #1 revolves around understanding the Gauntlet itself, your primary adversary in this endeavor.

    Upon repeated runs of the Gauntlet, you'll discern its fixed layout. This intentional design fosters fair competition and favors those with a speedrunning mindset, enabling them to strategize effectively.

    Examining the map, several critical aspects merit attention. Foremost among them are the bosses, consistently spawning in predetermined locations or tiles. These bosses yield substantial scores, especially when encountered alongside score-multiplying Pillars, a point we'll explore shortly. Each boss always drops specific Shrines, such as Blast Wave, Channeling, and Artillery, offering potent enhancements for bolstering damage and efficiency within a build.

    At the very least, these Shrines significantly augment Movement Speed, potentially pushing you to the Movement Speed cap—an aspect we'll delve into later.

    In between boss encounters, you'll confront various combinations of trash monsters, Elite monsters, and key-bearing monsters, all of which yield valuable score increments. Ensuring thorough elimination of these monster packs prevents wasted time traversing unproductive terrain.

    Tip 2: Strategize Your Approach To Pillars

    Simply defeating these bosses once won't significantly boost your maximum score. This leads us to Tip #2: strategize your approach to Pillars.

    In the Gauntlet, there are 2 distinct Shrines known as Pillars. One resurrects all previously defeated monsters, while the other provides a substantial multiplier to your total score. With each chest opened or monster slain, the multiplier increases.

    These Pillars are consistently located in specific areas of the map. Planning how many monsters to defeat before activating the resurrection Pillar, and efficiently navigating between monster packs to maximize your time under the score-multiplying Pillar, is crucial for edging ahead of your competition.

    Tip 3: Prioritize Vital Stats

    Tip #3 emphasizes prioritizing stats that may not have been a focus during your time playing Diablo IV Season 3.

    There are 3 crucial stats that should be maximized on every piece of gear whenever possible: Movement Speed, Increased Attack Speed, and Shrine Buff Duration.

    Starting with Movement Speed, it's straightforward—there's a cap of 200%. Every character begins at a base of 100%, with potential movement speed affixes on amulets and boots. Additional affixes such as "After killing an Elite, gain additional Movement Speed" can further augment your mobility. While reaching the maximum cap isn't necessary, the inclusion of Shrines' Movement Speed bonuses and those gained after killing Elites allows for strategic Shrine activation and ensures constant movement at maximum speed.

    Increased Attack Speed is the next vital stat. Many players are unaware that Diablo IV's animations operate on breakpoints, meaning specific thresholds of Increased Attack Speed enable faster damage output and enhanced movement speed. Simply relying on skill spamming until enemies are vanquished won't suffice. Instead, weaving in movement inputs between skill casts ensures continuous movement, optimizing combat efficiency.

    The final crucial stat is Shrine Buff Duration, which can be found on both boots and amulets. This not only extends the duration of beneficial Shrines dropped by bosses and crucial Movement Speed boosts but also prolongs the multiplier effect of Pillars on your total score.

    Maximizing these stats across gear pieces enables efficient cycling between boss and Elite packs, ensuring maximum score accumulation at all times.

    Tip 4: Find Ways To Automate Your Gauntlet Build

    Tip #4 for the Gauntlet involves implementing automation into different components of your build, allowing it to handle the majority of tasks efficiently.

    Here is an example: the synergy between Black River and Sacrilegious Ring for the Necromancer. The Sacrilegious Ring autonomously triggers Corpse Explosion every second when placed on the skill bar, while Black River enables casting five Corpse Explosions for the price of one, contingent upon sufficient Corpses on the ground. This setup allows for effortless dispatching of monsters as you move through the Gauntlet. While my expertise lies with the Necromancer, every class offers avenues for incorporating automation, ensuring continuous movement while monsters are efficiently eliminated behind you.

    It's important to note that you don't need to manually collect the score—it automatically accrues to you, even from a considerable distance.

    Tip 5: Optimize!

    And Tip #5 may appear obvious at first glance, but it's crucial to emphasize: optimize, optimize, optimize.

    Unlike the Abattoir of Zir, where survivability and stacking multipliers are paramount, the Gauntlet presents a different challenge. Its monsters are only Level 124, akin to those found in a Nightmare Dungeon set at Level 70. Consequently, there may be areas in your build where you've overly prioritized damage or multipliers that could be reallocated to utility, as discussed in the preceding tips. For instance, you might regain Movement Speed by replacing a damage-focused aspect on your amulet with a mobility one.

    Even a seemingly minor adjustment, such as switching from a slower-based weapon to a faster one—like transitioning from a Scythe with 0.90 Attacks per Second to a Wand with 1.2 Attacks per Second—can yield significant benefits. It's essential to remember that overkilling a monster doesn't increase your score. Instead, delivering the minimum required damage at the fastest rate possible is what propels your build to the top of the charts.


    Every week, the Gauntlet presents a fresh challenge, requiring a new round of theory-crafting, strategizing, and route planning. Depending on the Gauntlet's composition, the emphasis on slaying bosses versus tackling Elites may vary significantly.

    It wouldn't be surprising to find myself swapping out one or two gear pieces each week, experimenting with different optimization strategies for my build. In just the initial hours of the Gauntlet's release, we've witnessed remarkable shifts in high scores, particularly among Necromancer players, soaring from 300,000 to nearly 700,000. This demonstrates the community's dedication to pushing the meta and redefining what constitutes the ideal build for this challenging content.

  • Diablo 4 Season 3: Everything You Need To Know About Uber Malphas - How To Summon & Loot Table

    Posted: Feb 01, 2024

    While Diablo 4 Season 3 has sparked a division within the community due to its emphasis on traps and hazards, there's no denying the game's steady improvement over time, marked by the introduction of numerous endgame activities. These include the new Arcane Tremor world events, Vault dungeons, and an enjoyable seasonal questline.

    The central antagonist for this season goes by the name Malphas, whose boss battle awaits not only at the culmination of the seasonal questline but also in the endgame, featuring a modified Uber version.

    In this guide, we will comprehensively discuss the summoning process, location for the Diablo 4 Season 3 Uber Malphas boss fight, and provide a complete list of known Diablo 4 Items obtainable by defeating him.

    The Whereabouts Of Uber Malphas & The Conditions For Summoning

    To summon and confront Uber Malphas, you'll need to journey to his domain, the Vault of the Loom, situated in the central northern part of the main hub for Diablo 4 Season 3 - Gatehall.

    Upon entering the Vault of the Loom, you'll encounter a locked door and an altar. Accessing Uber Malphas' dungeon involves the use of 2 distinct resources:

    • 7x Igneous Core
    • 250x Shattered Stone

    Shattered Stones are readily available and can be farmed in Diablo 4 Season 3, dropping from any of the new construct enemies and elites found in the Vault dungeons or Arcane Tremor events. You can also acquire them by picking up a Governing or Tuning Stone that is already at its maximum level.

    Related: Can These 5 Upcoming Key Changes Lead Diablo 4 Season 4 To Success?

    Obtaining Igneous Cores is a bit more challenging. The primary method is by defeating the Heralds of Malphas elites, summonable at different Braziers during the Arcane Tremor events.

    The second method involves defeating the Son of Malphas elite, which, much like the Butcher, can randomly appear in any of the Vault dungeons and sometimes near the Arcane Tremor events in the open world.

    Upon opening the door in the Vault of the Loom, you must clear four smaller versions of Vault dungeons before facing Uber Malphas at the culmination.

    What Can You Gain After Defeating Uber Malphas?

    Uber Malphas sets himself apart from other endgame bosses by lacking a dedicated pool of Unique items for drops.

    He has the potential to drop Rares, Legendaries, and random Uniques, similar to any other monster in World Tier 4, with a slight chance of them reaching Item Power 925. The primary incentive to farm Uber Malphas lies in the Unique Tuning Stones exclusive to him.

    Genesis and Evernight, the game's most potent Tuning Stones, can significantly enhance your Seneschal Construct. Blizzard has disclosed the drop rates for these Unique Tuning Stones:

    • Uber Malphas: 0.5% chance to drop.
    • Wardwoven Chests After the Boss: 3% chance to drop.

    This encapsulates all the crucial information regarding locating, defeating Uber Malphas, and delves into his specific loot table. The Unique Tuning Stones he can yield are exceptionally potent, making it advisable to farm him if you aim to compete in the forthcoming Gauntlet leaderboards.

    At the same time, no matter what kind of bosses or monsters you challenge, you'd better use Diablo 4 Gold to equip your character to easily cope with various challenges!

  • Diablo 4 Season 3: Lunar Awakening Event Is Coming Soon! - All The Details You Need To Know

    Posted: Jan 31, 2024

    Diablo 4 developers have just announced details of Lunar Awakening Event. This limited-time event will commemorate Chinese Lunar New Year and allow players to use Lunar Shrines to earn special rewards.

    From February 6th at 10 a.m. to February 20th at 10 a.m. PST, players in Seasonal and Eternal Realms can enjoy the splendor and joy of Lunar Awakening Event. This limited-time event brings about a mysterious phenomenon that imbues shrines with great and prosperous power.

    Explore Lunar Shrines

    Embark on a journey through all areas and activities of Sanctuary to identify and activate Lunar Shrines. When active, these Shrines will give you a 50% multiplier XP bonus and a 30% movement speed increase. Immerse yourself in tons of buffs while earning generous Diablo 4 Gold.

    Lunar Night Market

    Head to Ked Bardu and head to the north of town to meet the leader of Lunar Night Market, Ying-Yue. This bustling market is your central hub for Lunar Awakening. Here you can exchange your hard-earned Ancestor’s Favor reputation for luxurious Diablo 4 item rewards.

    Lunar Shrines

    Lunar Shrines can be found throughout Sanctuary, appearing in Dungeons and Overworld. Players can accumulate Ancestor’s Favor reputation by participating in battles, activating Lunar Shrines, and killing monsters. The unique appearance of these Shrines is decorated with dragons and unique map icons, making them easy to spot from a distance.

    Sigils & Glyph XP

    During Lunar Awakening event, Nightmare Dungeon Sigils may come with Ancestor’s Favor dungeon affix. You need to make sure that only Lunar Shrines will spawn in this dungeon.

    Upon completion, you’ll also receive a 10% Glyph XP bonus. Keep these Sigils even after the event ends to continue receiving the benefits of Lunar Shrines.

    Augmented Lunar Shrine Effects

    Lunar Shrine is full of mysterious and huge power, and people believe it is the return of the souls of their ancestors. They function similarly to regular Shrines but provide an extra punch during this holiday event.

    Each type of Lunar Shrine provides unique bonus effects, the effects of each Lunar Shrine are listed below.

    • Artillery Shrine: The caster has the chance to summon a holy bomb.
    • Blast Wave Shrine: Each explosion summons a cluster bombardment.
    • Channeling Shrine: Has a chance to increase attack speed and reset cooldown.
    • Conduit Shrine: Summons frequent, powerful, shocking attacks.
    • Greed Shrine: Has a chance to summon Treasure Goblin. Treasure Goblin can be summoned after 25 kills while Shrine is active, or 50 kills per second.
    • Lethal Shrine: Has a chance to immediately execute the hit monster, causing Fear to surrounding monsters. This includes elites, but excludes bosses and other players.
    • Protection Shrine: You reflect all damage taken. Damage reflection scaling is related to Level and World Tier.

    Whisper Bounty Event

    Take part in Lunar Awakening-themed Whisper bounties throughout the event to gain Ancestor’s Favor reputation and appease Tree of Whispers. Take advantage of specific gameplay augmentation provided by activated Lunar Shrine.


    Earning 10 levels of Ancestor’s Favor reputation unlocks 6 different Lunar-themed cosmetic rewards. Tejal’s store also offers Lunar Awakening-themed garments. You can dress your wanderer in an outfit appropriate for this joyous occasion!

    Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening Event promises to celebrate strength and prosperity. Go on an adventure and activate Lunar Shrine to unlock unique rewards and immerse yourself in the magic of this limited-time event!

  • Diablo 4 Season 3: How To Maximize Rewards When Running Vaults? - 3 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid

    Posted: Jan 29, 2024

    In Diablo 4 Season 3, a new dungeon called Vaults has been introduced, providing players with the opportunity to battle monsters while navigating through traps. Upon reaching the end of the dungeon, players can reap substantial rewards, including Diablo 4 Gold, items, and multiple chests containing Legendaries and Uniques.

    This guide aims to highlight 3 crucial mistakes I encountered at the beginning of Season 3 and share strategies to consistently maximize rewards when running Vaults.

    Vault Rewards

    The most important thing first, why should I run this new dungeon Vault?

    We can get up to all 3 rewards at the same time by running 1 Vault, 5 Grim Favors, Glyph XP and tons of Legendary Drops including Uniques.

    By completing the designated Vault housing the whisper quest, players receive 5 Grim Favors. Opting for the nightmare version of the same Vault, identifiable through matching the name from the sigil, grants Glyph XP. Successfully evading trap damage allows players to unlock up to 4 chests at the Vault's conclusion, yielding 6-10 Legendary drops, with notably high probabilities of obtaining Unique drops.

    But it is not easy to get all of them.

    1. Stuck On Seasonal Questline

    My initial misstep, or more accurately, an oversight by Blizzard, was the inability to access Vaults altogether.

    Due to a bug in the Seasonal Questline, I find myself stuck and unable to interact with the Brazier, hindering any further progression in the Seasonal Questline. Initially, I hoped that acquiring Diablo 4 Items from the Seasonal Content would resolve the issue, but unfortunately, it appears to be a persistent and problematic bug.

    After searching a bit, I fixed it by going back to the Character Selection menu, then the Options menu, Connect, Toggle the Disable Cross-Network Play, and going through the experience twice. Then, I can progress the Seasonal Questline and finally unlock the Vault access. Try this if you get stuck, too.

    2. Pearls To Use

    The second mistake to avoid is to use too many Pearls for the Zoltun’s Warding Buff, which is used to unlock the extra chests. Because there aren’t that many chests at the end of the dungeon.

    The Pearls can be farmed by doing these seasonal content on the map. And each pearl can be transformed into 3 Zoltun’s Warding Buff stacks. I was once wearing 25 stacks of the buff. But there was only 1 extra chest requiring only 1 stack. What a disappointment and waste.

    So I made this chart after running a few Vault runs. For example, if I run a Nightmare Vault in World Tier 3, I recommend using no more than 3 Pearls, which is 9 stacks to get the final 2 chests that requires 5 stacks, meaning that we can get hit by trap at most 4 times.

    The good news is that getting hit by monsters would not reduce the stacks, just getting hit by traps will. But in general, getting hit by trap only 4 times throughout the whole Vault seems difficult. How do we achieve that?

    3. Safe Spots In The Final Fight

    This comes to my final tip on the safe spots in the final fight.

    There are 2 parts of the Vault. The first part is where we go through some monster fights, then a trap location, then some monster fights with some traps.

    To avoid trap damage as a Sorcerer, I recommend waiting a bit and using Teleport to skip the traps while keeping an eye on the ground for small traps.

    The second part is where we need to fight monsters while avoiding a lot of traps together, before getting the chests that are usually the part I lose all my buff stacks.

    After running a few Vaults, I noticed that there are usually 5 safe spots, 1 in the center and 4 on the side. We can teleport between the 5 spots to stay out of the trap attack range completely.

    So, instead of fighting the monsters in the whole area, we fight them among these 5 spots and then rotate between them through Teleport. Dying is OK too as it doesn’t reduce the buff stacks at all.

    I recommend to use 8 Pearls, as 24 stacks, for the World Tier 4 Nightmare Vault as to harvest all 4 chests as long as we take less than 9 hits from traps in the dungeon progression and the final fight.

    Once we get more proficient in trap escaping, we can use just 7 or even 6 Pearls instead.

    Final Thoughts

    The Vault mechanics isn’t superb at its current state. The rewards are decent, but it is just too difficult to get everything.

    In my opinion, Blizzard should triple the buff stacks from Pearls, like 1 Pearl equals to 9 stacks, in order to make it a slightly more enjoyable content for us players

    Right now, running Vaults in Diablo 4 Season 3 feels like just getting punishment and too risky to get enough rewards.

  • Diablo 4 Season 3: What You Need To Know About Pearls Of Warding? - Functionality & How To Get

    Posted: Jan 26, 2024

    Diablo 4 Season 3, which is titled Season of the Construct, has been ushered in Diablo 4, bringing along a plethora of new game mechanics to explore. The standout features of this season include the introduction of the Seneschal Companion follower and engaging endgame activities like Vaults, Arcane Tremors, and the unique Malphas boss encounter.

    A key element in interacting with the season's mechanics revolves around a new resource known as 'Pearls of Warding.' To fully immerse yourself in the new in-game activities, it becomes imperative to comprehend the purpose of these Pearls and where you can gather more of them. This article aims to do just that—clarify the functionality of 'Pearls of Warding' and provide insights into how you can amass them in Diablo 4 Season 3.

    What Do Pearls Of Warding Signify In Diablo 4 Season 3?

    Pearls of Warding will serve as the primary resource in Diablo 4's Season of the Construct. These Pearls play a pivotal role in the new season's mechanics, serving 2 distinct purposes:

    1. Zoltun's Warding

    Utilize Pearls of Warding at the statues of Zoltun Kulle located at the outset of the new Vault dungeons.

    Exchanging 1 Pearl of Warding grants you 3 stacks of Zoltun's Warding, a novel buff introduced in Season 3. Each instance of encountering traps or hazards within the Vaults results in the depletion of one stack of the buff. Therefore, if you have enough Diablo 4 Gold, you can equip your character in advance.

    However, upon successfully completing the dungeon, you'll have the opportunity to open several chests based on the remaining stacks.

    2. Uber Malphas

    The second application of Pearls of Warding involves summoning Uber Malphas, the new primary boss for the season.

    Uber Malphas becomes the exclusive means by which you can acquire the powerful Genesis and Evernight Unique Tuning Stones, offering the most potent abilities for your Seneschal Companion.

    2 Ways To Help You Get Additional Pearls Of Warding

    Here are the two approaches we've identified for acquiring Pearls of Warding in Season of the Construct:

    1. Arcane Tremor Braziers

    To obtain more Pearls of Warding, the initial method involves traveling to a zone influenced by Arcane Tremors and interacting with one of the Braziers on the map. As is typical with all seasonal mechanics in Diablo 4, zones affected by Arcane Tremors will be denoted on the world map by a green leaf.

    Upon locating a Brazier, you can summon a Herald of Malphas mini-boss by expending 3 Elemental Cores and 50 Shattered Stones.

    Activating the Brazier initiates a battle against waves of enemies, concluding with the Herald of Malphas mini-boss. If you find it difficult to defeat them, you may wish to check out IGGM's Diablo 4 Boosting services. There will be professional players there to help you solve any problems you have!

    This mini-boss drops Governing or Tuning Stones and Pearls of Warding.

    2. Vault Dungeon Chests

    The second method to acquire additional Pearls of Warding is by engaging in the new Vault dungeons introduced in Season of the Construct.

    These dungeons are replete with various traps and hazards, constituting a primary activity in Season 3. Access the Vaults through zones influenced by Arcane Tremors, Vault Sigils dropping in World Tier 3, or directly from your home base in Gatehall.

    Upon completing the Vault dungeon, a chest awaits you, offering gold, Diablo 4 Items, and Pearls of Warding.

    Notably, you can bypass the Zoltun's Warding/Trap mechanics entirely and head straight to the end of the dungeon to collect your Pearls from the standard chest.

    This thorough guide provides you with insights into Pearls of Warding and their sources in Diablo 4 Season 3. Utilize this knowledge to boost your Pearl count, improving your odds of unlocking multiple chests after Vault runs or engaging in the new Uber Malphas boss fight.

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