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Diablo 4: Find A Endgame Build That’s Right For You In Season 5!

Posted: Jul 03, 2024

Posted: Jul 03, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Diablo 4 Season 5 is just around the corner, and players are now exploring new limits and mastering the endgame in PTR to take on the tough challenges that Sanctuary has to offer. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you know that the true strength of a class lies in its endgame build.

Whether you’re exploring Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeons or Pit of Artificers, or even facing off against other endgame events, the right build can be the difference between victory and defeat.

This guide will introduce some of the endgame builds you can choose from, so you can explore more easily after you choose your build, and even face some previously tough bosses, which will become a piece of cake!

Diablo 4: Find A Endgame Build That’s Right For You In Season 5!

Bone Spear Necromancer

Bone Spear Necromancer is a great endgame build for players who want to be a ranged powerhouse. You get a very fast attack speed, critical hits, and limitless essence, allowing you to deal with some deadly damage from a safe distance.

Bone Spear Necromancer’s active abilities are:

  • Bone Spear: A basic damage skill that allows you to attack with your main spear and its curved part. Poison is important when fighting bosses
  • Decrepify: Combined with Lucky Hit Chance, it reduces the cooldown and keeps you safe during random stuns
  • Blood Mist: Allows you to reposition while remaining invincible in hard battles
  • Bone Storm: Shield Assault increases damage reduction, critical hit chance, and survivability

If you use a Book of Dead, you will choose between Skirmishers and Defenders depending on your critical hit chances and resistance requirements. Bone Spear build allows you to keep a safe distance while attacking with Bone Spear.

In addition, you can use Blood Mist to reposition yourself, which is especially useful when you are in a sticky situation, so you can escape and prevent enemies from attacking you again.

Rapid Fire Rogue

Rapid Fire Rogue is very versatile and can provide you with high single target damage. If you equip it with the right Diablo 4 Items, you can deal with enemies that are grouped together. It can also position yourself very cleverly and eventually become a deadly sniper.

Rapid Fire Rogue’s active skills are:

  • Rapid Fire: A damage skill that can fire multiple targets in a straight line
  • Heartseeker: Can be used to keep combos and well-placed units away from enemies
  • Shadow Step: A tool to escape solid objects surrounded by large animals
  • Caltrop: Reduces enemy movement and increases damage

In this build, you need to manage your resources effectively, so that you can ensure that you can continuously output high damage and accumulate combo points to help you increase your burst damage. In the end, you may get a lot of extra arrows to maximize your damage!

Ball Lightning Sorcerer

Of all the endgame builds, Ball Lightning Sorcerer has the biggest visual impact. Not only does it look great, it also provides single-target damage and AOE coverage. Although unlike the previous two builds, you need to be in melee range, but once you get the hang of it, this build may give you a big surprise.

Diablo 4 Ball Lightning Sorcerer

Ball Lightning Sorcerer’s active skills are:

  • Ball Lightning: This is a powerful damage ability that activates and damages other locations
  • Unstable Current: Increased damage against stable enemies
  • Teleport: Gives mobility, helps with crowd control, and stuns enemies
  • Ice Blades: Reduces cooldowns and grants more effective cold stacks

When using Ball Lightning Sorcerer, you can also choose to use Ice Blade Enchantment and Fire Bolt Enchantment to add icing on the cake to this build. They can reduce cooldowns and increase burn-related bonuses, respectively.

Here, continue to use Ball Lightning to maximize the overall damage, and you can also pick up some Crackling Energy to maintain your mana. In addition, Teleport can easily get you out of trouble.

Double Swing Barbarian

Double Swing Barbarian is a melee build that enables you to swiftly maneuver in combat in endgame builds, while also possessing exceptional single target damage and area damage. This guerrilla style of warfare is very suitable for endgame adventures.

Double Swing Barbarian’s active skills are:

  • Bash: This skill generates rage and advances the skill tree
  • Double Swing: Basic ability that summons rage and spawns a Dust Demon
  • Rallying Cry: Increased movement speed, becomes unstoppable, boosts and rage
  • Charge: Provides a source of mobility, stupor, insanity and uncontrollability

One-handed Sword is great for improving your resource management, and one-handed Mace is great for dealing with large damage multipliers to stunned enemies.

This requires you to try to keep your attack speed high and use Double Swing to maximize damage, plus Bash generates damage enhancements, and finally you can use a Rallying Cry to keep yourself active.

Lightning Storm Druid

Lightning Storm Druid provides you with excellent AOE damage and high mobility, which is very suitable for you to use when you are facing a large group of enemies. This build also has strong defensive capabilities, which can make it easier for you to clean up the enemies in the later stages of the battle.

Lightning Storm Druid’s active skills are:

  • Lightning Storm: The main damage ability needed for this build. Increases power when channeled
  • Trample: A movement ability that grants invincible status
  • Wolf, Raven, Poison Creeper: Provides utility and increases damage of base skills
  • Deliberating Roar: Reduces, buffs, and heals enemy damage

In addition to the above skills, you can use additional spirit boons in this Druid class. For example, Wariness (Deer), Avian Wrath (Eagle) and Energize (Wolf).

You can combine the above skills with each other. For example, after using Lightning Storm to inflict serious injury on the enemy, you can employ Trample and Poison Creeper to control the crowd of them.

Hopefully, after you've read all the endgame builds in this guide, it will help you get the best experience in battle! Let's look forward to the official release of Season 5 on August 6th!


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