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News Guide

  • Diablo 4: Best Druid Paragon Board With Tears Of Blood - Abattoir Of Zir Unique Glyph

    Posted: Dec 01, 2023

    In this guide, I want to go through every Druid Paragon Board using the Abattoir of Zir unique glyph, the Tears of Blood, to find out which one gives us the most damage period in Diablo 4. 

    Only by becoming strong enough will you have the opportunity to obtain more Diablo 4 Gold!

    Starting Paragon Board

    Kicking things off at the starting board, every single node selected that could give you increased multiplicative damage, on the starting board. This glyph will yield 3636.1% increased multiplicative damage. 

    There are two rare nodes in range of these Tears of Blood at level 200:

    • Impel, which will receive 69.8% Increased Damage and 35 Willpower
    • Resolve, which will give you 20.9% Resistance to All Elements and 35 Willpower

    Thunderstruck Paragon Board

    Next up is Thunderstruck Paragon Board.

    If you selected every single node that could give you more multiplicative damage for the Tears of Blood at cap being level 200, that’s going to yield 3880.9% increased multiplicative damage. 

    The two rare nodes on Thunderstruck that get impacted by this unique Tears of Blood glyph are going to be:

    • Hubris, which will yield 27.9% Damage Reduction from Vulnerable Enemies and 35 Willpower
    • Stormcaller, which will give you an additional 69.8% Storm Skill Damage and 35 Willpower

    Survival Instinct Paragon Board

    The next board we’re going to check out is Survival Instinct Paragon Board.

    With every node selected, you can expect to get 4370.5% increased multiplicative damage. 

    The two rare nodes on the Survival Instinct board that get impacted are:

    • Battleworn Hide, which will give you 14% additional Total Armor while in Werebear Form and 35 Willpower
    • Grizzly, which will give you 69.8% Damage while you’re in Werebear Form with 35 Willpower

    Constricting Tendrils Paragon Board

    Let’s check out Constricting Tendrils Paragon Board.

    With everything selected for Constricting Tendrils, you get 3717.7% increased multiplicative damage, with the following two rare nodes also getting kind of juiced up:

    • Nature’s Will, at 69.8% increased Nature Magic Skill Damage and 35 Willpower
    • Courage, which gives you 27.9% increased Maximum Life and 35 Willpower

    Earthen Devastation Paragon Board

    Delving into the Earthen Devastation Paragon Board.

    With every single node selected, you can appreciate 4207.3% increased multiplicative damage. 

    Also, two rare nodes on this board that would get affected by that would be:

    • Earthen Power, which will yield 104.7% increased Critical Strike Damage with Earth Skills and 35 Willpower
    • Resolve, which will give you 20.9% Resistance to all Elements and 35 Willpower

    Heightened Malice Paragon Board

    Let’s review the Heightened Malice board. 

    With all of our nodes selected that could give us increased multiplicative damage, Heightened Malice yields 4044.1% increased multiplicative damage. 

    The two rare nodes the Tears of Blood beefs up are going to be:

    • Sinking Fangs, which will give you 69.8% Damage to Poisoned Enemies and 35 Willpower
    • Nature-born, which will give you 27.9% Damage Reduction to Poisoned Enemies and 35 Willpower

    Inner Beast Paragon Board

    Next one is Inner Beast Paragon Board.

    With everything selected, it looks like you’re going to get 3962.5% increased multiplicative damage. 

    And the two rare nodes that are also going to get beefed up are going to be: 

    • Shapeshifter, which gives you 69.8% Shapeshifting Skill Damage and 35 Willpower
    • Determination, which gives you 698 Armor and 35 Willpower

    Lust For Carnage Paragon Board

    Next up, Lust For Carnage Paragon Board.

    The Lust For Carnage board, when maxed out with all of the nodes selected that could give you more damage, you’re going to appreciate 4125.7% increased multiplicative damage. 

    These two rare nodes are:

    • Regenerative, which is going to give you 27.9% increased Healing Received and 35 Willpower
    • Feral, which will give you 69.8% increased Werewolf Skill Damage and 35 Willpower

    Ancestral Guidance Paragon Board

    Finally, we reached the Ancestral Guidance Paragon Board.

    With every single node selected trying to get the absolute best juice out of the squeeze, we can see that we get 3880.9% increased multiplicative skill damage with the following two rare nodes being capped out with a level 200 Tears of Blood:

    • Harmony, which will give you 97.7% increased Core Skill Damage and 35 Willpower 
    • Resolve, which gives you 20.9% Resistance to All Elements and 35 Willpower

    Paragon Board Rankings

    Since we’ve checked out every single Paragon Board with the maxed out Tears of Blood, let’s evaluate first to last to find out which boards are actually going to yield the most benefit if it were to be capped out with every single node selected. 

    • 1st - Survival Instinct Paragon Board
    • 2nd - Earthen Devastation Paragon Board
    • 3rd - Lust For Carnage Paragon Board
    • 4th - Heightened Malice Paragon Board
    • 5th - Inner Beast Paragon Board
    • 6th - Thunderstruck Paragon Board
    • 7th - Ancestral Guidance Paragon Board
    • 8th - Constricting Tendrils Paragon Board
    • 9th - Starting Paragon Board

    Select these Paragon Boards in order and your Druid will become more powerful. This way you can get better Diablo 4 Items from Abattoir of Zir!

  • Diablo 4: Best Sorcerer Paragon Board With Tears Of Blood - Abattoir Of Zir Unique Glyph

    Posted: Nov 29, 2023

    In this guide, I’m going to compare every single Paragon Board with a maxed out Tears of Blood glyph available from the Abattoir of Zir launching on December 5th to find out what is the absolute best board we need to use for a Sorcerer class when the Abattoir of Zir drops to get the best benefit possible. You will also get a lot of Diablo 4 Gold for this.

    Starting Paragon Board

    Kicking things off with the starting board for the Sorcerer class, when you select every single node that yields the multiplicative damage, you’re going to get 3,636.1% increased multiplicative damage with a level 200 Tears of Blood glyph. 

    The two rare nodes that are affected by this glyph are going to be:

    • Elemental Balance, which will give you 69.8% non-physical damage and 35 intelligence.
    • Erudite, which is going to give you 20.9% resistance to all elements and 35 intelligence. 

    Burning Instinct Paragon Board

    The next board to check out is the Burning Instinct board. And with all of the nodes selected, Burning Instinct will yield 4,044.1% increased multiplicative damage. 

    The two rare nodes on the Burning Instinct board that get upgraded are:

    • Cinders, which gives you 69.8% damage to burning enemies and 35 intelligence.
    • Smoldering Embers, which will give you 34.9% damage reduction from burning enemies and an additional 35 intelligence.

    Ceaseless Conduit Paragon Board

    The Ceaseless Conduit board, when maxed out with all of the nodes that could affect its increased multiplicative damage, will provide 3,717.7% increased multiplicative damage. 

    And the rare nodes that are affected by Tears of Blood at this range are going to be:

    • Galvanic Catalyst, which gives you 69.8% increased lightning damage and 35 intelligence.
    • Electro, which gives you 69.8% lightning resistance and 35 intelligence.

    Elemental Summoner Paragon Board

    The next board we’re going to check out is the Elemental Summoner board. 

    With all the nodes selected that empower the Tears of Blood glyph at level 200, 4,125.7% increased multiplicative damage is something you could enjoy. 

    The two rare nodes that are affected by this Paragon glyph are going to be:

    • Erudite, which gives you 20.9% resistance to all elements and 35 intelligence. 
    • Conjurer, which gives you 104.7% increased conjuration skill damage and 35 intelligence.

    Enchantment Master Paragon Board

    The Enchantment Master Paragon, with all nodes selected, is going to give you 3880.9% increased multiplicative damage. 

    And the rare nodes affected by this maxed out glyph are going to be:

    • Elemental Balance, which gives you an additional 69.8% non-physical damage and 35 intelligence.
    • Erudite, which gives you 20.9% resistance to all elements and 35 intelligence.

    Frigid Fate Paragon Board

    Let’s check out the Frigid Fate board. With all of the nodes selected, Frigid Fate gives you 4,207.3% increased multiplicative damage. 

    The two rare nodes on this board are:

    • Weakness, which gives you 69.8% increased vulnerable damage and 35 intelligence.
    • Chilling, which gives you 69.8% cold resistance and 35 intelligence.

    Icefall Paragon Board

    Next up, we’re going to check out Icefall. Icefall will yield 3,962.5% increased multiplicative damage when maxed out at level 200. 

    And the two rare nodes in the radius of the Tears of Blood glyph that get impacted are going to be:

    • Frosts, which increases your damage by 104.7% when hitting chilled enemies and 35 intelligence.
    • Frigid, which gives you 41.9% damage reduction from chilled enemies and 35 intelligence.

    Searing Heat Paragon Board

    Let’s check out the Searing Heat board. With all the nodes selected, you can enjoy 3,880.9% increased multiplicative damage. 

    Now, there’s two rare nodes that are affected by this maxed out Tears of Blood glyph. 

    • Ashes, which gives you 69.8% fire resistance and 35 intelligence. 
    • Flame-touched, which will increase your fire damage by 69.8% and give you 35 intelligence.

    Static Surge Paragon Board

    The Static Surge board, with all of the nodes selected, is going to give you 4,370.5% increased multiplicative damage. 

    This will also affect two rare nodes on this board:

    • Electro which will grant you an additional 69.8% lightning resistance and 35 intelligence.
    • Incapacitate, which gives you 104.7% increased damage to stunned enemies with 35 intelligence.

    Paragon Board Rankings

    Now that I've compiled all the different Paragon Boards to evaluate all of the different multiplicative damage benefits they all enjoy with this maxed up glyph, let's take a look at the order to find out who got first and who got last.

    • 1st - Static Surge Paragon Board
    • 2nd - Frigid Fate Paragon Board
    • 3rd - Elemental Summoner Paragon Board
    • 4th - Burning Instinct Paragon Board
    • 5th - Icefall Paragon Board
    • 6th - Searing Heat Paragon Board
    • 7th - Enchantment Master Paragon Board
    • 8th - Ceaseless Conduit Paragon Board
    • 9th - Starting Board Paragon Board

    Select these Paragon Boards in order and your Sorcerer will become more powerful. This way you can get better Diablo 4 Items from Abattoir of Zir!

  • Diablo 4: How To Get Your Malignant Rings Fast In Season 2?

    Posted: Nov 07, 2023

    This guide is about how to most efficiently farm the Tree of Whispers Bounties for body parts that you can use to summon Varshan

    Now, this is not only important because this boss, alongside Grigiore, is needed to summon Duriel. The addition of the five new Malignant Rings announced at BlizzCon makes Varshan very desirable. Even though he’s actually quite ugly in real life. 

    Priority List: Always Farm The Lowest Available

    In order to maximize the efficiency of farming body parts, I suggest using a priority list, and this requires some explanation. I will mention multiple ways to obtain body parts, in order of most efficient to least efficient. 

    You always have to choose the activity that is available to you with the lowest number. And this way, you’re going to farm at peak efficiency. 

    When you finished with one task, continue with the next farming method with the lowest rank. For example, if activity number 2 and five are both available to you, choose number 2. When you finish that, and see activity number 1 is up, continue with that instead. 

    Now, let’s continue with the actual list.  

    1. World Bosses

    Number one, with the highest priority, is World Bosses

    When completing World Boss objectives, you get five Grim Favors. And that’s great by itself, being a fast way to get caches, and body parts from those Caches. 

    But the reason why this is on top is because of the Grotesque Debtors. When any bounty is completed, you have a chance to summon a Grotesque Debtor that will drop one or more body parts. 

    After killing a World Boss, each player has a chance for a Debtor, and everyone will be able to loot the body parts from it. This way, it is very likely that you’ll get an extra body part or two from your or other people’s Debtors. And this speeds up the farming process tremendously.  

    2. Legion Events

    Number two is the Legion Events

    Even though these take longer to complete than World Bosses, they are group events. Therefore, the chance of spawning a Debtor and receiving a body part is still high. 

    This makes Legion Events are high priority.  

    3. PVP Objectives

    Next, we have the PVP objectives

    These are usually completed solo, so no increased chance for Debtors and body parts besides your own character’s. 

    However, these objectives are fast to complete. They are always located at the same spots in the PVP zones, and award a lot of Grim Favors.  

    4. Blood Harvest

    At number 4, we have Blood Harvest objectives.  

    These are also quite consistent, always located in the Blood Harvest Zone, and fast to complete, especially since a ton of people usually farm there. You can get a lot of Diablo 4 Gold and XP for this.

    They can also be combined with other activities in the zone. The one where you have to rescue villagers can be a bit tedious, so skipping that might be worth considering.  

    5. Helltide Objectives

    Number five are the bounties located in the Helltide zone

    Honestly, by themselves, these are nothing special. But combined with the farm for Aberrant Cinders and Living Steel Chests, they are worth mentioning. 

    If you have no interest in those, ignore this point.  

    6. “Find The Corpse” Objectives

    At number six on the list, there are the so-called “find the corpse” objectives

    The reason is that these are fast to find and finish, and there is a chance for them to spawn a Debtor at completion. 

    Even though they only add one Grim Favor, the short time between completing them means more chances to spawn a Debtor. And this makes farming these objectives worth it.  

    7. Anything Else

    And lastly, there’s every other objective. 

    If nothing else with a higher priority is available, it’s your choice what to do. 

    Personally, I would suggest farming something else until a better alternative comes up. But if you’re desperate, you can farm the dungeon objectives. They take a long time to complete, but award a lot of completion at least. 

    Remember, always do the activity with the highest priority that is available. The Helltide objectives can move up or down on the list to even number one, based on how much you need Living Steel, but they are not that good for body part farming. 

  • Diablo 4: Everything Thing We Know About The First Expansion Vessel Of Hatred!

    Posted: Nov 06, 2023

    A campfire live stream just broadcasted on November 4th with some big news about the mid season patch, Season 3, some more news on the holiday event and the expansion to Diablo 4 coming late next year. Here’s the summary of everything you need to know.

    Expansion News

    The new expansion will have a new story revisiting some familiar places to the Diablo Franchise.

    The story will follow Neyrelle and Mephisto in a new campaign in a new area called Nehantu.

    They did not reveal the new class. The only information we received was it will not be the Witch Doctor.

    Unique Season 1 Rings

    Varshan in Season 2 will be dropping the new Unique Rings that are inspired but tweaked versions of some of the Malignant Powers we had in Season 1.

    For Rogue, we have a unique ring that deploys a Decoy Trap after using Subterfuge Skills.

    For Druid, we got the pull in power after using an ultimate.

    Barb will have guaranteed crits on core skills after using enough fury.

    For Sorcerer, we got more elemental damage.

    For Necromancer, we have the automatic corpse skill power.

    Unfortunately, Corpse Tendrils will not cast as often as it did before.

    Enchantment Preview

    December 5th we’re getting the Occultist Enchanting Preview, where we can see affix replacements before we make any attempts in enchanting a Diablo 4 Item.

    This eliminates blindly enchanting affixes and we’ll have a better expectation of what we’ll get. But whatever you need to enchant, you need to prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold.

    100+ Endgame Content

    Abattoir of Zir is a new endgame seasonal content that is not intended to make a return after Season 2, but depending on Player Feedback might come back.

    The Abbatoir of Zir is going to be level 100+ content, that will be meant to be the most difficult content in the game.

    To enter Abbatoir of Zir, you’ll need to finish the Season Journey and craft Bloodforged Sigils by getting a recipe. You’ll be able to level up the sigil after completing it multiple times.

    The Bloodforged Sigil will max out at Tier 25. At any tier, you’ll have a chance at receiving the new Paragon Glyph, Tears of Blood.

    The Abbatoir of Zir will give increased glyph experience, which we will need because the Tears of Blood paragon glyph can be leveled up to 200.

    Tears of Blood will have a larger influence radius than any of the glyphs we have now.

    Holiday Event

    For the new holiday event, we’re getting new cosmetics, including weapons and back trophies.

    The new event is going to transform the Fractured Peaks into a holiday themed area with new events and a new random boss called The Red Cloaked Terror.

    Collect special tokens to unlock rewards at an NPC in town.

    The Gauntlet & Leaderboard

    We have more news on The Gauntlet and Leaderboard.

    The Gauntlet is a new dungeon that will have fixed monsters, a fixed layout, no randomization whatsoever. The Dungeon will be the same for a week and at the end of each week will rotate out. The person highest on the Leaderboard will be adopted into the Hall of Ancients.

    To get points in the Gauntlet to raise your score, you’ll need to collect Proves of Might.

    On the leaderboard, you’ll be able to filter by Platform, Class, Party, or Solo. Your ranking in the Hall of the Ancients can be seen from your character profile.


    From the Q&A, they’re looking into adding presets with an unknown date.

    Itemization is the developer’s main focus right now. They’re thinking of doing more with the Codex of Power and reducing the amount of conditional affixes on equipment.

    Collecting Living Steel is also going to be improved at some point, but also with an unknown date and not sure as to how they will improve it.

  • Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Maximize Helltide Runs? - Aberrant Cinders, Tortured Gifts, Farming Strategies & More

    Posted: Oct 28, 2023

    There are many reasons why you need to farm Helltide. The most notable reason being Helltide is the only way to obtain Living Steel needed to summon Grigoire The Galvanic Saint, which, depending on your class, will give you some of the best equipment for your build in the game.

    Grigoire is also the boss you’ll need to farm in order to fight Duriel. The boss that has the best chances of dropping Uber Uniques, so you’ll want to farm Helltide as much as possible.

    It’s also the only source in the game for getting Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses. We need these for enchanting at the Occultist to remove unwanted gear affixes from equipment and upgrading our equipment to their maximum level at the Blacksmith. Of course, if you want to upgrade your equipment faster, it is also necessary to prepare a large amount of Diablo 4 Gold.

    As for the best methods of getting the most out of Helltides, let’s get right into it.


    Helltides are unlocked after completing your level 50 Capstone Dungeon and getting into World Tier 3.

    However, I feel like Helltide in World Tier 3 is a waste of time. Living Steel only drops 1 at a time instead of 3 at a time and Blood Harvest is better for farming Sacred Gear in Season 2. I would save this content for when you’re in World Tier 4.

    Helltides are up for an hour and down for an hour. You’ll be able to see if a Helltide is active by its icon or the red glowing region.

    Aberrant Cinders

    Inside a Helltide area, you’ll have a new UI element in the top right. This is for your Aberrant Cinders.

    Aberrant Cinders will randomly drop from enemies defeated in Helltide or from interactables, especially those with a red glow.

    Dying in Helltide will cause you to lose half of your Aberrant Cinders. Be careful opening a menu like your inventory during Helltide because meteors can randomly fall on you.

    Make sure to keep your health topped off. And if you get hit by a meteor, immediately use a potion so you don’t accidentally get two shot by a second meteor.

    Tortured Gifts

    If you open your map, you’ll be able to see the Tortured Gifts in your current area and the item slot in the chest will drop. The cost of each chest is associated with the item type and will be listed above the chest.

    The Tortured Gift of Mysteries will be the most rewarding chest to open in terms of equipment for a total of 250 Aberrant Cinders, but will only show up on the mini map when you’re near it. The spawn locations for the chest of mysteries are at fixed but random locations.

    In season 2, we received another chest with a randomized spawn called the Tortured Gift of Living Steel. This is what we’ll need to farm if we want to pursue either Grigoire or Duriel.

    If you’re looking to farm Helltide, I recommend aiming for either the Tortured Gift of Mysteries for 250 Aberrant Cinders or the Tortured Gift of Living Steel for 300 Aberrant Cinders.

    So far, I’ve been able to find a total of two or three chests of Living Steel total per Helltide, meaning you should get between 6 and 9 Living Steel per run if you complete your run sufficiently. But this also means you’ll need between 600 and 900 Aberrant Cinders.

    Efficient Farming Strategies

    Farming Aberrant Cinders is quite simple. I highly recommend using a speed farming build for this with good wave clearing ability. Helltide can expand further than just 1 region, meaning you can find multiple types of monsters in a single Helltide area.

    If you can find a region that has a specific type of enemy that spawns in a higher density, focus your farming there. I prefer to farm cannibals, spiders, or vampire type enemies if they’re available. And I avoid ghost type enemies. They’re just too difficult to pin down.

    Once you found a good spot, just defeat groups of enemies as quick as you can, just like you would in a Nightmare Dungeon and then mount up and move on to the next group.

    Events in Helltide are pretty hit or miss for dropping Aberrant Cinders. Some are great. Some are a waste of time. If you come across a chest of Living Steel earlier than expected, just mark it on the map, since it will disappear when you’re far away. This way, you can easily come back to it later.

    I never recommend holding on to two more Aberrant Cinders than you need to because it is devastating to lose half of your Cinders. If you run into Kixxarth, Helltide Assassin. I recommend just running away. He has a ton of health. His drops aren’t great and he’s overall just a pain of fight.

    Once you have 300 Aberrant Cinders, head to the nearest Tortured Gift of Living Steel and interact with the chest the mini boss attached to it will then become active and vulnerable to attacks.

    This mini boss is actually fairly easy to defeat. The real danger is any of the mobs nearby. When defeating the mini boss, be careful if it had any after-death affixes, like the exploding fire or poison affix.

    Defeating the mini boss does not mean you spent your Cinders. So, if you die before opening the chest, you’ll lose half of your Cinders.

    Opening a Living Steel chest in World Tier 4 will give you 3 Living Steel, Forgotten Souls, Fiend Roses and elixir.

    While farming Living Steel chest, keep an eye out for Screaming Hell Veins. These are special environment resources only found in Helltide and are a good source of Forgotten Souls.

    Another environment resource you’ll want to find are Fiend Roses. These will offer Aberrant Cinders and Fiend Roses. Both of these materials are important for minmaxing your equipment in the endgame, so you’ll want to collect as many of these as you can.

    To see when Helltides are available, I like to use the website They will also list where the chest of Mysteries and the chest of Living Steel potential locations are, which takes out a lot of the guesswork and the need for running around.

  • IGGM Halloween Promotion 2023: Enjoy 7% Discount On Multiple Game Products!

    Posted: Oct 27, 2023

    As Halloween approaches, an atmosphere of horror and joy permeates the entire game world. IGGM has also prepared rich surprises for this holiday and launched limited-time promotions, allowing you to enjoy the fun of the game and feel the holiday carnival at the same time!

    IGGM’s Halloween Promotion starts on October 27, 2023 and ends on November 3, 2023.

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    5. Path Of Exile Related Products: Currency & Items

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  • Diablo 4: How To Farm XP From Level 1-100 In Season 2? - A Comprehensive Guide

    Posted: Oct 25, 2023

    With the addition of Season 2, leveling could not be easier in Diablo 4. The new patch introduced double Experience Points from completing Whispers. We also got new Seasonal Content that makes the early leveling much easier.

    Our goal in this guide is to get all the way from Level 1 to 100 by focusing our time on the right content, optimizing our gear and build for better clear speeds, how to avoid time wasters with proper time management, and also how to farm the best equipment in the game.

    Start Season 2

    Starting a new season, you’ll need to make a new seasonal character. Make sure to skip the campaign, hit the Seasonal Realm, and choose World Tier 1.

    As soon as you land in Ked Bardu, start doing your seasonal quests to unlock the new Vampiric Powers. All throughout the leveling process, you’ll want to continue doing these quests because:

    1. You’ll get access to powerful legendary aspects through the seasonal journey.
    2. You’ll get Vampiric Powers that are only obtainable through specific quests.
    3. You’ll get Smoldering Ashes, which will be used to get a 20% increase in experience points.

    Level 1-50 XP Farm

    After that, your main focus for leveling is Blood Harvest.

    Blood Harvest is everything we wanted Helltide to be and more. Similar to Helltide, a random region will be selected, which will be invaded by vampires. The mob density in this region can be intense, which is great for fast leveling.

    It’ll also give us tons of Potent Blood to level up our Vampiric Powers. And Blood Harvest constantly drops equipment, so you’ll always be well geared throughout the leveling process.

    Here’s how to get the most out of Blood Harvest:

    Never stop going from group to group of enemies. You’ll need to clear everything along the way for optimal experience points.

    Don’t forget to complete your whispers. Blood Harvest came with its own special whispers. In the recent patch, whispers received a 100% buff in experience points depending on the tier.

    As soon as you hit the cap on Grim Favors, turn them in at the Tree of Whispers. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the extra experience points.

    Don’t skip Vampiric Altars. Touching an Altar will tether it to you, draining your health over time. Waves and waves of enemies will spawn continuously until you leave the bounds indicator on the ground.

    A new special item will drop in Blood Harvest called Blood Lures. Instead of using 15 of these on Sanguine Altars, head to the icon for Blood Harvest on the map, where you’ll find 3 Blood Lure Pedestals. Each of these Pedestals will cost 50 Blood Lures to activate, so you’ll need 150 in total to activate the event.

    Starting this event will spawn waves of enemies and will end with a boss fight. This event is one of my favorite ways to level. It encourages you to team up for doing this because each Pedestal can be activated by a different player, which means you can share the cost.

    Legion Events are another great source of experience. Anytime you see an upcoming Legion Event on the map, you’ll want to head over.

    Be sure to invite nearby players to your party and interact with the campfire before the event starts. In total, this will give us a 25% boost in experience points.

    When the Legion Event starts, you’ll need to defeat a predetermined path of enemies and complete objectives before the timer runs out. Normally, a lot of players come to this event, so you should be able to clear it easily.

    Leveling Example

    Here’s a real example of how effective this exactly is.

    I’m level 46 and keep in mind, leveling gets harder the higher you get to 50. Just by running around Blood Harvest, I completed all 3 whispers, which gave me 110,000 experience points in total. I turned these in at the tree of whispers for an extra 140,000 experience points. I finished off my Blood Harvest by doing the main event that cost me 150 Blood Lures.

    After defeating the endless waves of enemies from this event, I had already made 809,000 experience points. I switched over to the Legion Event and invited anyone who showed up. I made sure I interacted with the Campfire for the extra 15% Experience Points Bonus.

    After I finished, I received a bonus 30,000 experience points for completing the event. Legion events can also spawn as a whisper, which would’ve given me an extra 40,000 experience points and 3 Grim Favors.

    Just from completing Blood Harvest, turning in my Grim Favors and doing a Legion Event, I gained a total of 1,042,000 experience points.

    How To Get Stronger?

    Increasing your clear times means more experience points.

    To play efficiently, I recommend trying out a leveling build found on any of these websites - Mobalytics, Icyveins & Maxroll. They’ll give you an outline of which skills and passives to choose, which legendary aspects synergize with what builds, and tips on how to play the class.

    Don’t forget to do your class quests. Most class quests are at level 15, while Necromancer is at level 25. These offer bonuses that will improve your class or change your playstyle.

    Using the Codex of Power is an easy way to boost your damage. Browse the offensive tab in the Codex to see if any of these options will complement your build. Imprinting at the Occultist will be available at Level 25.

    For Vampiric Powers, you’ll want to go Hemomancy, Sanguine Brace, and Anticipation. Hemomancy offers incredible early wave clearing. Sanguine Brace is our best defensive option but requires Hunters’ Acclaim to unlock. And Anticipation gives us a 20% cooldown reduction to our ultimates.

    Capstone Dungeon Word Tier 3

    At level 48, you’ll get the priority quest to complete your capstone dungeon to get into World Tier 3. However, I don’t recommend doing this until level 50.

    To complete this quest, you’ll need to move into World Tier 2 and go to the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad. The Cathedral of Light basically has 2 dungeons in one, each one with their own boss. But it can be difficult if you’re new to the game or if you’re under geared. An easy way to do this is to have a friend carry you through it.

    The problem is transitioning into World Tier 3 too soon can hinder your leveling. Enemies in World Tier 3 give double the experience points. But if you struggle to stay alive, it just isn’t worth it.

    Transition Easily

    Here’s how to smoothly transition into World Tier 3.

    First, you’ll need to switch out your non sacred gear for Sacred gear. The difference between sacred and non-sacred is pretty big. An easy way to do this in Season 2 is by using your Seeker Keys from doing Blood Harvest.

    Head over to a Blood Harvest and open these chests, which will pop up on the mini map. I did this by opening a ton of chests in Blood Harvest and storing it in my storage.

    Scan your equipment for at least 2 affixes that compliment your build. You’ll want anything defensive, like max life, total armor, or damage reduction on body, legs, and helms. Ranks to Core Skill, Crit Chance, or Attack Speed on gloves.

    For Weapons, you’re looking for high base damage and any affixes that compliment your damage types, and for accessories, it just really just depends on your build.

    Hopefully, by this point, you’ve stored some legendary aspects for imprinting in your stash. Imprint these aspects at the Occultist. To save on Upgrade Materials, I recommend only upgrading your weapon at the Blacksmith.

    To finish things off, you’ll want to add sockets to your new equipment if you need it. Craft Rubies for max life for your armor. Craft Diamonds for all resistance for your accessories. And most classes go either Emeralds for builds that apply vulnerable, Rubies for Overpower builds, and Amethyst for Damage Over Time builds. We will repeat this process in World Tier 4 but with Ancestral Gear later on.

    The way Resistances work changed in Season 2. Now, every resistance bonus is additive instead of using inverse multiplication. There is a cap of 70% to all resistances, and elixirs can now be used to raise the cap but not past 85%.

    World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 will lower your resistances by 25% and 50%. Keeping these high will help you avoid getting one shot by Elites with elemental affixes and surviving the new endgame bosses.

    Nightmare Dungeons

    World Tier 3 will introduce two new types of content: Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides.

    Nightmare Dungeons can be done by activating a Nightmare Sigil in the consumables tab. You can obtain these by turning in Grim Favors at the Tree of Whispers.

    Nightmare Sigils have 3 parts: the dungeon, the tier, and the affixes. The tier will determine the level of enemies in the Nightmare Dungeons.

    There are 2 kinds of affixes, a benefit to you, and buffs to the monsters or dungeon itself.

    Healing Wells, Shrines, and Chests have a chance of being cursed in Nightmare Dungeons that will spawn endless enemies for a minute.

    Nightmare Dungeons are currently the only way to level glyphs, which are used in your Paragon Board.

    Finishing a Nightmare Dungeon will give you 4 Diablo 4 Items, 2 of which are potentially legendary items.


    You can see a Helltide by looking for a region with a red glow. This event will be up for an hour and down for an hour.

    While inside the region, you’ll see your Aberrant Cinders in the top right. You’ll need these to unlock special chests within Helltide.

    Aberrant Cinders will have a chance of dropping from enemies. With each new Helltide, your Abberant Cinders will start and will not carry over.

    Helltides are the only events that drop Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses needed to upgrade gear. You’ll need Forgotten Souls to upgrade equipment at the Blacksmith and Jeweler. And you’ll need Fiend Roses to enchant items at the Occultist.

    Dying in a Helltide will reduce your current cinders by half, so be careful.

    Level 50-70 XP Farm

    Even though Blood Harvest and Legion Events are good for xp farming, Nightmare Dungeons will probably always be the best way to level.

    When farming Nightmare Dungeons, I recommend keeping within a level range that is easy to complete.

    To farm experience points efficiently, you’ll need to clear out groups of enemies quickly. These nightmare dungeons are currently the best nightmare dungeons for experience points:

    • Sirocco Caverns
    • Flooded Depths
    • Light’s Watch
    • Belfry Zakara
    • Jalal’s Vigil
    • Ghoa Ruins
    • Carrion Fields
    • Buried Halls
    • Vault of Forsaken
    • Sanguine Chapel

    Especially Sirocco Caverns, this Nightmare Dungeon is packed full of mobs and the layout for this Nightmare Dungeon is easy to follow.

    I would completely avoid running these Nightmare Dungeons and I would salvage any Nightmare Sigils with these negative affixes.

    Worst Nightmare Dungeons:

    • Hallowed Ossuary
    • Endless Gates
    • Heathen’s Keep
    • Leviathan’s Maw

    Negative Affixes:

    • Lightning Storm
    • Drifting Shade
    • Stormbane’s Wrath

    My biggest tip for players looking to get the most out of leveling is to get used to continuously moving forward. You’ll want to defeat at least 90% of the monsters in a group before moving on to the next group.

    As soon as I had decent gear in World Tier 3, I completely stopped picking up equipment and even Diablo 4 Gold. I did this to avoid being in my inventory, because this is one of the biggest experience point losses in Diablo 4.

    If you’re looking to level fast in World Tier 3, stop talking to NPCs, stop opening menus, and just non stop farm Nightmare Dungeons to level 70. You’ll want to occasionally do Helltide when it’s available to create a healthy supply of Fiend Roses and Forgotten Souls.

    Capstone Dungeon World Tier 4

    When you’re level 70, you’ll need to complete a new capstone in order to get into World Tier 4.

    This dungeon was also pretty easy except for the final boss. You can make as many attempts as you need to. Just learn to dodge his mechanics and you’ll be fine.

    Similar to transitioning to World Tier 3, we’ll need to repeat this process again. Except for this time, you’ll be collecting the new Ancestral Gear from Blood Harvest Chests. And when we do our gear upgrades, we’ll be upgrading everything at the Blacksmith and at the Jeweler.

    The goal at this point is to find gear that has at least 3 favorable affixes to our build, and we want to have good Legendary Aspects on every piece of equipment.

    At this point, you’ll want to make sure your Vampiric Powers are upgraded and you’re using the best Vampiric Powers for your build. If you find 3 out of 4 favorable gear affixes on equipment, enchant this equipment at the Occultist to switch it out for something favorable.

    Level 70-100 XP Farm

    In World Tier 4, the best way to level is going to be Nightmare Dungeons using the Tier List.

    You’ll still need to do Helltides when they’re available to stay stocked up on Forgotten Souls and Fiend Roses.

    When you feel your equipment is good, I wouldn’t bother updating your gear until you’re level 90+. Eventually, you’ll want to aim for equipment that is Item Power 925 with 4 out of 4 favorable affixes.

    Getting stronger in World Tier 4 is going to be all about leveling your Rare Glyphs, maxing out your resistances, finding high rolls on your legendary aspects, and collecting Unique equipment that makes your build very powerful.

    Summoning Guide

    To collect specific unique equipment for your build, you’ll want to do the new endgame bosses.

    • Varshan will be done by collecting Body Parts from turning in Grim Favors at the Tree of Whispers.
    • Grigoire will be done by getting Living Steel from opening Tortured Gifts in Helltides.
    • Lord Zir is done by doing Legion Events and World Bosses where you’ll collect Exquisite Blood.
    • Ice Beast is done by completing Nightmare Dungeons Tier 30 or higher and collecting Distilled Fear.
    • Duriel will have a chance of dropping the extremely powerful Uber Uniques, and will be available by collecting summoning items from defeating Grigoire and Varshan.

    To make the most out of your leveling journey, don’t forget about Experience Points Bonuses.

    • Having a party member will give you a 10% bonus.
    • Elixirs and Incense will both give 5% increases.
    • Campfire in Legion Events will give 15%.
    • The Seasonal Blessings from spending Smoldering Ashes will give you a 20% bonus.
  • Diablo 4: How Easy It Is To Farm XP In Season 2! (XP Farm 1 To 50)

    Posted: Oct 23, 2023

    With the addition of Season 2, leveling could not be easier in Diablo 4. With the new patch, completing whispers now grant double the experience points that they used to. We also have some great new opportunities from the seasonal content that will make leveling a breeze. 

    In this guide, we’re going over how to take advantage of Season 2 and get to level 50 as fast as possible. 

    Starting Out 

    As usual, with the addition of a new season, you’ll need to create a new seasonal character. 

    Don’t forget to press skip campaign and select the Seasonal Realm

    RIght when you land in Sanctuary, the first thing we want to do is start our seasonal quests to get access to the new Vampiric Powers

    There’s no reason to skip this part because: 

    1. You’ll still be leveling during this portion. 
    2. Some of the Vampiric Powers are pretty strong. 
    3. We’ll get access to the new seasonal Legendary Aspects through the Codex of Power. 

    Level 1 To 50 

    After all the questing, your main focus for leveling is Blood Harvest

    Blood Harvest is everything we wanted Helltide to be and more. Similar to Helltide, a random region will be selected which will be invaded by vampires. 

    This event is great for experience points. It’ll also give us tons of Potent Blood to level up our Vampiric Powers. And Blood Harvest constantly drops equipment, so you’ll always be well geared throughout the leveling process. 

    My main tip & trick for you is: when you’re doing Blood Harvest, never stop going from group to group of enemies. This will be one of your biggest sources of experience points, just because of the amazing mob density alone. 

    Blood Harvest also has its own special Whispers. Luckily, all of them are easily completed by just running around, killing enemies, and touching interactables around the area. 

    The other big source of experience points is going to come from collecting Blood Lures. You’ll see these on the top right of your screen. Instead of spending Blood Lures on Sanguine Altars, you’re going to want to save up 150 of these and use them at the Blood Lure Pedestals. You can locate these by looking for the Blood Harvest Icon on the map. 

    Starting this event will spawn waves and waves of enemies, it’s one of the most fun things I’ve done in Diablo 4. As soon as you’ve maxed your Grim Favors, it’s Important you always turn in your Favors to the Tree of Whispers

    The reason why is, you’ll start to lose a huge amount of experience points from completing individual whisper events. With the Experience Points bonus to Whispers in the recent patch, they’re really at the top of the list for ways to compliment your leveling process. 

    Turning in Grim Favors at the Tree of Whispers also received a buff to how much Diablo 4 Gold it drops, at level 33. I got almost 400,000 gold from one turn in. That’s a lot of gold for just level 33. 

    XP Farm Example 

    Here’s a real example of how exactly this works. 

    I’m level 46, and keep in mind, leveling gets harder the higher you get to 50. I hopped right into a Blood Harvest and instantly started to move from group to group of enemies. 

    The mob density in Blood Harvest can be pretty intense. I made sure I invited nearby people and used an elixir to take advantage of a 15% EXP bonus. I’m also running an extra 10% EXP Bonus from my Season Blessings

    Just by running around Blood Harvest, I completed all 3 Whispers, which gave me 110,000 experience points in total. I turned these in at the Tree of Whispers for an extra 140,000 experience points. I finished off my Blood Harvest by doing the main event that cost me 150 Blood Lures. 

    After defeating the endless waves of enemies from this event, I had already made 809,000 experience points. And to top it off, I had plenty of Diablo 4 Items to keep my equipment updated. 

    I switched over to the legion event and invited anyone who showed up. I made sure I interacted with the Campfire for the extra 15% Experience Points Bonus. 

    If you’ve never done Legion Events before, this is an easy way to fight tons of enemies and elites. After I finished, I received a bonus 30,000 experience points for completing the event. 

    Legion Events can also spawn as a Whisper, which would’ve given me an extra 40,000 experience points and 3 Grim Favors. 

    Just from completing Blood Harvest, turning in my Grim Favors and doing a Legion Event, I gained a total of 1,042,000 experience points. 

    Get Stronger

    It’s important to mention that as you level and enemies get tougher and tougher, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing the right things to keep up. If you fall behind, your clear times are going to suffer, and leveling is going to start to get slower. 

    Here’s a quick rundown of what to do:

    Make sure you’re always completing your class quests. These generally take about 10 minutes and will always offer a lot of power and utility to your build. 

    Next, utilize your Codex of Power for a big bump in damage. In the early leveling, survivability usually isn’t the issue. The issue is the need for hitting bigger numbers or a lack of waves clearing. This is where the Codex of Power comes in. 

    Browse through the offensive tab of your Codex of Power to find the best fit for your build. If you’re finding your build is resource hungry, switch over to the ‘Resource’ tab and review your options there. 

    Imprinting aspects from the Codex of Power will be available at level 25 at the Occultist

    My recommendation for Vampiric Powers is prioritizing Hemomancy in your Sanguine Circle. This Vampiric Power is absolutely broken, and I expect players in the early leveling process are definitely using this. 

    EXP Boosters

    To boost your leveling gains in every part of the game, be sure to take advantage of anything that gives an experience points bonus. These bonuses were changed in a recent patch to be multiplicative instead of additive. The Devs said this will make the game 40% easier to get to Level 100. 

    Using an elixir will give you a 5% bonus and can also be crafted at the Alchemist or found almost anywhere from just playing the game. 

    Incense can also be crafted at the Alchemist and also provide another 5% bonus. Don’t forget, while grinding Blood Harvest, interact with the environment to collect resources needed to craft these. 

    In your Season Blessings, level up your Urn of Aggression using Smoldering Ashes attained through season progression for a 20% bonus to experience points. 

    While doing Legion Events, don’t forget to touch the campfire for yet another 15% bonus to experience points. 

    Teaming up with a friend will also give you another 10% experience points bonus as long as they stay nearby. 

    If you used all of these bonuses together, a mob that normally gave you 1,000 experience points will now give you an additional 550 experience points. It may not seem like a lot at first, but it really adds up over time. Every 2 enemies you kill will basically give you another enemy’s experience as just an added bonus.

  • Diablo 4 vs POE: Why You Should Try POE 3.22 Trial of Ancestors League after Diablo 4? - 6 Reasons

    Posted: Sep 02, 2023

    Here, I want to bring up a few good reasons for you to try Path of Exile new league if you enjoyed Diablo 4 or simply want more than Blizzard can currently offer.

    Those games are similar in some areas but really different from others. So, I’m sure players can enjoy both of them. Let’s see what the current version of Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors can offer and why you should try it.

    1. Even More Monsters to Kill 

    Even more monsters to kill is an amazing level of density.

    In Path of Exile endgame, you can modify density up to really insane amounts, destroying thousands of monsters at once and literally swim in the pools of loot. 

    The density in the start is pretty low so you can get used to the controls, builds, and other stuff. But it goes higher and higher if you want to push it.

    You can also lower the density in the endgame if you struggle since the mob customization options and maps are like seizures in Diablo 4 allow you for more control over the contents that you run. 

    And there’s like a lot of different content with different rewards that can help you improve your character’s build and items. It just feels satisfying, destroying gigantic packs, so getting something nice afterwards is like a cherry on top. 

    2. 7 Unique Uber Bosses 

    Have you killed Olivia and maybe even Uber Lilith?

    Path of Exile can offer at least seven completely unique Uber bosses that could be beaten in normal and Uber stages, just like Lilith. Some of them could have absolutely unique mechanics and some others could be like really hard to find and access.

    There is also evolving the story. So, if you like the lore of the game, you will find it interesting as well. That way, you will always have some goals that motivate you to keep playing and push on your character build further until you get them all.

    Also Read: Everything You Need To Know Before You Jump Into POE 3.22 Trial Of The Ancestors League!

    3. Variety of Possible Builds

    As you probably know already, Path of Exile Skill Tree is huge.

    Yet, don’t try it. It is pretty simple to get the basics, so you can use it for your own advantage. It follows a really good pattern of easy to learn and hard to master. Yet, when you get a grip of it, you won’t have any issues navigating anymore.

    So, at the start, just find the build with the skills that you like and follow it. This should be enough to get started. Once you feel confident, you will be able to experiment with visibility yourself, so a lot of possible depth and room for improvement here. But you’d better have enough POE Currency. This way you can make your builds easier and faster.

    4. Constant Support 

    The game is always sustainable. 

    The Ginding Gear Games as a developer add new content in every league. This way, you’ll have something to be excited about every three months, which is an amazing level of support, especially for an RPG game.

    Once in a year, there’s usually a huge update that is completely free and moves the story forward, introducing new endgame bosses, new POE Items and additional stuff like that.

    In the next year, instead of the update, Path of Exile 2 will come out, which will be the whole new awesome project with so much cool stuff inside. I’m sure all of you will enjoy it.

    Overall, updates vary in the quality of the content as well, so you can always be sure that if a particular update is not to your liking, you can always get back to the game next league.

    5. It’s Free to Try! 

    It’s free to try.

    Monetization models are really landed in, so you can try the game for free. Once you reach the endgame which is mapped, you will probably need to buy a few stash taps to play comfortably.

    The stashes are on sale every couple of weeks and usually really cheap. The most expensive one, which is the Currency and Fragment Stash Tabs, are around 7 USD for one without sale and the rest should be around 4 USD. 

    You can definitely still support developers even more about by buying Supporter Packs or cool maker transactions. But it’s not mandatory at all since there are strictly cosmetic. 

    6. You Can Go Fast

    You can go fast. In Path of Exile, you don’t have a movement speed restriction in the same fashion we have it in Diablo 4 where the maximum movement speed is 200%.

    In Path of Exile, on the other hand, you can go as fast as you wish. Want to see 500 movement speed and run a few screens in seconds? Be my guest, such approach to ball gameplay and movement itself can feel priority awesome and refreshing since you can just zoom through the content with ease.

    There’s also a few different ways how you can move fast through flasks, skills with no cooldowns, and other stuff. Try to find the way that suits your game plays the best and you won’t be disappointed!

  • Diablo 4: Top 7 PvP Tips Everyone Should Know

    Posted: Sep 01, 2023

    Are you tired of losing in Diablo 4 PvP or maybe you’re too intimidated to even give it a try or you’re a completionist and you want to get the hatred’s chosen title?

    Whatever the case may be, I have seven PvP tips that everyone should know.

    Tip 1: These Stats In The Game Are Lying To You!

    It’s been widely confirmed that in PvP, there are some different soft caps in the game. For example, there is a cap on how much critical damage you can stack or even armor before you get diminishing returns.

    What this means is that you need to make a PvP specific build and you can’t just bring any old PvE build into the Fields of Hatred.

    Things such as Crowd Control or Escaping Crowd Control suddenly become a lot more important. I would recommend aspects, such as the Eluding Aspect or the Protecting Aspect, otherwise known as the bubble aspect that you get from the main questline.

    Tip 2: Check Out PvP Builds & Guides

    Looking up PvP builds and guides are also going to level up your gameplay. And of course testing them out yourself and learning how they work are gonna provide you with the best experiences.

    There’s a lot of PvP builds running around and the PVP zones are not a fair place to fight. What I mean is that there’s a lot of different environments in the PvP zones, including high grounds, low grounds, tight corridors, open spaces, and of course places that have high mob density.

    For example, the Sorcerer’s Teleport is a very powerful skill that can allow you to bypass a lot of terrain. Being able to jump across usually unpassable terrain can give a huge advantage in PvP. And places with high mob density can, for example, help a Necromancer reset abilities or a Rogue build up stacks.

    So, it becomes quite important to know not only how your own build works but also how your enemies’ builds work.

    Tip 3: Get Familiar With The Alchemist

    In addition to that, you should probably also get familiar with the Alchemist.

    You can find an Alchemist in any of the main hubs. And if you walk over to them, you can check out everything you can craft from Elixirs to Incenses.

    There’s some crazy stat boosting incenses, like the Chorus of War that gives 40 to all stats for every nearby player and that includes yourself. And the Curative of Elixir is also really strong, especially for the current meta of Poison Rogues. Being able to reduce all damage over time effects by 50 will help keep you alive during those crucial PvP fights.

    And I have a bonus tip for you. You can actually equip your incenses and elixirs onto your emo wheel.

    Tip 4: Cursed Scroll Vendor

    The Alchemist isn’t the only place where you can get consumables. In each of the PvP area hubs, you can find a Cursed Scroll Vendor.

    You will find three different scrolls, each with different powerful abilities. But they tend to come with some negative side effects and with a cooldown.

    However, similar to the elixirs and incenses, you can also equip these on your emo wheel. Just be a bit more cautious when you use them.

    The Cursed Scroll of Tranquility grants you a bunch of damage reduction against players. But you do take a lot more damage from monsters. So, don’t go popping the scroll when you’re surrounded by mops.

    Tip 5: PvP Zones Location

    Now that we have the tools for the fight, we should get to know the PVP zones a bit better.

    There are two PVP zones in the game, one in Kehjistan and one in the Dry Steppes, but they are not created equal.

    The PvP zone in Kehjistan is a lot more open, and it also has a lot more mob density. This makes the area a lot more popular for people to farm Diablo 4 Gold and XP. So, that means more competition.

    Now, this might be a good or bad thing for you. It seems to be a lot more popular for PvP. And from my experience, higher-level players tend to flock there instead of the Dry Steppes. Though this may not always be the case, this is what I’ve experienced myself. Though you might want to check out both areas just in case.

    So, if you’re trying to pick a fight or find tougher competition, I would recommend Kehjistan. Otherwise, you might want to head to the Dry Steppes for PvP instead.

    Tip 6: Check Your Settings

    And now that we’re almost ready for PvP, we should check up on our settings.

    When I post PVP clips, I’ve gotten questions about why my opponent’s effects are all green. Forget about PvP. But Diablo 4 already has so many effects and particles going on that. A lot of the times, I have no idea what’s going on. So, this is why I would recommend players to check their settings and adjust things to help with their visibility.

    Since I’m playing Necromancer, I already have a lot of red corpses and red blood effects going on. So, I don’t need my opponents to also have red effects covering my screen.

    I recommend going into Options and then Gameplay, scrolling all the way down. You can see all the color effects. You can change enemy highlight color to whatever preference you have. And I would also recommend picking a player highlight color and then checking the player highlight box. And this is how I get that white glow around my character, so I can better see the animations. It makes things like knockdowns a lot more clear.

    Tip 7: Make Some Friends

    Now that you’re finally PvPing, I think it’s time to go make some friends.

    Go find some like-minded people to PvP with. What I mean is find some people you can duel with and practice your skills and test your new builds and joining a community, like a Discord, can be pretty helpful for answering your questions and staying in the loop for new information when it comes out. And if your friends are playing different builds, that can give you a larger perspective knowing the information that they know, too.

    If you’re new to PvP, don’t worry. There’s not actually four player parties that are running around ganking everyone. At least, I’ve never met them. If you haven’t tried PvP yet, I highly recommend you give it a try. And if other players are getting salty and mad at you, then you’re probably doing it right.

    And it’s also actually a pretty decent place to farm for Diablo 4 Items and gold. If you happen to have such a need, then act quickly!

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