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Diablo 4 Season 4: The Most Complete Guide To Kill Tormented Grigoire

Posted: May 24, 2024


Welcome to this guide. In Diablo 4 Season 4, Blizzard has added a new mechanism - Torture Bosses. These Torture Bosses are all level 200 versions, which will have higher damage and more health than the previous normal versions. You can also get higher rewards for defeating them. Therefore, if you see Torture Bosses in the game, you will definitely want to look for those level 200 ones. After all, everyone wants higher rewards.

Now that we are talking about this, you must understand some mechanisms in advance. This guide is extremely important for you when your build isn’t that powerful and can’t defeat it in seconds.

Diablo 4 Season 4: The Most Complete Guide To Killing Tormented Grigoire

Before reading this guide, I need to remind you that you can use Diablo 4 Gold to have items, repair equipment, and upgrade gear from within the game. It is an important resource for players to progress in the game and obtain better gear.

Torment Debuffs

The first thing we need to know about Torture Bosses is the new Torment Debuffs.

You can see those red ones in the game, that’s the skull debuffs. This is a mechanism that every boss has. What it does is that when you are hit by certain abilities, the skull debuffs will increase the damage you take in the subsequent battle. It’s non-threatening, unless you’re hit by certain spells and you make a mistake, in which case it does a lot more damage. Based on my previous experience, if you have enough defense and sustain, one or two layers is usually enough, otherwise one hit kills. So you must be wary of these damaging stacks, as you may start over if you are not careful.

Lightning Maze

For Grigoire, we can use two abilities reasonably to form stacks with maximum effect. First one is Lightning Beams. Every 30 seconds, it produces a lightning beam like this from Ancient Obelisk. Because they will move from any Ancient Obelisk to walls or between any two Ancient Obelisks, we will see a lot of random patterns in the game. When this phase starts, there will be a little warning pattern that will look like an animation. You’ll see it zoom out here, and then you’ll see the beam come down, and you’ll see the connections happen basically one by one.

You have to make sure you get moving when this phase begins! Don’t stand stupidly between two Ancient Obelisks or between an Ancient Obelisk and a wall or even next to a wall. In this arena, you can see that some borders do not have Ancient Obelisk, and you cannot stand next to the wall at this time, because it is very likely that you will also be hit by Lightning Beams.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Lightning Maze

If Grigoire activates Knockback Attack, everything becomes easy. Grigoire has a frequently used Knockback Attack of its own, which will send you across the entire arena and raise your left arm very far on its own, then unleash Lightning Beams. If you can withstand his Lightning Beams this time, that would be the best. But be careful. When you see it preparing to raise its left arm, it will start Knockback Attack. Make sure you won’t be hit, at least not hit.

When Grigoire activates Knockback Attack, you can either dash and evade a Teleport or use your Unstoppable. In fact, this damage is not enough to kill Grigoire, but it can knock it back and let your damage stacks accumulate. There are multiple ways you can get Unstoppable on demand and ignore this mechanism entirely. Grigoire still slams very frequently, so you also have to cannot apply it very often.

Ground Tiles

So the second ability that makes you suffer from stacks is Ground Tiles. In the later stages of the battle, when Grigoire’s health drops below 50%, there will be an interval before Grigoire disappears. At this time, Ground Tiles begin to light up, and they also have random patterns like Lightning Beams.

But be careful! Lightning Beams haven’t disappeared yet, so you’ll have to keep moving around to find a safe area. There are nine Ground Tiles in the arena, of which two Ground Tiles will remain safe at a time, and they are also random and may be adjacent or opposite. I haven’t found a complete rule yet, and I hope that future players can crack this rule. But what I am sure of is that it is very difficult to avoid these Ground Tiles on foot.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Ground Tiles

So having something like a teleport or a dash, or like an immunity that lets you go through them like a blood mist, is also really helpful for this stage. Because sometimes you’ll get confused and you’ll hit a direction and then everything around is filled. You have to go to the exact opposite side to get to the safe zone for this to happen, in which case if you don’t have anything prepared, then you could be in a really bad situation. Because these ground tiles will actually kill you so quickly compared to those lightning beams, they’ll do high damage, and they’ll also give you stacks very quickly, so basically I don’t know once a second or every second Twice you’ll get one of these stacked.

So if there is something like a teleport or a dash or you are immune, you can pass this level safely. Sometimes you may be confused. For example, when you stand on a certain Ground Tile, you are surrounded by danger zones and another safe zone is on the opposite side of you. Here, if you don’t have the above things, you will be in a dangerous situation. Ground Tiles do more damage than Lightning Beams and will kill you faster.

I usually go into the middle first when faced with this situation and then wait for the first Ground Tile to appear. You have to start reacting to the next safe zone. For example, I see that the upper left corner of the arena is slowly filling up, so I have to go to the right. What should be noted here is that you must not think fixedly, because it is a random direction, and you can see in all directions.

Other than that, Grigoire doesn’t have a lot of mechanics and just slams you in the face with extra lightning bolts or other similar things. None of this is that important, as its auto-attack damage may be enhanced in subsequent expansion packs.

At least on PTR, he doesn’t pose an actual threat to you yet, and the only two mechanics that really matter are Lightning Beams and Ground Tiles. But if you suffer a lot of these debuffs, you need to pay attention. These debuffs may become fatal dangers in your future game play. Next, keep in mind that if you take two or three stacks during a fight and lose the fight, those stacks start to do actual damage. This means that in future games, you will need to dodge even the most common attacks.


Hopefully, after reading the entire guide, you will defeat Tormented Grigoire more easily and take down that Tormented version easily. Good luck in season 4 and see you next time.


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