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Diablo 4 Anniversary Celebration Promotion (June 8 To 28) - Included Exciting Giveaways

Posted: Jun 07, 2024

-Note: The lottery results have been announced in advance on X in advance!!!

-Reason: According to feedback from many customers who participated in this lucky draw, the activity cycle is too long. Therefore, after careful consideration, we has drawed the prize in advance on June 11, 2024. Thank you for your patience. In addition, in order to continue to provide more benefits to fans, we has launched another round of lucky draws. We sincerely welcome you to join us. Let's see who will be the next lucky one!

Hello all Diablo 4 players! Time flies. Let’s celebrate the first anniversary of Diablo 4 together! Please enjoy the carnival and experience all kinds of demonic goods in Diablo 4! As a member of the IGGM customer community, you will move forward with us in another year of fighting against the demonic forces of hell.

To celebrate this exciting moment, IGGM has also launched the new promotion to provide players with the biggest discounts on Diablo 4 products!

Diablo 4 Anniversary Celebration Promotion (June 8 To 28) - Included Exciting Giveaways

The time of this event is from June 8 to 28, 2024, and only Season 4 Softcore players can join it. Here are all the promotions we have launched:

10% Bonus D4 Gold

During the promotion period, buy any amount of Diablo 4 Gold will receive an additional 10% bonus.

Down 5% OFF D4 Mats

During the event, any player who buy Duriel Materials, Andariel Materials, Varshan Materials, and Stygian Stone can enjoy a 5% discount.

10000M Gold Giveaway & 1000 Duriel Mats Giveaway

During the promotion period, IGGM will also give away 10,000M D4 Gold and 1,000 Duriel Mats through the official X @Iggmcom. During the event, we will randomly draw eligible players and distribute the rewards evenly. There are 10 lucky winners in total, 5 of them will share 10,000M D4 Gold, 2,000M Gold each, and the other 5 players will share 1,000 Duriel Mats, 200 Duriel Mats each!

Please note that in order to participate in this lottery, you must: Like+Repost+Tag a friend!

The final winners of this sweepstakes will be revealed on June 28th!

This promotion is to thank many players for their support over the years and bring new fun to players during the anniversary event. It is worth noting that if you want to participate in this promotion on time and get the best discount, please don’t forget to follow the official IGGM X, there are more exciting things waiting for you!

Diablo 4 Season 4 is in full swing, the horn of the event has been blown, let’s join in and enjoy this Diablo 4 Anniversary!

Products Links:

Event Link On X:

Event Link On Discord:


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