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Skull And Bones: A Delve Deeper Into This Mysterious Outpost In The World Of Pirates! - Poacher’s Cache

Posted: Mar 22, 2024

The world map of Skull and Bones is vast and full of dangers, which can make it difficult for players to find the exact location of a certain outpost or docked pirate ship. And most of the locations on the map aren’t unlocked until you discover them, which adds another hurdle when trying to find specific spots.

For example, there are multiple outposts in the game, and they all have different purposes. Depending on NPCs found there, we can get some key tips and rewards, whether that's providing rare Skull and Bones Items, weapons and upgrades or completing unique quests.

Among them, Poacher’s Cache outpost is also one of the key locations worth exploring in Skull and Bones, and it also provides the opportunity to purchase some valuable blueprints to upgrade your ship.

However, since many outposts don’t have specific uses until mid-to-late game, getting one of them early on is very difficult, if not impossible. Navigating around to find this specific location can also be time-consuming unless you use the fast travel mechanic at the expense of Skull and Bones Silver.

But don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to quickly find Poacher’s Cache outpost, and explain what rare gear is worth buying here to greatly increase your power.

Skull And Bones: A Delve Deeper Into This Mysterious Outpost In The World Of Pirates! - Poacher’s Cache

Poacher’s Cache Location

To find Poacher’s Cache in Skull and Bones, you need to sail northwest of Sainte-Anne to Harufu region and then continue to Coast of Africa.

This outpost is located on a small island opposite Bandari settlement. The settlement of Bandari is known for its trading opportunities and various activities that players can engage in. There you can purchase key resources such as Fine Sisal, Nickel Ingot, Casting Sand, and Snuff.

If you haven’t discovered it yet, it will appear as a question mark on the map. However, once you’ve visited it at least once, it appears on the map and is a place you can freely fast travel to other outposts.

Skull and Bones: Where to Find Poacher's Cache?

Items Worth Trying

Besides the usual outpost necessities like Storage Cache, Water Barrels to replenish Stamina, a Cookery, and Pirate’s Bonfire, you may also find several vendors to trade or chat with depending on how occupied the island is at the time of reset. Such as Ungwana Warrior, Corrupt Compagnie Officer, Overseas Smuggler, or Helm Liaison who unlocked his secret smuggling operation in Sainte-Anne.

Among them, I strongly recommend you to check out Ungwana Warrior’s wares in Poacher’s Cache. He seems to be there regardless of land occupation. This vendor stocks the following valuable weapon, armor, and furniture blueprints:

  • Culverin III: It is described as a versatile cannon with good range, damage, and reload speed. The blueprint costs 910 silver coins plus 500 silver and other resources to create.
  • Demi-Cannon III: It can fire deadly shrapnel at short range, tearing ships apart at close range. Its blueprint costs 910 silver and an additional 500 silver coins to craft.
  • Layered Scales III: It is described as red-brown scales fused with iron. The blueprint sells for 1050 silver and the production cost is 570 silver coins.
  • Storage Compartment I: This will increase your cargo storage capacity by 10%. Its blueprint requires 790 silver plus 430 silver to craft.

Skull And Bones: Trade items with Ungwana Warrior

All in all, Poacher’s Cache provides players with a key waypoint for easy access to valuable resources and serves as a key stop for supplies and preparation for adventure. Finding it will be a crucial step in your world's exploration!


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