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Skull And Bones: Farm In This Location To Maximize Your Magnetite Ingots Harvest - Grande Falaise

Posted: Apr 03, 2024

In Skull and Bones, there are many players curious about obtaining Magnetite Ingots, presumably because of the common use of Magnetite and Greenheart Plank in an array of gear and weaponry. I will provide you with some easy-to-gather locations and related suggestions to improve your gaming experience. Let’s delve into the process right away.

Upon setting sail, combat is unnecessary. The Magnetite deposits lining the island walls present themselves as glowing spots. Take advantage of this abundance by circling both the inner and outer edges of the island, systematically harvesting the Magnetite Ingot.

Skull And Bones: Farm In This Location To Maximize Your Magnetite Ingots Harvest - Grande Falaise

Magnetite Location

The place I would like to recommend is Grande Falaise. This area serves as your primary Magnetite farming location. It lies within the Southern Basin, specifically south of the Southern Basin area. If the deposits are depleted, simply switch instances or explore alternative locations with Magnetite deposits.

Consult the map for symbols indicating Magnetite locations, ensuring thorough exploration of all nearby deposits. Utilize high-quality tools to maximize extraction efficiency from each sample.

As we journey ahead, numerous Magnetite deposits will emerge into view, each yielding a bountiful 27 units upon harvesting. We will proceed, guided by the radiant presence of the Magnetite adorning the walls of the island. Even at considerable speeds, the conspicuous glow proves difficult to overlook.

How To Farm Magnetite?

Occasionally, the glow may take a moment to appear, but rest assured, it will catch your attention. Despite we may only acquiring 14 units a time, the glowing rocks serve as unmistakable indicators of Magnetite’s presence. Regardless of speed or wind interference, the glowing markers guide our path to further deposits.

With each harvest, the Magnetite reserves grow, ensuring a steady supply for crafting quality weapons. The most potent weapons often require Magnetite Ingots, making this farming process crucial. 

If you’re aiming to gather more Magnetite, perhaps even aiming for a thousand of them, simply continue the same rotation-circumnavigating the island in a small loop. Ensure you circle around. While you can explore other areas if you wish, it may divert you from your intended path.

However, that’s essentially the method for farming Magnetite Ingots. It’s wise to stock up, as I’m certain future weaponry will rely on this resource, too.

Skull And Bones Magnetite Ingot Refining

Magnetite Ingot Refining

Magnetite Ingots are integral in crafting the ships listed above. Acquire ship blueprints to unveil the additional materials necessary for constructing your desired ship. Similarly, you can utilize Magnetite Ingots in crafting the weapons. Seek out weapon blueprints to ascertain the other materials required for crafting your desired weapon.

Let's make our way to the refinery located at Sainte-Anne. Upon arrival, you'll spot it near the ships, though you might encounter some server loot along the way. Continuing on, you'll discover the refinery nestled right beside the ship, adjacent to the Blacksmith's workshop.

This is where you'll uncover the coveted Magnetite Ingots. Crafting each ingot demands three units of magnetite. Consequently, from our five-minute farming expedition, we can amass a grand total of 79 Magnetite Ingots. Such a plentiful supply ensures contentment for the foreseeable future.

Final Thought

Of course, looting other ships provides another way to obtain resources such as Magnetite Ingots. However, this method is not suitable for low-level ships. Therefore, you’re faced with 2 options: either embark on an extensive voyage to the southeast or prepare to confront formidable adversaries.

 If you are at a high level, you can try this method, but I think the best option is farming. Unless your vessel boasts sufficient strength to vanquish larger maritime adversaries!


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