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Skull And Bones Season 2: Master These Tips To Get A Head Start In Chorus Of Havoc!

Posted: May 30, 2024

With the launch of Skull and Bones Season 2: Chorus of Havoc, the game will introduce new ship and weapon types, a new game mode, Helm gameplay, and an unknown threat to Indian Ocean.

To celebrate the start of Chorus of Havoc, Skull and Bones will be hosting a free week from May 30th to June 6th, during which the entire game will be available. But if you need more time to kill Hubac Twins or take over more manufactories, you can also choose to get the game directly. Of course, all your progress will be carried over.

Before you jump into the game, let’s take a look at some of the specific content brought to you in the new season to help you get a better start after entering the game!

Skull And Bones Season 2: Master These Tips To Get A Head Start In Chorus Of Havoc!

New Enemy: Hubac Twins

La Peste may have been eliminated from your waters, but your pirate behavior has angered the megacorporations more than ever. As a result, Compagnie Royale has hired Hubac Twins to eliminate all pirates in the area.

Their Chorus Fleet will wreak havoc on your operations, whether by using homing torpedoes, buoys that form whirlpools, or Twins singing as they attack your ships.

Hubac Twins’ ships also have Wave Shield, a new armor consisting of removable plates that cover the hull of each ship. However, when the plates open to allow the ship’s weapons to fire, weak spots are exposed. Chorus Fleet will target trade routes and known pirate outposts in Indian Ocean, so keep an eye out.

Skull and Bones Hubac Twins

Preparing To Beat Hubac Twins

To fight Hubac Twins, you’ll need to prepare some new Skull and Bones Items.

Auxiliary Weapon

Fortunately, the new Mine Springloader can help. As an auxiliary weapon, Springloader will fire buoys that create floating minefields, allowing you to create an explosive zone around your target.

Best Ship

Brig is a medium-sized ship designed to help you with Springloader. It’s also the fastest ship added to Skull and Bones so far, reduces auxiliary reload time, and will increase the effectiveness of deploying buoys after consecutive weapon hits.

Don’t forget to equip your Brig with the brand new Armour: Rhapsody of the Deep. It lets you hold onto your mounts and unleash a sonic attack that damages nearby enemies, giving you the power to defeat them in the fight against Hubac Twins.


There are two Springloader weapons that are worth your time, Little Grace and Infernal Maw.

Players can earn Little Grace by completing seasonal contracts, but items like Infernal Maw and Rhapsody of the Deep are earned from Smugglers Pass. Pirates who complete Smugglers Pass will also receive Hermit Crab as an adorable ship-running pet.

Upgrading Your Ship

To further combat Hubac Twins, as well as some of the many other dangers lurking in the ocean, you can upgrade your ship with Shipwrights from Skull and Bones.

Each ship will have 6 possible upgrade levels that improve ship stats, unlock new perks, and create additional furniture slots. With this feature, smaller ships can be upgraded to stand out in higher-level World Events, giving you more options when taking on missions.

New Helm Mechanics

Helm also introduces new game mechanics that change your smuggling operations on the high seas.

Fleet Management

One of these features is Fleet Management, which allows you to assign unused ships to automatically collect and deposit Pieces of Eight from your manufactories. The higher the level of your ship, the greater the chance that your loot will arrive safely at its destination, but the risk of your ship being damaged during the voyage will also be higher.

New Ways To Get Manufactories

Also, there are new ways to get manufactories. Now, besides Hostile Takeover and Legendary Heists PVP World Event, you can also obtain manufactories through Helm Leases and the new Buyout game mode.

You can earn Helm Leases by completing seasonal contracts, striking a deal with John Scurlock or Rahma, or as a Smugglers Pass reward.

There are three types of Helm Leases: Regional, Faction, and Worldwide. To use one, simply sail to the manufactory you wish to acquire and use a Helm Lease there.

In Buyout, you will be asked to travel to an Outpost. There, Overseas Smuggler will ask you to help them collect items, which may include commodities, contraband, currencies, or equipment. If you can gather the supplies and deliver them to the Smuggler within the allotted time, you’ll be rewarded with a manufactory.

Manufactory Defense

Another new game mode introduced in Chorus of Havoc is Manufactory Defense, which adds an element of danger to the manufactories you already control.

If you accept when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll need to travel to a threatened manufactory and defend it from waves of enemies. Be aware that each wave of enemies will be increasingly difficult than the one before, so be prepared.

If your manufactory reaches zero health, you fail the objective, and the location will not produce any Pieces of Eight while it recovers. Instead, if you successfully defend your factory, you’ll be rewarded with Helm materials.

Skull and Bones Season 2 World Events

World Events

Chorus of Havoc also introduces several new World Events to Skull and Bones.

Soleil Royal excels at area denial, explosive mini-ships, and ranged damage, but successfully sinking a warship will net you exotic rewards, including a ship upgrade kit on your first success.

Admiral Rempah and Clan of Fara also add merchant convoys to the scenario, offering generous rewards to anyone who can sink them.

Megalodon Lestari is a stealthy sea monster intent on sinking you to the depths.

Dragon Boat Event is a limited-time event where players can win Regatta Chests by completing a series of checkpoint buoys. There will be three playable tracks, located on Red Isle, Coast of Africa, and East Indies.

Additionally, there will be a Summer Fiesta event later in the season. During this time, Yanita Yara will ask you to steal imported ice from merchant convoys. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with Cocktails, a consumable item that provides buffs.

These are some of the important changes and highlights worth noting in Skull and Bones Season 2. In any case, get ready to rule the high seas again in Chorus of Havoc!


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