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Skull And Bones: Uncover The Secret Of Rode Maangodin Ghost Ship In Season 1

Posted: Mar 27, 2024

The Rode Maangodin ghost ships serves as one of the mission bosses in Skull and Bones Season 1. Numerous players are intrigued by the quest to track down this elusive vessel. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of acquiring the latest Skull and Bones Season 1 cosmetics by triumphing over the formidable endgame boss known as Rode Maangodin.

Skull And Bones: Uncover The Secret Of Rode Maangodin Ghost Ship In Season 1

In the process of crossing the vast ocean, the mysterious temperament of the ghost ship adds an exciting sense of mystery to the game, prompting players to explore strategically and stay vigilant.


First, we need to head over to the bounty board and select the brand new quest called Anguish from the Abyss, a brand new quest that is going to give us amazing new items, ship cosmetics and more. It will be a bit challenging. Hopefully, you can have some friends help you out or maybe some of the server. Head over to Khmoy Estate and head over to where we are going to fight the boss.

Endgame Ship Build

I’ll be utilizing the Sanduk for its formidable damage output, but perhaps the Snow would be a better choice for this encounter. If you’re in a group, the Sambuk is recommended, while solo players might opt for the Snow. Our objective is to farm the Rode Maangodin, and I’ll guide you through the process and the potential loot we can obtain.

The Sanduk build comprises 4 Zamzama III and all-size cannons, accompanied by the Rocket freeze ability. I’m equipped with the Black Prince armor and furniture geared towards the Scrapper Station, providing 8,000 health restoration after a crew attack. This setup capitalizes on the Raider perk of the Zamzamas, boosting crew attack.

Skull And Bones Black Prince

We benefit from increased charge rates for Ablaze and crew attacks, enhanced Elemental damage on Demi-Cannons, and amplified damage to ships with an Ablaze effect. The Sanduk’s standard perk, Scorch, inflicts 5,000 burn damage when applying the Ablaze effect to enemy ships, further enhancing our damage potential.

Ghost Ship Fight

Now, let’s embark on our journey. After ensuring adequate provisions, including food in my ship inventory, we’ll first deal with La Peste and then confront the Rode Maangodin. Despite encountering some unexpected challenges with La Peste being eliminated before our arrival, we'll assess the loot found in the sea, which includes La Peste Locker, White Skull Rum, Silver Chest, and Serious Chest. It remains uncertain if we'll acquire any special items from this haul.

The Rode Maangodin presents a formidable challenge, with its initial weak spots located prominently on each front side of its hull. These weak spots serve as the key vulnerability for dealing damage. Until one of these critical points is destroyed, the Rode Maangodin remains impervious to any harm. However, once a weak spot is obliterated, the Rode Maangodin emits a distinctive scream, signaling vulnerability and the opportunity for assault.

Besides its defensive mechanisms, the Rode Maangodin utilizes a barrage of rockets and unleashes the dreaded Blue Spectre, also known as Sea Fire. This combination results in a relentless onslaught of fire and explosive damage, making it imperative for pirates to stay on guard. One strategic advantage for pirates is to position themselves towards the back of the Rode Maangodin, where it struggles to reach, granting an opportunity for more effective attacks.

Rode Maangodin Ghost Ship Fight

The Rode Maangodin possesses the ability to vanish into a heavy mist after a certain duration of combat. This temporary disappearance adds an element of unpredictability to the battle, as it reappears in a new location within seconds. The substantial fire damage inflicted by the Rode Maangodin can prove to be challenging for unprepared pirates, emphasizing the importance of strategic preparation and teamwork in confronting this formidable adversary.

Rode Maangodin Boss Rewards

Tarnished Ring: The Tarnished Ring serves as a contract item and a onetime reward earned upon defeating Maangodin for the first time within the Oceans Apart side contract. Upon victory, return to the Mysterious Rogue and present her with the Tarnished Ring to claim a reward of 600 Silver.

Vengeful Essence: Vengeful Essence is a specialized material that drops from Maangodin and is utilized in crafting the Blue Specter weapon blueprint, available for purchase from the Mysterious Rogue.

Ethereal Ashes: Ethereal Ashes are specialized materials serving as boss currency, exclusively used to trade with the Mysterious Rogue in the Oubliette for unique items!

Dutch Merchant Company Loot: Being a ghostly Dutch Merchant Company warship, Maangodin also yields the standard loot found on Dutch-aligned ships, including specialized materials like the Precision Drilling Bit and Screw Mechanism, exclusively dropped from these vessels. Upon defeat, Maangodin drops a Mysterious Chest containing random high-tier rewards.


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